Shamima Begum

Cunting required for Shamima Begum, one of the three schoolgirls who aged 15 left London to join IS. Well this cunt of cunts has resurfaced in a refugee camp in Syria telling Al-Beeb that she has no regrets, but wants to return home for the sake of her unborn baby and the knowledge that they’ll both be looked after health wise…
No doubt of course there will be the usual array of activist cunts latching on to this plea, who’ll now move heaven and earth to repatriate this piece of filth into the UK. 15 years from now wouldn’t be surprised if the unborn child committed an act of terrorism in the name of her supressed father who was apparently tortured whilst in prison in Syria.
Apparently poor Shamima was surprised about the amount of suppression she encountered whilst living in the caliphate and had also already lost two babies by the age of 19. About sums up the role of any women in this barbaric, prehistoric shit hole that she chose to leave for.
Does she really think for a minute if things had gone well and she was living in her IS paradise that she’d be clamouring to ‘come home’?. That she wouldn’t be lapping up the murders of numerous westerners under the banner of IS and shouting to all us non believers that we were next?
Apparently at least one of the other three schoolgirls is dead, the other whereabouts unknown. You made your bed love, fuck off, lap it up and I sincerely hope somebody in Govt grows enough balls to tell you to do the same and leave you to rot in your IS hellhole you treacherous little cunt.

Nominated by Bellendiousmaximus


Massive counting for Shamima Begum. Are you fucking kidding!
‘I want to come home knowing me and my baby will be looked after”
Fuck off you cunt! You made your bed now fucking die in it.
Now, I’m not racist, and if Shamima BigCunt were to die in that fucking shithole I wouldn’t mind if the do-gooders managed to bring an orphan baby back to be given to a childless couple (not the family of BigCunt) who wished to bring up the baby as British. I could just about live with that.
But to bring back an ISIS murderer loving cunt face who has no regrets (yep – daft cunt actually said that) and wasn’t fazed by beheaded heads in bins (said that too) would be the biggest fucking travesty I have ever heard of in my life.
If anyone manages to get mother and unborn back to this country, guaranteed in 20 years time that baby will be getting a cunting on here of some description.
The best thing for you Shamima is to have your baby in your lovely refugee camp (hope your enjoying it by the way) and then immediately go and join your murdering fucking ISIS cunt husband, (oh yeah, sorry he’ll be too busy working his way through all those virgins to bother with you now you ugly fucking dirty souled ISIS fuckpig),and your baby, which is currently untainted by your stupid medieval religious beliefs might, just might, if it’s lucky get picked up by some western charity worker and have a chance at some sort of life.
‘No regrets” – you utter Cunt!
When I win the lottery, I’m gonna fund all the food in the Syrian camps but only supply bacon sandwiches without the bread. Fuck off ISIS. Cunts!

Nominated by CuntiBollox


Just heard on the radio that the little whore Cunt Bollox and Bellendiousmaximus mentions is expecting her THIRD child (the other two are dead), and she is still only 19. No doubt we are so fucking soft we will allow the little cunt to come home and open her legs for all and sundry in the Jihadi movement and whoever else will bung her 50pence for a fuck and a trip to the VD clinic.


Nominated by W C Boggs


Shamima Begum

Every now and then a cunt appears who stands out above all other cunts. This cunt is standing on the shoulders of cunts.

After fucking off to Syria to join IS, this whore, who is currently captured and living in a camp, now wants to return to the UK, ostensibly because of her whore induced bastard of a child yet to be born.

Any excuse to try for an easy life because the British are a bunch of easily manipulated fools. Well as far as I’m concerned, we should administer some good old fashioned English justice. Any cunt even acknowledging that this piece of pig shit may have a legitimate case should be hanged with the same piece of rope as the bitch, drawn, disemboweled whilst still alive, and bits of them dropped all over the Middle East.

Nominated by Duke of Cuntshire


I would like to nominate a major cunting for Shamima Begaum,who you might ask, this is the silly raghead cunt who has left the country that has to help ISIS,i the country that she has lived in with her immigrant family since birth,all probably milking the benefit system for all its worth.
This cunt married another terrorist and now wants to come back to the UK so the baby can be looked after better here than the fly blown shit hole she ,s in now.
WTF I hope and pray they don’t let this cunt back into the country, I reckon now that she has attracted the spot light the best thing for the Brit public to see is all her relatives rounded up and sent to the same shit hole to be with their fucktard daughter…..
Don’t let this cunt back in, or if you do 20 years inside for aiding and abetting terrorists,.
She deserves the cunt of the week .

Nominated by fuglyucker


Boomerang snackbars.

The latest tart has been picked up in some middle eastern shithole after going there to to contribute towards the ISIS effort. Got caught. Too bad. Bit more to that though – she was ‘caught’ by a BBC journo so it looks more like a plan to rehabilitate her and bring her back into the fold.

Even now, as she prepares to pop out her third little jihadist, she says she was unfazed by watching wheelie bins full of decapitated heads. That’s where we are now. Third worlders that don’t even pretend to be otherwise setting the agenda. This tart will be back in Tower Hamlets before the clocks change again. Along with her terrorist spawn.

