Ash Sarkar

An overdue cunting for one Ash Sarkar. I cannot believe this parasite hasn’t been on the receiving end as yet, I will be the first.

A “journalist” and left-wing political activist says Wikipedia. She loves Corbyn and is a self declared Commie who describes herself on Twitter as, “Anarcho-fabulous. Muslim. THFC. Walks like a supermodel. Fucks like a champion. Luxury communism now!”

Fuck me, doesn’t she sound like one confused snowflake cunt?
She “works” for a radical left-wing alternative media organisation and is increasingly appearing on our TV screens such as on Daily Politics, Channel 4 News and Newsnight to name a few.

Says she teaches at Angela Ruskin university, but when checking their website there is no reference to her, maybe she went and gave a talk once and now claims to be a lecturer. Total fraud of a cunt.

She says she walks like a supermodel but that is the closest she will ever get to a catwalk, and is super desperate to appear ‘pretty’ judging from her selfies (all on Google Images). She would be more useful as Corbyn’s bike stand.

Says she fucks like a champion? Jeez, I do hope no one has had the misfortune of spending the night with her. Maybe Corbyn could do her a favour as he likes a bit of “Abbot”.

She is a total cunt who is getting too big for her boots and I hope this is the first of many a cunting for this dog of a bitch (apologies to all canines).

Nominated by Bill

64 thoughts on “Ash Sarkar

  1. She needs to shave off her tache, or get some better lighting in her bathroom.
    Somebody should tell her you’re supposed to make it in showbiz first THEN become a libtard “intellectual”, not the other way round.
    Confused slag, needs a kick in the cunt.

      • I’ve seen more convincing trannies then this supposed female also what the fuck does THFC stand for?

      • There was a tranny on local news. She started to speak-‘You may think me a terrible parody of a woman’ STOP right there. That’s exactly what we do think. You look a terrible parody of a woman. But the fact that you owned up to it interests me. So you look in the mirror of a morning and see ‘a terrible parody of a woman’. How can you believe yourself to be a woman then? The idea of Body Dismorphia I am attacking here. He himself didn’t believe he looked convincingly feminine. So it must be something in his head.

  2. This is the commie bird made famous by being described on live TV as a “funny tinge” , nice one Angela Smith (she was feeling tired, poor thing)
    One of the 20 or so cunts who appear regularly on the BBC, spouting her left wing bullshit.

  3. Another attention-seeking brat who grew up without any responsible adult supervision.
    Put it In the bin with Afua Hirsch and Tranny Bergdorf.

  4. Their seems to be a theme lately of cunting moose limb types of people’s..
    Carry on the good work cunters.

  5. I hope this skank has got nothing to say about Islam. Judging by her photos she’s obviously not a “real Muslim”, just like those stabbers and bombers aren’t “real Muslims.”
    Islam is the religion of modesty and peace as everybody knows.
    (Chinny reckon)

  6. Yes, almost as annoying as Afua Hirsch but not sure if she has the ultra annoying rising inflection in her voice that normally infects what the beeb/Sly news fondly imagine to be the authentic opinion of ‘British’ yoof.

    • She looks like she smells like she never wiped properly. That odour people have of warm sewers, Eau de Middle East’, although it probably emanates from her unwashed, sour front hole.

      • And how come her face is so much paler than the rest of her, do blacks now fade in the sun, or is she related to Michael Jackson?

      • Perhaps she ‘blacked-up’ her tits, Mogg. It’s not racist if you’re on the Left. Shamoh!

      • Perhaps ISIS have stuck the wrong head on her, they must have a large collection by now. She should Fuck off like a champion, the fucking windbag Cunt

    • Ash Sarkar, Afua Hirsch, Faiza Shaheen, Maya Goodfellow… all hatched from the same wretched egg, fertilised by gobs of bükâké spunk scooped off a broken, shit smeared Virgin Rail toilet seat.

