Ken Clarke (2)

A piss-splashed truss with added nicotine stains cunting please for the *Father Of The House* who, along with Hattie Heseltine, is the go-to old woman of choice for Evan Davis and the PM show on Wireless 4. Today Clarky appeared on the sister show The World At One to proudly announce he would be happy to bring the government down,

That pair of arseholes, just like commoner Dominic Grieve (and the last time I saw a face like Grieve’s Tarzan was feeding it with bananas, sideways), are wealthy men who could fuck off out of this country if ever McDonnell gets his clammy hands on the country’s finances.

What these greasy egregious fuckers are saying is that they would be happy to see a communist government leading this country with their pansy hangers on remainiacs and lessies and feminists, just because they can’t get their own way. Of course they would not stay here to suffer it with us, as death or their passports would get them away. What a pile of shit these self-centered *grandees* are.

The Tories are useless but at least they are not dangerous unlike Corbyn’s red scum.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

I used to have a soft spot for this bibulous, cigar smoking rather affable former chancellor. That was before he showed his colours as a rabid europhile.

His latest pronouncement is to say that he will vote against any Conservative government which proposes a no deal Brexit in a vote of confidence.

Let that sink in – he is prepared to risk an extreme left Corbyn government rather than honour the democratic vote to leave the EU.

Kenneth Clarke you are a cunt.

Now fuck off.

Nominated by Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine

76 thoughts on “Ken Clarke (2)

  1. About time this sozzled bumblecunt with a face like a prolapsed rectum retired.

  2. He has just announced today that he is unlikely to stand again as an MP. Hurray fuckin hurray. This slob has a deserved reputation for being one of the laziest twats to have been an MP. He even makes me appear hard working which is some feat.

    • Hes a traitor. Dont care about ifs, buts, maybes, differences etc no matter how you dress it up, hes a traitor to his country. And should be treated as such.

    • How he has kept his seat for almost fifty years is one of Westminster’s greatest mysteries. He seems to be either shitfaced, asleep at the cricket or whinging about Brexit.

    • Never trust a bloke who wears Hush Puppies with everything
      It’s about time this traitorous cunt was sent packing along with his mate from The Carry on Films Mr Grieve

    • That pose of his is meant to look Churchillian. Fuckin hell, a greater contrast between two men you could never find.One a hero, one a traitor.

      • Looks more Quentin Crisp without the hat, or The Killing of Sister George.
        “Eat my cigar butt, Childy”…

    • He has announced his intention not to stand because he intends to vote against the Government in a confidence vote – i.e. automatic de-selection.

      It is the fault of Cameron/May to allow this filth to fester in the party (after all, they are tainted) and it is time for a proper clear out.

    • You can’t stand for parliament if you’re in jail, which is where the cunt will be if the HIV/Hepatitis blood transfusion inquiry does it’s job properly. As health minister at the time he made decisions that cost a lot of lives, then lied and fucked dying people over to protect himself and his political interests. Expect a dementia diagnosis soon if he is called as a witness and faces probing cross examination. Or maybe they won’t dig too deep and the whole thing is just a virtue signalling sop now most of the victim’s are dead?

  3. If we all nominate this waste of spunk in the dead pool, maybe, by the power of ISAC, we can force an early exit for this irrelevant sack of shit who should know better.

    • Don”t suggest that he is on my list.
      I try not to use the word hate but he is one of the principal cunts responsible for getting rid of the wonderful Lady Thatcher.
      Some millennial bint was on The Politics Show today and suggested Boris wouldn’t be a good PM because at heart he was a Thatcherite.Doesn’t she realise that most Conservative party me,versa would walk a million miles just to wank in her shadow?

  4. It’s a good job these cunts, weren’t around in the 1930s. We would be a German speaking nation.
    He’s a traitor pure and simple, and it was laughable watching the hunchback, get “tough” with Vlad.
    Maybe if she’d had some backbone in Brexit negotiations, this fat old soak would have fucked off in a huff.
    Well counted, it is not possible to cunt him too much.

  5. Grieve has partially fucked off as he has a very nice house in France. course he has.

    • One has to wonder if Grieve is in the pay of the French government. Mi5/6 need to investigate the treasonous cunt.

      • He has been quoted by one ex Tory whip as being more concerned about people in the EU than his own country. His mother was French and he reputedly owns building land in France. The solution is simple – just fuck off and go and live in your Brittany farmhouse.

  6. He’s an old cunt with nothing to lose. So he doesn’t give two shits about the country. So I guess he wants his 15 minutes before he kicks the bucket.

  7. Muttering, slightly disorientated, baggy-eyed, Hush Puppy wearing, traitorous bag of self-centred monkeyshit.

    There is nothing to stop this lumbering old cuntbag fucking off to the Faterland to enjoy mutual trembling sessions with his beloved Mutti.

