Those Who Won’t Eat Offal

People who don’t like offal are cunts.

I enjoy some of the less popular cuts of meat… fried liver, devilled kidneys, tongue, lamb heart, tripe, and of course, sweetbreads.

I can, however, understand why these delicacies aren’t universally enjoyed. Most people lack the palate to appreciate “real” food. They are happy existing on their Richmond Sausages, Findus Burgers and Bernard Matthews Turkey-Twizzlers. One must not only be born with a fine palate ,but one must be raised correctly to appreciate proper food.
What really gets me is when benefit claimants and the like claim that they can’t afford “real” food… ridiculous!. There is nothing cheaper than offal at the butchers. I am aware that Lidl probably doesn’t carry a great selection of stuffed lambs’ hearts, but really, how hard would it be for these people to turn off The Jeremy Kyle Show and march their wobbly arses down to a decent butchers? The exercise and the improved diet would do wonders for them and their benefit-sponging offspring.

I will admit that I’m not partial to faggots,however.

Get Fucked.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

75 thoughts on “Those Who Won’t Eat Offal

  1. After a few beers I used to enjoy sliced grilled faggots on toast, but homophobic cannibalism seems to have gone out of fashion, so now I just make do witth a pickled liver!

  2. Remember when you used to get a bit of kidney in a proper pork chop?

    It was the best bit.

    Thanks again you EU cunts!

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