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I reckon that Sky News deserves a cunting.

Today (13 April 2019) it put out a story concerning the tragic death of a ten-year-old at a caravan park in Looe, Cornwall. The boy could not be saved by emergency services after being attacked by ‘a bulldog-type breed’ of dog. The report then stated that a woman had been charged on suspicion of manslaughter and having a dog dangerously out of control.

So far, so sad, I’m sure you’ll all agree. But then, what do the geniuses at Sky do by way of concluding their report? Why, they only give what amounts to a crass and tasteless plug for the park in question.

‘Tencreek Holiday Park’, the report informs us, ‘hires out static caravans to holiday makers, and also has pitches for tents and motor homes. Facilities include an indoor swimming pool, sports pitch, kids’ club and restaurant’.

Well thanks for that, Sky. You make it sound like the perfect destination to head for next time I’m thinking of getting one of the grandkids savaged by an out of control dog.
Your cringeworthy attention to detail on the subject of the park’s excellent facilities will no doubt also be of great comfort to the bereaved family.

Thoughtless twats.

Nominated by Ron Knee

50 thoughts on “Sky News (5)

  1. It sounds absolutely appalling even before you take the rampaging hound into account… ‘static caravans, pitches for tents and motor homes. Facilities include an indoor swimming pool, sports pitch, kids’ club and restaurant’.

      • I bet Dick has plenty of videos of fat people Deploy, especially in thongs.

        I still feel unwell from opening Dicks link on a previous post.

        • And fake football shirts
          Dodgy dogs in leather harnesses………
          Just looked the place up on trip advisor? Unsurprisingly lot of people’s saying it’s dirty and shite!, but many giving it the thumbs up , my holidays booked for the year but who knows , maybe next year …..

    • ‘Kids’ club’ = a ball pit awash with stale piss and a ice cream cart attended by a suspect in Operation Yewtree.

  2. These kind of parks, hoping to attract families with young children, should never allow fucking dogs in the first place.
    As I understand it, this was a a load of Janners who had rented at least 2 caravans and the kid was alone with the dog while the adults were, no doubt, pissing it up.
    A tragic story but I won’t be lighting any candles or holding hands with any snowflakes.
    Nor, I suspect, will the snowflakes. Wrong skin colour, wrong class, wrong religion (or ideology as I prefer to call it)

    • I doubt it too FTF. No notoriety or ticks in boxes, so not worth getting involved. Apparently the woman in question legged it to the nearest train station. I’m assuming only the dog will now be destroyed. Wrong way round if you ask me. There may have been some hope for the animal if it had been placed in a secure home, with experienced handlers. Though is that risk worth taking. Unlike the ignorant, useless cruel cunts who own these dogs.

      • Didn’t realise the dog had attacked several times before…re Bscunt…. destroying it is the only safe option.

  3. I saw that Ron and like you I couldn’t believe the shit they were coming out with, promoting the park. Apparently this dog had carried out four previous attacks, so why the hell had this poor lad been left alone in a caravan with a potential killing machine?

    • Must say that like you Blunt, it struck me as inappropriate to say the bloody least.
      I looked at the report again later and saw that all the stuff about the park’s ‘attractions’ had disappeared, so I reckon that the penny dropped somewhere within the organisation responsible. Twats.

      • “The boy could not be saved by emergency services after being attacked by ‘a bulldog-type breed’ of dog”

        So it was probably a pitbull a fierce murderous shitbreed of a dog, trashy people,and criminals love pitbulls. A pitbull will maul a childs face off but these burnt cunts buy them as pets bulldogs aren’t fucking ankle biters they were breed for bloodsport, bear baiting to be specific

  4. Yes but when it comes to Sly News the burning question is this:

    What is more false? Kay Burley’s face or Jordan’s tits?

      • ‘What is more false? Kay Burley’s face or Jordan’s tits?’ Jordan’s tits. At least she’s up front with them.