Nominated by Mecha-rigsby

148 thoughts on “Shamima Begum

  1. What you see is what you get
    You’ve made your bed, you better lie in it
    You choose your leaders and place your trust
    As their lies wash you down and their promises rust
    You’ll see kidney machines replaced by rockets and guns

    ‘Going Underground’ – The Jam (1980)

  2. Only five nominations for this piece of Human detritus think there must have been more by the admins didn’t want to post them otherwise we would have been replying to ourselves.
    Everything that has been says is spot on. At my work young and old have all said the same, no way should she be allowed back even the women agreed.
    As soon as she said ” I saw heads in bins and it didn’t faze me”. Any possible sympathy vanished, at the least she’s brainwashed and therefore dangerous at the worst she actively enjoyed it and that’s even more dangerous.
    I’m sure you ex service guys have seen normal men turn a bit psycho and when they come back to the UK our shit system let’s them down and they commit crime or suicide.
    Well this cunt doesn’t deserve our help so as has been said. You’ve made your bed now lay in it bitch.
    Sorry my reply is a bit rambling but I’m fuming with the thought of this cunt coming back to the UK.

    • You would be rightly fuming if you hard Any Questions? last night (it’s repeated today at 1.10 on R4). Virtually every shitstain member of the panel, including Ken Clarke, the demented old Remainer felt sorry for her and thinks she should heave the “right” to return to Britain. Then no doubt if the little cunt teams up with another Jihadi who goes on to do to another innocent party what previous Jihadis did to Lee Rigby and the 7/7 bus and tube victims Cunty Clarke will trot out the politicians cliche’ “lessons will be learned”. Of course the soft as shit audience loved all the “humanity”

      They won’t because politicians prove each day they know fuck all about anything.

      This little trollop should be sent to Bangladesh to work in a brothel, which seems to be where her talents lay.

      • Most of the traitors are already home; some doing a few years in nick the rest living the benefits good life again. She will be allowed back most likely government will charter a plane for her. Quick debrief maybe year in nick as she was a child when she left then housing association house/flat and benefits for eternity. This could be the reason I no longer have any respect for our poxed government and even less for our cuntish law.
        As the wise D Fiddler so rightly states. Fuck them.

  3. What about he uuuuuman rights, when the fuckin snowflakes and wiminz groups get her back in watch this happen.
    1 free house benefits etc as she is afraid to go out because she is percicuted by the right wing .
    2 the kid can’t go to school so free private teachers for life as kid will be bullied yip by the right wing .
    3 police and MI5 will spend millions monitoring her free phone and internet.

    Fuckin win win

    Fuck the rag headed cunt

  4. Words can’t express how I feel about this massive sand shithole, medieval belief and goat loving cunt. Also, stop giving this fucking cunt and her family air time. Enough is enough, she’s a traitor to her country and her fucking family should be fucking deported too. I’m sorry, it’s not about online radicalisation – her environment would have contributed to it. The majority of Muslims do not want to integrate and keep closed societies – this breeds contempt and hatred… and we fucking allow it because we’re too soft and pander to these lefty / liberal cunts.

    Hope she gets a bullet through the fucking head – I’d not by IS by MI6… dirty cunt.


    • A young Arab boy asks his father “What is that strange hat you are wearing?

      The father said: “Why, my son, it is a ‘chechia.’

      In the desert it protects our heads from the intense heat of the sun.”

      “And what is the long flowing robe you are wearing?” asked the boy.

      “Oh, my son!” exclaimed the father “It is very simple. This is a ‘djbellah.’ As I have told you, in the desert it is not only very hot, but the sand is always blowing. My djbellah protects the entire body,”

      The son then asked: “But Father, what about those ugly shoes you have on your feet?”

      “These are ‘babouches’ my son,” the father replied. You must understand that although the desert sands are very beautiful, they are also extremely hot. These babouches’ keep us from burning our feet.”

      “So tell me then,” added the boy.

      “Yes, my son.”

      “Why are we still wearing all this shit, when we live in Bradford!!

  5. We talk and talk until my head explodes
    I turn on the news and my body froze
    The braying sheep on my TV screen
    Make this boy shout, make this boy scream!

    How very apt CMC.

  6. Ahh bless her. She only wants the evil UK taxpayer to fund her with money/house/benefits etc so she can teach her little baby lovely nursery rymes about beheading filthy infidel western scum.
    Seems reasonable to me.

  7. I listened to a very valid interview on the radio.
    The chap had fought for the Kurds against islamic state.
    he said “The things he had seen on TV made him want to fight them, she saw the same things and wanted to join them” , She should never be allowed back in to the UK.
    To further this, should she be allowed to re enter the country, what about the father of her child? would it not be reasonable that he also be allowed to join his family after all he is facing persecution and captivity in Siria..

  8. What boils my piss is that we all know what will happen:

    Human Rights Lawyers and SJWs will ensure she is repatriated.

    She will be given a new identity and state protection.

    She will get million pound film, media and book deals yet still sponge off the state.

    She will later be implicated in some crime.

    It will all cost the tax payer millions. Another brown face taking a slice out of my Army pension.

    Newspapers like the Guardian will defend her to the hilt but not show the reality of ISAC because snowflakes need sheltering from real life.

    She will be the cunt of the year, if not the millenium.

  9. As I understand it we can’t stop her coming here ; she’s a British citizen, even without a passport, so if she turns up at Heathrow there’s fuck all anyone can do about it.
    No doubt Libtards are crowdfunding on the net at this moment to help this poor misunderstood murdering bitch.
    She will need diplomatic help to get her on the plane but can you see this government resisting the snowflake crying and weeping?
    They will soon be breaking out the bunting in Bethnal Green to welcome home one of our own. Mark my words.

