The Australian Legislature

Australia is set to introduce new laws that could imprison social media executives if they allow violence to be streamed on their platforms, following the New Zealand terror attack. The bills have been proposed in response to the 15 March mosque attacks in Christchurch, which were live streamed on Facebook.

Abhorrent violent material is defined as acts of terrorism, murder, attempted murder, torture, rape and kidnapping.

Oh good. How thoughtful of the Australian government. Except such legislation is about 10 years too late. Type “beheading” into Google and click on “Videos” and you’ll see all the delightful postings of Islamic fundamentalists, still there several years after being posted. But that stuff didn’t happen on the antipodean doorstep did it? No snowflakes were traumatised until the attack on the New Zealand mosque, so it is only now that legislation is required.

The attack on the mosque was a tragedy. The hypocrisy stinks nonetheless.

Nominated by Sgt Maj Cunt

29 thoughts on “The Australian Legislature

  1. A knee-jerk reaction by The Convicts. It’s a desperate attempt to do ~something~ and to appear active. The truth is that Islam has its disease-like grip into every country and Australia will fall, regardless of hypocritical pc nonsense like this statute.

  2. What would The Bush Tucker Man think of this invasion into his country?

    The whole point of his wandering was to find which foods ordinary folk could eat should their country be invaded by a hostile enemy…well it’s happened now with all the flotsam who are currently drifting the world looking for the best freeloading opportunities in countries stupid enough to let them in.

    I hope your average Australian cunt enjoys eating grubs and berries.

  3. They’re all living in a ‘feel good’ film. The same film everyday. If it’s white people they can grief- jack, have their warm fuzzy feelings, hug their own virtue again but the FEELING is never quite as good as when brown people get killed-they’ve hit the jackpot! This is duper duper griefjacking because they can SHOW that their empathy, their compassion extends to these people as well. That is how far my compassion reaches they are saying..

    The more massacres the better for these grief-jackers.

    Meanwhile attendants are trying to put the bodies back together so they can be properly identified.

  4. Maybe they should follow our example and focus all their energies on censoring free speech (defined as far-right hate speech), demonising activists like Tommy Robinson while simultaneously giving legal aid to terrorist sympathisers like Shamima Begum and tip toeing around radical preachers and faith schools.

  5. They’re far away, there’s only 25 million of them, and the numerous Aussies I know personally don’t give a flying fuck CastelmaineXXXX about these politicians themselves; why should I?

    Fuck ’em!

  6. Censorship is ridiculous. Why is holocaust denial a crime? No one takes it seriously. What about Khmer rouge denial? The troubles denial? Hillsborough denial? Grenfell denial?

    It’s a dangerous path.

  7. This one has been Knocking around the net for some time, the unit is “Scorpion” a Serbian paramilitary “Police” unit, had dealings with the cunts outside of Vukovar where they had been doing pretty much the same thing to the Croats, never was much outcry about it.

    This was one of their little jaunts in Bosnia, note how tidy they are they even got their victims to pick their mates up and put them in a building.

    • From my few months in Belgrade in 2001, and even as a feather-bedded British diplomat living in the Hyatt, it was abundantly plain they were hard bastards, including the civvies.

      I once picked up a $100 bill from the footpath, by the entrance to one of Darko’s mansions off Kneza Mihaila, despite warnings from Philippa Monckton who was with me.

      Colleagues in Turkey had said that Bogotá (Colombia) was the only remaining truly “Wild West” overseas posting back then, but they were wrong. Belgrade was the real deal too (admittedly safer than Bogotá for a diplomat, that was true).

      • To be honest I walked out of there and tried not to look back a few formers have crossed my path and a few twats have opened their mouths in the wrong company at the wrong time.
        It is a never ending problem, the arab mudjedihin in Bosnia, The serbs and the Croats having a rematch in the Ukraine (Azov for the Croats) and the Serbs had their own unit.
        The whole thing is/was a massive fuck up Sweden is probably the only country outside the Balkans that is suffering from “Hand grenade crime”.
        As for the “Big Boys” their respective state police forces wiped them out when their usefulness ran out, no one wants chatty old men later in history.
        The biggest cunt of it all? Josip Perkovic who was still running round in the background reversing UDBA policy and encouraging Nationalism whilst robbing the emigrant community for war funds.
        P.S I gave Peter Galbraith the finger in zagreb.

        • I’d certainly trade in my $100 for the opportunity to have given Galbraith the Royal Salute, as would 80+million Turks.

  8. It now transpires that Shamima Begum pointed an automatic weapon at women in Syria for “wearing brightly colored shoes”. She also stitched bombs into suicide vests to ensure they exploded when taken off.

    This is the woman leftists want to return to the UK.

    To adds further twist to this story she has been granted legal aid at a probable cost if hundreds of thousands to the taxpayer to help fight her cause.

    Those lawyers responsible and on her side should hang their heads in shame.

    This country is seriously fucked up.

    • The News should be called The Affronts. Welcome. Our top Affront today Shammima Begum requests legal aid. Next David Lammy calls Rees Mogg a Nazi. In other Affronts Virgin are to depict black lesbians transexual gays on their planes. Stay tuned for more Affronts..

    • No cunt in their right mind wants this cunt back in Blighty. It’s not right, it’s against her human rights.

