Nicola Sturgeon (16)

Rare photographic evidence of a bulldog ACTUALLY chewing a wasp……

Funny how the walking mouthpiece is strangely silent when any bad news comes along.

So Scotland is the leading crack and heroin addled place in the world.

No surprise with mostly shit weather and a shit government leading the country into an independent wilderness followed swiftly by a capitulation into the open arms of the EU.

But the little fishy mouthpiece is nowhere to be seen as she tries to explain away why her compatriots have taken to dope in such a big way.


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68 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon (16)

  1. Khan has blamed just about everyfucker for London’s stabbiness so wee Krankie is missing a trick here.

    • Absolutely deserves all the cunting she can get. Horrible mealy mouthed ginger cunt. Spoken to plenty of decent jocks who can’t stand the fucking dwarf cunt. Fucking embarrassment to humanity.

  2. Am surprised she hasn’t come out and blamed Brexit, central government or just the horrid old Sassenachs themselves for their drug problem!

    Personally I do hope she gets her wish, so she can suckle on the EU tit, while England & Wales can tell her to fuck off in no uncertain terms!

    But then there’s the thorny issue of North Sea oil fields and fishing rights.

    • Fandabbydozy! Looks like shes been told shes got the pregnancy result and the babies english!!
      Sulking, mard freckled ring piece.

      • Since my brain injury, I have found an irrisistible urge to copulate vigorously with Nichola and plunge my mammoth member into her tartan clad sporan mound. Im also having similar thoughts about Andrea Leadsome.
        Im doomed surely !

        • No think itll do you both good!
          Might lighten her mood if you sort her out? Heard she likes to be strangled and treated roughly during a shag, likes it hard so dont hold back mate!
          Try and squeeze with all yer might👍

        • I think you need a swift ending to your Sturgeon misery. A virtual IsAC bullet on here or a blade in the guts during an IsAC funded sight seeing tour of Londonistab. Your choice.

          • Its the humane thing to offer you a way out. I once told a mate of mine that I wouldnt mind a good session with Sturgeon and it caused a heated ‘discussion’ that nearly ended over 50 years of friendship. I am more educated now and have learnt my lesson and feel that your goodself would benefit from quick release from such mental torture.

  3. She looks like Hitler at a Nuremberg rally in that photo, but with the wrong flag behind her. Why doesn’t she blame Brexit and Trump? Every other cunt politician does.

  4. For some odd reason I have just had visions (bad ones mind) of her, Angela Merkel and Maybot in a three-way lesbian dildo-fucking drug orgy!


  5. Not sure if it still stands but i do believe the Scottish are also the fattest nation in Europe, or are very close to it .

    Fat heroin and crack heads never thought it would ever be a thing

  6. I don’t understand the SNP, they want independence from England and the rest of the UK, but they want to remain in the EU? Surely those two stand points contradict each other.

    • These are people who still treat Braveheart like a documentary.

      They just hate the English and would rather kneel to a German, than accept the FACT that the majority of Scots voted against independence in the referendum. Like the remoaners, she refuses to honour democracy.

    • The SNP don’t really want Independence Elboobio and they certainly don’t want to be a ‘independent state’ within the EU.

      The SNP are a bunch of opportunist, racist, charlatan bastard cunts.

      The SNP actually were actually once quite right wing.

      I truly fucking despise Jabba Salmond and genuinely hope he gets convicted of being a sex pest and would give my right arm for him to spend 12 months in Barlinnie with a 6’5” trannie called Doris.

      That said he was a canny cunt that was able to use the way the so called Scottish Big Beasts of New Liars fucked of to London after the cunt B Liar won the 97 election.


      The SNP DO NOT WANT INDEPENDENCE. They simply agitate for it as it’s what keeps them contemporary.

      With every power that’s devolved come problems that either didn’t exist or weren’t previously a problem.