    Fuck off Ken, you fat cunt; you are about as popular here as a dose of penicillin-resistant gonorrhea at a swinging party.

  8. News just in on Sly.
    The chief coroner Mark Lucraft QC has just decided that the victims of the London Bridge attack in 2017 were killed unlawfully… Am I missing something but why does it take 2 years and a shed load of money to decide what we knew the moment when it happened ????

    • It would take 90 minutes of investigative poking and prodding for these cunts to discover they’d shit themselves.

      • they should have contacted the Spiv. he had it all sorted the very next week. in his ‘in depth investigation ‘ ( lol) he concluded that ‘nobody died’ i kid you not.

        • Still cant understand how that cunt isnt locked up or cut into four and jettisoned in deep water. Further, I cant understand any cunt who pays him to sit on his arse writing his crazed ramblings. They write to him apologetically for missing the months few pence via Paypal out of their benefits money and the hard faced cunt even tells them not to use explorer as its shit and he doesnt get his money quickly enough.

          • he has conned them into thinking they are somehow. ‘in the know’, that through him they ‘know what’s going on’ nobody is fooling them., no sirree, they really believe that the dumb fuckers. what d’ya think SPIVVO ? i know you visit here.

      • well if they were still alive no doubt they’d say they were ‘defending Islam ‘ or some such bollocks. but i think the simple truth was they were just evil fuckers who’d played too many shoot ’em up games.

    • Just saw the coverage on al-b and channel 4. They’re putting all the emphasis for ‘blame’ on the fact that there were no security barriers on london bridge, and not making the obvious cause of blame the fact that we could have defended our country by not allowing the ideology that caused this to happen in the first place.

      • The basic rule is ‘blame white people’.

        Blame the internet, prisons, housing, right wing media, western armies abroad ANYTHING except muslims and the koran.

  9. Name: Ken Clarke
    Hobbies: Hiking, gardening, reading, being a cunt.
    Profession: Obstructing democracy.
    Ambition: Joining Change UK, ruining Brexit, not ruining his trousers.
    Achievements: Smoking cigars, mumbling on tv.
    Previous job experience: Laughing at nurses, wearing soft shoes.
    Plans: Pro-EU marches, staying awake on Question Time, ruining his trousers.

  10. He now resembles a cross between Angela Merkel and Darth Vader without the helmet. Imagine your lookalikes are a horrible veiny-headed monster with a declining Empire….and Luke Skywalker’s dad.

    Fuck off Clarke, you blithering crock.

  11. Clarke is actually a very smart cookie, well educated and a persuasive speaker. Shame he’s on the wrong side.

  12. The fact that a talentless, doddering old piss-stained cunt like him can be an MP is a fucking disgrace. Fuck off you cunt Clarke – along with your cunt mate Heselslime.

  13. I saw this bastard on Fulham Broadway station about 10-12 years ago. The Hush Puppy wearing fat wanker was puffing and blowing and all red in the face. Obviously he had had a brisk walk from his Chelsea mansion and was on his way to Parliament. It was about 11.30am so I imagine he was anxious to get there in time for a big slap up lunch in the subsidised restaurant followed by a good snooze on the back benches.
    Sure enough fat boy got on the District Line train and got off at Westminster. I was amazed that I was the only one on the platform and the train who knew who he was. To everyone else he was just some anonymous fat wanker with a briefcase. I wish now I had pushed this dirty traitor under the train and blamed some fucking foreigner for it.

  14. Maybe the hot weather will kill him off.
    Then he can be cremated on a funeral pyre of his annoying jazz records.
    It’s Trad Dad.
    Get To Fuck .

  15. Just heard Labour have re-suspended Chris Williamson. What a fucking basket case that bunch of cunts are.

    • Tried to sneak him in quietly, was never going to happen. Wonder if they try same with that greasy pigfaced cunt pete willsman? If willsman wasnt a lefty antisemite, id stil despise the cunt on the fact alone his middle names Rupert. Very working class hero! Ruperts a bears name you mong.

    • I find it amazing that all the 4×2’s I know are hardcore Labour supporters – it makes it easy to understand what happened in 1938 tbh.

      • It’s the hard-left who currently control Labour that are inherently anti-Jew. Not the moderate left who previously controlled the Party from 1945 up to 2015.

        • After all, Israel itself was founded on democratic socialist principles. (In 1985 it transitioned from the socialist model to the more capitalist economy it is today).

