Owen Jones (11)

I know he’s been done but every time I get a whiff of that cunt from the Guardian Owen Jones I just have to shout “CUNT!” It’s like a tourettes.

What a fucking petulent, entitled, professional victim fucking, not yet shaving but shouting at the cunting world, basket of freshly picked journalistic gob-shite cunt he is.

I found a fingerless glove on the bus seat last Monday. It was navy blue with sparkly silver threads running through it and a ship’s anchor on the back. I thought, that looks like the kind of fucking thing Owen Jones would wear. And I shouted “cunt!”
8.30 on the bus into town. That’s the kind of cunt he is.

Nominated by Kirklees Cunter

64 thoughts on “Owen Jones (11)

    • Heehee, made me laugh outload ‘shouting cunt on bus at 8.30am! Great cunting, yeah owens a cunt, hes a virulent cunt, cant shake him off, keeps coming back with his ill informed opinions, an knee jerk leftie bollocks, suspect in his own bedroom he stands in front of mirror in beret playing che Guevara, but more frank spencer.(sorry millenials frank spencer was like a funny version of mr Bean)

  1. If you were wearing fingerless gloves on the bus why would you take one of them off? It can only be to jerk off over some “young persons” sitting in front of you.
    The evidence is mounting against the boy Jones.

  2. Elton fucking John has just announced that people who voted Brexit are idiots and that he feels more European than British. Well you know what to do then you fat cunt . FUCK OFF TO EURO LAND NOW .

    • Ah so I’m an idiot am I?
      Well I’m not the one who takes it up the arse whilst wearing a rug on my head.

    • Elton’s just a superannuated, never-very-talented, old cunt with a fucking Vileda mophead for a wig.

      • I always thought Reg’s syrup looked like an ill-fitting, red-tinged, nylon duster. This silly old cunt hasn’t made a half-decent record for around 40 years and he knows he has been dining out on his luck whilst campaigning around the world for special treatment for bumming types like him.

        Daft cunts like John haven’t a fucking clue. It isn’t about being European or not. Anyone who thinks it is would probably struggle to reach more than 60 in an IQ test.

        Fuck right off Elton, and stuff your Yellow Brick Road right up your baggy old arsehole.

    • The fucking chutney ferret is playing Brighton (Hove actually) next weekend, so I guess he’s trying to play to the crowd already … Cunt.

    • Jones is yet another self-entitled screaming poofter who thinks we are interested in anything he has to say – well Owen, duckie, just because the shirt lifters at the BBC find you attractive nobody else does. Shut the fuck up.

      • He’s always ready to explode at the slightest infraction concerning The Gayness. Like Tatchell, Russel-Moyle, Bradshaw.

    • Why the sudden interest in this washed-up, bloated old queen ?Hasn’t put out a decent song for 30 years.

      Nasty cunt, as well. Once shouted at a female journalist trying to doorstep Liz Hurley, “I hope you die of cancer of the clitoris!” Wonder what he’d have done if she’d said “You horrid old queer, I hope you die of AIDS!”

      Fuck off and shove the leg of a Steinway grand piano up your arse, you quentin.

    • Didn’t he once marry a kraut bird ? Knowing full well he was a Mary, how fucked up is that.

    • Got a few quid, is famous, right on trend with the bumfoolery and surrogate kids, means he can spout his ill informed fuck all opinions and we lesser persons lap up the wisdom. Take a running fuck at yourself you cunt (and its nothing to do with you practising the brown arts) just shut the fuck up.

  3. Strangely enough, Jones is capable of rational debate, despite his reputation.

    I watched a couple of Youtube interviews with polar opposites to Jones and JRM and Jones and Peter Hitchens. Very polite interviews. Dare I say, Jones was quite jovial and charming. Perhaps he got a bit of meat in his seat that morning?

    What does Krav think? Does the inserton of a bit of early morning botty meat lighten his mood during the day ahead?

    • They must be very rare indeed, I have never seen this cunt on TV without him calling someone either racist or homophobic.

      He is a cunt, there arent many people I would gladly smack in the gob but this cunt is top of the list.

    • I have seen him on a couple of occasions where his points were valid and well argued but I still wanted to punch him, for his demeanour for a start.

