Cora ‘Trigglypuff’ Segal

I reckon that IsAC regulars always enjoy a bit of light relief, and this nomination is made with that end in mind. You may or may not have heard of Trigglypuff, so allow me the honour of introducing you.
A couple of years ago, the University of Massachusetts hosted a debate entitled ‘has political correctness gone too far?’. During the course of the ‘discussion’, a barrel of lard fat fuck feminista in the audience went into a raging meltdown, hurling abuse at the panel on stage. This earned the beast the nickname ‘Trigglypuff’, presumably due to the ease with which it became ‘triggered’.
Luckily the episode was caught on camera, and has since, as they say, ‘gone viral’. Trigglypuff has become an internet legend, proving to be a source of amusement and derision for cunters everywhere to savour. So allow me to present Trigglypuff, the truly repulsive face of SJWs everywhere;

Now some of you, like me, may be wondering what has become of the specimen since it made such a public spectacle of itself. Well, one rumour has it that it was last spotted mating with a blue whale off the coast of Newfoundland. Another suggests that it was harpooned by a rogue Japanese whaler, and kept that nation supplied in whale meat and industrial oils for a month. It’s also been claimed that on a particularly hot day, it scratched itself and spontaneously combusted, burning with a luminosity so fierce that it was visible to the orbiting space station for three days.
Truth is, I for one don’t know what became of Trigglypuff, so if you’re aware of its current whereabouts, please inform us immediately. The people have a right to know, if only to enable us to relish the sight of a complete and utter cunt in full flow once more. Bring it on Trigglypuff, these days we’re in need of a good laugh.

Nominated by Ron Knee

71 thoughts on “Cora ‘Trigglypuff’ Segal

  1. Come on Creampuff what is your niece up to? Is that Lesbian Dance Theory degree being put to good use on the zero hours contract she is on a Starbucks?

    • Fuck me LL, now what?!

      After what happened last time we thought she’d been sectioned for life! I honestly have no idea where she is now but can’t be long before she’s banging on our door again demanding a ‘loan’ with menaces and downing my collection of fine wines – better get them down to the London Wine Cellar to “unlock the value of your wine” 😂

      Thanks for the heads up Ron, will keep you posted.

      Enjoy your weekend cunters. We won’t.

      • YOU have a fine wine collection Ruff Tuff!? I thought you’d be the type to make a yearly booze-cruise to Calais and stock on up on 2fo£4 Prosecco and make them last for the next 12 months?

        • Actually MZ, I lied about the fine wine collection.

          I got the idea from a stupid advert on LBC that begins with “Do you collect fine wines?” and ends with ‘The London Wine Cellar’ offering to rip off anyone dumb enough to respond to their snooty scam ad, ha-ha.

          Not me though, I was born in 1953, e.g. not yesterday!

          Besides I’m a teetotaller…

  2. I haven’t watched the video because it might just piss me off – which is something I don’t want to happen so early on a Saturday morning.

    As for the lardarse herself/itself (I assume it’s a woman?), I suppose she’ll be playing the victim card now that she’s become a target of fun and ridicule. Of course she would argue “free speech” for her rants – but only when it suits her narrative.

    The scary thing is that there’s probably thousands more like TrigglyTwat out there, some of which holding prominent positions in both the media and politically. They are wholly obnoxious, dangerous, deranged, incredibly stupid and a danger to democracy as we know it (or what’s left of it)

    It would be interesting to see what would happen if this tub of shit had a heart attack and required CPR – a) would any men standing round want to get anywhere near the selfish cunt to give her CPR, or b) would she tell them all to fuck off and insist on being “kissed” by another feminazi?

    Would you want to kiss that?

  3. Jesus. The ultimate snowflake. What a grotesque cunt. I was thinking that at least no snowflake would ever mate with that and her gene pool will become extinct, but there’s bound to be some retard attracted to her “ fine principles and beautiful mind”.

    Fuck off you tub of putrid lard.

    • I wonder how many femidykes would seriously want to go down on that!?

      Jesus fucking Christ, so much for my Full English idea for breakfast shortly!

    • Fanny fiddler really this fat? I wasn’t expecting a posh hotty exactly but with fiddlers genes I was expecting a slimmer fanny…

      Look at the cuntroll on trigglypuff lol haha that is one fat cunt

      • I’m only in it for the Reichsbank gold ‘liberated’ by Great Uncle Kiddie back in 1945 and is hidden somewhere in Fiddler Towers.

