Kevin Maguire (5)

One half orf the press preview team orn Sky News alongside the Daily Mail’s arse assassin Andrew Pierce (Consultant Editor, Daily Mail). Maguire (Associate Editor, Daily Mirror) is the big nosed supercilious professional Geordie lefty wind bag cunt who spends his time sneering at things Tory and talking over wee camp Andy and his dodgy short dyed barnet. Pierce is a deeply unpleasant Mail hack specialising in knife in the back jobs yet Maguire manages to make him appear the voice of reason.

Press previews are a profoundly irritating yank import now infecting many of the news programmes. Press journalists basking in a spot orf one-upmanship on telly pretentiously rabbit on thus joining a buggers conger line where TV feeds the press and the press feeds TV. To make it all the more incestuous the “News” all originates from the same news agencies, Reuters ect ect. Bugger me but I don’t think me old arse hole is big enough to take all that cock.

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke (Editor Emeritus, Cunt Sniffers Times)

53 thoughts on “Kevin Maguire (5)

  1. As Brexit looms kevs nervous tic gets more pronounced! Expect to see him on sky news with Andrew trying to stop him swallowing his tongue as he tuts and rolls his eyes uncontrollably while spazzing on the newsroom floor.

    • Hopefully, his eyes will roll right over, down his spine, and out of his shitpipe when Boris is installed later today……

  2. They’re all lefty cunts on the Sky papers review – whining, eye-rolling Maguire, snooty, sneering Christina Patterson, holier-than-thou professional Republican hater Bonnie Greer being amongst the worst.

    Ceased subjecting myself to the smug know-it-all-fest a couple of years ago. Andrew Pierce about the closest thing to a normal cunt on it.

    • I quite like Andrew Pierce but all the fuckin’ women are just lefty clones of each other. The worst are certainly Christina Patterson but especially that cow from the Mirror, Susi Boniface. She’s got a deranged look about her which explains why her husband divorced her.

  3. That Bonnie Greer What the fuck is she doing here another Foreign Dark Key with far too much to say if you don’t like it fuck off back to America Kevin Maguire is a first class leftie cunt Sky News is full of the bastards Anti Brexit at its very best

    • That Sonia Sodha cunt is worse.
      She can’t speak without pulling a face like she’s doing a particularly nutty shit which is ripping her arsehole.

  4. This lumpy berk looks like Sky found a bumpkin wandering around the countryside, wellies covered in urine, straw in his hair, muttering about how he misses fox-hunting and fucking his sister, put the potato head in a suit and shoved him in a studio chair.

    They forgot to comb the bumpkin’s hair and tutor him to speak properly but with the hysterically anti-Brexit media, it doesn’t really matter, does it.

    I wouldn’t let this dipshit kiss my piss.

  5. Yes can’t fucking stand most of these lefty reviewers, that Patterson woman seems to think it fair to completely slag off brexit, Boris or Trump but is utterly offended when getting a little back.
    That McGuire cunt spends his time rolling his eyes and trying to get the Sky girl in on the ‘joke’ hoping to bone her afterwards i suppose.
    That would be against those #me too ideals that you pretend to support wouldn’t it Kev with your false man of the people act.

  6. Never watch the cunts or read their works, I’ll take Limpy’s word they are all cunts.

  7. Sorry for being off topic and if it’s already been mentioned but somebody you’ve never heard of and who looks like John Inman selling gentlemen’s grundies in the 1970s has just resigned.

    Let the little log-licking nobody have his hissy fit and five minutes in the spotlight then clear out his desk, box up his Vibros and anüs balls and fuck off.

    • This arsehole has been described in the past as the nearest the Conservative Party has to Peter Mandelson. Nuff said, we’ll rid.

          • Sorry la, I came over a bit Charlotte Bronté (I would’ve!) and it turned dark for a minute.

            Still chuckling at your Flabbot in a Beatles wig from Las night MNC.

          • Not been hanging out with Robert smith from the cure then mate? Haha,
            I get the same after pub with Morrissey, hes a bad influence!🍺😨

        • Evening Captain, I must give you a green ticky ✅ for your contribution.
          I think you should elevate Alan Duncan to a full cunting.

          • I would Blunty though I know not who the mincer is!

            “I’m free!” You are now.

  8. Can’t stand this fucking bellend, or his shit comic of a paper. The Mirror has always been the tabloid of choice for the whinging miseryguts, so this prick has found his natural environment. The Mirror only really works when labour are in opposition, as they can whinge and sneer to their hearts content, never having to put forward a viable alternative, and any bollocks they do print will be well beyond the grasp of their readership. Like a cross between the morning star and the Sunday Sport, it’s best enjoyed by those that call themselves working class, but haven’t done a days graft in their life, due to a ‘bad back’ or the new bad back, ‘my heads gone’. Fuck ‘em.

    • Haha, made me laugh that Japseye, met loads of those ‘bad back’ blokes,
      Love to help you but my backs gone, what like your work ethic?
      Curious about “my heads gone’ whats that about?
      Mental or something?
      Sorry cant carry anything heavy, im mental..

      • Depression, all you need is a fucking sob story, and you will be furnished with plenty of drugs, and a free pass from working. The bad back used to be the ailment of choice for the bone idle, however there are ways of catching the fuckers out, so it’s depression all the way.

        • I know someone who claims he has both a bad back and depression, and trying to use ‘ADHD’ as an excuse to escape working.

