Dead Pool [131]

Congratulations to Freddie the Frog who correctly predicted that Franco Zeferreli the renowed Oscar Nominated Film and theatre producer would be next to shuffle off this mortal coil aged 96.

On to DeadPool 131

The rules

1) Pick five cunts you think are on the way out. No duplicates allowed. Anyone who nominates the worlds oldest man or woman is a cunt and will be ignored.

2) It is first come first serve.Only comments on this thread will be valid.You can always be a cunt and steal someone elses nominations (Like Black and White frequently does.

3) It must be some newsworthy cunt we have actually heard of.

The usual our blog our rules policy applies as always.

My picks (Shaun of the Dead 69):

Nobby Stiles
John Hume
George Alagiah
Kathleen Blanco
Trevor Peacock

72 thoughts on “Dead Pool [131]

    • Jason looked buggered in the early 90s… Watching Del Boy age rapidly (and the horrendous cunt that was Raquel) all but destroyed Only Fools & Horses…

      • Saw him on the box a few weeks back, poor fucker looked half-dead and just generally lacking energy. He’s the sort of bloke who if poorly wouldn’t make a song and dance about it in public. I hope I’m wrong though.

    • Legend has it old Concorde Babs goes divvy if her name is said wrong…
      It’s apparently ‘Strei–SAND’ not ‘Streis-und’…
      Either way, she’s a cunt…

  1. I will stick with my previous predictions maybe if I keep doing them one day I will win?

    1 Larry the cat – runover by Boris
    2 Jo Bland – hit by extinction level comet due to her immense gravitational pull
    3 Tony Blair – accidently left by his security detail in Bradford
    4 Nicola Sturgeon – catches a glimpse of herself naked in the mirror
    5 Elton – chokes on his wig in bed as hubby sleeps

    • Bastard cunt. Just crawled in to swop Prescott for one orf me other losers. Prescott was one orf me regulars for many a pool so feel totally justified to paint his mug shot orn me old motor – one orf me family as t’were. Strokes are dodgy things, not like heart attacks, just go a bit veggie like cunt Marr, the old chap don’t stand to attention no more, soil yer pants, eyes roll aroinde in the old bonce, dribble from the mouth, speech slurred with words oit orf place ect ect. Wonder how they could tell with Prescott?
      Point is the cunt could could go orn living but not exactly kicking for years. Right arsehole.

      • Sorry Sir Limpers.

        Tell you what, if Admin let me swap one of my Prescotts for Ed Davey, you’re welcome to pick him up. Can’t say fairer than that.

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