Newsnight (2)

Newsnight is a cunt.

Newsnight has been quick to highlight how great it is now it has its new, all female broadcasting team. Upon Evan Davis’ departure, Emily Maitlis will takeover as lead, alongside Emma Barnett and Kirsty Wark. Now, let me be clear, having female broadcasters is not why Newsnight is a cunt, indeed having an all female team is also not why they are cunts per se, it’s the fact that they sing from the roof tops at how progressive they are. Note if it was an all male cast it would have the exact opposite effect, which is ridiculous.

I’m all for equality, but stunts like this go too far the opposite way. It’s now sexist to have males in leading roles. Years ago I wanted to become a fireman, but a current fireman said I had no chance, because I was a straight white male. This is the same issue, if a man gets a CEO position there’s always some cunt complaining that a woman should have gotten the job, but if a woman gets the role all of a sudden it’s rise up and show the world feminism is king, or queen or whatever the fuck the term should be.

Your bias ‘news’ is bad enough Newsnight, without your fucking feminist agenda.

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  1. And let us not forget them attempting to sweep Savile’s mess under the BBC carpet and putting a ‘tribute’ show on for the cunt, when they knew full well what he’d done and how he did it… BBC scum…

  2. Haven’t watched any BBC, ITV, Channel 4 or Sky News programmes for the past few months.

    Emily Maitliss very shagable but like all the others a typical ignorant BBC pro Brexiteer

    I value my health and sanity so steer well clear. If I want any biased Brexit news prefer to get it from Nigel’s Twitter account, or Westminster, or Fox or even RT.

    Even the local news depresses the fuck out of me now so my daily look is now every three or four days.

    • Same here.

      I watch Fox and RT to find out what’s really going on in Blighty.

      Sad indictment of national lamestream media cuntitude!

      No matter the outlet, anyone pro-agenda is allowed to waffle on endlessly. Anyone anti-agenda is given moments to respond – with most of that time taken up by cunt interruptions by the complicit shill sat in the chair of cunt at the time.

      The thing is, I see/hear soundbites by Kuntsberg, Burley-Face-Lift, Catty Newman, et. al., saying shit like: “But whatever side of the political divide you sit on, one thing is for sure, there is palpable resentment towards the members of the House of Commons.”

      And all without realising that we hate those Lord Haw-Haw propagandist cunts just as much!

      They also get “ass hurt” when ordinary folk refuse to speak to them and also don’t like being called out for the traitors that THEY are.

      W1 cunts to a one!

    • Emily is indeed very shaggable and appropriately dirty) she could also be interesting in a post coital conversation as long as politics and political correctness were not on the agenda.

    • At least I can watch Emily Maitlis
      I can’t stand that smug midget cunt Evan Davis. Couldn’t care less whether he’s gay or straight, he’s just a fucking gollum stand in – twat Cunt.

    • Time to throw the TV in a skip, Willie. You can then devote more time to ISAC.

      • My wife and son have agreed we can forego TV in future and will therefore not need to renew our licence.

        The bad news is that I cannot expect any pro rats licence refund which expires in January 2020.

  3. Sorry folks, but I just can’t stand to watch the bitches. The news on Tv should be read by men, and only white men, for the authoritarian solidness that is necessary. Women do not, cannot, and will never, in my opinion, have the ability to do this. Simply because they are women. They should stick to more important issues now sadly lacking in present society. And as for the female football and rugby commentators, barely out of ankle socks, screaming down the microphone, don’t get me started. Quite often now, the men with years of ground force experience, are outnumbered by three to one in favour of these teenage fillies. Not only that, coverage of the men’s participation in sports, is now being whittled down in favour of the women. Biased bullshit that will only get worse.

    • Feel the same. I’m not quite them for being at home -‘getting their washing done’. But not far off. Kay Burley is as ridiculous to me as watching Guru Murthy. Very unfair I know. But the way I feel.