          Funny how all of these things only manifest themselves when work capability assessments comes round, never lefting an old fridge into a van then to the tip, or walking around the town with a rucksack full of plastic soldiers and roll-up gaming maps.

  9. Didn’t that (Minister Without Portfolio) Labour Wanker Alister Campbell work for the Mirror in a previous life? Biggest bellend since Tony Blair and Gordon Saviour of The Worlds Economy Brown .
    We are the Government in waiting yep right

  10. Maguire is a supercilious cunt with the magnitude of a new born star. When he does that exaggerated eye roll when someone says something he disagrees with, he just makes himself look like a festering cockend. A total shithead; I hope Brexit goes through for many reasons, one of them being that cunts like Maguire may fucking top themselves.

    • Oh you callous little bleeder!
      Yeah you try hanging kev when hes twitching an jerking about….😨

  11. Speaking of which I see that piece of shit Mrs Swindler became leader of the Lib Dumbs today. I heard a bit of her speech screaming like a banshee about stopping Brexit. No doubt about her attitude to democracy. Fuck off bitch.

    • Swinson has front teeth like the Mountain Man from Deliverance.

      “Britain deserves better than Boris” she dribbles.

      What like the Lib Dumps?

      Fuck off, you cunt.

      • Lib ”Dems”… what a contradiction that is.

        And of course they make some shrill wimmin their leader. That’ll win votes.

        Fuck them all to hell.

        • Shrill women? I though Joe Swanson from Family Guy got the job….the cunt in the wheelchair…….

      • Evening Paul, yeah she does look a bit ‘duelling banjos’,
        Question is can she squeal like a pig?

        • Saw it speak on the news.

          Jesus, that voice. That fucking voice, it was torture to listen to even for 20 seconds!

          • Could well end up being a strong contender for Cunt Of The Year.
            Another one that’s ‘ outraged ‘.
            Fucking annoying bitch.
            Good evening.

          • Apparently she has a peanut allergy.
            A ray of hope ……
            * ‘Nuts !
            Whole hazelnuts ….Oooo,
            Swinson eats them,
            Then goes into a meltdown … ‘
            Get To Fuck.
            * This may be bemusing for the Younger Cunter.

          • Evening Jack, yeah some might not get cadburys wholenut jingle from 70s!
            The poor cunts havent been exposed to culture like us😀

        • Evening MNC.

          I think she squeals like a pig every time her lips move.

          She’s got a real purty mouth, ain’t she?

  12. I only used to read the Mirror because Garth and Prof Lumiere cartoon strip was in it. As others have said its a rag for fucking moaners.
    As for Maguire i loathe the sneering eye lifting bastard. He’s an arrogant champagne socialist, constantly talking over Andrew Pierce, moans about rich people but sends his kids to Private school, a typical leftie hypocrite. Don’t you just want to deck the cunt ?

    • Evening Bastard! Didnt know who he was so googled him, recognized him straight away! Been in loads, the fly, bond movies allsorts….

      • Also in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea as Capn Crane.
        That one episode with the phantom U-Boat scared the shit out of me as a six year old…😁

  13. I’ve never liked this mouthy, lefty twat. Both he and Paul Morley, another obnoxious knob end, irritate me when I see them on these news panel things on TV.

    Paul Morley always used to be on ‘The Late Show, that old arts review bollocks that used to be on BBC2 years ago. Pretentious doesn’t even begin to cover it. You needed a fucking dictionary just to be able to understand what he was banging on about…either that or subtitles to translate for the unpretentious who couldn’t follow his flowery lingo.


    • Good Morning

      That Paul Morley made frequent appearances on ‘list’ programmes such as 100 Worst Celebrity Meltdowns and shit like that. They are known as C & C programmes in the trade Cunts and Clips.

    • Too true, Nurse… Morley has dined out on his association with Joy Division for decades now… Truth was Curtis, Hannett and Wilson (all RIP) hated the little fawning cunt… Morley also has an unhealthy fetish for mentioning the Velvet Cunterground and Roxy Music is every ‘review’ he does…. He sees both as the apex of cool and the height of popular music, which shows what a cunt he is…

      Morley also had the knife out for Duran Duran: saying that their videos were ‘sexist’ and that they ‘should be shot for getting boys into that’ (I didn’t mind)…Yet this staggeringly pretentious twat was one of the prime movers behind Frankie’s shock campaign and the infamous ‘Relax’ single and video… So a par of tits in a silly pop video offends Morley, yet he openly promoted those FGTH cunts and their deviant tendencies?… What a colossal cunt he really is…

  14. Also very similar in manner and looks. They could have been separated at birth?

    Well observed, NC.

  15. Sorry, Sir Limply, but I recently conducted a survey in my household, and the award for the biggest professional Geordie lefty wind bag cunt was unanimously given to Ian Lavery, MP for Wansbeck.
    He won 100% of the votes, making him the undisputed heavyweight two-faced lefty snivelling shitrag champion of the world.
    Maguire would run him close in a virtue-signalling yo momma bitchslapdown, though.

    • When i was a little lad in stockport my grandad used to take western books to a shop on hillgate in stockport, swap em for other western books, dont get book exchanges now, but the lad who worked there was no other than your bestest mate..paul Morley!

  16. Missed oit the cunt’s rolling eyes – never actually seen it happen because they trigger me photosensitive epilepsy and have a fit. What it is every time he gives his todger a tug his peepers revolve. All is connected in the big thingy orf things. Oooooom!

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