  10. Every month I am pushed further and further to the right. I am now only a shadow of what I used to be. But I feel better! Ive woken up !!!

  11. She can only get back with the help of the British Consulate.

    As we don’t have on in Syria we are for now, safe.

    The problem will occur when and if the piece of dog diahorea gets into Lebanon.

    I believe the U.K. government pursues a policy of taking out so called U.K. citizens in the field of battle to stop them coming home.

    Let’s hope the SAS have eyes on this cunt.

    Allan’s Snackbar. Boom

  12. Richard Churchill , the last survivor of the Great Escape, died this week aged 99. He was recaptured but the EU……er…….I mean the Nazis, didn’t shoot him because they thought he might be related to Winnie.
    I wonder what he made of this country in his last few years?

    • I rather feel he was glad to “leave” having seen his sacrifices ( and those of his comrades ) trashed on the alter of “cultural enrichment “. R.I.P brave man.

      • I’d forseen that as a potential hurdle to any meaningful relationship of trust and confidence, amongst other things.
        The consular conundrum she poses is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. This kind of blowback is to be expected when your foreign policy has been in the wilderness for so long.

        • The more I read of you Mr C the more I want to read. Do you “blog” or write outside of ISAC?
          I would sign it like the crim in “Manhunter” but I am just a cunt.
          Avid fan 😉

          • No, cunto, and sorry to disappoint, but I am a “novice boatman” (Varsity expression) to all this blogging malarkey. Apart from a brief spell on as a result of a broken clavicle last autumn (and a few reviews on TripAdvisor™ four years ago, if that counts?) I’m a proper newbie, I’m a fresher, or “novichok” to the whole sorry business.
            From small acorns great oaks grow, however, so… errm… what? Glad you share my peculiarly warped idea of what may construe itself as “wit”, though, if indeed that was your meaning? Sorry, bit the “worse for wear” after assailing myself with various agents of narcosis. Bloody shoulder playing up again..

    • Beauty may well be in the eye of the beholder but a beholder who sees any beauty in this repugnant cunt could probably benefit from a few solid sessions of electro-convulsive shock therapy. What exactly is it that you find sexy about it? Is it those bombed out graveyard teeth? That overblown top lip and dirty, uneven complexion that makes it look like a shit coated Thunderbird puppet? The fat cheeks? Those cow-like eyes, dead of any intelligence, compassion or humanity?

      Fuck’s sake, man, buy a sex doll if that’s what you’re into, one that looks as bad as that and with a clopper as baggy as a vintage golf-bag (three kids and counting, I bet her pelvic floor’s still in Raqqa) would be a cheap factory reject. It won’t hate you, it won’t stop you enjoying bacon, you can lock it in a cupboard when you’re not fucking it so your friends won’t know and judge you and it won’t spontaneously explode if it gets near an Ariana Grande concert.

  13. I seriously advise her not to return to UK for her safety. She will be anything but safe if she’s recognised. If she’s allowed to return it will be with police protection, new name, new identity, secure housing etc. All at the taxpayer’s expense. What a bunch of self- destructive morons the British are. Give me Singapore’s Lee Kwan Yue when faced with an influx of Vietnamese boat people. We grow callouses on our hearts or we sink. And Singapore did sink a few of the rapacious cunts as an example to the rest for which he incurred the opprobrium of the UK. What a bunch of limp-wristed cunts the UK authorities are.

    • I seem recall that Lee was extremely pro-corporal punishment. He certainly did rapidly bring Singapore to glory, and was a wise and great leader. A great lawyer too, I think Cambridge was his alma mater. There’s no one close to his calibre in Westminster, sadly.

        • Yes F, according to Wikipedia he got a starred first at Fitz. Apparently a perfect score in his Part II law.
          We need someone with his uncompromising clarity of vision right now, but the nearest we have is Rees-Mogg.
          I think we may have backed ourself into a corner, a total strategic vacuum. The result: poor diplomatic relations with much-needed post Brexit allies (including the EU).
          Pretty Ms Begum is the least of our worries, though not unconnected with the mischief behind their causation.
          Shortsighted cunts.

  14. All the fucking snowflake cunts and female right-on Islams immediately assume this cunt was groomed to go to syria to join IS and then have the nerve to compare her to the children who were groomed by the peacefuls in the North.

    So she was fed alcohol and drugs and then when so far out of it driven to syria in a taxi….. what a load of cunts these people are.

    No regrets about going there even after losing two children, has no feelings for people who have been murdered by IS. Only wants UK healthcare (we could send her a second hand first aid kit)

    The media keep calling her Begum, surely she must have a married name, allegedly some dutch cunt fighting with IS, so what is her name.

    British passport should have been cancelled 3 years ago when she went to IS, she could have got an IS passport

    CUNT of CUNT !

  15. If an individual sends aid or cash to a Daesh supporter in the Middle East, then a prosecution under anti terrorist laws may result.

    So why should our Government want to provide support to this specimen?

    Because we have cunts at the Home Office. In a few weeks time, I expect the Home Office to be cunted having explained that they couldn’t avoid allowing her back.

