Gary Linekunt’s salary

To; The Director General
Broadcasting House
Shepherd’s Bush
Londinistan somewhere

I was truly amazed to learn that the BBC pays the absolute non-entity that is Gary Linekunt a salary of £1.75m. per annum.
Linekunt is ‘Mr Switch Over’ personified; a jug-eared, boggle-eyed arsehole with all the charm and charisma of a compost bin. How on earth you can possibly justify paying out the equivalent of more than 11,000 licence fees on this bellend is beyond me. Is he part of the Beeb’s ‘old boy’ network, or is it more the case that he brown-noses the libtard remainers that now seem to infest the organisation? Has he got the goods on some very senior executive, or are you just having a larf at the expense of many thousands of the over 75s? I think we should be told.
Oh I see; you’re just paying ‘the market rate’ for talent (‘talent’!!). Well here’s a thought. I’ll do ‘Match of the Day’ with as little screen presence, finesse, style and personality, and I’ll do it for a tenth of the salary.
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Ronald Knee

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56 thoughts on “Gary Linekunt’s salary

        • Ah those were the days dancing to that welsh Black and white cunt Tom Jones.

        • Dear Mr F,
          After watching this video I realize that my impression of you as a misanthropic gay-hating pyscho living with the Hounds in a Northumbrian Wuthering Heights was wrong. Instead it seems you watch The Fresh Prince of Belair and are a fan of Will Smith, Tom Jones and – who knows – Lionel Blair?

          • ” A misanthropic gay-hating pyscho”…..whatever could have given you that idea,Mr.P? I like to think that my comments are tasteful and non-judgemental….are you perhaps confusing me with another Poster? I have noticed some foul bigots spouting the most outrageous views’s a fucking disgrace,that’s what it is.

          • I’ve been moderated,Mr. P….I blame your wicked accusations. Hopefully my reply will appear soon.

    • If a prostate had facial characteristics, it would look like Linedancer.

  1. Wouldn’t mind Robbie Savage doing it. He’s an idiot but at least he’s entertaining and seems like a decent bloke.

  2. I cant believe Gary gets that much money…MOTD is on once a week and for abaaaht an hour. Maths aint my strong point but he’s got to be on at leas t £20 an hour…what a cunt.

  3. Add Lineker’s reputed ‘top up’ in salary of another 2.25 million in salary from BT and Walkers Crisps, this brings his total to 4million plus( plus other undisclosed business interests). How much money does one useless cunt need to live on?
    I still wouldn’t swap places with the useless jug eared cunt but it can only truly be described as the ‘unacceptable face of capitalism.’

  4. This scavenging cunt does work not only for the BBC, BT and Wankers Crisps, but also NBC, and has done since 2013.

    So not only is he a money grabbing cunt, but he doesn’t mind leaching ever more money off a public broadcaster thus depriving the over 75s of free tv, but grabs even more money from rival broadcasters!

    In the old days the BBC used to ban any of its employees from working with rival broadcasters, but just like everything else common sense got kicked in the balls for the sake of employee free movement.

    I really hope that cunt chokes on a fucking crisp and ends up even more brain dead than he is already!

    • …….at which time he could stand as a candidate in the next general election.

  5. Will cease to contribute to Lineker’s and all other BBC fuckwitery at the end of this year by not renewing our TV licence.

    They can all FUCK OFF.

  6. Dear Mr.Knee

    Thank you for your letter concerning Gary Linekunt’s wages. Unfortunately at this present time we value Gary as our most important asset. It’s not because of his bland, unctuous presenting ability, nor is it the syrupy whine emanating from his tiny mouth, and nor is it his painted, ochre face (complemented by that quirky, facial growth) that glows into your screen like a cheap heater from the 1970s.

    The truth is, we like Gary’s BBC liberal values that he ubiquitously parades on social media, despite his obnoxious wealth – the naughty lad, and that we pretend to be annoyed with though secretly adore.

    While we were giving him his daily massage session, we passed on your letter. He laughed, spat on it, then rubbed his bottom with it before his assistants put it in the bin for him.

    We feel your comments have placed an onerous burden on Gary and consequently we have decided to give him a pay-rise starting from next month.

    Yours sincerely,

    Andrew Cunt
    Controller of BBC’s Arse-kissing Dept.