    • No, doesn’t sound plausible. I’ve only ever seen or heard him being a screechy, shouty, annoying cunt.

  4. insertion. Fucking spellchucker doesn’t work when you want it to.

    • It wouldn’t surprise if Moggy and Hitchens like a bit of arse action on the side. They’re not exactly normal are they?
      I used to work with a bloke who was the spitting image of Hitchens. The first time I mentioned it he went fucking ape shit. I later found out he was a raving libtard snowflake.

  5. There’s not much i can say about this gobby little soyboy that hasn’t been said already. There aren’t many people who have this effect on me but every time I see him I just automatically clench my fists.

  6. Nobody has to watch the cunt and he is regarded as a fucking joke even within Magic Grandpa’s party. Not worth getting exercised about, and while he is around, credibility for his half baked worldview is non-existent.

  7. Annoying mostly because he doesn’t possess one single particle of matter within him that would even stop to consider he may be wrong about a damn thing.

    Cunt he is

  8. This giant cunt Jones sums up the fucked up state of the millennial generation I’m afraid to say.
    Fucking vermin like him are selling the country they were born in down the swanny river.
    Jones would never defend this nation, even if pushed but mouths off daily how shit it is, and how repressed he is, but would quite happily sell it out and open the doors to third world ‘peaceful ones’ who given the chance would quite happily give him flying lessons off the side of a ten storey building.
    I really have no time for hypocritical militant lefty morons like Jones and their warped world view born out of an education system that teaches students that ‘Britain is Bad’.

    As for that giant twerp Elton John, he can fuck off to Europe if he thinks it’s better and see how he gets on with the peaceful ones who now inhabit the major German/French/ Dutch/ Swedish cities. That piss-ant Elton John has contributed zilch to this country. He just spends his time lecturing others about being nice to fellow botty bashers and dark-keys and how evil the working class British male is.
    Fucking fat cunt.

    • And that “Goodbye England’s Rose” was a maudlin pile of puke inducing shite. 🤮

      • The cunt couldn’t be bothered to write a new song for Diana’s funeral, just changed a few words which any 12 year old could have done and probably done it better.

        • To be fair they were both blonde, thick and buried in a Y shaped coffin. Not many new words necessary.

          • Keith Richards did tell him to stop writing songs about dead blondes.

      • I think he only got the gong after Di ed Freddie.
        What is it about almost every cunt knighted becomes an uber cunt on receiving it? Reg Dwight, Harry Webb, Dyson, Branson, Connery, Wiggins and the rower – why knight someone for getting paid huge bucks for doing what they do? There are dozens of them upon being Sir’ed fuck off to some island or become anti English and gobby as fuck. Looking at the list of Dames its clear that having your kid topped (Doreen fucking Lawrence springs to mind) or a kid who is a cheating lying cunt (Osonyus (?) mother??? FFS The swivel eyed lunatic even Damed that cunt chucklebutty – and for what exactly? Knighting or Daming some cunt is akin to just handing them a “do you know who I am” ticket to anything thats going free or being invited to posh do’s cos that looks good on the attendee list.
        On topic – I would love to see the man boy Jones attacked and have his chutney locker reamed to the size of a Victorian fireplace by a gang of his much loved Muslim buddies – does the cunt have no idea that in some Africunt / Saharan sub continent shitholes he would be doing a nose dive off a bombed out tower block? Note all the leftie screaming muslim huggers wont dare protest in the countries carrying out the atrocities – only in the safety of Blighty hiding behind the Gnardiu. Cunts – one and all.

  9. Owen ‘MGBGTV8’ Jones.

    Fuck me this cunt has had some outings on ISAC.

    I can’t help but think he’s the sum of the Blairite/Frankenstinian fantasy.

    Eduuuucaaation, Eduuuucaaaation Eduuuucaaation.

    ‘……….Behold Your Tonyness we have created the the perfect child spawn.’

    These children are the dawn of the new beginning, New Labour, New Liars, tough on the causes of common sense, tough on the causes of hundreds of years of culture, New Labour New Liars, tough on the causes of the White Majority, tough on the causes of the white working class.