  16. Brilliant cuntings and brilliant comments. I can physically feel the anger. This is where ISAC comes into its own. Every time there is something like this, something so abhorent its almost beyond belief, theres a fucking muslim at the bottom.

  17. And who will pay for this sandfilth and her disgusting offspring?
    Joe Taxpayer, that’s who…. Jumping some NHS and housing queue while some pensioner or army veteran gets fuck all… Fuck the camelshagging little slag…

  18. This stupid breed like a Rabbit cunt is a danger to society. Using her unborn child of a jihadi cunt as an excuse to come back home. This is the problem with these cunts… They will always be peaceful first and whatever allegiance to the country unfortunate enough to have them as a citizen comes way way way down the pecking order. The sheer cheek of this piece of cunt to suggest she wants to come home shows how brazen they are.
    Caught a bit on TV this morning about it and obviously we had some deluded cunt saying they can help her and de-radicalise, her and blah blah. Fuck off. She is a savage, brainwashed cunt and I wish she’d stay where she is.
    I guarantee you she’ll be back within a year and her child will be in care (massive cost), she will be monitored and have security (massive cost), and mugs like us will pay the bill.
    I don’t think the Americunts would be so accommodating.
    We have become a sad laughing stock and it’s an embarrassment.
    Cant stand these cunts and they are here to stay and out breed everyone else. Rats. Piss off.

  19. The cunts who are calling for her to be allowed to return, saying that as a teenager she didn’t know what she was doing, are the same cunts who want teenagers to be allowed to vote, saying they are old and wise enough to make an informed decision. Which is it cunts?

    • She made the fucking decision to go, end of. Its not like she was accompanied by adults. And it took some planning and deceit. having to go via Turkey. She knew exactly what she was doing.

    • Indeed, forgivable mistakes at her age would be being fingered in a bus stop after a bottle of Lidl cider, not planning and preparing to cross half a fucking continent to join a terrorist organisation. And, the fucking thing wasn’t fazed by the beheadings and other assorted cruelty, because as non muzzers, it was what they could expect. And, she only wants to return because the have been defeated, not because she has had a change of heart. As for the father pleading to be reunited with his daughter, make that wish come true by sending the cunt over there to join her. It’s probably him taking her to flag burning demos that started it.

  20. High treason is defined as “levying war against the sovereign and adhering to the sovereign’s enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” This piece of dirt threw in her lot with the demented IS scum and should be afforded the same justice and mercy that they show to their many victims. The fact that there are shitforbrains advocating her repatriation because she’s a ‘British citizen’ tells you all you need to know about what’s wrong with this country.

    I’m going into hospital for heart surgery so I hope to be back with you cunters in a while. If not please sue the NHS on my behalf.

  21. I hope the sprog-to-be will be stillborn. The mother is a cunt, the father is a cunt and the spawn of Satan will also be a cunt. Keep these fucking peacefuls out of Europe.

  22. I see this morning that the Justice Secretary has said something along the lines of ‘the UK cannot allow her to be made stateless’.
    Rejoice my friends; we’re being prepared for her return; she’ll be ‘home’ soon, and we’ll be nursing another little viper in our bosom.

    This country’s fucked, thanks to fifty years of multicultural shit being foisted on us, without anyone ever asking us if that’s what the fuck we wanted.

    • We can’t keep her out because she’s a citizen. What about all the foreign cunts here that we, apparently, can’t send home because their countries don’t want the fuckers back? We get shafted both ways, and the clueless ‘elite’ are happy for it to be this way.

  23. Some dumb cunt on the radio has just said she should be allowed back and quizzed by intelligence agencies.
    What will they learn.? How to get spunk stains out of a burka.?
    Hardly an IS commander….

  24. You compare the mental stress and harassment of our troops by compensation chasing parasitic lawyers over so-called ‘historical war crimes’ in Iraq or Afghanistan and the lionising and blame shifting gymnastics of towelhead extremists like this piece of dogshit by the usual cunts.

  25. Once a psychopath always a psychopath. There is NO cure. And all these wooly liberal bleeding heart apologists bleating on about “grooming” and “radicalisation” need to fuck right off!

    Psychopaths don’t need to be groomed or radicalised, it’s in their genes. And if they’re brought up in the Religion of Peace, ISIS are a tailor made godsend for them to get their rocks off.

    There can be no excuse for doing what she did, she was an intelligent, well educated 15 year old when she plotted to steal the money for her air fare and join an organisation who she knew was a murderous death cult.

    As a British citizen by law she must be allowed to return. But not welcomed. And not until she’s been put on trial, banged up, and subsequently released by the Syrian authorities and whoever else wants a piece of her.

    If she does return her kid needs to be taken into care and fostered out to a decent, non religious UKIP family. As for herself, she should be thrown in the Tower and left to rot. Or, better still, taken out by the likes of Liam Neeson.

  26. This country is totally fucked.
    Immigration should have been stopped in the 70s, I say this being half English and half Jamaican.
    Things were simpler when I was growing up, you were either a white cunt, a black cunt, a black and white cunt or some type of asian cunt.
    Since Blair cunt allowed all kinds of trash here it’s all become a mess and what identity Britain had (Ska, Football etc) post earlier immigration (from commonwealth countries) has gone and now its a mess. I don’t particularly like the swathes of Africunts here (way more of them than Carribeans) and all these london Muslims talking like they are Jamaicans, the endless hoardes of Eastern European trash, and all the other cunts has led me to accept that immigration (in these numbers) does not work. It’s a sad thing for me to admit as I love this country deeply and I feel sad at the way things have worked out.
    It’s gone way to far and will never be the same.
    Although part immigrant myself I honestly wish these fuckers were not here. I honestly believe things would have been a lot better if we stopped immigration ages ago.