    • A most impressive defence of the indefensible, Mr Controller. You should be in politics.
      And Lineker is STILL an absolute cunt.

      Afternoon, Cap’n!

      • Now is that any way to address your betters, your superiors, your state-sponsored tv? A.Cunt esq. cares passionately about the plight of the plebs.

        Afternoon my liege.

  7. Linecunt is one of the biggest cunts on tv. I think he shit his brains out when he had that accident on the pitch, the bell end.

  8. My road to Damascus moment was figuring out that the jug eared cunt LInemepockets salary for ALBBC is the equivalent of the viewing tax paid by the town of Buckingham. Just over 11.500 fuckwits to pay this tax dodging uber cunt to wave his arms around telling us what we already know. He was never a smart sort of bloke – he must have a ghost twitter writer. Cannot bear his face or voice. Ditto the bald headed cunt Shearer for his musings on the plainly fucking obvious.

  9. All that fucking money and this dumbo-dore hasn’t done anything about his ears. Even that sheep shagging cunt Bale had his ears pinned after his first professional pay cheque.
    Thankfully I never need to watch MOTD as for my sins, I’m a saints fan, and I already know that we lost earlier that day because I paid £40 for the pissing privilege to see it through my very own beer goggles. I don’t need jug-luggs and Alex “The annoying fucking mongrel” Scott telling me that our defence is shit and we couldn’t score in a brothel.

  10. Dear Jeremy Hunt

    Ohhh, you want to re-introduce fox-hunting,do you? Well I want to re-introduce how PM Spencer Perceval was dealt dealt with back in 1812.

    Not that you’ll become Prime Minister, you oily, desperate miserable sap of a man. Kill yourself.

    • Apparently he has already U turned on this proposed policy.

      Definitely May in trousers.

      • What an absolute fuckwit. An empty-eyed, privileged cunt bereft of tenacity and principle. Exactly who the EU adore.

        • Shows just how out of touch Hunt the Cunt is. The Tories lost thousands of otherwise sympathetic swing voters last time around with their unpopular manifesto pledge to reintroduce fox hunting. Have they learned nothing from 2017?

          • I’m sure that a lot of people would enjoy hunting if they just gave it a fair crack o’ the whip.

          • Afternoon Ruff,

            The regurgitation of murdering foxes is poisonous to reasonable voters so Lord only knows what this cunt is doing. He can only be appealing to old, ugly anchorites whose killing compensates for other inadequacies.

      • It’s not like they don’t give the quarry a sporting chance.

        With those red jackets any foxy worth the name should see them coming from a fucking mile off.

  11. I loathe This smug opinionated cunt more than anyone else.
    How dare they pay this cunt a jaw dropping salary and allow him to voice his anti Brexit tirades . Oh hang on I get it now, that’s what he really gets payed for.
    Don’t be surprised if this egotistical cunt goes for a job at Number 10 soon. But keeping his BBC salary of course.

  12. Yeah it boils my piss he receives a large slice of cash from the licence fee.

    On the upside no matter how much he gets paid he’s still Gary Arseacher.


    • What got me more than anything about Linekunt was his ‘I’m worth it’ self justification of his bag of swag salary. Not just a cunt, but an arrogant, deluded, posturing cunt. Loathsome.

  13. Twit David Lammy on Twitter

    Anne Widdecombe just compared Britain leaving the EU to “slaves” rising up “against their owners”.

    It is impossible to explain how offensive and ahistorical it is for you to equate my ancestors tearing off their chains with your small-minded nationalist project. Shame on you.

    It is impossible David Lammy, to explain how offensive it is for many decent fed up people of this country in having to put up with your continually openly racist comments.

    Get over it you cunt.

    • The ancient Britons were enslaved for centuries.

      We don’t go on about it endlessly do we you cunt.

      Talk about jumping on a bandwagon Lammy

      • Lammy is a wanker with delusions of grandeur.
        His Mrs is white as well…I bet he wears a slave master outfit he borrowed from Mr Fiddler and whips her every night before giving her the schlong.

