The CPS and Bloody sunday


I have cunted these fuckers before but today the pen pushing, cowardly scum at the Crown Prosecution Service have decided to charge 1 ex soldier for a Bloody Sunday murder in 1972. How the fuck is this in the public interest when it wasn’t in the public interest to charge IRA members, some of whom were and are being paid as politicians by the state? Against whom there is more than sufficient evidence.
Fucking self serving vermin.

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  1. Forgive repetition. So angry I posted in the wrong nom. I am an angry cunt.

    Fucking disgraceful.
    NI Secretary says that killings at the hands of the security forces “were not crimes” and then gets battered and humiliated into issuing an immediate apology/retraction.
    No support, no courage, no leadership from anyone else ‘in power’ as they are all too busy fucking up Brexit and don’t want to put their heads above the parapet as they tiptoe around to get into pole position for the next jobfair.
    So now, presumably, the official line is that killings at the hands of the security forces “were crimes”.
    Followed, in very short order, by the cowardly decision to charge this one soldier and make him the focal point for all of the vitriol and sectarian hatred of the one-eyed grudge-bearing bog-trotting cunts.
    Thanks for your support, you spineless, cowardly, bastards; me and the boys really appreciate it.
    Compare it with this:
    1995: Dutch tank commander asked why they had fired 24 rounds of high explosives at a single Serbian sentry post, seen to be firing machine guns at a convoy of unarmed Bosnian refugees.
    Answer (from young female officer, still ashamed over Dutch UN troops’ failure to prevent massacres at Gorazde, Srebrenica etc), “Because I only had 24 rounds”.
    “OK, fair enough. Case dismissed.”
    And fuck off too you Irish cunts. Go and paint another provocative mural on your shitty end of terrace and stew in your own bile for another 400 years, singing rebel songs about your brave boys (but perhaps not the innocent women and children that they kneecapped or blew to pieces).
    Perhaps we should send a company of Paras over each year to join in your childish marching season and make sure you have ‘something to cry about’; at least then you could paint something a bit different on your squalid council houses each summer.

      • I’ve just re-read my original post and I think it might come across a bit one-sided.

        As a bootneck (Royal Marine) for 25 years, I obviously think that all paras are cunts as well.

        (apologies; too good an opportunity to miss!!!)

  2. If they are going to start prosecutions 47 years after the event, they ought to go back just 10/11 years and prosecute the fuckers in Westminster for all the money the MPs stole in the expenses scandal, and Anthony Blair for his 2003 war crimes. Also, make sure the Peterborough cunt goes back to prison to serve the rest of her sentence.

  3. A cunting for the News outlets today too, the BBC and ITV for both referring to the meeting as ‘A Civil Rights Protest’! It was nothing of the sort – it WAS an IRA-backed demonstration were guns were seen. Our mate knows a soldier who was there, and he states categorically that the bastard Gerry Adams was definitely in the crowd, inciting things. So what about the murderous IRA scum in the crowd then, are they going to get their collar felt? Whoops, sorry, I forgot, they CANNOT be prosecuted can they, under the ‘Accord’!! Bastards!

    • Every fenian cunt on the “civil rights protest” who survived should be prosecuted for attempted murder. You throw bricks and petrol bombs then you are trying to kill or maim the target, joint enterprise charges for the few non violent individuals present. Including the priest. And they all knew they were providing cover for Martin McGinnis to take potshots at the paras. Fuck the lot of them and bring back internment.

  4. Beggars belief that this snowflake, embarrassment excuse of a government and judicial system can let this happen. Pity the future generations having to live with what lies in the future for the poor cunts.

  5. That we have come to this is a sign of this country’s total capitulation to the rampant SJW movement that drives so many things now.
    Never mind the murderous terrorists that have been released from jail or not jailed at all.
    Never mind the soldiers, all volunteers, who put their lives on the line, yet when attacked, are condemned and punished for fighting back.
    Just keep appeasing those who would do us harm, whether they’re in Ireland or elsewhere.
    As each day passes this country becomes more and more unrecognisable to me.
    The decision to prosecute Soldier F is nothing short of scandalous.
    I’m thoroughly disgusted by this, it’s nothing short of a disgrace.
    Fuck everyone who has played a part in bringing about this situation.
    This country has gone to shite.

  6. I don’t know how it is in the public interest, Cunstable. I suspect it is a bandwagon, a new hobby-horse to which the British judiciary appear ever-increasingly saddled, and to its detriment.

    As such idées fixes go, this is surely among the more opprobrious, I needs agree CC, but I am apt to lump it in with those wider jurisprudential travesties from Yewtree (and its follow-ups by CPS) to the ongoing major case at Preston Crown.

    The matter of public interest is indeed the interesting bit.

  7. And where is the Rupert who was in charge when all this was kicking off? Pissing it up in the House of Lords no doubt. Always the bloke at the bottom of the food chain who carries the can. Why bother with a trial? There’s no possibility that this political prisoner can be found not guilty.
    No wonder the Army is desperately trying to recruit poofs, snowflakes and peacefuls.

    • To be fair the Rupert has always supported his men, and still does.
      I posted this cunting in anger at the establishment and the disparity between persecuting pensioner soldiers and supporting known IRA murderers (I wont name them except the dead fucker – McGuiness) who, although representing a British constituency still give their allegiance to Eire and a gangster clique.

      • Small mercy that the IRA refuse to take their seats in the House of Common Cunts…

  8. I suspect the CPS were mightily relieved when they found enough evidence to charge 1 out 17 with murder, desperate to appease the republicans.

