Jo Swinson

Some fucker has been elected leader of the LibDems.

I imagine the stink of piss and cabbage from Vince is getting to them. She is going to stop Brexit apparently. She is also going to be the next PM, or so she says.

‘Go back to your constituencies and prepare for office’

That was the equally deluded chant of these fuckers way back when.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

The Liberal Democrats must be the most inappropriately named party in British politics. They are neither liberal nor democratic.

Yesterday some cunt we’ve never heard was made leader in an election nobody noticed. And now this deluded idiot reckons she’s going to be the next Prime Minister. Nigel Farage has more chance of being the next Prime Minister. Just look what a fuck up these tossers made last time they were in government.

Welcome to the Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Great Britain…

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63 thoughts on “Jo Swinson

  1. I heard her maiden leaders speech and it sounded like a pound shop Hilary, women can’t really do politics, screechy harridans mostly.

    Misogynist, moi?

    No it’s a fucking opinion based on experience.

    • I’ve known of Ms Swinson for some time now as she is my good mate Derek McCuntfucks local MP.

      He’s always spoken quite highly of her and he’s a self made Conservative voting Glasgow business man that came from pretty much nothing so that’s a decent reference for me.

      However, it’s her lovely bouncing knockers that I feel need closer scrutiny.

      What a fantastic pair, couldn’t really give a fuck about her politics or her new job, just would love to see her get them out and do naked star jumps in a race with Julia HB.


    • That sounds a copy of Jess Butch Phillips leaving her son (is his name Turkey-baster?) on the steps of 10 Downing Street.

      Both melodramatic cunts ought to be offered a place in RADA

  2. Leader of the Liberal Democrats is one hell of a title for David Lammy’s babysitter.

    Clearly the Lib Dem members didn’t know what they were voting for. May I suggest a people’s vote Ms Swinson?

  3. At last, a politician who grates on you from the very beginning. With Swinson, I know immediately where I stand, and where I would like to stand, with one foot planted firmly in her gob. If she agreed with me in every detail, I’d still know she was a cunt, because her persona shouts “CUNT” even on radio. On the plus side, she’s not too bright, and has a management degree, which should ensure that she fucks up the job and departs fairly quickly. Or skids on a patch of Chuckup Umunna and breaks her neck.
    Sell: Vince for dogmeat.
    Buy: Peanuts.

    • There’s something eerily familiar about her, and I’ve just twigged what it is. Her role model is Krankie, of course. Wonder how that will play north of Berwick?

      • Not bad, I imagine, considering she’s a jock and MP for East Dunbartonshire…

    • Rare point of disagreement here K.

      Jo Swindon perfectly personifies the LibDumbs (previously their deputy leader), so failing a broken neck I believe she’ll be their fuhrer well into the next decade if not longer.

      For my sins, I have been aware of this unpleasant cunt since she first entered Parliament in 2005, not least because she’s constantly on Question Time and similar programmes, which I’m sure you have the good sense to avoid…

      • I have the no-television to avoid. I guess the BBC is running out of options. It can’t support Labour under Corbyn because it believes its own propaganda. It is twinned with Brussels and The Grauniad, so it can’t support Johnson (-breaking- for it is he). I think the BBC is stuck with the LibDump now, although business suits of all shades against Brexit are more than welcome too.

        Time will tell. The general pattern in UK politics seems to be that no matter how pushy and obstreperous a cunt you are, when you get to be leader, there are pushier and more obstreperous cunts plotting your demise. And if Blairites defect to the LibDump, pushy and obstreperous cunts with their own ideas* will not be in short supply.

        ^Well, Tony’s, really.

          • So did Mad Mel. Until she revealed her Brexit sympathies*. Go figure. Any sleb with the right message is welcome on AQ.

            *Not that I have any objection to her being dropped down a hole or fed to wolves for that matter.

      • I haven’t watched Question Time since the eighties when I realised I was a Nazi.

        • And since then you’ve been joined by over 17 million others that have been told they are.

          • Not only am I a full blown nazi, I’m also a ignorant white peasant according to this lot
            But at least I’m not a total CUNT

  4. The Liberal Dumb Party…….the dustbin of British politics. This is where the turncoats, traitors, drunks, sexual deviants, religious nutters and general misfits all end up. They are on the rise at the moment because of their unquestioning love for the EU. All the dimmos and rats, escaping their own sinking ship, are flocking to them like the cunts they are.
    Gloria Swindler here, is the right leader at the right time. A screaming , hectoring bitch of a woman, totally obsessed with the EU on a James O’Shithead level. I expect more trash like Grieve and Hammond to be joining them soon.
    Fuck them all to hell the CUNTS!

    • And can’t remember which cunter it was on here a few months ago who said the Limp Dumps were ” the air-guitar of politics”. So succinctly put.

    • Jo Swinson appears unable to believe the great unwashed masses have finally voted to leave the EU and is so arrogant and entitled she will obstruct democracy.
      The “Liberal” “Democrats” are so liberal and democratic they will ignore the result of a referendum and (along with many others) brand leave voters as thick racists and bigots.
      “Food and medicine shortages if we leave with no deal” – absolute bull and part of the drip drip drip of fear we have endured for three Years, we managed to keep the UK stocked with food and medicine when blockaded by the Germans in World War two, are you seriously telling me we cannot manage this in peacetime with our “EU Friends”?
      When the inevitable election arrives these traitors will understand how angry the public are with them, goodbye Liberal Democrats.