        Don’t tell Dick or he’ll set the hounds on me.

    • How dare you even utter Fanny’s name?…… despoiler of Innocence and Decency. You know perfectly well that Fanny never wants to see you again.Fanny is a delicate Flower (even if she is built like Frank Bruno),and your foul “needs” will not be met by a Lady of her delicate sensibilities…you may fancy trying “The Panamanian Petting Zoo” ( I wondered where all my sweetcorn had gone),but Fanny is a better Class of Person. I told her that indulging your type was a mistake..we Fiddlers can trace our history back to The Crusades…not just an ” Abandoned baby found at Paddington Train Station” article in the local newspaper….Breeding will out,Sir.

      I also noticed that several items from my Collection of Victorian Erotica were missing following your previous visit…Prince Albert’s hand-carved ivory Love-Beads(which also served as emergency balls on my billiards table), Queen Victoria’s merkin(which I liked to wear as a beard at my exclusive costume parties)..also,my Robert Peel truncheon has mysteriously vanished….no idea how you smuggled that one out,but rather have my suspicions.

      You are Persona Non Grata at The Towers,Sir. I have added your name to the rather extensive list of Undesirable who may never darken our solid-oak,brass-furnitured,front door ( although I fancy rear-door entry is more your style,anyhow). The Hounds have been informed..not that they needed much encouragement following your drunken attempts at proving that different species,although unable to conceive,can still enjoy a “sexually-satisfying relationship”….For Shame.

      Fuck Off.

      • I expect you have an old tractor boys football shirt Mr F, to wave under the hounds’ noses. However, I suspect the lack of any sweat would make it difficult to pick up the scent!

        • A football shirt?…a fucking football shirt !?…Oh no,BSC. CMC may be rather common,but I don’t think that even he would be so Chavvy as to own a “footy” shirt.

          Is Sports Direct your outfitter of choice ?

    • Very interesting CMC. Sadly, i’m old enough to remember the 1975 referendum and opposition to the EEC ( I think that’s what they called it then ) was very much a left issue. Every newspaper said vote “yes” as did every political party. I was just a kid and I didn’t know shit about politics but I knew if these cunts are saying yes i’m saying no. I was right then and i’m right now. One thing i’ll never forget about that campaign was the way the rich cunts used sleb cunts to support the yes vote. Big adverts in the papers with pictures of slebs saying “i’m voting yes.” No explanation, just “I’m a sleb and i’m voting yes you cunts.”
      One bloke i’ll never forget is a cunt called Willie John McBride. He was the captain of the British Lions during the controversial 1974 tour of South Africa. This was at the time of Apartheid and all that. McBride was mouthing off about how we are just sportsman and politics has nothing to do with sport etc etc. Fair enough but, a year later, there he was taking the filthy lucre and telling the dumb masses how to vote. I’ve never forgotten that fucking cunt.
      In 2016 I was surprised the Establishment didn’t pull the same trick until after they had lost. That shows you how confident they were of winning. Big mistake, tough luck.
      Yes , the true British left has always been opposed to the European project. That’s where Corbyn comes from and the poor cunt finds himself trapped between the very unleft Blairites and the pretend left neoliberal Nancy boys. No wonder the poor cunt doesn’t know whether to shit or wind his watch. Make no mistake, Steptoe hates the EU just as much as we do.
      Just my thoughts on the matter.

  4. I remember cunting this fat fuck trigglypuff a few years ago when this memetic event originaly happened for whatever reason it just wasn’t accepted or was lost in the eternal queue of cuntings

  5. These creatures are called “incels”, the involuntarily celibate. They’re perplexed and frustrated that they’ll never get laid and so vent their bile at anyone within earshot unaware of how obnoxious are repulsive they are. One suggests that the lardmass has since joined a community of sea elephants in Antarctica, poor beasts.

    • But incel usually refers to males not obese female salad dodger cunts like this

      • One truth above all others if the creature has a cunt some fucking eejit will give it one.

        • This is quite true. There are some men who will fuck anything, no matter how fat, shrill, mad or putrid. They’re usually pretty rotten-looking and foul-smelling themselves but have decided to embrace their status as bottom feeders and aim their standards low.
          Incels are usually odd-looking young men who are not physically deformed yet have no self esteem, but want some Anime lolita to land in their basement and love them for who they are, without any form of self-improvement required. They are pretty much Walter Mittys who never interact with the opposite sex face to face.

