Incels are cunts.

This moronic, pathetic subculture of self-appointed ‘nice guys’ moaning that women should give them a chance and wank them off, expecting some beautiful blonde with 34G tits to fall onto their spunk-encrusted Harry Potter duvet, surrounded by jugs of piss and Transformer toys, and just ‘love them for who they are.’

They are the mirror of the frustrated feminist, who displays her ‘male tears’ mug on social media, but who you know cries herself to sleep after an evening of Haagen Das, Pinot Grigio and a cucumber covered in baby lotion.

You probably know I’m not a feminist, but these ‘men’ blame women for their personal failings, their awkwardness. Rather than trying to look after their appearance, they whine about ‘chads’ and ‘staceys’ in their little communities of self-pity, convincing themselves they are ugly and worthless. They don’t have jobs, preferring to play World of Warcraft and watching anime, doting on cartoon Japanese Lolitas who they imagine they could marry.

Sometimes the disillusionment and infantilism becomes a hatred towards anyone who has a sexual relationship, leading to grisly manifestos about torturing the sexually successful, ‘inflicting pain on the attractive people for denying them the carnal pleasure they are entitled to’, warped megalomaniacal rants via basement tapes and, ultimately, shootings.

These fuck-ups have grown up in a society that punishes the values that could help them, which is the fault of successive governments in adopting policies that undermine the family and men’s roles in society. However, this is not an excuse to avoid responsibility and while many come to resent women, others become snivelling male feminists in some vain hope they’ll get a shag. The problem is that simply sitting on a computer saying ‘I’m a nice guy’ or I’m a male feminist’ while looking like a pimpled compost bag of rice pudding isn’t enough.

These cunts may need to put down their game controller and leave the house and make the effort to not look like vast invertebrates who cry all the time.

They may also find their habits of adressing women as ‘m’lady’, their grandiosity, and fawning and dribbling is not very attractive, and just because they compliment a woman, it doesn’t mean they’ll jump into bed with you. The fact they resort to calling women ‘whores’ and ‘thots’ at the slightest hint of rejection doesn’t help their case. Personality, as well as looks, need working on. It seems that is too much to ask.

Also, the creepiest, most pathetic aspect might be their desire for the government to provide women for them to fondle with their Dorito-stained, man-child fingers. Given their predilection for Japanese schoolgirls, I don’t think it’s a very good idea.

I knew a person who didn’t blame Incels for their resentment. Although he too was a jobless man-child in his late thirties who spent his days playing computer games. He also posted videos about ‘how to respond to being told to ‘man up”. Clearly he got told that quite often.

Incels, much like blue-haired feminist loons, they are crybaby cunts who blame society for personal failures.

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30 thoughts on “Incels are cunts.

  1. How depressing for mankind.

    Surely when any male animal s attempting to attract a mate, it makes itself the best it can possibly be. A display of humour or charm can work but presenting vintage copies of Ant-Man or figurines of a misunderstood baddie from a Tolkien world won’t seal the deal. She’s not interested in solipsistic hobbies that tell her you’re unable to cook a simple meal or engage with society. It’s the natural order and these yeasty fops aren’t destined to reproduce.

  2. Wow another World to investigate had no idea such wankerey existed. The thought of what lurks beneath such a fellows bed has put me right off my toast.

    • One of them killed about 20 odd people in canada a few years ago. I was waiting for the attacker to named as a mohammed but this was a new thing.

  3. A profound cunting, deep for so early in the day. A case of there but for the grace of god go I maybe?

    Possibly I suspect I could of been one of these cunts, I sure never got a woman based purely on my looks. Over the years I’ve managed to get into 3 figures, not a boast, I find it hard to believe myself. These guys need to get out of their bedrooms now and then and stay off the fucking internet. I think that the incel movement sucks these guys in and once in the mindset of the movement is to keep them there. The last thing these cunts can deal with is one of their own getting lucky.

    A great thought provoking cunting CP

    • Were these three figures Henry Moore sculptures, by any chance? He always put convenient holes in his art, for want of a better word.

      • Sixdog, you know you’re not allowed to count harlots, don’t you.

      • Nah, I never got off on modern art, mind you I may of woken up next to something that resembled Tracy Emin on occasion, does that count?

      • Tracey Emin’s bed. I always thought that was an artistic masterstroke-the bloodstained knickers at the side of it.

    • ” I sure never got a woman based purely on my looks. Over the years I’ve managed to get into 3 figures”…..