        I hate that ‘situation room’ type set she waltzes round. Touching the big screen to bring a news story up. As though she gives a fuck.

        I bet she pushes for gay tranny race bullshit stories in editoral meetings.

        • Burley hates it when the proles chant “Fake News!” at her when she dares venture out (when she thinks she’s safe surrounded by remoaning cunts), it really upsets her.

          So instead I urge people to shout “Fake Face!” instead to save her feelings.


  5. Just heard a sanctimonious ‘Extinction Rebellion’ slag on the radio, gleefully rubbing her hands at the thought of bringing London to a standstill tomorrow… blocking Waterloo Bridge with trees etc.

    Naturally the bitch started every fucking sentence with the word “So” and upspoke every 5 seconds, I think she goes by the name of Tiana Jacunt 🙄…

    Sky News will be creaming their knickers.

    • Like that millenial cunt who was allowed to review the newspapers on BH this morning. His only achievement in life seems to have been seeing all of Game of Thrones and yet was allowed to give his opinions on grave matters like Brexit and Syrian refugees. Cunt.

      • Being up-to-date with Game of Thrones is an achievement for millennial dossers on the flakebook, the instagurn and the tweeter.

  6. This is what I’ve been trying to tell you but no one fucking listens. All dogs are cunts. How many cats have mauled some scrotey kid to death. None, fucking none. I read in Cat Monthly that 97% of dogs have, at some time in their life, mauled a kid to death. I think the number maybe a tad low but there you go. Muzzle at best, execute at worst.

    • I have a cat; lovely bloke he is too. But I do wonder… if by some magic, I were to slowly shrink by, say, an inch every day, at what point would he stop thinking “he provides my lunch” and start thinking “he IS my lunch”?

    • Too right CNR. They leave their shit all over the streets, are part of a breeding program, pretty much rape each other in parks, they stink of shit and worship their master whilst attacking anyone they don’t belong to. And some of them own dogs. Good evening.

      • Okie dokie mohammed cats equal good, dogs equal bad we get it you don’t like dogs mans best friend. Cats can be cunts too why you subscribe bad behavior to only dogs I dunno

        Personally I don’t hate cats in fact I love the little furball bastards but after I lost my moggie a few years back I dredd the thought of getting another one. I miss her but I don’t miss the shitload of hair my cat shed on a daily basis and sure dogs shed too but the amount she was shedding was unfuckingbelievable

  7. Good grief, Her Maj owns loads of dogs and I don’t recall any of them ripping any cunt’s throat out.
    It’s a question of breeding surely?

  8. Pet ownership is a bloody wierd thing to do.
    In a handful of cases animal and human meet, naturally get along and stick together. Fine.
    Almost all other instances involve the animal getting bought as a commodity and then finding itself microchipped to an owner who seems to spend the entirety of their “friendship” telling themselves how great the animal is and how they wouldn’t be without them.
    Funny as fuck.
    The cases where the animal earns it’s keep I can understand.
    Buying a pitbull on facebook, dressing it in doggie clothes, having it groomed and massaged regularly and then believing it is going to make a shit hot babysitter is just staggering in it’s insanity.
    Also fantastic how people seem to think it’s only ‘dangerous breeds’ that are a problem too. If you ask a fucking sausage dog to babysit someone who’s going to put their fingers repeatedly in it’s eye sockets it’s going to lose it at some point.

    I think sky news should ask me to write the news report.

    • This would have made a great separate cunting Cf. I’m no great animal lover but animals were born to be free not serve as peoples playthings

  9. When the kids were younger Mrs CnR had the bright idea of buying a camper van and after we got it we spent a long weekend at one of these parks. Fucking hell, it was the worst weekend of my life. Ecoli in the showers, piles of poly-saturated fat in the restaurant, filthy bar, beer stains everywhere, a 2 mile queue to get in the smoking garden, blub falling out of swimming costumes, sceptic kids pool, karaoke night for fucks sake. I didn’t dare use the loo, preferring the bushes. It was a literal hell akin I suppose with White Hart Lane. The fucking camper van got nicked within a month (because I left it unlocked and the key in it)

  10. I got bitten on the face by my grandmother’s Labrador when I was about five. Still have a scar on my upper lip. Totally my fault though, I wanted to see what would happen if I twisted a meat skewer slowly into its back.