  6. If Hollywood ever wanted to do another reboot of Alien, Predator, or The Thing (or a double for Jabba the Hut), there you have it!

  7. She has become a pop icon. Well, everything is an *icon* these days. She, Diane Abbott and Emily (Mind My Bike) Thornberry were great fans of the 1960s pop group The Lovin’ Spoonful. They have reformed the band, but as they are not allowed to use the original name they are known as The Lovin’ Shovelful – 70 stone of rhythm

  8. If she got herself down to Weight Watchers, took a bit of exercise, and then had some plastic surgery to remove the excess skin she would be OK looks wise. She could then get herself laid and wouldn’t be quite so angry.

    • Bullet. Cheaper faster. Come on our triggerhappy yank cousins!
      Right to bare arms etc, get off your arses turn off nascar or wrestling or whatever shite your watching, its trigglypuff season.

      • This one would require a 120mm anti-tank round to shear through the fat.

  9. Jabba the huts big sister? Man,she is one fat ugly land whale. It would take a gallon of Novachalk to even give it a blister!

    • The sort of weaponary needed to eradicate this beast is usually accompanied by John Barry’s Space March.

  10. Fucking hell cunters keep up, she’s cough now being groomed (not in the taxi driver sense, even them cunts got limits) to be the Democrat presidential candidate in 2024.

    I know we all thought it would be Alan Occasionally Cemtex but no.

  11. Rumour has it she’s Emily Thornpiggery’s (aka Lady Nougat) and Cyril Smith’s bastard daughter. I do hope so.

    She’s brought nothing but shame on the House of Puff.

  12. I am still pondering Trump gate, I have interpreted his tweet to be, you are US senitors (probably spelt wrong) your job is to look after US interest if you are not going to do it fuck off back to your own country (Lammy take note) not a case of, I don’t like the colour of your skin fuck off back to your own country.

    Should note that I have been told to fuck off back to my own country a few times, guess what I did and now the cunts who told me to fuck off seem to have followed me, strange world we live in.

  13. I took a little time to look into this, and found she had a Dating profile, (Bra and Knickers photo too!) I also found this link, a letter of complaint and legal action against the person who filmed the wobble overload.

    whether this link is credible or not she is also looking for casual sex, unfortunately I do not fit the non smoking and age criteria so wont be applying.
    A good few seductive pictures though.

    • Casual sex? How the fuck can you have casual sex when you need a hoist, paramedics on standby and a year of therapy after?

    • Have you considered what displaying those photos might do to Krav and Mince Pie Guy? You could turn them straight and ruin their lives.
      Have some consideration for our gay friends please!

    • Typical of a the hypocritical cunt to resort to legal action probably because her personal freedom was breached without permission. And yet she has the affront to protest at a lecture while invoking the First Amendment.

      So its okay to use that against something you don’t like; but quite a different story when the same Amendment is used against your own candid stupidity.

    • I see in her dating profile that she is an Omnivore… an “anything that can’t move quicker than 20 yards an hour-ivore”” is probably more accurate.

  14. I expect she disappeared into her nearest 24/7 McDonald’s and they’ve been trying to shift her ever since.

    Unfortunately the last attempt with a bulldozer failed.

  15. Fucking hell! The young, white Diane Abbott. Where do you find these birds Ron? She frightens me…..not in the physical sense of course. Ok, she could probably beat me in a fight but I can outrun the bitch. I would let her chase me until she was knackered ( 50 yds should be enough) then I would turn around, kick her in the cunt and push her over. You ever seen an elephant trying to get up off the ground? It’s a struggle, trust me.
    No, the really frightening thing is when she puts her hands over her ears and screams “hate speech, hate speech.”
    “Why are you treating us like children?” Watch the film again fatbollocks.
    Was this in a university or something? Fucking hell.

    • Hate speech? Why doesn’t she just call it “wrongthink”
      (Or “The truth”)
      Fat idle useless bastard …

    • Morning Fred. Came across her (purely in the figurative sense, you’ll understand) while browsing youtube.
      What really made me hoot was when the disgusting biffa started shrieking about ‘free speech’ (hers of course) while trying to deny that very thing to anyone who had a different point of view, automatically defined by her as ‘hate speech’. I’d say that the fat cunt doesn’t ‘do’ irony at all.
      Out of interest I showed this nom. to my lovely wife, to see what she thought of this shining example of her sex. ‘How could any self-respecting woman allow herself to get into that state?’ came the reply. I can only concur wholeheartedly with that view.