  7. Looks suspiciously like a bloke dressed up to me. Should fuck off to the Caliphate to spout his views.

  8. Deeply offended that this self obsessed wet cunt should claim any connection with Marxism-Leninism. Come the revolution, it’s the gulag for her, with Das Kapital on a loop on the wall speakers. Whoever she is.

  9. Complete fraud and ugly cunt to boot.
    I saw the stupid bitch in one of own Jones’ telephone tough guy rants against Tommy Robinson and she was drinking lager.
    Muslims don’t drink you lying cunt.
    Also, and please correct me if I’m wrong (I’m sure you more well informed cunters can help), I’m pretty sure that being a Muslim and being a communist are completely incompatible. Opposites.
    I can’t claim to completely understand marxist ideology (though I probably understand more about it than she does) but commies hate religion. ….especially Muslims.

  10. Yet again, another “look at me, aren’t I edgy” cunt with no real clue about anything. Best place for that thing would be on the cover of National Geographic, although that’s an insult to the natural world. A new species of Libtardius cuntofficus has been discovered hiding in a far left basement in Londonistab. Cunt.

  11. Is she a Gash Lickar or a Cock Sarkar?

    Whatever she is, she’s definitely a cunt.

    Well cunted.

  12. Great cunting – I feel like booting my telly to bits every time she comes on it. Which she manages to do with worrying regularity. Flapping her manicured claws around and over gesticulating, as is the style amongst young liberal dickheads.

  13. Well muslims will love her getting naked. Another leftie lovvie that should go back to the sandbox

    • Pornography is haram and this cunt is fucking ugly please put her back in a hijab allah is offended and disgusted by her appearance

  14. Typical of all commies – hates capitalism, but loves the money, and chooses to use social media (mostly owned by billionaires) for her mouthpiece.

    “It” probably uses an Apple phone, because it wouldn’t seen dead with anything cheaper, despite the fact Apple phones are built in China under almost slave-labour conditions and exploitation.

    A shallow attention-seeking hypocrite, who really wouldn’t be seen dead with real communists or live the real communist life style (ie. try fucking off to North Korea!)

    • It’s Anglia Ruskin University, btw. But she’s not on the faculty there, either. Best guess is that she taught the first-year undergrad Global Politics module in 2017/18 and that they’ve now dispensed with her services. Unlikely to have tenure, with her mere Masters in English.

  15. A spot of ‘ Year Zero ‘ agricultural labour would work wonders for this uppity, waste of space, purveyor of verbal diahorrea trollop.
    Get to fuck.

  16. Dubios regarding her sexual boasting. Nobody is climbing on that.
    Pandas get laid more often….

  17. Off topic:

    Raoul made a wheezing sound from his nose and it was in that seductive moment that she couldn’t pretend any more, she had to have him, she wanted his long fingernails through her hair, that one bushy eyebrow against her lips, how badly she wanted to unclasp his Quicksilver brand belt and pull down those cut off dungarees. The Princess was unstoppable now. With the power of a thousand lions with erections she launched herself toward him.

    Now… what were we talking about?

    Goodbye for now.

  18. Fucking hell, where are all those committed radical moslems when you need them? isn’t she a apostate showing almost nude body disgusting, isn’t that haram?

    In most middle eastern countries if you show too much ankle or shoulder you are beaten, raped or if the justice system is lenient you might only get 20 lashes and you’re family has to publicly disown and apologize for you

  19. Call me old fashioned, but isn’t the term ‘luxury communism’ a contradiction in terms?

    Fucking stupid cow.

    ‘Walks like a supermodel’? That’s catagorically the closest you will ever get to being a supermodel, love. Face like a bag of spanners and in desperate need of electrolysis or a shit load of hair removal cream.

    ‘Fucks like a champion’? I doubt it somehow. She probably lies there and thinks of Corbyn to get off, as does any (clearly mentally unstable) man that shags THAT.

    Her arrogance is astounding, but this seems to be the norm these days with all of these obnoxious lefties. She is just another one to add to the very lengthy list.


