Richard Branson (11)

Richard fucking Branson. Again.

This grinning, bearded, hippy arsewipe is seeking to outcunt Geldof, if that is at all possible.

‘Richard Branson, the British billionaire behind the Virgin group of companies, announced last week that he was planning to hold a concert to raise money for aid for Venezuela – inspired by similar benefits like Live Aid.’

Branson is again seeking publicity opportunities to puff up his pathetic profile. Well why not? LiveAid did such a lot of good for Ethiopia didn’t it? Well, it certainly didn’t do Soapdodger any harm. In fact U2, Queen, Geldof and a few warlords did very well indeed.
We can only hope that Branson benefits in like fashion.

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62 thoughts on “Richard Branson (11)

  1. Why doesn’t The Smiling Face of Capitalism dip his hand into his own pocket or sell one of his islands then?

    The breathtaking arrogance of this cunt. If only his mother had swallowed once in a while.

    • I think that he wants to look the part of a virtue signaller without stumping up himself.
      Whatever, he’s a National Cunt. Fucking twat.
      Afternoon Cap’n, and well cunted as ever, CC!

  2. He should do one a bit closer to home.

    How about Live Aid for Londonistan?

    Poverty, stabbings, murders, and a lots and lots of non-British cunts with their hands held out wanting something for nothing!

  3. Lets interfere in yet another failing country, all this live aid shit means nothing, the people of Venezuela have to sort it out.

    Fucking Branson and all the other do gooders are just wasting time and causing more problems than they are worth.

    The US are fucking them over on the one hand and delivering aid on the other, what the fuck!

  4. Virgin Galactic must be running short of cash again. The most wasteful and expensive fairground ride for cunts yet invented.

  5. Speaking of fucking bullshit The Independent has pulled off a classic today. They have published a letter from an anonymous 6 year old girl to that cunt Tusk. In childish scrawl it says something like…”I know we are leaving the EU but can we still be friends? I have drawn you a nice unicorn. Love Sophie x.”
    Jesus fucking Christ! How fucking dumb do they think we are? Naturally the snowflake twitterati are in meltdown. You have to hand it to the cunts, it’s a brilliant idea.
    Expect a lot more of this when the referendum campaign starts….an endless queue of cute , multi coloured brats crying about the fucking EU, condemning the old racist Nazi cunts stealing their future.
    I’ve just done a bit of sick in my mouth.

        • I remember when the British Broadcating Cunts were spouting their propaganda for the euro, they had a piece on the news interviewing young european vermin, ( who talked in a strange tongue, which required translation for normal people ) and it was to espouse how much cheaper video games were over there.
          The establishment and its many mouthpieces will stoop to any depth, to achieve there aim of making Britain kneel down, and renounce our past.
          I say send Sophie and her parents with a one way ticket to Strasbourg, we’ll do nicely without you, filthy mixed up european scum fuck off cunts.
          And don’t come back.

    • Great nom CC and comment Freddie. Your KGB training is being put to good use Mr Lebedev but your Sophie cover is blown. I’d know your handwriting anywhere. Have you forgotten the dead letter drops Alexander? Give my regards to Vladimir when next you see him.
      P.S. can’t you get rid of that cunt Osborne at your other comic?

    • They actually showed and DISCUSSED that kid’s letter on Politics Live this morning, FFS!

      Are there no depths to which these patronising Remoaners will not plummet?

    • Same thing hapoened after the referendum middle-class liberals sharing anecdotes of how racist Britain had suddenly become.
      ‘Jemima and Timothy tell me their eastern European school friends had ‘so long, farewell’ sung to them in the playground!’
      The amount of cunts on social media who eagerly shared this utter shite, many to howls of derision from mates.

    • I wonder if my letter’ll get as much press attention,
      Pig-Botherer Hall.
      Dear Mr. Tusk.
      I’m not a 6 year old girl so probably wont interest you,but I now know that we’re not leaving Europe..just as I promised you.
      signed David Cameron, 52.

    • “Can we still be friends ?” Did her parents not see the Jacko documentary? Of course Sophie can sleep over with you at Euro Disney Donald. What could possibly go wrong there?