      NHS Scotland is one such devolved power and it’s a fucking disgrace. The worst in the U.K. according to the NHS own stats.

      There’s plenty more but where to start.

      The fact is the SNP are really a fringe party that for a variety of reasons found itself in power.

      It is devoid of talent.

      In the 2015 election they could have fielded monkeys in most of the seats and won, in fact in probably half they did, although those monkeys identified as humans.

      And so it is that Nicola Sturgeon has now declared a ‘climate emergency’ which supports the notion of a zero carbon economy whilst basing its entire Independence Policy on extracting every last drop of oil from the North Sea.

      That is what the SNP are about.

  7. sorry to sort of piss on things but I thought the list went Iran, Afghanistan, then strangely enough Russia (due to the afghan war) that’s on heroin anyway.

  8. Looking at her glum visage, it’s not possible to say who I dislike more: This dour, old bat or Elton John, that other dour, old bat.

    Both utter cunts with artificial hair.

  9. She’s just unhappy that no-one’s sharing their heroin with her.
    Which would calm her down a bit, let’s be honest.

  10. I’ve no sympathy at all for these druggies and the more that die, the better. They are a serious depletion of scarce services and money, as they’re non-contributors to society and generally, as criminal as fuck. They are, to use an often deployed phrase, a bunch of cunts. I would shoot the dealers too, along with Nicola Sturgeon and the whole of the Scottish Parliament. It’s also a serious depletion of scarce services and money, as it’s a non-contributor to society and generally, as criminal as fuck. I reiterate, a bunch of cunts.

  11. A genuinely nasty bit of work. More concerned with her bigoted ideology than with actually doing the best for her Country. I’ve always thought that her chip-on-the-shoulder blinds her to the real issues facing Scotland…seems that she’d happily see Scotland ruined,just as long as she could tell her followers that they taught the wicked English a lesson.

    Fuck her.

    • Well I suppose a chip on her shoulder would be like a bridge girder on yours, so you can see how it blinds her with regard to everything. Even her lego hair.

  12. The total of deaths is high because in Scotland they record all deaths be it by suicide accident etc if they find drugs in the system. Ask wee Jimmy K.

  13. It is never difficult to differentiate a Scot with a grievance from a Ray of Sunshine. Until the silly moo can find a means of blaming the English, she will be silent as the grave. (Assuming Death has the courage to collect her and the grave and other Cemetery occupants don’t reject her)..

  14. Perhaps doing skag is çheaper than drinking in Scotland now, after that minimum alcohol pricing bollocks.
    How has she not been lynched?

  15. One of wee Jimmy’s flock in westminster has managed to find an excuse which blames the UK goverment.
    Rather than taking responsibility the SNP tosser blamed the fact that UK government wont legalise shoot up shops where the drug ridden fuckers can inject safely.
    So, as this is a UK law, why arent the drug deaths the same across the UK, SNP answer, the situation is more complex in Scotland.

    So not linked to shoot up shops then.

    If they ever leave the Union they will be fucked, no one else to blame for their fuck ups.

    Wee Jimmy is a cunt!

  16. Why is Scotland leading the UK in smackheads? I don’t think it’s exactly rocket science.

    Hell, I feel like shooting-up and overdosing whenever Wee Jimmy pops up on the telly or some SNP shitcunt mouths off during Prime Minister’s Questions. Fuck knows how the Scots can live with themselves!

    My only surprise is that Scotland hasn’t done a Jonestown.

      • I went there as a kid on holiday in the early ’60s. Don’t remember much about it, except the purchase of a knobbly walking stick from a gift shop. The guest house didn’t have any Ready Brek. Disappointing.

  17. Sturgeon bore an uncanny resemblance to Dr Zira from the Planet of the Apes, although with hair resembling a 1974 Lego figure. Although, just lately, it looks as thought she has been overdoing it a wee bit in the subsidised Holyrood restaurant as she now looks like a bloated cabbage patch dolly.