      • Ullah on a skateboard…

        It’s been a warm, muggy week around here, Ullah alone knows what the stench of her privates must be like.

    • Around 2014 the universities of America decided they’d had enough teaching ideas and became daycare centres for indulging terminally entitled thick cunts.

      A BA in Beyonce and White Privilege studies for me, Professor.

  16. What a gangsta this potato is. It’s started my day of with a smirk.
    Nice one roneee.

    • Cheers Mince. I file this one under ‘toxic femininity’ (‘feminine’ being used in the broadest possible sense of course).
      I think any bloke, however desperate, even the Hunchback of Notre Dame, would stick with his right hand rather than go within fifty yards of this abominable porker.

  17. I would like to burn that fat twat.It would make the great fire of London look like a fucking Sparkler.Horrible Cunt.

    • Alternatively, when the lights inevitably go out due to Brexit, she could be rendered down to make candles.

      Flabbott, Lardbutt and Lammy would make ideal candles for Satanists and politicians involved in the dark arts.

    • Probably as a fairground attraction, just like knocking off the coconut shy or walloping the wombat with a mallet!

    • I believe she does a fair line in face crushing for those weird cunts into erotic asphyxiation.

  18. Fuck me Ron the site of that absolute fat cunt has triggered me alright.

    I’d imagine that’s the most exercise the lard bucket has done in its worthless existence.

  19. Cora Segal? Fuck me, more like Steven Segal (later noodle bar scoffing days).

  20. Trigglypuff is a gift to all who hate SJW mongs. There is no equivalent the SJW community have ever found to mock their opponents with. Perhaps because most of them dont enjoy looking like heaps of shit.

    The best thing about these cretins is they keep producing more examples of this sort of physical repugnance (the problem glasses sat upon an autistic moon face and eight chins) and mental instability for the world to chuckle at.

    I recommend Paul Joseph Watson’s video on why SJW all have that same look.

  21. Free speech my arse this ugly cunt needs a kick in the snatch and a knuckle sandwich…

  22. No surprise that this manatee was on that online bestiary OkCupid.

    ‘Here be whales!’

  23. Saw her at work the other day, oozing slowly into a lecture room. with a bucket of chips in one hand and a family size milkshake in the other. Probably doing a BA in Greedia Studies.

  24. I feel a bit sorry for this simple minded fool. She’s been taken in by the Left and their nonsensical narrative of reality and language.

    The Left have invented this thing called ‘hate speech’ – and hate speech is evil – any (white) person who uses it is a fascist/nazi/kkk. And they regard hate speech as any description which is in any way uncomplimentary to those on the oppression scale ie any non hetero-normal white males. Now seeing that nobody’s perfect, no groups are perfect, and certain ethnic minorities are particularly ill-adapted to thrive in the modern world, merely describing the world from an unbiased point of view is ‘hate speech’ to the (often young) gullible idiots indoctrinated by the Left. She’s a well-meaning idiot unknowingly acting as a shill for the demented Left. Maybe one day as she gets older she’ll tread the path of common sense and stop letting others do her thinking for her.

    • A great point very well made Mandroidz.

      Couldn’t agree more.

      The ‘left’ has weaponised speech in general insofar as making anything they don’t like or agree with either ‘hateful’ or ‘racist’.

      I sincerely believe it’s the precise reason that the liberal left ‘celebrate’ these fat fucks and are ‘horrified’ at fat shaming.

      They aren’t.

      They see these types as vulnerable and set about grooming them for their own nefarious ends.

      Cora Segal more than likely hates herself.

      There’ll be something in her past that made her set about eating herself to death and in doing so making her the victim of a lifetime of bullying and abuse.

      She’s presents as a sad figure, desperate for attention and affirmation from her peers.

      I guess it’s no different from those who brainwash vulnerable Peacefuls to go and put on an explosive vest, just a little more subtle and for now, less destructive.

  25. What an obscene lump of butter that belongs in a special school for backwards kids, I bet her dad is that inbred Banjo picker from Dileverance.!

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