Trump protestors

Trump protestors are a right bunch of cunts aren’t they?

The president of our closest ally and potentially biggest post Brexit trade partner comes to the UK on a state visit and these fuckers start throwing their toys out of the pram.

Corbyn refuses an invitation to a state banquet even though he’s prepared to sup with terrorists (hardly the behaviour we would expect of a future PM), Khan okays the use of that pathetic blimp. May refuses to let Trump invite Farage or Boris to the party.

And the worst of the lot? That stupid bitch Markle who can’t decide whether to be a royal or celeb, absents herself from her husband’s side because she’s a Democrat (sic), and campaigned for Kilary.

And to top it all we have two – yes, two – anti Trump movements preparing widespread demonstrations to bring London to a standstill. Apparently, they aim to show that the people of this country won’t tolerate Trump’s brand of hatred.

Well bollocks to the lot of them, lefty scum one and all, I’m one of the people of this country and you sure as fuck don’t speak for me,

Fuck off.

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  1. “Sadiq Khan, who by all accounts has done a terrible job as Mayor of London, has been foolishly ‘nasty’ to the visiting President of the United States, by far the most important ally of the United Kingdom. He is a stone cold loser who should focus on crime in London, not me…..
    “Kahn reminds me very much of our very dumb and incompetent Mayor of NYC, de Blasio, who has also done a terrible job – only half his height. In any event, I look forward to being a great friend to the United Kingdom, and am looking very much forward to my visit. Landing now!”

    (Trump tweeting about half an hour ago)

    Popcorn a-go-go! 😂

    • I heard that to RTC, nearly spat me tea out.

      Brilliant, he should join ISAC with that type of wit.

        • If I had any anti social media Ruff Tuff I’d invite Big Don to join us.

          But I don’t, so I won’t, but if I did……

          • Maybe he already is Cunty… I’ve oft had my suspicions about Mr Bluntspeakingcunt…

          • Yes I know what you mean, that said there could be lots of Donald’s in ISAC land 😂

          • RTC@10.20

            “I will build a great, great wall on our northern border, and I will have Scotland pay for that wall. Mark my words.” Yours, Donald (aka Bluntspeakingcunt)
            Afternoon Creampuff. I had a great laugh at your comment!

          • Good afternoon RTC. Had my 70th birthday yesterday but with comments such as yours, it’s the birthday that keeps on giving!

    • Fucking brilliant. That puts the goat fucking peaceful dwarf exactly where he belongs. Welcome to the UK President Trump. I’m only deeply sorry that Mrs Thatcher or Mr Churchill are not alive and in Number 10 to greet you to this country. Just watched him land at Stansted and his respectful salute to the RAF Honour Guard. The goat fucker and his friends makes me feel ashamed to be a Brit

    • Sadiq Khan is a fucking loser who should keep his big mouth shut Stick to running London into the ground Yes a very small dumb unimportant person

  2. The Anti Trump cunts are pathetic, probably the same bunch of cunts who cannot accept democracy when we vote to leave the EU and the majority of voters who turned out voted Brexit party.
    The USA voted for Trump, thats it,,this is a state visit and they should fuck off, not so much fucking bullshit when the Chink came to the UK.

    He has just slapped down fucking suckdick, the underlying message …. I am the president of the USA, the most powerful country on earth and you are the mayor of a shit stain city.

    • Look out for the usual ABBC bollocks reporting that 1m protestors are raging in the streets of Londonistan.

      • I have just bollocked the BBC the fucking Derbyshire bitch had a trump baby ballon in her studio
        Fucking bias BBC cunts.

      • BBC = Ball Breaking Cunts are not only reporting it but encouraging it. They just can’t help themselves

        • Whaddya mean? The ABBC /Sly coverage is unbeatable! I just whacked one out over Melania.

          • It seems most of the Labour party will be out demonstrating tomorrow. Pity they don’t demonstrate for genuine policies of their own instead of fucking up every time they are asked questions, contradicting each other. The Labour Party is just the fucking 1968 Students Union.

  3. I wonder where they were when Xi visited. Or Mugabe. Or bin Salman. Or the leader of Kuwait… Hypocritical bellends.

  4. That shortarse cunt Khan is a national embarrassment. How fucking DARE he presume to lecture me or anybody else on ‘British values’.

    You only need to look at the people he represented in his former career to know what sort of a total shitcunt he is.

    Does he ever actually do or say anything even remotely pertinent to his day job??!!