    Oh Alistair I’m so excited, what shall we call this great child of the future, master we shall call him………… Owen…….. yes Owen, Owen……… Jones (queue the angels singing)

    Oh Alistair for this is my creation, hallelujah, God will truly thank me for my greatness and surely the Pope will welcome me in to his bosom.

    Hang on master, not so quickly, for Owen will be a poof and a gender fluid poof at that.

    Alistair what on earth is Gender Fluid, master in 20 years all young people will be gender fluid, they will know everything, they will demand rights, they will demand, demand, demand and master, they will all be gay.

    But Alistair how will the human race grow if they are all gay, master, men will be able to have babies, but Alistair how can that be, master do not question it men will be able to have babies because they say they can, it’s that simple.

    Oh Alistair I’m soooo excited but what about about the bigots who will surely resist, ah Your Tonyness do not worry for we shall create a war in the Middle East that will surely fail, the Muslims will rise up and that will allow us to create ‘anti-terrorism’ laws, we shall use those laws as a front to attack freedom of speech and then introduce new laws on the back of that to criminalise anyone who doesn’t share our opinions…… oh Alistair I’m so excited I could wet myself, what shall we call these new laws, master they shall be known as……Hate Crimes……(the angels sing).


    • Reminds me of Tory boy played by Harry Enfield. Just as deluded but with more pouting and crying.

  10. What has happened to the cunt me button ?I wanted to nominate Shainshitter and her cunt soliciter again.

  11. Is it too howwiboo (or illegal) of me to say that I fervently pray he gets uric-acid-bombed, preferably with somebody’s one-week collection from a hospital path lab (if you work in one, you’lll get my drift…) ?

      • Anything to help ! Related to me by my ex (Mrs. Pol-Pot), various in-patients often had urine collected over a week. It would all be mixed up, and only tested on the last day. Apparently unbelievably stinky…

        Other acids are quite bland (if more burning); uric gives that added “personal” touch.

    • Uric acid is found in piss, and causes gout if it crystallises in joints. Gout in the eye sockets sounds like decent punishment for Jones.

  12. I hope he get gangraped by a posse of camel shaggers.

    That’s all I have to say on that useless piece of shit

    Fuck him!

  13. The poor chap has far too much soy In his system and it’s making highly emotional ,irrational and has developed small, but perky breasts.

    The inability to shut up and listen, the throwing of sissy fits and acting the right utter cunt unfortunately is just him.

    The perfect example of man child who was never challenged growing up and always got his own way or he goes spastic.

    Class act.

    • A good example being the Sky News interview alongside Julia Hartley Brewer. The menopausal little brat packed up his toys and flounced out, he a professional LGBTQ victim except when it clashes with his other favourite pet topic, the peaceful ones.

      • I love that melt down he is sooooo eager to be the victim and can be the only one who truly understand the levity of the horror.

        He stormed off on another one too I think I’m thr bbc Alex O’ Neil can t remember jabent watched bbc I’m years .

        And he always talks over the other person and goes spastic if someone dares to talk why he is talking. Like that other cunt smurffwaite

        • Your on a roll Sheriff, that Concorde nosed feminazi is a right cunt.

      • It’ll be interesting to see how he reacts to the Birmingham injunction; ie people are banned from protesting outside a school that promotes BLTPDQ. However, many of the protestors are of the “peaceful” persuasion.
        I guess he’ll find some islamist knob-jockey so he can “narrate” both narratives…

        Owen Jones is a monumental cunt and a colossal prick at the same time. Guess that’s pretty “bi-“, pretty boy !

  14. I would fuck him yes. But better to spread my Tory man juice all over his Marxist face.

    Prissy little poof.

  15. Social commentator is a vocation now. No qualifications required, just an active Twitter feed, and a left leaning political stance. White males will only be hired if they have a disability or pack fudge. Who cares what intelligent people think, let’s get some histrionic harpie, or a petulant ponce. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Always.

