Corbyn’s Brexit Policy

oh Jeremy Corbyn. What a cunt you are.

Forced to finally get off the fence on Brexit, Superjez has announced his official policy by announcing that he’s going to sit on the fence. If the Tories come back with a new deal, Jezza will insist on a second referendum. Indeed if there’s no deal Labour will insist on a second referendum. After all, the people are entitled to say on the final deal aren’t they?

Well of course they are – unless Labour get into power and strike a deal in which case, there’ll be no peoples vote because Jezza thinks that’s more democratic.

And how will they campaign on a second referendum? Well, remain of course because that’s what they promised in their manifesto. Not.

What a shower of shit Labour has become. No longer a party of the working-class but a party of elitist, anti-semitic self intetest. Rather like Germany’s National Socialists. A party so morally corrupt, that even Speer Chukka had to quit before he was pushed. A party so instututionally racist, that three Labour peers quit yesterday because the Labour Party is “no longer a safe place for jews”

Oh. Jeremy Corbyn. What a cunt you are..

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  1. Its all perfectly clear. Labour will vote against any Tory deal or a no deal. Labour would negotiate their own brexit deal with the EU and then campaign against it as they are a party of remain.
    See, perfectly clear.

  2. Two days ago from Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell

    ”If Johnson undemocratically tries to force through a “No Deal” Brexit”

    With reference to the EU referendum result in 2016, trying to thwart Brexit isn’t undemocratic John?

    Dangerous fuck wit

  3. You can’t really blame the old chancer Dio.

    After all Corbyn only spent the last 40 years campaigning to leave the EU, before cynically switching sides at the last minute to vote Remain… At least Michael Foot had the integrity as Labour leader to stick by his principles and produce an honest manifesto that included withdrawal from the EU and Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament, two fundamental policies Corbyn spent his entire political life campaigning for, yet has recently become strangely quiet about…

    • I can agree with that, RTC, although we can’t agree on other aspects of what has happened to Labour. Fair comment.

      It may also be fair to say that Labour, like everyone else, is terminally divided on the Brexit issue, and Corbyn has very unwisely succumbed to the temptation to seek power, rather than doing what the massive grassroots wave originally supporting him wanted, which was a structural change from globalist Blairism. Now I can’t see him achieving either, and the probable outcome of his indecision (whether he’s keeping his powder dry or not, that’s how his enemies will make sure we see it) is a return to Islington PC pale pink academic ‘socialism’ in the manner of, and possibly restoring, Blair.

      It only remains for the BP to claim to be for the workers, hijack the Leave tendency, assimilate it, assassinate its leaders and buy a place in Berchtesgarten….a slightly better Nazi analogy, with obvious implications for Muslims. We can’t be antisemitic, after all. thanDioclese’s, IMHO.

      Very sad. And Watson and McDonnell are ubercunts.

      • a slightly better Nazi analogy, with obvious implications for Muslims. We can’t be antisemitic, after all. thanDioclese’s, IMHO.

        Becomes, decoded:

        …a slightly better Nazi analogy, with obvious implications for Muslims, than Dioclese’s, IMHO. We can’t be antisemitic, after all.

        C&P failure cunt that I am.

        • The Blairites have only themselves to blame.

          I mean, if it wasn’t for arch-Blairites like Margaret Becket, Suckdick Khunt, Lammy and Saint Jo Cox nominating Corbyn for the Labour leadership contest in 2010, Labour wouldn’t be in the ‘hard-left tail wagging the dog’ anti-semitic nightmare they are in today.

          Ironically Jo Cox was the last to nominate, getting Corbyn over the line with only minutes to spare…

          • Probably realised that a token candidate looking like Old Labour was good tactics. (‘We’re supposed to be a broad church, darling, and we haven’t got ANYONE with a flat cap’) Otherwise, two Brownite-Ballsups and Liz Kendall the Milibandoid. The nominators you list wouldn’t have actually voted for him, I’m pretty certain.

            He won fair and square on the first ballot, and would still have won without Miliband’s £3 membership ploy. Since then:


            Our analysis shows that Corbyn was thoroughly delegitimised as a political actor from the moment he became a prominent candidate and even more so after he was elected as party leader, with a strong mandate. This process of delegitimisation occurred in several ways: 1) through lack of or distortion of voice; 2) through ridicule, scorn and personal attacks; and 3) through association, mainly with terrorism.