  5. Time to get a letter in to trading standards. Most undemocratic party ever.

    EdDavey Davis or whatever should demand a revote and a peoples referendum cus he didn’t like the outcome of the first result and they should keep on voting until he gets elected.

    Of course all the wimmim being fickle pig as shit with politics will vote for this “I’m a mother now” at the next general election and were all doomed to remain in the EU forever.


    Cunts the lot of the them.

    I can’t say Cunts enough for this despotic undemocratic party.


  6. Ironic that she is standing behind a poster that in one breath says “Liberal DEMOCRATICS” and the next, “STOP Brexit”

    What will be on their “Stop” list next if it doesn’t suit their particular “democratic” narrative?

    This party is just screaming for a coalition again. It knows it doesn’t have a strong and significant base on its own, but is desperate to cuddle up to Labour or the Cons at the next election so that it can get a whiff of power once more.

  7. Heard her for the first time on Today, this morning. Blair was on yesterday and she made him sound reasonable. Some feat.
    Totalitarian Liberal Undemocratic Party.

    • Last night schoolmarm Swinson was on Wireless 4 PM show and she said she would not enter a coalition with a party that supports Brexit, so that leaves the door open for Steptoe and his even more obnoxious areshole crawlers Dame Keir and Hilary Mary-Anne Benn to play up their remainer crap.

      Incidentally, talking of the ponces and pansy party that 4 eyed heap of festering shit Tom Watson has refused to apologize for believing that lying defrauding “Nick” (not the political one) who claimed Lord Bramall and several other famous men had “abused” him. Look at the creep and you can see he is as demented as Watson is.

    • As big a cunt as Trump appeared to be when elected he’s grown in to the job and is currently wiping the floor with Left, maybe Johnson can do the same? I hope he keeps up a don’t give a fuck attitude in the face of the woke-tyranist media who will constantly be trying to pick at him for not being politically correct.

      • Any fucker could wipe the floor with Corbyn. Even May (by the skin of her cloven hooves).

        Getting a Brexit deal favourable to the UK is another thing entirely…

  8. Giving her sprog the fuckin’ stupid name of Gabriel, her ‘leadership’ will be quite clearly based on a wing and a prayer.

  9. To paraphrase those masters of social observation Beavis and Butthead “The Liberal Democrats suck more than anything has ever sucked.”

    Utterly disgusting virtue-signalling cheats and liars.

  10. Bojo gets it by a ratio of about 2 to 1 votes over Jeremy Cunt.
    Johnson, Adolph Corbyn, Swinson and Wee Nicky Crankie. A country of 65 million and this is the best we can do. Makes me so proud to be British.
    *Various face palm / eye rolling emojis*

  11. Jo loves veggie burgers (well isn’t she just the type?)
    I wonder if she knows they can contain traces of nuts?
    We all know what happened(below) last time you tried nuts.
    Take care if Boris invites you round for tea.

    ] A sufferer of a peanut allergy,[102] Swinson went into anaphylactic shock in May 2013 after she accidentally ate a biscuit containing nuts at an event in Glasgow. Swinson collapsed and had difficulty breathing, but recovered as a result of an emergency injection of adrenaline followed by an overnight stay in hospital.[103]

  12. I think I caught a brief glimpse of this retarded cunt shouting on the t.v just the other evening.
    As my wife knows I’m prone to bursts of volcanic rage she switched to the Simpsons sharpish.
    Anyhow,CUNT of megaCUNTS.

  13. Trump’s a racist. Corbyn’s anti-Semitic. Johnson’s a bigot. Brexit’s a cunt and she’s going to stop it. She’s going to tackle nationalism and populism*. She’s going to be PM.
    Welcome to the world of Jo ‘I’m a Deluded Cunt’ Swinson.
    Like my lovely missus, she hails from north of the border, and the wife sends her a greeting that she’ll not fail to understand; ‘awa’ hame an’ throw shite at yersel’.

    *populism; a political approach which strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their wishes and needs are ignored by established elite groups.

  14. Brexit fan Johnsons first appointment? Chief Whip anddddddddddd he’s a staunch remoaner. hmmmmm

  15. All I know about Jo Swinson is She’s the one who fiddled her expenses over a rocking chair for her bedroom at home. She then had to resign from her job funny how people forget ?

    • According to a Telegraph report at the time of the expenses scandal, among the things she claimed for were eyeliner, dental floss, 29p dusters and a bog roll holder.
      Public servants of the highest principals, the Lump Dumbs.

      • Probably right Ron She is one of those women who just don’t have the wow factor I wouldn’t give her a second look Liberal Democrat’s are a total joke What part of Democracy don’t they get about the vote to leave the EU To quote this bitch I will do everything in my power to stop Brexit “That’s very Liberal & Democratic of you thanks.

  16. To quote Monkfish from ‘The Fast Show’:

    ‘You, put your knickers on and make me a cup of tea’.

  17. She is on record she comes form a well healed consituency, so one infers sshe has no concept of where all the immigrants are being pushed into. Into Coventry, Leicester, Oldham, Brum, East End, East Anglia, Bolton, Burnley, Preston, Cardiff. Totally devoid of all the places which have massive problems with immigrants from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and then Blair opening the gates to the EU migrants, Slovaks, Poles, Kosovans, Romanians and one wonders whey gang war fare is on the rise, then combine that with Somailans, Syrians, and Muslims. The white flight began.

  18. She does have a major set of gazunkers on her, but yes she is a thick deluded treehugging traitorous surrender monkey of a cunt!.

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