    • Agree b&wc, I can’t believe B.liar hasn’t been put on trial for the mess he’s made of this country.
      When the comonwealth citizens came over here they integrated and became part of our society. The cunts that B.liar brought in have no fucking interest in integrating at all, hence the mess we’re in now.
      It’d be bad enough with those cunts but our current crop of traitorous politicians are no fucking better.
      What’s immigration now?
      About 600k I think…..
      Fuckin mad.

    • Very good post BWC. I share your sentiments and am sad that the country I love is becoming a shithole because we took our eyes off the ball and the cunts took over.

    • Agree whole heartedly BAWC used to go to London as a young lad late 70’s early 80’s firstly with mates from school and then when I worked on the railway.Loved the place the food,the music the place was buzzing and that was when you had that great mix of punk, ska, reggae. Used to visit Peckham, Lewisham, Brixton for work after midnight (no trains to run us over when we worked on the track) and never felt apprehensive walking around to get to the job.
      Now I go there with the missus to see a show, the opera, or a concert and it’s very edgy looking over my shoulder all the time. Maybe it’s age and responsibility of my wife being with me but all the ragheads, and Easterns, has defo changed the vibe. If you know of some areas that are still like I remember, I would love to visit just to feel like there is some hope left for London. All the best.

  27. Why doesn’t she go and live in Bangladesh or that other Islamic utopia, Pakistan. What possible reasons could she have for not wanting to live in those countries that put into practise the values all these mega cunts cherish so much??

    This is make or break time for Javid. He has a chance to make himself a bit of a hero


    Make himself look like an absolute cunt.

    You hold one of the great offices of state, fuck the law, ban her return, I’d vote for the bloke forever.

    I think I know what is going to happen sadly . She’s going to get a Jon Venables style deal for the rest of her life , whilst we go to work to pay for it.

    I often wonder if the world has gone mad. We laugh at previous iterations of ourselves thinking we are so evolved now but the natural thing to do would be to have her discreetly slotted in the camp to make this go away.

  28. She can fuck off!

    She is not wanted in this country!

    Her bastard offspring is not wanted in this country!

    I don’t give a flying fuck about “Human Rights” as soon as you left as a TRAITOR your rights as a human and as a British citizen are absolved!

    Even if there is remorse – which this cunt openly is NOT remorseful about joining ISIS, her terrorism and feeling NOTHING when she saw a bucket of severed heads – they are not welcome back, especially this CUNT!

    She wants to come back on the benefits gravy train with her belly full of the next generation of terrorist cunts!

    Even if she were locked away, it would be for 5 minutes maximum as the do-gooder brigade busy themselves campaigning on her cunt behalf!

    If her family are so concerned then please feel free to fuck off to Syria (or wherever this FUCKING CUNT happens to be) and stay there!

    Any twat neo-liberal, virtue-signalling CUNT who even dares THINK about wringing their hands over this PEACEFUL SCUM can fuck right off too!

    She’s NOT coming back HERE!

    The vast majority of Britain thinks the same and a few cunt human rights lawyers in her overrun home town of Londonistab have NO FUCKING SAY!

    FUCK OFF!!!


    P.S. Please note that former British soldiers who fuck off to FIGHT ISIS are summarily branded as terrorists and locked up for their patriotism against this human scum!

    No hand-wringing for these heroes when threatened with a stint in chalky is there!

    Double-standards cunts!


  29. If you’re an avid TV watcher who’s currently considering moving to Afghanistan, think again. It’s not allowed.
    Something to do with a telly ban..

  30. Saw this on the news the other evening. My 77 year old Mum was shouting at the TV ‘No, she can’t fucking come back!!’

    I shit you not. You can take the girl out of a West Hendon council estate, but you can’t take it out of the girl.

    Never has a news item made me more livid. This treacherous little cunt has no loyalty to this country. That was proven the moment she chose to leave the UK, go to Syria and stand together with those ISIS motherfuckers. She then selfishly creates two children with one of the cunts, who (surprise, surprise) die at very young ages due to malnutrition and the shithole conditions in which they live, so what does one naturally do? Get pregnant yet again.

    She fucking made her choices. All this shite about her being a victim makes my blood boil. Snowflakes seem to be under the misconception that a 15 year old cannot make a considered decision. Well newsflash fucktards: yes they bloody well can, and that is what she did. Nobody dragged her to Syria by her hair. Nobody forced her on to a plane. She travelled by her own free will. As for her fucking family, all of the reports about her parents crying and weeping….well they too knew fucking well what she was going out to Syria for and her reasons for doing so. It was fine by them at the time, so they too can eat shit and die.

    Nobody gets to rewrite history now that they have got the memo that they are in a bad situation and have changed their mind. It is just so typical of these traitor bastards who shit on the UK when it suits them, but as soon as they have a problem, they want back in and boo hoo hoo that it wasn’t their fault.