    • Labour are fucking useless, not surprising really when you look at the bunch of cunts in the parliamentary party, the national executive and the looney left membership.
      The savagery of the anti jew witch hunt has fired up the mussy cunts to want a Islamophobia enquiry into the Conservative party.
      Suspend the fucking lot of them for not delivering brexit, not fit for purpose, you can forget prejudice against Jews or Muslims, they cant even carry out the instruction that 17.4 million people gave them.
      650 cunts,

  16. I see a report in the daily cunt that a ‘British’ family of 12 who fucked off to Syria to those cunts are all dead. Returning from visiting relatives in Bangladesh, they had a little stop over in Turkey, when they hopped over a fence and joined the caliphate. Good riddance, there’s 12 cunts we don’t have to monitor for the next 50 years. However, I would question the British part of it though. A dog born in a barn is not a horse.

  17. No Deal Brexit has become the new Irish border. What these fuckers are against isn’t ‘no-deal’ or ‘hard Irish border’ it is leaving the EU. No deal is just the latest remoaners excuse.
    And any talk of defeating the government to bring in the Corbynistas would make any no-deal financial set back look like fuck all compared to what the Marxist, anti-Semite, champagne socialists would do. And forget about a Corbyn negotiation with the EU. He makes Mavis look like the Duke of fucking Wellington.
    Clark is a greasy, slimy cunt with a vested interest.

    • Of course, and he backed Rory Poshface another Bilderberg cocksucker. All these cunts are in it together, all scratching each other’s backs . They all need to be cleared out the quisling scum.

  18. Clarke, Heseltine. Major, Hurd, Lawson – all of them still alive, and all of them still sticking their oar into matters that shouldn’t really concern them!

    They’ve had their day in the sunshine; and fucked it up big time (not least after stabbing Thatcher in the back); but now they should just STFU or top themselves and do everyone a favour!

      • He is but in all fairness, we must dismiss all of yesterday’s men. ( I’m trying to get in to Admin’s good books after my outburst yesterday). After my temper tantrum I’ve been subjected to a £5000 fine and a three match ban.

  19. Let’s not forget tomorrow is Armed Services Day. To kick it off, let me remind everyone what that IRA arse licking hypocrite said last year.

    Jeremy Corbyn
    Today on #ArmedForcesDay, I want to say to all of our veterans, service personnel and reserves, whether you are at home or overseas, thank you for all that you do.

    We must do more to ensure that our duty to you matches your service to us.

    • And off camera he added “and the sooner we get them over to Palestine and kill all the Jews the better”.

      • Go to arrse/forums. It’s the most un moderated forum for the UK armed forces.

        Steptoe is not popular round those parts….

  20. Off topic, but what’s with all the wimminz footballists with ponytails? Is it an Andy Carroll tribute thing or do they use them as a handle while fucking each other with strapons at half time?

    • It’s the latter sMp. I’m only watching because I’ve become partial to Jordan Nobbs. She does the half time analysis. I believe she’s an ex player. She looks a bit like a horse but I’m willing to overlook this.

      • Andy is a man bun geezer these days. I know the West Ham scum haven’t renewed his contract but I don’t know if any mugs have signed him. I don’t know who is going to pay him more than a tenner a week just to lay on the treatment table. However you won’t be seeing the cunt queuing up at the food bank anytime soon.

      • I’m only watching cos here in rural Spain, it’s fucking hot and it’s cocking up my interweb, and BBC iPlayer is the only thing that seems to be working.

      • She still plays and would have been in squad but was injured.
        The fucking annoying Hope Solo was on tonight, her voice makes my teeth itch.
        There was a bit of politics going on with the USA team, one of the players is an ‘Activist’, she doesnt sing the anthem and doesnt do the hand on heart shit, she tweeted that if they win the world cup she wouldnt go to the white house, Trump tweeted you need to win first before start worrying about an invite to the white house which hasnt happened yet.
        She a rough old tart looks like a cunt with a stupid hair cut and colour. England play them in the semi final, I just hope England beat the cunts.

        • She’s my favourite bulldyke at the tournament. I like a woman with short hair. Hope they fucking MURDER the lionesses!

          • I like women with short hair but this fucker is one ugly cunt!
            USA to win, get to fuck!

          • England or USA, doesn’t matter who wins, all the players wifeys will be so proud.

    • Wimmins football is absurd. It’s not even School boy league. Fucking joke 👎

  21. Wow! Breaking news. Apparently civil servants have said that Steptoe is not physically fit to lead a country. He is supposed to be unwell, has had a mini stroke and can’t remember details from any meeting he’s had the day before. Labour HQ deny all this of course but what a bombshell for the Labour Party. Go for a general election now Boris!

    • Boris cant remeber meetings hes had either. Pair of em are brain dead and one or both are going to be P.M!!

  22. Let’s hope he carks it before the years out. Liver must be pickled by now

  23. I looked up “cunt” in an encyclopaedia. There was a picture of this useless fat sweating self-absorbed bag of dogshit.

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