    All that haggis, oatcakes and deep fried Creme Eggs for pudding can’t be doing her figure or her personal Holyrood, gold plated bog much good.

    “I am the slim one, d’ya ken? Och, ma fookin asshole is givin’ ma jip”

    • I really think you should get it together with Jason. I think you’re on the same wavelength. It could be a beautiful relationship but it fuckin’ passes me by.

  18. I genuinely love Scotland, it’s a lovely country with a lot of genuinely lovely folk (says he looking around for presence of Scots wife), but there are two things which are genuinely horrible about it.
    One is the sheer number of drugged up, zombie benefit scrounging scratter cunts around the place. Second is the poisonous presence of the SNP, a group of anti-English cunts trying to present their ugly face in the disguise of what they call ‘civic nationalism’. You know, Brexiters are narrow minded, xenophobic, inward looking etc; ScotNats are progressive, open-minded, inclusive etc blah. Basically they’re devious, shifty, nasty cunts; none of my Scots in-laws and friends can stand them, even those who once voted for them now think they’ve shown their spite and incompetence in government. As for Wee Jimmy, well, I wouldn’t cross the road to piss on the cunt if she was on fire. She’ll have a working group going full on trying to spin the drugs crisis as Westminster’s responsibility.
    I think she has a lackey whose only job is to carry that fucking flag around so that she can get photographed standing in front of it. What a shithouse.

    • Like Scotland, like the scots as people, like scotch whisky, like scotch eggs.
      Feel sorry & embarrassed for them having this shower of shite representing them, but then again look what weve had lately!
      Hate the welsh though, the rude cunts.

        • Hahaha,sorry cc just back from Snowdonia and the farmer was a right cunt! Thought i was miserable?!
          Jesus im a novice compared to those cunts!😀

          • They certainly did! Said morning to em just got a moody look in return! Wtf?
            So starting waving in morning like they were old lost mate just to irritate the cunts!

          • I went to Snowdonia last year, fully expecting the locals to be arsey. No problems at all. The only cunt I encountered in Wales was the fucking skidmark who ran the campsite, some robbing fucking cunt from Yorkshire.

  19. Nicola Sturgeon could be Zelda from Terrahawks.
    Actually, no. Zelda was better looking and made more sense.

    Fan dabi dosi

  20. Whats hilarious is that wherever there is a large Pakistani community there is a heroin problem. Question is which came first…… the addict or the supplier?!

  21. Never trust a women whose hair doesn’t move.

    This evil women deserves the disaster of an independent Scotland.

  22. Also using two ugly Scottish rug munchers to sell their goods.

    Pathetic. Nearly as bad as Lloyd’s bank and their multi racial crap.

    Also the mixed race two irons on the hotel app.
    Get to fuck.


    Evening all.


  23. What’s happened to the Fatboy Salmond sex pest case? That’s all gone very quiet. Do they think we’ve forgotten about the cunt?

    • Yeah funny no mention of ‘ hands on alex’ for while, noticed that.
      Or that pete willsman prick.
      When some politicians get in trouble/caught they have a 8month cooling off period

  24. The SNP is the political equivalent to Celtic in the Scottish Premier League – a big deal in their own confines, but ultimately utter dogshite compared to those outside of Scotland.

  25. I wouldn’t get sick of punching her face, the ugly gobshite.

    The time is coming!

    Ps I love Scotland north of Glasgow, spent years walking in the highlands, you can find places where there are no neds or Asian tourists.

  26. She has the same trait as Gordon Brown Soon as bad news appears they both disappear.
    Smug arrogant remainer Neverendom Scotland first Ginger Krankie

  27. A thousand pounds says she has an eight foot self portrait above her dining room table.
    Paid for by us.
    little ginger CUNT

  28. Under Seaweed Sturgeon Scotland’s going to pot…

    …and crack, heroin, pills, purple tin, deep fried 4 chocolate muffins…

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