    This country now owes her NOTHING. Apparently that speccy cunt Rees-Mogg claimed that she ‘will have to be allowed to return’ as legally, nobody can be made stateless. Well she doesn’t have to be, does she? She can be stripped of her British passport and become a citzen of the hole she is in now, seeing as she liked it enough to go there.


    • “Snowflakes seem to be under the misconception that a 15 year old cannot make a considered decision.”

      Unless of course they’re at school and going out on strike to rage against the ‘clear and present danger’ global warming presents.

      All fucking day the news carried items where some little cherub who was just losing their milk teeth gave us a Vox POP on the subject.

      Fuck off

      • You can be dead sure 16 year olds will be considered responsible enough to vote in the upcoming ‘People’s Vote’.

        Sorry, I mean ‘Loser’s Vote’.

    • Apparently she burned her British passport, so has to apply for a new one. Don’t fancy her chances getting one back anytime soon, what with our monumentally incompetent Home Office.

      Unless they treat her as priority… Then again, maybe her application will be lost in the post… Nah.

      And what sort of mother has two kids and allows them die of malnutrition? The bitch still thinks ISIS is wonderful, so clearly chose staying with them above the welfare of her children.

    • I notice the teachers/parents were there cheering on their day’s truancy!

      Given that I had to jump though hoops to get a single day of schooltime for a day earlier flight, and was initially threatened with a nasty cunt fine, I hope all these cunts get fined for unnecessary time off school!

      If you want to campaign – you cunt teachers/parents (cos 7yr old kids have no fucking idea about climate YOU CUNTS) – then do it at the weekend where you have TWO BASTARD DAYS OFF! Unlike me!


  31. Makes my fucking piss boil to think of the corrupt dereliction of duty of our political class.
    There should be a protocol for when a goatshagger joins a terrorist organisation or commits an attack:
    – the entire family is deported or exiled,
    – the mosque that the cunt went to is shut down
    – the immam is deported or exiled
    – everyone that went to the mosque that’s not British born has citizenship revoked and is deported
    – the perpetrator immediately has their passport cancelled
    – the perpetrator goes straight onto a kill list to be dealt with asap by special forces or a tomohawk
    – if one of the cunts ever comes back they’re escorted off the plane when they arrive and never seen again

    Or even better:

    How the father (we all know it’s his fault more than anyone else’s) hasn’t been deported is beyond me. This country is a fucking laughing stock.

    And if these politicians are so bothered about “the rise of the far right” maybe they should start thinking about what turns people to the far right. It’s shit like this…..
    My piss is boiling….
    FUCKIN P*K*S!!!!

  32. Islamic State is a death cult that hates the west and all it stands for.Why would you leave England to follow this death cult then want to return to a Country you clearly hate Could it be the health care,benefits,housing?My personal thoughts are you made your bed so you should lie in it We don’t want scumbags back in Blighty we have enough thanks stay where you are and rot.

    • The callers are not expressing anti Muslim feelings per se, but are 90% unsympathetic toward this Begum bitch as an Islamic terrorist scumbag.

  33. But isn’t she on our side? She went over there to help in the fight against Assad. Aren’t we supposed to be trying to topple Assad?

      • No we’re on the side of who gives us most benefit. Well, our cunt government that is.

        In the Obama/Killary years Assad was the target to be overthrown to make Syria the same type of delightful place as Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.

        As Obama’s lapdog, pig-fucker Dave was all up for it too.

        Only Trump and Putin wanted to keep the secular Assad in power (cunt of not he’s better than the instability of NO leader – see Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan) as opposed to peaceful factions that can causes arguments in an empty room (so long as there’s a mirror in there).

        For my money we should just let the cunts wipe each other out. The most pointless bunch of religious fanatics to a one!

        “Oh, what about the CHILDREN!?!”

        Yeah, tomorrow’s fucking fanatics!

        Fuck ’em!

      • You both elegantly encapsulate my earlier point about blowback and the diplomatic wilderness we’ve backed ourselves into. Technically, much of this is Miranda’s folly.

    • Sadly yes you are right the british government is in cahoots with isis for political reasons this also isn’t the first terrorist we have been housing and paying for, its infuriating I know but honestly whats one more tho?

  34. All the above. Unfortunately we can’t recognise IS as a legitimate state – obviously – in which case we could cheerfully deprive her of UK citizenship and hang her out to dry. Thanks to the Blairstard (1998), we can no longer hang traitors – as mentioned above, the applicable count is clearly “adhering to the sovereign’s enemies, giving them aid and comfort, in the realm or elsewhere.” We can only give them a life sentence, legally. And as she realises only too well, the unborn monster will have rights under UK law which are unaffected by its mother’s activities and allegiance. Only one parent needs to be British to qualify for citizenship.

    On the other hand, we are under no obligation to extract her from Syria and we apparently do not have diplomatic relations with the bunch holding her.

    Should she turn up here, legally speaking, she must be admitted. In terms of national security, she should immediately be charged with treason – her own admission/bragging should help a lot – given a life sentence (and maintained at taxpayers’ expense for the rest of her natural, regrettably. Particularly regrettably in that it will cost more to keep her behind bars than it would to send her spawn to Eton)

    That’s legally speaking. The law has a loophole, and it needs to be closed sharpish.

    There are, of course, illegal expedients, but we never talk about those. A quiet word with Erdoğan, before she is encouraged to leave Syria via Turkey, might be one approach.