      Direct quote from Police statement during SV’s notorious trial at The Old Bailey.

      🙂 .

      • It was not a trial, it was a travesty. The thing is with the law it’s very pedantic about the use of words and their meaning.

        We all know that “No” can mean yes, but the fucking wanky old judge with his concise Oxford dictionary definition fixation, the cunt.

  4. I must admit to almost becoming one of these twats way back in the mid 1980s when home computers were a geek’s paradise, along with very slow dial up; and having to wait an age to download a porn pic (Jo Guest and Linzi Drew in particular!)

    Used to spend hours on my machine playing computer games and writing computer programs with the hope of having them printed in some PC magazine so I could win £25 or the latest video game.

    Fortunately I managed to break free of all that unhealthy shite, but reading that excellent nom did bring back a few troubling memories. Of course we weren’t called incels back then, just sad & embittered twats with no lives!

    But they now have their own official subculture, engulfing us with their own virtue signalling that no one cares about because they’re just bottom feeders – almost at the foot of the social food chain, and yet another unwelcome pockmark on an already fucked nation.

    • I dont think being a nerd is too bad if its just hobbies. It’s mainly the mindset of the incel; denial of reality and feeling entitled to beautiful women because you’re a ‘nice guy’.

  5. Incel: “It’s society’s fault I can’t get laid!”

    Society: “Fuck off.”

  6. I don’t understand this.So there’s now a special name for ugly Geeks who can’t get a tart?

    They should just go to a nightclub in Newcastle. There’s always a few ugly fat boilers there who’ll nosh yer knob for the price of a couple of Bacardi ‘n Cokes. Best to set your sights low and start with the ugly friend in any group of women. They’ll be grateful for the attention and normally have low self-esteem anyhow…..just be careful not to give them your real name or they’re liable to hunt you down in the future after announcing to everyone that you’re in a “relationship”. Best to just slip her a length behind the bookies and make your getaway while she finishes her bag of chips and curry-sauce.

    Fuck Off.

  7. Never heard of these cunts so I had to google them. Reading about these wankers I suddenly recalled I must have seen a documentary about them because I remember seeing bits of that Elliot Rodgers cunt’s video. I must have been pissed at the time.
    And that’s my advice to these knobs. Get a job, get out and get pissed. Even if you don’t pull it’s better than sitting in front of a screen crying like a remoaner with other soppy cunts like yourself. Or you could join the Lib Dumbs…….plenty of weirdo thick as shit birds there.
    I understand some of these bells encourage each other to top themselves. Well, i’m all for that. Too many people in the world anyway.
    Hang yourselves wankers.

  8. I thought they were called “spanners” or maybe “saddoes”
    You learn something new every day 😁

  9. A cunting worthy of a thesis surely.
    I knew these poor fellows existed but failed to realise they had herded together on the interweb.
    What a set of twats.
    Fuck right off.

  10. My suspicions that the sexy Mexican bird that I’d been trying to pull for some time was in fact a severe dyslexic, were confirmed when she slipped me a note which read ‘Grab your taco, you’ve pulled.’

  11. ‘Incels’, ‘Bugmen’, ‘Soy Boys’, oh for the days when a socially awkward, fanny repellent man child was just called a plain old weirdo.

  12. Not sure there is such a thing as an “in”cel, if you except the elderly untumescent and those who have a low drive and can’t be arsed anyway. Do the whining cunts have no autonomy? Are they incapable of paying to fulfil their almost certainly revolting fantasies? Or too fussy to follow the Fiddler Method – the Newcastle Nookie ploy? (Additional tip here – if you see a superficially attractive piece out with its 45-y-o mother, go for the mother. More experience, quicker agreement, no requirement for eternal devotion, and who looks up the chimney?)

    Just another way of blaming everyone else for your own inadequacy, I think. Cunt is probably too sexually charged a word, but it will have to do. Cunts.

  13. I don’t understand all that incel, Cis, fluid, safe space lingo.
    When I get fed up with people talking to me about things like like, I remember some speeches made by Captain Picard here
    It brings me back to earth so to speak.

  14. Involuntarily celibate, well that describes me alright, the reasons being that I’m old, unattractive and difficult to get along with. And none of that’s my fault, honest, it’s women’s fault for not recognizing my good points and coming knocking on my door to ask for a taste. Oh well, it’s their loss. No it’s not, it’s mine.
    Shag and the world shags with you, wank and you wank alone.

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