    • Exfuckingsactly. Match Of The Day, last Saturday, presented by Mrs Punch, with a female fucking pundit? Tell me, Love, what exactly is your experience on the men’s game, eh? Oh, that’s right – fuck-all. Fucking BBC and their PC fucking agenda. You can bet your bottom fucking dollar that EVERY programme they commission has a tick-box cast straight out of Central Casting. Mixed-race couple? Tick. Strong female lead? Tick. Woman in job that is predominantly male? Fucking tick. Every bastard time.


  4. Anyone who knows social media will know that Emily Maitlis is the single biggest fucking Remainer shill currently at the BBC.

    Here’s hoping that her high-profile stalker situation will continue to bring her untold misery for many years yet. You fucking uppity shitcunt.

    • It’s an old university friend that’s been stalking her for years!!
      Maitlis probably enjoys the attention…
      Another Canadian twat …….
      Personally I would like to book two one way tickets with air Canada. BOE Goldman Sachs rent boy Carney
      Could keep her company…….

      • Three one way tickets. Katherine Ryan as well.

        Ditch the TV and stop funding the BBC cunts fellow cunters.

    • Her glib, dead-eyed chanting of the mantra ‘diversity… tolerance…’ during her interview with Hungary’s foreign minister was surreal and disturbing.

      Like something a millennial mong with blue hair would start screeching after losing an argument.

  5. Hate the obvious newsnight bias so I don’t watch.

    Unfortunately I atill have to pay my licence fee.

  6. Democracy in Britain today;

    ‘The ayes to the right 312’
    ‘The noes to the left 309’

    ‘So the noes have it, the noes have it’

    • Yes that’s pretty much it Miles.

      In Richmond (Londonistab) there was a local referendum on whether to make an area a 20mph zone of not.

      The result was 49% “Yes” and 51% “No”.

      The COUNCIL decided that it was close enough to the decision THEY wanted and so implemented the fucking 20mph zone anyway!?!

      That and Brexit being the classic Ersatz democratic process in action: YOU choose but WE make the decision.

      How the cunts dare show their faces is beyond me.

      I honestly don’t know of any other profession where saying one thing but then doing the exact opposite goes completely unpunished??

      Welcome to the Cuntminster joy-ride!

      Cunts to a one!

      We need better!

      We deserve better!

  7. I quite like Fiona Bruce and Sophie Raworth for shaggability purposes. But, one thing I can say for certain, is that women commentators are shit. That’s not being sexist, just stating a fact. Screaming down the microphone because fucking Burnley have equalised is just a horrid listening experience. Regarding Director General Clare Balding, I’m not sure if it’s female.
    At least with Loose Women we know to avoid completely as they have gathered together the manifest and thickest cunts they could find.

  8. Anything on the BBC is bollocks.

    As for quotas for gender and race, fuck off you cunts. Even more irritating is when they find ‘experts’ on BBC breakfast. Even if it’s a male dominated field or profession they will drag a woman in for her opinion.

    Fuck off, I want to hear from tje people who know most on the subject not someone who fits the agenda.

    As for that Sally cunt sports presenter………Arghhhhh!

    The northern bint who does the financial stories……….

    • Yes and as for Nagas’ sense of humour you’ll be waiting a fucking long while to even snigger. All boring right on lefty cunts that are now unwatchable. But i would reluctantly give Maitlis a back scuttle though.

  9. Newsnight tries to project an air of superiority, it’s an absolute joke.
    They are like all the other so called news commentators rolling out the usual bunch of cunts who do the rounds and have no more insight into anything than the rest of us.

    It’s a waste of the fucking licence fee!!


  10. I have a bit of time for Emma Barnett after watching her giving Barry Gardiner a lashing when she stood in on the Cripple Marr show. Must admit that I’ve not seen her on Spuesnight yet, but I’d shag her out of spite.

    Maitlis and Wark – get fucked.

  11. I think Nick Robinson commented that he was wasting his time auditioning for Question Time, being a WASP male.

  12. ‘News’ night. Oh how we laugh.

    Try ‘Left Filth Shoved Down Your Gullet’ night.

    And you pay for this.

    You, glued to your phone screen, waiting for it to validate you and tell you that your existence matters.

    ‘News’ night is Night Of The Living Dead.

  13. I stopped watching when Ian Katz became the producer and turned it into the fucking Beano.

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