    • Afternoon K. You’re spot on in fingerings Miranda, as I said above. Our diplomatic wilderness is now bleak, and Erdoğan is natively less likely to be receptive anyhow. During my time in Turkey (just pre-Erdoğan) we enjoyed an excellent with Ecevit, and Demirel (though they hated each other).

  35. Unfortunately I think we all know how this going to play out. Our gutless Ruling Class will sneak her in without us knowing, and in about 10 yrs time, when most of us have forgotten about her, it will come out that she’s been living somewhere at the taxpayers’ expense, with a new identity, and they’ll all be patting themselves on the back. Let’s all hope I’m wrong……

  36. I want to see all the remoaner trash coming out and giving their opinion on this matter. The usual suspects…..Steptoe, Flabbot, Lammy, Cable, Handlebum, Soubry, Shameless Checkmebooty, Clarke, Wee Jimmy, all the remoaner slebs, the fucking lot of them. For once I want to hear their opinions. Let’s see where these mouthy cunts stand.
    Oh……I nearly forgot Blair. He caused the whole fucking thing in the first place.

    • He should have returned from the 55th Munich Security Conference** by now. Where he was blairing his fatuous opinion of Brexit last night, at a peripheral event. Been a while since a Brit was in the birthplace of the NSDAP begging for admission to the Reich…. treacherous shitstain that he is.

      ** I didn’t make it up

      • Munich you say? The very place where Chamberlain signed away the freedom of the independent state of Czechoslovakia.
        How very appropriate. I imagine the irony would be lost on that dirty little cockroach.

  37. Holy shite, I was browsing YouTube and to my horror, sadiq khunt and job IN THE SAME ROOM.
    Surely that much cuntitude in such a small space is dangerous for the fabric of space or something.
    It might cause some kind of cunt singularity, where even common sense cannot escape….
    They’re talking about this jihadi bitch and sadiq thinks that when (this groomed victim) comes back he hopes that the authorities will speak to her.
    What a little rat faced prick…

    I didn’t get any further in case job opened his mouth, which would almost certainally result in me launching my phone across the room….

    • Beware Deploy… Suckdick appears quite regularly on JOB’s show, approximately once a month for an hour. One of the few times JOB doesn’t interrupt every 3 seconds, unless it’s some poor cunt phoning in to express an opinion O’Shithead and Suckdick don’t approve of.

  38. Come on men and cunters. Step forward who will be the first with an offer orf matrimony for the little arab filly? Pre-fucked with another man’s child? Live and let live. You know your cunter’s compassion compels you. Her previous liaisons have no validity under English Law so be the first to give her and the nipper a new British passport in your name with all the entitlements. Hurry up though before a Snowflake gets in there first.
    Who said Julian Assange? Surely a marriage made in heaven. Can smell the cheese between his toes from here.

    • Thanks Sir for bringing a much needed rational viewpoint to the whole sorry mess.
      I’ll step forward (once the babies born) and give her one…up the ass mind… I don’t want some terrorist cunt child murdering good old British folk saying he knows naffink abaaaht it.
      I have to draw the line somewhere.

    • As stated above, Sir L, it only needs her to be a UK citizen (despite burning her passport, that is what she still is under the law) for her foetus to be declared British upon its emergence. There is thankfully no need for Julian to get in there, and I cannot in conscience sanction such a union, any progeny of which would undoubtedly be the Antichrist.

        • Bugger me, failed to twig that Ms Begum was already a UK citizen. HTF did that happen? But then who is not a UK citizen these days. Probably phoned the number in a Bradford newsagents window and asked for Ali to receive next day delivery orf Citizenship papers, passport, NI number, NHS number and back dated benefits.

          • Lucky the Windrush cunts didn’t realise that! 🤣

            Why aren’t there any black emoji smiley faces? That’s real racism for you – raw in tooth and claw!

          • Strange but true, RTC, and the reason, as with so much in life, lies in their pedigree. The fons et origo of the device, and indeed the etymology of the neologism itself, are Japanese. Hence, the established “default” colour of physiognomic exemplars is yellow.

          • Thanks for that CS – I’m not surprised, Nips are some of the biggest racists on the planet.

            I should know, I live next door to one 🙁

            My brother-in-law is married to one, but she’s really nice, as are her family, probably the exception that proves the rule, whatever that bollocks means, ha ha.

          • Yes indeed RTC. I lived in China for three years, and the xenophobia between the Nips and the locals was truly staggering in its heartfelt ferocity. As I say, it’s all about history dear boy! Good evening!

    • Done but not holding me breath. Signed one orf Dioclese’s many moons ago. Total farrago. Watched it briefly being debated online in a tiny box room in Parliament. That cunt Starmer snowflaking away with another coupla cunts. All opposed naturally. Outrage but no more than anticipated.

      • Also worth looking at the petition map on that link for distribution orf participants – hence why they ask for post code. Very interesting (if given post codes are cosher).

          • You might have trouble explaining to some here that not all Muslims are barbaric cutthroats, and that a huge majority of ours are genuinely peaceful, and find the likes of IS a gigantic embarassment. Which I am prepared to believe is the truth.

  39. The way the BBC keep going on about this vile jihadi spunk bucket anyone would think she was Mother Theresa. As to the head of MI6 saying we can’t stop her returning to the UK…er…yes you can, it’s part of your job description you dozy, defeatist cunt. No wonder the country’s in the state it is with chocolate teapot cunts like you in charge of keeping us safe.