  6. The chancellor has pledged to spend a £26.6bn Brexit war chest to boost the economy, IF MPs vote to leave the European Union with a deal. Philip Hammond vowed to free up more money to cut taxes and spend on public services in a “deal dividend”.

    However, he said these spending plans were based on a smooth Brexit. What, like up to now Phil? Tosser.

    Sorry, thought the country was broke, hence the need for many years of austerity, less police, reduced school funds etc.? Somehow always seem to find some when they need it, especially for pro-EU propaganda purposes.

    Parliament have twice voted down Theresa Mays (sorry EU’s) SHIT deal, the arrogant wankers in Brussels say they have done everything (hahaha) to help and that NO further discussions regarding amendments will take place.

    Don’t believe a fucking word any politician says.

    All cunts.

    • We may be broke, thanks to the bankers, but we can lay our hands on £39 billion in exchange for sweet fuck all.

    • The story yesterday was that we have wiped out our balance of payments deficit; ie the interest (on the interest on the national debt), which we previously had to borrow to pay. Therefore the sun has put his hat on and (gay cunt) he’s coming out today.

      Until the next time the banks fuck us.

  7. Branson looks like one of those poor fuckers you see each xmas in the Salvation Army TV Appeal – you know for £20 you can give the poor old bastard a warm meal, a haircut and shave and some warm clothing for when he goes back to the street in January.

    Can’t stand the filthy old cunt – he has one of those horrible camp voices like Anthony Blair

    • He actually looks exactly like that flying dog from neverending story I’d link a picture but i’m too drunk lol falkor is his name I think

      • He will also never be cool as falkor either that flying dog was something else I still have fond memories watching that movie as a young lad

  8. Unpopular opinion I like My bloody valentine the band and the movie of which the band named themselves after, sitting here drinking a gin and tonic listening to loveless Cheers cunters

    Also Branson is a democracy destroying cunt and he gets more credit then he deserves on the music he helped popularise tubular bells (fyi he wanted mike oldfield to add vocals to it), never mind the bollocks and camembert electrique the only virgin records I ever bought from the cunt

    • I saw MBV at Brixton in the early 90s and my ears have only just started recovering. I’ve seen some loud bands in my time, (NIN, Ministry, system of a down etc) but they’re all volume lightweight compared to MBV!

      • I paid £4 to see the Who (and supporting acts) at Charlton Athletic Football Club on 31st May 1976. That scorcher of a Summer.

        Needless to say it pissed down all day.

        Fucking loud. Listed as reaching 126 dB 32m away from the speakers.

    • First time I played ‘Loveless’ I thought the CD (or the player) was somehow faulty! Definitely not the drugs cos I hadn’t partaken that day…

      • shoegaze isn’t everyones taste but it intentionally sounds druggy and hazy also mbv first album geek! was straight ahead rock n roll then folkly jangle pop with Isn’t Anything then more shoegazey with Tremolo ep and loveless album

        • Actually I grew to really enjoy Loveless… a lot more than Isn’t Anything.

          Also love Slowdive’s Just For A Day, and Souvlaki to a slightly lesser extent.

          • Yeah slowdive isn’t bad tho I think MBV did shoegaze better

            I also forgot about You made me realise ep great songs on their too more jangle pop- rock influenced title track and drive it all over me are gems imo

    • Thanks WS that’s the first thing in 24 hours that’s made me laugh!
      I saw a program on Branson’s island a couple of years ago, he employs lots of attractive boys and girls who are “encouraged “ to befriend and “entertain “ his guests? It’s all a tad sleazy but Branson’s always been a complete cunt so no surprise really…

      Just watched 15 mins live at the commons and cuntasaurus ken CLARKE was giving a 10 minute sermon on why the EU is soooo fantastic, the cunt failed to give way on 2 occasions? At the 3rd time of asking he did? And guess who to?
      Mr punch tribute act Dominic grieve!!
      WTF !!
      The cunts are tag teaming the commons…..
      Unfucking believable ……..

  9. I’ve just read a story about that old, mad, plastic granny Cher spouting off. She’s been in proper Trump Derangement Syndrome mode for years but this last one takes the piss.

