Revenge Fantasy.

A cunting for the infantile revenge fantasy if you please.
It would appear that the entire western world is obsessed with the revenge fantasy. It dominates tv shows, films, books, music and as a result – real life.

Physically impotent people everywhere are fostering a self image of righteous indignation and are busy imagining how they will somersault, haymake and karate kick their way to a justified and heroic spot of revenge. Polished off with a snappy one liner of course.

The reality of course is a society of gobby cunts that at best can swear a lot and maybe chuck a thoroughly telegraphed punch or two after too much weak beer.

My personal favourite is the knuckledragger in a tight white t-shirt who attempts to ‘swim’ over his mates’ shoulders whilst snarling “hold me back boys”. Outstanding buffoonery.
This nonsense occurs everywhere – from road “rage” to endless anecdotal tales of how they put so and so in their place. From walking round as if carrying a carpet under each arm to fans of UFC and of course that utter nonsense known as “white collar boxing”.

What a bunch of deluded frightened rabbits these cunts are. Why the fuck is all that money being spent developing virtual reality?


Nominated by Cuntflap

30 thoughts on “Revenge Fantasy.

    • Not sure what this is cunting but revenge fantasy is great! Watching multicultural carnival and in your head daydreaming your Clint Eastwood with a handcannon? Not today punk! Eat lead dorothy! Passes the time and makes me feel all warm & fuzzy

  1. So, does that mean that all my dreams about how to end the prime minister’s career makes me a cunt too?

  2. Just you wait ’til I abseil out of my helicopter, swing in through your upstairs window and use my SAS training to teach you some manners….then I’ll raid your drinks cabinet,kick your cat up it’s hoop and leave your partner agog at the sight of a Real Man.

    Good Day to you, Sir.

    🙂 .

  3. I’ve been having “revenge fantasies” about David Lamy all morning…..
    I won’t go into details as it would probably result in a knock on the door from plod, but it involves a potato peeler, some chilli sauce, a nutcracker, a drill, some jump leads, 240 volts of alternating current, a plane ticket to Africa and some rope…

    ….and the ultimate tool of torture….
    A naked picture of Dianne Abbott.
    (I know, I know…. I’m a cruel man).

  4. Maybe Abbott could be used as a deterrent or a punishment.
    For certain crimes you could get sentenced to an ‘Abbotting’ where she sits on your face, post shit but pre-wipe….

    • Hmmfff… kkkco
      I just made a little bit of sick!
      Remember to give her hemmaroids a good tonguing…..

      • I tell you what, he’s a fucking tough bugger to survive that…..the sight of his poor little beetroot face emerging from those flaps is both terrifying ……and yet strangely erotic…

      • Dare I cross the Rubicon and take that next step?……..not too sure where I’ll actually find one with a chassis quite that size, tbh.
        I’ll be selling photos if anyone cares to place an order?

      • Mr Fiddler, the depths of your depravity are truly astonishing. Have you ever thought about the Flabbot doing lezzer with Frank Maloney?

      • I told myself not to open the link, it is something you will regret.
        I opened the link, it is something I regret and do you know what fat mamas arse reminded me of……walnuts, fucking oversized walnuts.
        I just hope you don’t show those type of videos when Gemma Arterton turns up at your place Dick.

      • I’m having a bet with myself before I open the link. Is it the one depicting Treeza M in a f.acesitting POV clip where her p1ssflaps look like a gigantic turkey’s wattle with bits of dried shit on it?

  5. I have revenge fantasies by the dozen. I still have a revenge fantasy about my old fella for making our lives a misery, even though he’s been dead for the best part of forty years. I have revenge fantasies about some of the boys at primary school who used to push me around. I can still remember their names. Even today, if I could hurt them in some way, and get away with it, I wouldn’t think twice. I think of all the twats I’ve had to work with over the years, I’d dearly love to do them some damage.
    I don’t kid myself, I’m never going to achieve this. I wasn’t a hard nut and I never had any weight to throw around. The resentment will stay with me. There are people who say “Oh I don’t hold grudges” as though they’ve got a halo around their heads. Well these people are fucking idiots, because when someone shits all over them, they’ll happily give them every chance to do it again. Which they will.
    Every fucker who’s ever annoyed me, they came to me, I didn’t inflict myself on them. I don’t just want to get even, I want to get more than even. You’ve heard the saying “I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy”. Well I would.

    • Allan, Allan we’ve got a school reunion in June at the old primary school. All your mates will be there.

    • I don’t have revenge fantasies, but do have a recurring dream where I get to push politicians, celebrities, thugs that mug grannies, cold callers (and anyone else that that’s currently grinding my gears) out of an aeroplane at 20,000ft without a fucking parachute.
      Does that count ?

  6. I do get this cunting, as it goes. People that say things like, ‘so I turned round and said to him’ are just noise.

    • Ooooh that really pisses me off. All these people turning around, why are the fuckers facing the wrong way all the time?

      These are the same cunts who start a sentence with “at the end of the day”. At the end of the day it’s fucking midnight. Grrrrrrrr.

  7. This is the (anti)social media equivalent of the “Scarborough Warning”.

    I.e. the warning where some cunt says: “And if ever I see him again I’ll lay the cunt out!”

    Knowing full well that the chances of meeting said protagonist is as likely as winning the lottery 3wks in a row!


  8. I have no doubt that when the remoaners win their rigged second referendum they will be crowing like fuck. That’s fine for MP traitors who will have 24 hour police protection.
    But if were an ordinary, smug , know it all remoaner in the street I would keep my fucking mouth shut.
    But i’m not, so none of my business.

  9. One revenge fantasy I have had involved seeing the Joker from the dark Knight returns appear on Micheal Mckintyres show, then kill him and use a robot doll to gas all the idiots in the audience, like in the comic. Another is seeing red nose day taken over by Jigsaw from the saw movies, who then forces all the celebrities to take part in games for charity.

    • Michael McIntyre is a cunt, I hate him, I’d like to see him ripped to pieces by a bad tempered polar bear.

  10. I have a very simple system, think of the eurika jug, its filled with people who have pissed me off.
    Someone pisses me off, my cup overfloweth and I take it out on the last person on the list, someone who may have forgotten I exist or it was so long ago that they have no way of connecting the two events.
    its rather good.
    (it doesn’t involve violence, normally dog shit on door handles or something along those lines)

  11. I once saw a workmate fight at a white collar boxing event. Unfortunately his billed opponent never turned so a doorman offered to take the absent slot. This was a venue in Southsea, Portsmouth.
    The crowd was belligerent, drinking heavily and a fight broke out when a beer was thrown over one boxer’s family.
    It was ‘tough guy’-tastic. I wouldn’t attend anything similar.

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