  5. Listened to some earnest female bellend on radio today.
    ‘Trump is causing a rise in fascism’ Complete bollocks from the half baked left.
    Where were they when we had state visits from:

    South Africa’s king of corruption Zuma, Qatar, Turkey, Kuwait, UAE, China? All bastions of human rights and democracy.

    Fucking childish ignorant imbeciles.

    • ‘a rise in fascism’. The left has so overused terms like ‘fascist’ and ‘racist’ in an attempt to belittle and close down its opponents that they’ve reduced them to meaningless cant. Trump in effect has laughed in Khunt’s face and told him to fuck off, which is what everybody should do to cunts like him.

      • Totally right, Mr Knee. Cunt have put it better myself. So sick of being misrepresented as a nazi/fascist I’m thinking of going the whole-hog with a special red flag and eagles just to rile the cunts up.

    • Also Ceausescu and the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Russia. A few decades ago when the son of Hirohito visited, he was given a jig around London in the Queen’s carriage.

      However Trump said, “Grab ’em by the pussy” so stand by your beds.

      • Mekon Markle – who is unable to attend the Royal Banquet in Trump’s honour because the poor lamb is on maternity leave 😂 – says he’s a misogynist.

        But Trump is on record as saying: “There’s nobody who has more respect for women than I do.”

        Meghan will no doubt be relieved to know that mega-misogynist John Berkow will also be otherwise engaged.

    • No. She’s right Cunstable. Heil Lither! No, Heil Rithel! No that’s not it. Heil Hilter! Oh, fuck it. Heil the little German bloke with the funny moustache and the Alsatian dog.

      My comment in reply to RTC about suckdick and Big Don’s tweet has been pulled. Does this mean the Muslim goat-fucking dwarf is not a Muslim goat-fucking dwarf?

  6. As ISAC returning officer I hereby declare the following votes cast for the combatants were as follows:

    Suckdick Khunt: 1,310,143

    Tango Man: 62,984,828

    I therefore declare Suckdick Khunt the STONE COLD LOSER.

        • Afternoon Dick Dastardly (aka Ruff Tuff Creampuff).

          Suckdick is a fucking disgraceful piece of scum, he most certainly does not speak on behalf of the citizens of this country. Most I know feel he is a lying racist who favours his own kind.

          In an interview by Sky recently when asked about crime increasing significantly in London during his watch told the interviewer that crime in Londonistan has not increased since 2016.

          A blatant lie.

          Pathetic midget loser.

          • Well he’s actually correct Willie, because the serious crimes of posties knock and chinese burns have been dramatically stamped out by the wonderful efforts of cressida strapon dick and the met. However there has been a teeny tiny ickle rise in stabby stabby, rapey, crime but only a little bit, cos suckdick says so.

  7. Bunter Boulton’s wig is sliding off his head on Sky News.

    Dame Simon Schama is now pontificating in an exceptionally overexcited manner. This bloke is a true cunt too.

  8. Trump protestors are infantile cunt children who shame this country.

    They will protest against Trump but not against Putin or Kim Jong Il who are worse by far.

    Trump’s crime in their eyes is that he is popular with ordinary working folk and refuses to be politically correct. For Millenials and lefty cunts. this is a worse crime than genocide.

    And the biggest cunt of them all is Sadiq Khan, a fucking useless fudge packing peaceful cunt of a mayor. Fuck off.

  9. Have always thought Tump was a cunt. Well, he is but, compared to his shrill childish decriers he is Abe Lincoln and FDR rolled into one.

    • I got moderated coz I think hes a cunt.But then again I consider just about everyone to be a cunt.Especially me.

  10. I sincerely hope and expect someone high up in the running of the US, to have their eye on ISAC.
    Suck-dick doesn’t speak for me and neither do any of the protesting libtard cunts that will sit in london crying.
    If I didn’t have a family to look after and a business to run (i.e. if I was like one of those protesting lefties), I’d rob a local moped thief of his knife and cut that baloon free, so it can never be flown again.
    Welcome Mr President! I think you’re doing a sterling job and I’m super glad you’re coming over for a visit 👍

  11. This lot is actually all that is wrong with this country.
    I’ll bet most of them have no idea what they’re protesting about and are just there like the sheeple they are.
    The diplomats, politicians and other assorted parasites should shut the fuck up if for no other reason than to stop bringing shame on to my country. Although the current crop are such fuckwitted cunts I believe that is impossible.
    As for suckdick khunt, if it was left up to me I’d tie him to that fucking blimp and set him out over the Atlantic. I wonder if he’d be welcomed in the US if he made it across.