      Let’s make a law, that rules if you take someone else’s human rights away you automatically sacrifice your own.

      Then everyone knows where they stand.

      She should be given to the Syrian Government as a captured enemy occupier.

      • Only daft-as-arseholes UK would give this toothy Freddie Mercury tribute act and all-around despicable cunt, financial aid to challenge the decision of its own government.

        I suspect this has something to do with European Human Rights law.

      • As far as I’m concerned that Islamic cunt lost her right to British citizenship the second the filthy cunt chose to be a terrorist. They should deport her whole fucking family.

    • Every right-thinking person shares your rage and exasperation, WS. As my flippant comment(s) of two months ago suggests, while I’m amongst them, I also know the blame lies elsewhere.

      Though this may not be popular on IsAC, the real villain here is Sajid Javid. He knows full clear that revocation of her nationality is not legally sustainable; it’s mere posturing and a cynical (but thus far successful) attempt to boost his credibility and popularity with the voters.

      One can only hope that the legal aid costs will stay relatively low, as this should be a “walk in the park” for Mr Akunjee. Although monstrously vexatious, the simple truth is: as she has no alternative nationality, HMG is legally unable to exclude her from the UK.

      Certainly these tales now coming out, if substantiated, will assist in a prosecution when she returns, which will result in lengthy incarceration. Mashalla we’ll not have to pay for her offspring.

      It’s hard to understand why she herself wants to return. She can expect either a long stretch in chokey, followed by release and an anonymous and hopeless life of protection and looking over her shoulder, or worse still neither of the above, and a very precarious existence indeed.

      She would be better off teaching English in Sylhet for the rest of her days, but obviously the Bangla government is not that stupid, and it’s not going to happen.

      A final word here. Although many might approve an “unhappy ending”, believing that a “regrettable accident” would be some kind of Endlösung in such cases, this is sadly not a practical option. There are too many Shamimas and similar stinkers¹. As Mr Akunjee will successfully argue, you cannot play at pick-and-mix. If all these jihadis were to fall foul of such misdventure, someone might smell a rat, and Britain would become a pariah state, and an international basket case. (Errm, if it isn’t already.)

      Is Shamima really a L’Oréal™ girl? I think not.

      ¹ “stinkers”, because “Shamima” means “smell/taste” (two of the “Five Senses”: no mention of Uri Geller, pls.)

      • If Begum comes back here our joke of a judicial system will give her a slap on the wrist and £5 million to blow on new identities, as per that péédoe cunt Jon Venables.

        If I thought the bitch would receive proper justice I wouldn’t have a problem with her coming back.

        • I think we’re all ad idem: the British legal system has faults, some of them serious. A few of us are more personally affected by these shortcomings than others.

          However the problems illuminated by the likes of re Begum are indeed intractable; a single standpoint which contemplates any synthesis of all possible dualities of jurisprudencial and moral/ethical factors is certainly doomed to failure.

          There is no Endlösung, the very notion is silly, and this wholly predictable blowback is the part of the price paid for previous quite extraordinary misjudgements.

          I’m unsure what you would yourself prefer as an outcome of choice, RTC, and perhaps best we leave it there before becoming as boring as an early Einstürzende Neubauten Album, or as heavy as the organ works of Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji.

          Lovely afternoon for a bike ride to Asda for some post work refreshment soon 🍻

        • Shammima’s goofy; goofing around Syria sewing up suicide vests. Jacinda’s s goofy; goofing around virtue signalling. Branson’s a bit goofy as well; goofing around with trains, planes, balloon, spaceships. It’s all just goofing around.

        • Evening RTC. I did make a reply to your rejoinder this avvo; I wonder(ed) what your outcome of choice might be. It was twice moderated into an event horizon (I tried again with minor modifications).

          Unsure why: perhaps the mention of Einstürzende Neubauten, Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji, and extreme prolixity was the reason. Maybe it was the hollow undertaking the foregoing comment be a last word?

          Hey ho, the joys of WordPress and apologies to the Mods, if applicable.

          • Evening CS. Message received and not altogether understood… 🙃

            My outcome of choice? At the very least she should receive a full life sentence and forced to share a cell with Rosemary West. When Rose carks her head should be severed and left in Begum’s bed. Not that I would give her a bed.

  9. There’s a lot social media need a kick
    In the arse for but not this. Some fuck decides to to stream a mass shooting and it’s wrong. MSM show pictures of planes crashing into the twin towers or a plane crash or a tsunami coming to shore and it’s fine because you can’t see people actually dying, even when they live stream shock and awe no fucking problem. Hypocritical cunts, sanitised death is ok, dropping daisy cutters live in tv no problem. War is tea time entertainment for the masses as long as they don’t see the results and make the connection to death and maiming.

  10. Fucking ridiculous, if there is a platform for live streaming how the fuck can you hold executives responsible….
    so ban all live streaming unless it is the nanny state….
    Big Brother is coming

  11. Any kind of state control over the internet is fucking dangerous. This is where cunts can access ideas and information the Establishment don’t want us to have. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pack of lies and fabrications, it should be up to us to decide what is bollocks just as we do with the lying fabricating B.B. cunting C.
    Fucking cunts.

  12. Next expenses scandal will stay well & truly buried. MP’s must be licking their lips.

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