    • “It is impossible to explain how offensive and ahistorical it is for you to equate my ancestors tearing off their chains”

      You thick,hypocritical,racist,fat Cunt Lammy. She said Slaves,not Black Slaves.Historically there were Millions more white slaves than black slaves.Hows about condemning the Muslim Turks who kept white slaves as recently as 1922? You moronic,Afrocentric,married- to- a- whitey CUNT.

    • It’s typical of this planet sized cunt to twist Widdecombe’s remark in this way. ‘Small minded’ says he of the pea sized brain and over-inflated opinion of himself.
      Shit off you cunt.

    • Willie, make this a nomination if you would? Time this cunt received another solid cunting.

      How this Bernie Grant MKII cunt hasn’t been deselected is a puzzle, oh wait he’s Labour in London.

      Wondering why you’re no 4 in the polls? Because you’ve become the party of anti British agendas. There must be many Labour MPs outside of London despairing about the lunacy spewed by London centric Labour leadership who will and have sold out the nation for immigrant votes.

      As for you Lammy, you’re nothing but a hostile alien to me, constantly attacking the country that enabled you to get where you are.

      A second class degree attached to a first class cunt.

      Call me racist, go on you know you want to, fuck it let’s go to court. You’ll not find anything racist I’ve said or done but any impartial judge and jury will not be able to deny you are a XXXL cunt.

      I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again, David Lammy you are a cunt.

      • Duhvid Blamby is also a cultural appropriation cunt for wearing a suit and driving a car.
        FO&DO, useless sack of rancid clinical waste.

  14. Can you imagine Jimmy Hill or Des Lynam sounding off publicly about refugees or Brexit.
    Shut up, Linekunt.

  15. I propose a TV show that pits these high earning fuckers against each other. Not a game show where questions are asked, a full on running man, hunger games affair. I bet no fucker would ever want to work at the bbc again if the recruitment process was done in this way. They’d have a TV series out of it and everyone would pay the licence fee to watch the cunts really EARN the money they seem to think they are worth.
    I can’t even look at the smug linekunts mug. Makes me feel like scooping my eyes out.

  16. I would not pay this jug eared crisp muncher in washers He is a proper arrogant cunt I’m worth it No You Are Not
    Democracy in action let’s have a people’s vote on whether he should be paid 1.7 million of Licence Payers Money

  17. I heard some cunt on the radio lauding this inane pisstain saying he’s made MOTD ‘must-watch’. ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID? People tune in to watch the most popular football league in the world you spasticated idiot, you could put an incontinent orangutan on air it would make no fucking difference to the audience numbers.

  18. I make a point of never buying Walkers crisps because of that cunt and his anti-Brexit views. He really is a cunt of the highest order. But, my God, the cunts at the BBC are just beyond the pale. I see they are “setting aside” about £12million (yes, that’s our money) to pay for their “stars tax “irregularities”. For fuck’s sake – theses people were mercilessly ripping the piss out of the self-employment thing, and now they are getting bailed out. Will these “stars” be paying the money back? Will they fuck. If it was me that got caught, who do you think would be paying back the HMRC? Yes, me. They’d probably make me bankrupt to get their cash.

    How this woeful, pisst-aking bunch of establishment cunts can carry on is beyond me. Why don’t we just fucking riot and smash up the head-quarters. After all, the climate change nutters seem to do it with impunity.


    • To refer to the EU as a ‘bunch of wankers’ is to defame the ancient, proud and noble art of wanking.

  19. And you should see what the BBC pay that cunt trumpet, Steve Wright… Was diabolically shite in the 80s with his cretinous ‘posse’ and those shitty ‘characters’ like Diamond Geezer (all that ‘Mister Spoons’ shite) and the Perv at the Window… About as funny as crabs, except they’re easier to get rid off… How the stench of this utter cunt still lingers around the BBC, I’ll never know (Oh yes I do… They love cunts)….

    Hang the blessed DJ….

  20. I fucking hate it when the mandarins at the BBC say, “well we have to pay them this sort of money to “attract the best talent” otherwise they’ll go elsewhere “.
    What utter shite! If cunts like jug ears, that unfunny ( if I didn’t act camp with my male guests) Norton, and that hideous Wankelman cow are the best talent who are the worst? Actually that Nish Koomah cunt springs to mind.
    As for saying that they’ll go elsewhere,the sooner the fucking better the complacent cunts.

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