  12. There’s absolutely nothing to add. I love the Donald simply because of how much he winds up the Left.

  13. Suckdick is a preening, pontificating, attention whore who is a fucking disaster in a job he was never interested in, in the first place. Everything Suckdick says or does is about Suckdick, a taxpayer funded sleb.
    But i’m even more pissed off with that other whore, Markle. How is a member of the Royal Family allowed to make political points like this? Her Maj must be fucking fuming. Every other Royal cunt has to hobknob with the Tangoman, including her half wit pussy whipped husband, but this scrounging immigrant is allowed to get away with it and spend her time promoting “Pride” month.
    It’s a fucking disgrace.

    • Have a heart Freddie – Princess Meghan is still exhausted after giving birth to another benefits cheat only 4 weeks ago.

      Save a thought for ‘man of principle’ Steptoe. He won’t be attending because Trump is half American and half British, two nations who, along with Israel, are responsible for everything that is wrong in the world. Plus Trump’s daughter is Jewish.

  14. Oh yeah, note that every one of the self important cunts insulting Trump are employed by the taxpayer. It’s their job to lick the arse of important foreign cunts, just like Her Maj has done for donkeys years.
    In every job i’m aware of if you refuse to do it you get the fucking sack!

  15. London’s biggest-yet-shortest “slave of Allah” is probably saving himself for Eid, the big Muhammadan piss-up.

    The beer flows and the pork chops sizzle.

    NOT !

  16. It’s my country, and I say if a thirdrate businessman and fourthrate politician, with a dodgy syrup and a permanent disregard for the truth, by some accident gets elected President of the USA, we at least could show what used to be our traditional restraint and courtesy if not to him then to the US people whom he represents.

    A media circus swarming round the objectors merely gives the cunt more publicity for his faux-dangerous (but for his sponsors, very safe) opinions. Cunts, all of them.

    But I did like this –

    Despite the fact that you have to be a pretty privileged cunt to have a lawn that big.

    • The Yanks get what they deserve however Trump isn’t unique, there are many politicians who aren’t fit to be in any position of power.
      I would take a Trump style leader over a Steptoe type every time.

      • You may not get the option if the current lot continue to fuck up.

        Wouldn’t say there’s a lot to choose between them, for rather different reasons. Corbyn would be rather better at foreign policy, I think, while a BritTrump’s solution to the economy would be to reopen the coal mines and start producing Morris Minors again. Give me, even, Nixon. At least the cunt had a working brain.

          • TY, I’d missed that. He seems to think there’s a thing called clean burning. There isn’t. He’s a cunt, and he needs NUM money as ‘Lord’ Levy’s co-religionists went off Labour about the same time Blair bailed out.

          • Clean burning works if you do it at night, lol

            but Drax power station had a go at it, I remember one of the things they were looking at was using the SO2 to make gypsum and the famous carbon capture.
            I heard recently they had managed to go carbon neutral (whatever that means) with thier biomas fuel.

          • Aye, SOI, Drax claims that sourcing processed wood pellets by the megaton from the USA and shipping them over here, with no assurance that the forests being stripped will ever be replanted to recapture the CO2, represents carbon neutrality. Many doubt this.

            Capturing SO2 is relatively simple compared to CO2 and much higher volumes of the latter are involved. We may be going in the right direction, albeit with a lot of media spin, but we’re nowhere near a viable result yet.

            In the meantime, I’m sorry to say, we need nukes. And a drastic cut in waste.

        • Yeah good point, Corbyn would be very good at foreign policy as long as blowing things up, chucking gays off tall buildings, abusing females and spying for a foreign power were on the agenda. He strikes me as a patronising cunt amongst many other foibles. Having no faith in any of our politicians means I really do not care what any of the cunts say or do. I really despise suckdick cunt though.

          • Personally I would love it if they started making Morris Minors again…

  17. If we had a PM with a bit more of the Don’s gumption and balls, instead of old mother Mavis Riley, we likely wouldn’t be in the shit-bowl that is 21st century British politics, with a country divided by the dilly dallying of supposed Brexit.

    Like him or hate him, Trump is a leader. Mavis would be more suited working for a local council.

    By the way, Suckdick is a little piece of turd. Any real leader would have removed his (tiny) bollocks by now.

    • Mavis May was not even up to working in the local council. Never has a country been led by such a useless piece of cuntitude as the U.K. under Mavis. A curse on her. We need a British Trump.

      • If the Don was our man,the EU would call him unreasonable, difficult, unyielding, outspoken, awkward etc etc, and that would just be the comments in public.
        Sounds like just the sort of hard assed, hardball cunt we need to deal with the Brussels tosspots.