            All this raises, in our view, a number of pressing ethical questions regarding the role of the media in a democracy. Certainly, democracies need their media to challenge power and offer robust debate, but when this transgresses into an antagonism that undermines legitimate political voices that dare to contest the current status quo, then it is not democracy that is served.

          • I would not for a minute question the legitimacy of Corbyn’s election in 2010. I was just pointing out the crass complacency of the Blairites who facilitated his election by foolishly adding his name to the ballot paper.

            Had just one of their number failed to nominate, Catweasle would not now be their so called “leader” along with all that’s entailed since. The Blairites deserve him. The country does not. Or does it? Not sure about anything anymore. Except this country is finished.

            Fuck them*.

            * © D.F.

  4. I just saw that remoaner prick from superdry posted an £85m loss. See what happens when you alienate 52% of the public you cunt? Fuck you.

    • These sort of cunts just don’t get it MandroidZ.

      All Mr Superdry had to do was to shut the fuck up about Brexit- but he like so many others simply cannot resist the temptation to tell the 52% that they were all wrong.

      Stupid cunt.

  5. Labour are hardcore commies. The National Socialists fought the commies, you fought alongside them. You made your bed, now lie in it.

  6. Speer Chukka, Mr Dio? That made me fucking laugh. 😀 My congratulations.

  7. I fear his days are numbered, McDonnell has turned, the parliamentary Labour party want him gone, the BBC expose this evening hits him hard they say.

    McDonnell potentially PM?

    Just when you thought it could not get worse.

    • Yes, I will be watching that. When you turn remoan and even the BBC are against you then you know you are in trouble.
      Still , at least he’s got Sir John Major on his side. Strange company these socialists keep these days.

    • Day before yesterday, Radio 4 had a piece on apprenticeships. Euan Blair’s apprentice recruitment agency got an extended plug. Yesterday Cherie was invited to talk about the film she will be producing (how football solves the Is-Pal dispute, apparently), also on R4.

      I think we know who the BBC has always backed.

      • Again you have to remember that James Purnell, the famous arselicker is now a senior figure at Broadcasting House.

        • Thanks for the unpleasant reminder. ‘Fridge Magnet’ Purnell : smirking entitled smoothy, one of Blair’s 413,286 special advisors, how could I forget?

          I suspect a cunting will be coming his way ere long.

          • He would have one every fucking day if I had my way along with Dame Keir and Grievious Grieve.

            Purnell licked Blair’s arse now it seems he is up the rectum of Tony Hall.

            When he first *left* parliament he was taken on by the BBC as some sort of “digital adviser” without the position having been advertised, which is compulsory. His two “promotions” are also in-house and not advertised.

            There is a load of horseshit as I speak on Wireless 4 that the cretin who has resigned Kim whatshisface (rude memos about the Donald). Bumptious pooftah “Sir” Alan Duncan, another vaseline-arsed creep, claims the silly cunt resigned “because Boris didn’t back him”. The silly bastard resigned because he had made his own position untenable

          • I think it will become more noticeable as time goes on that the BBC (and other responsible, unbiased, objective and honest outlets) are running a smear campaign against Boris.No, I’m not a Boris fan, and I think he’d be a fucking disaster, but I can spot nudging and slanting the news when I see it. R4 News is about equally divided between Corbyn is a cunt and Boris is a cunt.

            No mention of the fact that Kim Whatsisname is also a genuine cunt according to some who have worked with/under him, btw.

          • Purnell is a pork pie headed, super networking useless parasitic, talentless, worthless teat hanging complete waste of oxygen.

  8. Oh, and by the way. Angela Merkel (now head of the E.U.) was in the communist STASI. So it’s no wonder Commie Corbyn has an ardent affection for her and her Cultural Maxist ideals. She is also a recent recipient of the Cudenhove prize as well.

    • Fake news. Merkel may be a mega-cunt but she was never a member of the STASI. At best she was approached by them and declined to join, like others who aspired to higher positions in East Germany’s educational system at the time.

      • Of course they deny it, and you believe them, still? How utterly niave. It takes about two minutes reseach to see her communist past. Read the 2013 biography “The First Life of Angela M”, which exposed her as the former FDJ Secretary for Agitation and Propaganda (“Agitprop”) at the Academy of Sciences in East Berlin. Agitprop was at the sharp end of the ideological war, involving the aggressive inculcation of Marxism-Leninism among her colleagues. It would never have been entrusted to a lukewarm Communist. Theatre tickets, anyone?