  16. Of topic. Fucking albbc showing a story about a guy who eats from bins in London to highlight that Londoners throw away a lots of street food. I feel a nom coming on. Fucking non story. I might buy a takeaway and mix in some rat poison and dump it in a Shoreditch bin for this fucked to munch on. Cunt

  17. I enjoyed Julia HB scolding him like the fucking child he is. Part of me wants her to scold me in a similar fashion.

    • Spot on CP. I would relish a vigorous scolding from a just wet from the shower JHB.

      I wouldn’t last 10 seconds before spurting her enough muck to shampoo a buffalo.

      • Where’s Penny Mordaunt when I need her ?
        If she doesn’t go for PM, Minister for Discipline ?

  18. Birmingham council have taken out an injunction against the peacefuls protesting about poofery teaching in schools.
    So what happens if they ignore it? Are the coppers going to arrest the cunts? This could get very interesting.

  19. ‘Extinction Rebellion are to disrupt Heathrow flights with the use of drones’. How inconsiderate of them. Emma has got her new film out and will be fying back and forth to publicize it. I do hope they are taking her commitments into consideration when they choose which flights they disrupt. What is a worry also is that this ‘action’ might affect the loading of the salmon, champagne. Do they realise what they’re doing? All the suffering it causes.

    • Yes, it occured to me that there might be a monumental hissy fit if Dame Emma Club-Class-Carbon-Footprint Thompson’s transatlantic junkets were jeopardised…

      Fly Boeing, Em daahling, you know it makes sense.

    • Those cunts were protesting in central Bristol this afternoon. About 150 millennial fuckwits in rainbow motley and a few nosy old cunts in sandals thrown in. Completely oblivious to the fumes of all the backed-up traffic..they decided to block a main road with a big pink banner that just said Empathy. They were getting a lot of verbal from drivers. The police as usual watched the disruption with inane grins. No doubt the cunts are flying off to Thailand or India for their “holibobs” without a trace of irony.

  20. Ah, Owen Jones, author of ‘Chavs-demonization of the working class’. He’s obviously never got home to find a 15 year old rat boy has broken into his house and taking a shit on his carpet.

  21. I wonder if he fantasises about being buggered by that slimy cunt-faggot Marcus Ball…..and his tame bent judge wearing a strap-on.

  22. It’s ok for 5yr olds to be indoctrinated into the self annihilation of bean-flicking, sausage-hiding, transforming and taking cuts from either end of the meat. And if you disagree then you’re a bigot! According to Owen Jones.

    Funny because over 50% of our second city must be bigots then eh?? Oh but you see that half of Birmingdrabad sits atop the tower of oppression don’t they.

    Had ithere been outrage from hated minority of Birmingistan then bile-laden columns in the Groaniad, appearances on Sly and Derbycunt would’ve been Owen’s call of the day.

    But instead of calling out that beloved demographic, he instead doubles-down on the position by interviewing the author of these books (an LGBT activist in his own right – surprise, surprise) on how there’s “nothing in there” that could be seen as “harmful”.

    Well I disagree. Kids at 5 are very impressionable and shit like this is confusing at best and destructive at worst.

    I have no issue with folk being gay, none whatsoever. I have no issue with same sex marriage, we accept this in a modern, tolerant society (unlike the followers of a certain beloved religion) but that is not to say that it is “normal” because it isn’t. Normal – irrespective of biology – is basically what the majority is, and – last time I looked – that was relationships between a man and a woman.

    So yet again, why do we need to make this a part of a 5yr old’s national curriculum to cover such a small proportion of society?

    If a 5yr old was to ever ask why Sally has two Daddies or why Johnny has two Mummies, then the PARENTS will cross that bridge on the highly unlikely event that it happens (outside of the cunt capital that is). It does NOT need to be part of a 5yr old’s curriculum, for fuck’s sake!

    Fuck you Owen Jones, you dangerous and churlish, agenda seeking, little CUNT!

  23. He’s the sort of person you want to throw rotten eggs at A proper jumped up little gobshite along with His mate Polly Toynbee both a pair of Cunts of the highest order.

  24. Can’t help noticing that Owen Cunting Jones has been awfully quiet about the anti-LGBTQ school protests being held in Birmingham. Almost as if he’s a little embarrassed to find out that the religion of peace he’s so studiously defended in the past have views incompatible with his own particular proclivities.

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