  40. I wish they would stop referring to these cunts as British. If a dog was born in a stable, you wouldn’t call it a horse. Then again, if you can identify as whatever you fucking like these days……

  41. As someone who was unfortunate enough to go to school with a large number of future ISIS warriors, (a fair number of years ago mind) her actions don’t surprise me at all. If her name was replaced with any one of the Mooslim girls I used to know, I’d believe it. And that’s because they were all self indulgent, maniac, retards. They were literally as thick as pig shit (ironic), they would be bitchy and awful and then expect you to hold a door open for them or help them with homework. So it doesn’t surprise me that this oxygen thief believes she can fuck off and become a terrorist and then just saunter back and expect help, because she’s literally too stupid to realise that there’s anything wrong with her actions.

    She’s had a number of babies die and as awful as it may be, it’s probably best if this one does too. A life with this fucking explosive twat, is no life at all. As soon as she’s put up with a house and benefits, she’ll no doubt arrange for some silly cunt to blow themselves up somewhere public in her name.

    If we let her back, we might as well just open the door to any cunt called Mohammed with a fascination of backpacks that tick.

  42. Phew, this must be one of the most commented cuntings I’ve seen.

    I probably can’t add anything that hasn’t been said other than, she is a nasty vile parasite that should never be let back into the country ever again.

  43. No doubt all internet discussion on this subject is recieving due scrutiny.


    Try fucking listening then you pen pushing cunts. We do not want this person or any nutter like her here.
    We’d be fucking delighted if you broke all those precious international human rights laws and simply said “no thanks, you ain’t coming in.”
    And in case you’re wondering, there’s a history making voting landslide in the bag for anyone who feels like letting porton down get rampantly reckless anywhere abroad that these people appear to congregate.
    Should anybody decide the porton down option isn’t good enough, declare outright war and turn those areas into radioactive glass – a lifetime in power with both hands in the treasury pot if you do.
    Don’t pretend like you really care, we all know you want the power – well here it is, simply yours for the taking.

  44. This cunt has stirred up so much hatred. 98% of the country would rejoice if this treacherous fucker died a horrible death. 1% would support her repatriation because they knew it’s what they had to say. The other 1% are the usual leftie socialist counts that are busy supporting every extremist wank from this sort of western hating friendly to Frank from Brighton who wants to become a woman, but wants to identify as gender neutral. All of this means fuck all, totally irrelevant. But they seem to have the biggest voice. You can guarantee that if this 1% want this cunt back, they’ll do it and at the same time vilify anybody that objects as a fascist or racist. They’re laughing at you, you cunts. The mere fact that this cunt can fuck off to Syria, join IS, get pregnant 3 times by terrorists and still think it is acceptable not to renounce what’s she’s done, have no regrets and think for one moment that an article on Al-Beeb will secure her return just shows the utter contempt she has for the country. If her family really want to see her that badly they should all fuck off and join her in Syria. Cunts the lot of them. Hold them responsible for not preventing her leaving in the first place. Kind of sums up the general ‘Islam is a friendly religion’ whilst turning a blind eye to the terrosit cunts hidden in open view in their community. The unwillingness to integrate is a failure of them and and the weak of piss government we have in this country. Fucking civil service is riddled with these left wing apologist cunts that will eventually be responsible for allowing our country to be over ridden.

  45. Well Shamishita had given birth to her future terrorist, so I wonder how long its going to be before this whore and brat are back in the country, not fucking long I bet, strung up is what this utter cunt deserves….

  46. If this whore comes back she should get 20 years for high treason and nothing but bacon sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and tea, oh and a regular anal fisting from Deb the dyke.
    I know I’m gonna so disappointed when they let this fucker back in, it makes me want to emmigrate to OZ at least they would have the balls to tell her and anyone associated with her to fuck off……

  47. Shamima Begum (again).

    What a cunt. Now with multiple TV interviews with her solemn, saggy face, she now wants sympathy. Fuck off.

    With a fellow terrorist jigging a towel up and down like a demented rabbit on heat, it’s all a carefully managed stunt to make us all feel guilty.

    The media should be ashamed to be giving this so much airtime, and ask the question why a mother who should be spending time with her baby is spending so much of her time bleating to them instead. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the baby was stolen and she is just using it as a vehicle to get back in. Cunt.

  48. The thing they haven’t confirmed on denied in the meeja is does this cunt have two passports? i.e. A British one and one for whichever shit hole she went to?

    If so she does, should be stripped of her British passport and her and her kid should be left to fucking rot. If she gets back in she’ll screw the system for live living on benefits for the rest of their fucking lives. I doubt she would be subject to intense deradicalization and monitored for 10+ years. That would cost a lot of money.

    She is an undesirable alien (You never hear that phrase any more) who chose without coercion to go to a war zone.

    p.s. She looks like a cross between Stan Boardman and the phantom fucking flan flinger.

    Fucking cunt.

  49. Ha ha not allowed back the cunt,that’s what you get for being a cunt and now your family and solicitor she be sent out to enjoy sunny Syria with you…

  50. Fuck the bitch, send her back to Bangladesh, that is where she belongs and like her, and all who think like her with 7th centuary brain. Why do they come to west?
    Belgium is Islamic, UK is next.

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