    The old trout claims that men should all be circumcised and prove it or show papers (?). She further rants that any man who visits a massage parlour must receive the death penalty.

    Back in the 1940s or 50s, she was an average looker but she’s been mainly plastic since then. Presumably it’s been such a long time since she’s seen anyone naked that she’s started making ridiculous claims.

    Psh. The revolting harridan must have a new song out.

    • Are you back in the room Miles? Or is it Mrs Plastic, posting on your behalf?

      That Captain Magnanimous chappie probably thought you’d make a good Manchurian candidate…

      • As you can see RT I’m trying to be visually creative like Captain Magnanimous with his hypnotic eyes. Which had such a dreadful effect on me yesterday.

          • Arrrhh! There they are again. Help me RT! I am bewitched.

            ‘Cluck cluck cluck cluck….’

          • I am getting very sick of this. What have you done to Miles again. Now he gone off down the road flapping his arms in the air like some demented chicken. I need this to stop right now….what are those two red eyes…’I AM IN YOUR POWER CAPTAIN MAGNANIMOUS WHATEVER IS YOUR COMMAND SAY I WILL OBEY….

  10. In the shape of a balloon


  11. Drinking a old fashioned whiskey right now but i put four different whiskeys in it lol fucking loaded right now 2 gin and tonics and 3 old fashioneds properly fucked now m8’s

      • Have to agree Mince Pie Guy, favorite of mine too but i put more orange and bitters in it then some are use to but i usually double or triple up my use of whiskey to get a full glass instead of the half glass look it usually has associated with the drink

        I also almost never put a maraschino cherry in it just ruins the flavor of it btw Cheers komodo

  12. Fuckin’ nora, Branson is resembling Catweazle more than Catweazle these days.
    You’d think that his money could afford him a bit of male grooming now and again, scruffy bastard.

    Sorry, but charity begins at home….. preferably MY HOME as I am a bit short at the moment and have a maxed-out Barclaycard that needs a-payin’.

    Look Dick, you are the one with the millions, so why don’t YOU just give them a shit load of your own cash instead of begging from the great unwashed? Oh yeah, because then you won’t be able to perpetuate your jolly, friendly, ‘man of the people’, carefully and cynically cultivated, philanthropic image that you have built up over the years, will you?

    DO ONE.

  13. And if he’s horrified about the once thriving and now decimated economy of Venezuela then no doubt Branston-Pickle WON’T be voting Labour in the next GE!

    The pure socialist model espoused by Comrade Corbyn, MacNationalise, the DFS Leather Sofa and their Momentum fuckwits is exactly why Venezuela is a basket case socially and economically within a generation!


  14. Our own country is in disarray, young would be doctors and engineers stabbing each other, peaceful’s plotting bombing’s, and this smug cunt wants to help Venezuela.? Obviously all things are good when you’re thrashing the servants whilst swigging cocktails on Necker Island.

  15. Richard Branson and Mike Oldfield. To think his whole Empire was built on the back of Tubular Bells. Cunters are rightly suspicious of the ‘sensitive’ Artist idea. But if there ever was one it was Mike Oldfield. Fucked up with congenital mental problems (from his mother) made infinitely worse by a bad LSD trip. It really was an agony for him to produce it.
    And Richard. Not the slightest interest in the Art of it. It was said he only had one record…wait for it…’Congratulations’ by Sir Cliff.
    The famous footage of him in hippie gear walking through a festival a piece of staw in his mouth.
    And the other story of him giving his Aunt’s old Bentley to Mike as an inducement for him to perform the whole thing at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Money his first thought.
    Maybe too harsh. I suppose if it wasn’t for his backing it would never have been made. But it was the comment (in the programme I watched) by the sound engineer of TB that sums him up: ‘He was a chancer’.

    • He wanted Oldfield to add vocals to it FFS! he didn’t understand how a instrumental work could be profitable, and the old bentley he gave mike was a piece of broken down shit apparently.

      I like tubular bells but I like the first part more the 2nd half is just a variation of the first part, also ommadawn was pretty good too platinum had its moments as well

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