        Merkel, ‘Erika’ as she was known, was working for the STASI in their surveillence of Robert Havemann. Robert Havemann, a famous communist regime-critic who had to live under house arrest in the GDR since 1976 and was under constant STASI observation. A documentry from 2005, for WDR had photos of Merkel with all her STASI mates around Havermann’s property. Merkel prohibited the broadcasting of the photos in the WDR documentary. As a STASI informer, Merkel, during her time in the Academy of Sciences shared an office with Havemann’s son, who also worked as a physicist. Pure chance? Angela Merkel claimed that “She had practically nothing to do with Havemann Junior, hardly anything.”

        The E.U. is communist and its manifesto is communist as are all its unelected leaders. Are you seriously trying to say that the N.S. wanted to promote sodomy and flood Europe with third world immigrants? The E.U. want Europe totally destroyed, both financially and culturally and it’s been going on since the end of WW2.

        Merkel in her STASI uniform:

      • All the cunts in charge of the EU are members of the STASI. All twisted, lying bastards to a man/woman/thing. Full of their own self worth and shallower than Comrade Corbynski’s gene pool.

  9. I’ve just heard the lovely Polly Toynbee inform us that the country has changed its mind and is now for remain.
    Oh well. Time to forget brexit then as Polly knows her stuff you know.

    • That’s the first bit of good news I’ve heard in a while. Toynbee’s record of successful predictions is nonexistent. There IS hope.

  10. Steptoe on TV yesterday, pulling on his earlobe and saying I listened, what a cunt, he is a sad old left wing militant. If he ever got into No 10 Mark Carney would have to do a double stress test.
    On the subject of the Bank of England, I watched the documentary last night, Inside the Bank of England, what was clear at the end was how the media misrepresented the analyisis of the bank on a no deal brexit.
    The bank made assumptions of worse case scenarios to test the resilience of the financial system, if the banks would be able to withstand potential losses and still have enough funds to carry on operating and approving loans.
    The result was that they were, so no problem however this was reported by the media that Mark Carney has said this is what will happen, total lies and misrepresentation.


  11. Well from what some Labour woman whose name eludes me said on tv;
    Labour will oppose a no deal Brexit and demand a referendum on A, whether to remain or B, accept the conservatives Brexit deal whatever it is.

    What a clever and insidious way to split the leave vote and leave us in Europe.Totally ignoring those who couldn’t give a flying fuck about Europe and would be happy to leave with no deal.

  12. More bad news John Major joint worst Prime minister of recent years has announced he will seek a judicial review if Boris goes for a no deal, and yesterday that fucker Grieve managed to get a vpte through parliament with a majority of ONE to make a no deal exit harder.

    What a pack of traitorous motherfuckers.

    • The issue of Europe has been tormenting Mad John for decades. I think he’s finally gone over the edge.

    • I’ve got the DVD of ‘Payday’. Someone described this performance as his finest hour.

  13. Cunters everywhere owe you a debt of gratitude for setting out Corbyn’s policy so clearly and precisely Dio. Perhaps you could go to the trouble of explaining it to the cunt himself, so he finally realises that he’s actually sitting on the fence.

  14. That fucking cunt Phil Hammond is today at Wimbledon.

    All fucking cunts together.

  15. By wanting a second referendum the stupid cunts have instantly alienated a huge percentage of their voters.
    What utter stupid cunts behaving like stupidity is a virtue.

  16. I his swivel eyed Marxist Jew hating cunt needs to die of Ebola and novichalk: at the sane time.

  17. I fuckin hate this treacherous pile of dirt, he would gladly take any terrorist’s jizz straight up his boney arse. I shudder at the prospect of his party leading this country, I mean look no further than his ex fuck buddy, King Kong’s daughter and all his wank fuck supporters, ie Bob (hope he dies soon) Geldof, Lilly (fat slut) Allen, Owen( maggot knob) Jones. I could go on but you get the drift.!

    • If Steptoe and Son gain power the unions of the 1970s will look like Citizen Smith. The fact that Steptoe has jumped now his union puppet masters have spoken is all too good an indication of the power they will wield in a Labour government. Who rules Britain Corbyn or McCluskey?

      At least the pooftah Blairites will have another excuse now for pissing the bed. Mary-Anne Benn and Dame Keir have already ordered rubber sheets for their beds.

  18. Corbyn and his Jew hating party have sat on the fence and have been finally pushed off Their political masters “the unions” have finally agreed to the so called Peoples Vote
    Corbyn does not like being in the EU he would sooner be allied to Russia. Labour don’t like referendums socialists don’t like the people telling them what to do hypocrites

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