Philip Hammond (8)

Philip Hammond is a cunt, isn’t he.

This chinless Remainiac has been a constant handbrake on the Brexit process. Hammond’s been like an irritating wart on a scrotum which is apt as his face has the defeated sag of an octogenarian’s withered beanbag. In the House of Cunts it looks like a clumsy undertaker’s left a corpse on the front bench.

This week Hammond has been muttering about a Second Referendum, no doubt testing the air for interest. No mention of a third referendum or fourth or fifth.

What we require now is leaders with vision, with vim, with a gung-ho, pro-British vigour. Instead we have are these hollow men like Hammond, dour powder-puff cowards, refusing to seize opportunities, and constantly supporting the equally wretched Maycunt.

What a shame his Mum didn’t fall down the stairs while pregnant with the little shitbag.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

25 thoughts on “Philip Hammond (8)

  1. Leave won. It could have been 80/20 rather than 52/48 and we’d still be here now, it wouldn’t have made any difference. May is in the unenviable position of having to find all means possible, at the behest of the childless Merkel and Macron hell-made marriage, to stop it. If the UK leaves the EU, it’ll derail the plan to get Turkey in and enact the Kalergi Plan in earnest.

    If ever there was a time for political assassinations, in the literal not the figurative sense, this is it. Plural intended.

  2. Sly fucking remoaner cunt who manages to keep his head down most of the time, no doubt waiting for the right moment to stab Mavis in the back and put her plastic crown on his ugly bonce.
    Apparently the latest buzzword is “confirmatory vote”. This means remoan or brino as a choice in the referendum. Fuck those fucking cunts and fuck the Hammond cunt. What a bunch of lying, two faced arseholes.

  3. Hammond used to be the Secretary of State for Defence. It’s a pity the Army didn’t use the wizened old traitorous cunt for tank practice. He could have been used:
    – to test the penetration of a tank’s gun barrel inside the anus of a person
    – to test how effective a depleted-uranium shell can obliterate a human being
    – to demonstrate how effectively the caterpillar tracks of a tank can crush a eunuch

    He looks like Sugartits Cooper’s cunt flaps.

  4. If and when the Maybpt departs, unless we get another appeasing remainer in charge, thankfully his star is likely to diminish.

    If not, he is likely to be a continuing boil on this verucca, that calls itself parliament.

  5. His mum did fall down the stairs. His dad swept up all the pieces and glued them together. When he had finished he said never mind darling, it wasn’t delivered as one expected but it ‘s a passable result wouldn’t you say? He was a civil engineer.

    • I suggest his father was a blind cobbler looking at the state of his face

      • His father should’ve wanked him off into a dirty sock then burned it on a fire made of pig manure.

  6. Half the duffers in that House of anti-democracy look like they’re not awake. This piece of faeces looks like he’s not alive.

  7. I lost money on the National yesterday. I didn’t know what I was betting on but now i’m better informed they need to run it again…….

    Until I FUCKING WIN!

  8. Please excuse me for going completely off topic, but this story from South Africa gladdens my heart. An ivory poacher has been trampled by an elephant and eaten by a pride of lions. All that was left was a skull and a pair of trousers. Love it.

    • Yeah, I love those stories. My favourite is a shark 🦈 having some flash Aussie surfer’s 🏄‍♀️ various limbs for lunch.
      It’s important that they survive, dying is too easy.

      • It’s like when a loony Liberal goes cycling in the Middle East ti change hearts and minds because love conquer all and bring down walls.

        Later their headless corpse is found in a dirty ashram/temple/shithouse, stabbed and raped.

    • Yes but what you heartless cunts are forgetting is that the illegal ivory trade was merely a stepping stone to architecture.

      Just like the drug trade in Londonistab, as soon as a yardy gets taken out by one of their fellow enriched individuals they immediately become credits to their area with an unwavering interest in the works of Sir Christopher Wren.

      In’it guv!

  9. “The Prime Minister’s deal is a very good deal for Britain.”

    (Philip Hammond, just prior to the third meaningless vote)

    Nuff said.

  10. In my previous job I had to escort Hammond through one of Britain’s busiest airports, bypassing the queues that Joe Public have to get stuck in. Rather than thank me he looked at me like I was a piece of shit on the bottom of his shoe.

    He is a complete and utter cunt and I would not slow down if he walked out in front of my car.

    • Don’t take it personally, I reckon they all think we are lower than shit……and with a similar IQ.
      They’ve got a surprise coming their way the cunts.

  11. Just another cunt of Cuntminster.

    They’re all self-serving, feckless, traitors but don’t call them that otherwise they’ll get upset and call plod on you (for telling the truth)!

    All hateful cunts!

    We need better!

    We deserve better!

  12. All those who complain ( the so called “Rebels” ) threaten, make noises and do fuck all. If they wanted to, the could jump ship ( all 170 0f them ) and join the Brexit Party. That would really fuck her up. She would continue ( as would the Tory’s ) but only by their continued support for her Government, but at a price. She says NO! Then she’s fucked, the Tory,s are fucked, remain is fucked, Soros is fucked as is our friend Lynton Lickspitttal, and we leave by default bypassing sugar tits ‘s little ploy to keep us in.

    So. I ask this. ? Why haven’t they ?

    Your answers please to our local Sanitorium on a postcard.

    • For Brian’s sake! It’s obvious, PP. What’s the point in changing horses mid-race? You’re correct of course, anybody with convictions would. Alternatively you could ask why the Remainiacs haven’t fucked off to a Remoaner party.

      Great photo.

    • Because they’re all yellow livered, duplicitous lying cunts without a backbone between them. At the next General Election the electorate should put ALL of the cunts on the dole. The treasonous bastards. 💀🔫

  13. TBH …. this complicit cunts played a blinder!!
    Make no mistake this duplicitous cunt is one if the most dangerous politicians in Westminster….
    Look at the heading? Nominated on isac only 5 times? Impressive deception, Hammonds a crafty cunt, personally I would liken him to the Komodo dragon, he’s happy to sit back and let wretched hyenas like Soubry , cooper and Heidi Allen make lots of noise and take the heat! Whilst our attention is drawn to the constant noise made by those cunts Komodo Phil’s got Brexit in his sights, every now and then he takes a nibble then disappears and waits to see the impact of his poisonous
    Bite!! All the time avoiding the spotlight of the brexiteers!

  14. Yet another fiscal fortune -teller who glows with greyness.
    Hoo-ee, what a cunt.

  15. Unfortunately he’s a bit old for it now, but I would have harvested him for body parts/organs.
    When there was nothing left of any use, I would have thrown his remains in a skip, with the rest of the rubbish.
    He’s just as guilty as the hunchback, the cunt.

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