    To now go back in time to the circumstances which were present in Northern Ireland in 1972 and pass judgement in 2019 is wrong.

    Soldier F must pushing 70 or more now, he must be feeling completely fucked, I hope is legal team push the process as far into the long grass as possible.

  9. Hope no fucker thinks of joining up now.
    Steptoe will ban the armed forces in the name of peace anyway so nobody can be arrested 40 years later in any case.

  10. This is a fucking joke. I am now concerned I’ll be caught up in this crap 30 years down the line for serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. My father served in Ireland a few times in the 70s and 80s. He’s now got cancer if any fucking pen pushing do gooder does the same to him for his service I won’t be held accountable for what I do to them.

  11. Compare how the USA treats it’s armed forces both serving and veteran, to how this country treats them.
    This country has completely lost it’s moral compass, I despair what will be in 10 or 20 years. Prosecuting soldiers to appease murdering terrorists.
    It was the IRA who claimed it was a war dirty low life cunts.

  12. This is a Disgrace. Almost 50 yrs after the event they sell some poor old cunt down the river . What a bunch of snowflake cunts are now in charge of this country .

  13. We have IRA terrorists as fucking MPs for Christ’s sake. How the fuck does this serve the public? A country of Jon Venables justice.

  14. This country is finished.

    Hopefully I will be before too long as simply cannot take any more fucking Brexit bollocks and other unimaginable unbelievable nonsense made by the arrogant illogical hypocritical incompetent decision maker wankers in charge of just about every major public service today. Not up to the job. Fucking clueless. And they don’t care.

    This country can now justifiably call itself a world leader. A country that is seemingly fucking its own. Everything and everyone that has made Britain great and the envy of the world is being shafted. We are nothing more now than a laughing stock.

    At 60 I can remember when this country was a fantastic place to live. Where there was democracy and a sense of fairness, decency and of pride. It is now a fucking shithole, with priority being given to the millions who do not belong here.

    Anyone now days that works hard, pays their taxes, fights for their country, plays by the rules, shares traditional British values and is proud to be British can just go fuck themselves.

    Those responsible for this fucking mess should be ashamed of themselves. I only hope that these appalling fuckwit cunts get their come uppance in the remainder of my lifetime.

    But I won’t be holding my breath.

    • Great comment W.S.

      I wonder how many Brits feel this way now? I do and i’m 38.

      The liberal/cultural marxist class have a hell of a lot to answer for. Each generation of administrators, civil servants, bureaucrats and educators produced is more fucked in the head with this disease than the last, as the drive to create more categories of ‘marginalised’ types we must naturally put before our own kids never ends.

      We are told to tolerate the intolerance of not just Islamists, but race-baiting leftists and activists who use our national broadcaster to preach multiculturalism, yet happily call white people ‘violent’ and social media for calling for the deaths of ‘all white men’.

      This level of arrogance and hypocrisy is extremely dangerous and i think we can see where this is heading; a complete and utter breakdown of western society, and a lot more violence of the kind witnessed in Norway, the Finsbury Mosque and Christchurch.

  15. Utter disgrace. Still a case of lions led by donkeys, the treacherous scum that ‘lead’ this country ought to be ashamed, but of course theyve never been ashamed of anything, morally bankrupt parasites to a man. Prosecuted? The old guy deserves a fucking medal and few grand tax free for job well done.

  16. McGuinness and Adams sitting at the seat of power in Stormont? The only chairs they should (have) be(en) on are electric ones with 2000 volts running through them. Sat next to IRA supporters who turned out on Bloody Sunday, with room for a few more chairs for the CPS. Rot in hell. Fucking cunts, the lot of them.

  17. Flashback to 1971 and the murder of three young (one was just 17) off-duty soldiers by the I Ran Away. Not one person has come forward to help bring the killers to justice – and, believe me, plenty of people knew who those killers were. Ah, but it was just the craic, wasn’t it?

    Cowardly bastards.

  18. They should put this on the army recruiting posters, at least people will know that you will be left out to dry when cunts can make money out of prosecuting you for doing your job. This has been a dark week for British politics, and it gets darker by the day. Terrorist filth get letters from Tony Blair telling them they are now free from prosecution for murdering, while the spineless government of today offer up pensioners as scapegoats.

  19. The BBC announced this on the news this morning. The framed it as 1 Para opening fire on innocent protesters.

    The left run this country top to bottom.

    Up is down

    • To quote Kevin Costner in ‘JFK’, “We’re through the looking glass. White is black and black is white.”

  20. I agree completely with fellow cunters re the CPS and the cunt politicians who weakly stand by and hang the troops out to dry.
    A very good mate (despite being a Para!) was there, as was McGuiness, who admitted opening fire that day. Innocent peace marchers my arse.
    One day the truth will out. Those of us who served know the truth.
    It’s a bad time – cunt politicians selling us out all round – Troopies being hounded, terrorists go free, betrayal of the voters, while their snouts are in the trough – the list is endless.

    The day of reckoning is coming – mark my words

    • It is, and we do mark your every word, Big Al. (Please be aware of the “absolute discharge” option open to the judges in sentencing, from our Magistrates up to the Bread Rolls.)

      This so-called “virtue signalling” will soon be as passé as Black Forest Gateaux, (though no guarantees some old harridan like Mary Berry will not resurrect it….)

      Go well, and in honour and pride and in no fear.

      Remember:utrinque paratus

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