  18. May vetoed Farage & Boris’s invitation to the party?

    Who the fuck does she think she is – Prime Minister?!

  19. Anne Widdecombe was saying if science can help people change gender (which is is changing your sexuality) then maybe in the future it can help people change their sexual orientation.

    • Anne Widdecombe – professional virgin and Roman Catholic – the thinking man’s first port of call authority on all matters sexual. 😂

      • Lay off Anne RTC, she’s hot! Hearing her tongue lash the cunts in Brussels after the EU elections gave me the best boner I’ve had in years!

        • You’re not wrong Ron, Anne is a right dirty cow.

          I see Comrade Corbyn’s planning to play into Trump’s hands again tomorrow, making a wholly predictable speech at some regulation anti Trump rally tomorrow, yawn…. Hypocrisy on stilts.


    • The Gayness is an immutable fact.It can’t be changed. End of.
      (See the collected papers of Dick Fiddler 1932-present).

      • You know I can’t think of one Jewish Brexiteer. In fact all the leading ones are all out to thwart the referendum result; Bercow, Letwin. Many of the most prominent Btexiteers are Catholic; Rees Mogg, his sister, Leigh, Bill Cash. They have a sense of the true England see. Before the ‘Deformation’ fucked the country up.

  20. I don’t think she ever thought she was Prime Minister……….more like a not so secret agent for the EU.

  21. Talk about cutting your nose to spite your face.
    These leftist scum Juvenile Morons don’t seem to have any comprehension of the damage they are causing between Blighty and The 🇺🇸 USA.
    As for that childish bitch Megan Arsehole , The Royals should be thinking of a way to deal with her ASAP.

      • Talking about childish bitches, did any of you have the dire misfortune to see the silly, simpering blonde bint with the kiss-curl on ITVNews, claiming to be Spokesperson for the Trump Blimp ??

        Jeez, what a…soy, faggotty, wring-wet, snowflakey, stinky old dishcloth of an anal plug. I know some of the descriptions traditionally describe (nominally) males, but…what the hell. If the cap fits (and I shudder to think what’s backing up behind hers…cod liver oil ??)…

  22. Suqdiq and his leftist diversity-obsessed cronies are hypocrites by calling Trump a fascist. Trump is not the man who hosts leaders from antisemitic regimes. I see the Guardian will only publish negative bleating over Trump’s visit, and keep seeing and hearing comments about just him being on British soil would ’cause harm’ and ‘allows fascists to operate more freely’. What the cunt?

    Get a grip you moronic, pink hatted Greta Thunderbirds worshipping cunts

    • The Groaniad’s average circulation is a mere 146,000, down by more than half in less than a decade.
      I used to read it myself 30 yrs ago, when it made an effort at objectivity and balance in its reporting. Now it’s just Remoaner and SJW central office. If it keeps its current negativity, sniping and moaning up, it’ll just alienate more and more people and will presumably go the same way as The Independent.

      • I wouldn’t wipe my arse with that cuntrag in case I caught Remoaners Syndrome ( a compulsion to tell everyone who is poorer than you that they are thick as shit ) or The Gayness.

        • Right on Fred. I wouldn’t wipe my arse on it either. My comic of choice when performing bog duty is ‘The Socialist Worker’.

  23. FFS……I can’t get any work done this arvo, keep pissing myself laughing reading the posts on here.
    Thank fuck for ISAC

  24. I personaly don’t think Trump is a total cunt, maybe just misunderstood, All the hypocrosy of the typical fucking government cunts, blah blah
    Look get over it you fucking wankers, he over here and thats that.
    Go Trump Go.


    Fucking cunts. Welcome Mr President, stick a rocket up the fucking snowflakes arses and feel free to pop in for a cup of tea once you’re done, you fucking big legend. I promise not to sniff Melania’s shoes this time.

  26. I really couldn’t give a fuck about this inconsequential visit. Those who go to cheer or protest this visit should get a fucking life.

  27. Average number of times you heard the word “misogynist” per month.

    Before Trump………… 1

    After Trump………… 872

  28. I wish he’d appeared from the door of Air Force 1, dressed head to toe in KKK grand wizard robes. Can you imagine the hysteria, from all the left vermin.
    I don’t care what they think he would always be welcome in my house we can only dream of someone like him being our leader.
    Puts his country first, fuck the rest.

  29. On the subject of trump, I had the misfortune of bumping into some of his devoted fans when I was last in the US; holy shit I know we have some stupid people in this country but these MAGA hat wearing rubes were next level pigshit thick.
    Thank fuck we are separated from that country by an Ocean.