    Dogs and cats are brilliant. Human beings are cunts.

    • I wonder if the Boy was winding the dog up ? The owners probably made it aggressive so it wouldn’t take much for it to go in full anger mode.

      • Good point, though it appears this dog had history. Which makes the cunt adult doubly culpable.

  11. Dogs and children should never be left together because neither of them have been properly socialised.
    However, I would make an exception for pikey dogs. They have had the shit beaten out of them from day one so are terrified of humans.
    Even so, I wouldn’t eat a corned beef sandwich in their presence. Hunger always conquers fear.

    • Notice they always have a bandana on doubling as bib.
      They know you’ve got food.

  12. Sirs,
    This is a shocking and disgraceful piece of television news reporting, so typical of the lack of journalistic standards that exist today. This kind of vague generalisation and lack of accurate description is all too prevalent. Was it a Bullenbeisser, Old English, Toy or French bulldog type? If it was creating havoc and carnage I have no doubt it was French! My organisation will be taking legal action against the dog for possessing an owner who was a complete moron.
    I A M Barking
    President, The Kennel Club.

  13. Is the BBC fucking serious, Tigger Woods wins golf…..fuck off and shove your clubs up your b***k arse you cunt.

    Fuck off and eat shit

    Should have posted under the Golf nom, but I couldn’t give a fuck.

    • It was great. I was cheering the cunt on!

      No doubt that makes me a waycist in David Lammy’s book, like breathing and existing does.


  14. Still, it deflects from all of the cultural enrichment that’s going on in Londonistab between all of those aspiring architects…

  15. There is a fine line between being a confident woman and a pig ignorant up your own arse arrogant bitch but that Burley woman crosses it. Mind you she has no problem keeping a straight face.
    That fat remainer twat Boulton does my fucking head in aswell.

      • He’s fucked in the head RTC, to compare resisting the ERG and the kind of Brexit they want, to standing up to hitler, is ignorance and stupidity of the highest order.
        We have to ask how has the stock of our mps , fallen so low and so far as quickly as this?

  16. Sly News are worse than BBC for bias reporting. Cunts like Burley and Bolton can’t hide their rage when it comes to leave voters. They ALWAYS give Labour MP’s an easy ride and UKIP are labelled as the Far Right. Nigel Farage has played his cards well distancing himself from UKIP. This puts SLY in a position where they can’t label him as far right.

    • The “Far Right” label holds no power anymore, in fact it has become the euphemism for “Common Sense”.

      If you’re not into big government micro-managing every aspect of your life, from what you put in your mouth to how you should think, then you’re far right.

      If you believe our systems, infrastructure and services are for “our” people – rather than the rest of the world’s – then you’re far right.

      If you believe in equality of opportunity rather than equality of outcome then you’re far right.

      If 7yr old prepubescent boys dolled up as racy drag-queens to parade around in front of a bunch of dirty old, salacious preverts, then you’re far right.

      If you think a man is a man and a woman is a woman – no matter how the fuck THEY choose identify themselves – then you’re far right.

      If you think blowing up kids at a pop concert, mowing down pedestrians, cutting off the heads of squaddies in the capital is NOT merely the work of random, mentally unstable, lone-wolf attackers, then you’re far right.

      If you like a nice rare fillet steak with chips cooked in beef dripping instead of a tofu burger with a soy cheese slice then you’re far right.

      If you call out the lamestream media for the complicit, partisan shills they are, then you’re far right.

      Basically – when it comes to the left – if you don’t agree with our bollocks group-think then you’re far right.

      Guess I’m far tight then!

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