  30. All of those protesters don’t even know why they’re protesting, except that it’s cool to be anti Trump. Then they can all wank themselves silly over soshul meeja, letting everyone know that they protested, and showing how liberal and right-on they think they are. Bunch of ignorant, virtue signalling, sanctimonious cunts. Let’s see them go to the world’s most oppressive countries and protest against real racism and sexism. They might last one minute before being thrown in the dungeon for the next ten years. CUNTS.

    • Social media posturing is exactly why these cunts are all protesting. They are ranting at someone who isn’t going to see or hear what shit they are shouting, and if he did, he’d piss his presidential pants laughing. These dregs are only looking for bragging rights on twatter and cuntfacebook. Let’s see how many of these Labour twats turn up to these demos, because they can say what they like, but they are disrupting the commemoration of a pivotal event in our history, one where the are still participants alive to see their treachery. Respect the occasion, you fucking smelly rabble, that prick Corbyn will grovel at the feet of any terrorist scum, yet sours this event, which is probably the last big one the veterans will see. Statesman? We are proper fucked if that cunt and his cronies ever get into power.

      • Just when you think that Corbyn can’t sink any lower, he surprises us all again. I hear that the cunt is boycotting the state dinner for Trump and is going to speak at a demo against the President. Fucking hell, it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that Old Steptoe could become PM; then he’ll have to deal on our behalf with the man he’s so blatantly insulted. This a state visit by the Head of State of our closest ally. Just as in Sadiq Khunt’s case, this is an occasion when a lot less of the politician and a lot more of the statesman was called for. Sadly neither of these two have shown themselves to be remotely capable of such behaviour. They’ve acted the cunt right and proper, and it reflects badly on our country.

        • Wholeheartedly agree with that, Ron. That’s the action of someone who is completely incapable of running a country. And who has forgotten that the Trump-voting demographic is dominated by the workers he claims to care for. Shortsighted, and if principled in some sense, the principle is flawed.

      • Tango Man, by stark contrast, never never uses the social media to bitch about anything. So undignified!

  31. They should build a great big wall around those lefty cunts Khan and Corbyn.

  32. I heard the last State Banquet Catweazle turned up to they stopped him at the door and said “Dustbins are around the back mate.”

  33. Khan? Is an absolute cunt , only yesterday he claimed that he has spent his first 3 years cleaning up the mess bojo had left? Oh really? Nice one cunt!
    Much in the same way labour blame the Tory ( cunts) for the monumental deficit and austerity!! Pot kettle black cunts!!
    I’m sick and tired of these absolute fuckers lying and passing the blame….
    Remain are lining up to thwart the biggest trade deal Brexit Britain can do!
    Although a cunt tango man will cut us a deal to tempt others to leave the over bearing and somewhat disingenuous mafia cunts that run Europe!, what the fuck did these cunts ever do to deserve the position they claim as if by birthright ?? Absolutely nothing……😡

  34. Apparently Tangoman isn’t welcome in Newcastle… I wasn’t aware he was planning to go there?

  35. Today is the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. I wonder how many of these noble SJWs will find time to protest outside the Chinese Embassy……. Cunts, one and all

  36. Just been watching C4 news and their unbiased reporting- NOT! What an utter pile of shite. The EU want Sir Nigel of the Farage in Brussels by tomorrow to explain a £450,000 donation by Aaron Banks, as reported by said channel a while ago. Is this the same EU who have not had their account’s properly scrutinised or audited since the 1990’s. Two faced, hypocritical CCCUUUNNNTTTSSS. And as for the Trump protesters throughout the UK today. GET A JOB. GET A BATH. GET A LIFE. Fellow cunter’s, don’t forget. 75th anniversary on Thursday of the D-Day landings. Lest We Forget. And lastly, Corbyn the CCCUUUNNNTTT. Crawl back under the terrorist rock you crawl out of every day and have a slow and painful death.

  37. The BBC have ruined their own coverage of the rememberance celebrations with their obsession
    with the Tangoman.
    They also brought on a scruffy youngish academic to explain that the steel barrier had been erected because while Bill Clinton was a ‘man of the people’, Trump represents harder power and is more ‘imperial’.
    Fuck right off. Clinton was as much a neocon as Bush
    and sending US forces overseas on a constant exercise of power projection. Acommon joke of the 90s was
    ‘how do you get eight Americans into a phonebox?
    Tell them it’s none of their business’
    Trump is far less inclined to send servicemen on overseas
    adventures, hence the Pentagon and Arms industry wanting the nutcase Hilary as their Commander in Chief.

    Pathetic, lying cunts.

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