  20. Have been planning on getting drunk for the last week and a half keep putting it off like a bad date, but I think I had enough cuntishness from reality that a few hours of being drunk as fuck is in order. Might as well spring is just around the corner and I rarely drink during the hot summer months aside from the occasional cold beer

  21. I seem to recall this uppity schwarz appearing on QT waving her bright yellow-painted talons around like some wannabee she devil.

    She spoke complete utter fucking facile nonsense in that arrogant, fluid way in which only people of that age/generation (sans life experience) can as they clearly have no sense of self-irony.Out comes more of the same, remorseless, unstoppable, utter fucking cockwash at 80DB.

    Supermodel. Ha ha ha! I am not sure what she sees in the mirror. I see someone who would benefit from a job lot of Wilkinson Swords to rub around her manly lower jaw and upper lip.

    There really needs to be a purge of people from TV and radio who speak from their arseholes. The problem is that TV and radio is run by arseholes, who employ arseholes for the benefit of listening/watching arseholes.

  22. And (drum roll), The Pigfucker’s Back!

    Speaking to reporters outside his house, the former prime minister David Cameron said: “Obviously what needs to happen next is to rule out no deal. That would be a disaster for our country, and to seek an extension and I’m sure that’s what’s going to happen next.”

    That’s “The socialist Prime Ministers of Europe have endorsed Tony Blair because they want a federal pussy cat and not a British lion.”(1996) Cameron.
    Who “…broke with two decades of Conservative co-operation with the centre-right Christian Democrats, the European People’s Party (EPP),[116] on the grounds that they are dominated by European federalists and supporters of the Lisbon treaty. (Wikipedia)

    Condom-faced cunt.

    • How the revolting slug has the gall to even show his face,never mind give his views is fucking incredible. I blame him more than anyone for the debacle that is “Brexit”.
      Arrogant,cowardly piece of shit

      Afternoon, K.

      • Good day, Mr F.
        I guess all the maggots will be crawling through May’s political corpse now. Etonian, say no more.

      • If that other Old Etonian Cunt Johnson becomes the next leader of the Tory party, I will become Britain’s answer to Lee Harvey Oswald.

      • Ironic that without Cameron there would have been no referendum. Not that I wanted one, but a lot of committed Brexiteers posting here must at least have been glad of the opportunity to vote Out, regardless of pigfucker’s motives for holding it.

      • K…I’ll just need a good sprinkle of table salt for Boris. Works a treat on the slugs that get after my cabbages.
        Don’t forget the stake through the heart for The Blair Creature…I can just imagine it clawing at it’s coffin lid until it’s grasping hand emerges through the topsoil,followed by it’s “pretty straight kind of guy” rictus grin face.

      • Salt…I needed a damn good laugh, Dick, and that will do until I’m taking a dump on Blair’s remains. Thanks.

    • Oink Oink, when it rains it pours with these cunts komodo heres hoping the IRA are serious about their bombing campaign To bad the fuckers can’t do things more personally their bomb parcels keep getting intercepted by plod lol too funny

      Bombing people is such a cowardly and outdated form of revenge and if the troubles taught us anything innocents get killed and injured more then the targets themselves

      • Quite agree, TS. Completely ruins the point of assassination, IMO. It has to be personalised and for a stated reason.

      • Playing alot of hitman lately on ps4 actually finished the italy sapeinza mission today, thats the real inspired way to assassinate people komodo fun game that

  23. Off topic but I can’t stand Trump anymore he has out cunted himself, he is gonna be the most divisive and hated president in history and for good reason. His most die hard supporters have even had it with him from all his lies and broken promises, the alt right are now posting anti trump memes

    Its hard to avoid of the news about Trump nowadays its like like watching a train crash you just can’t look away. I ironically support the mueller probe at this point even though russian collusion is phony made up bullshit Trump trusted the same swamp he was suppose to drain Sad

      • Are you sure bout that FlipperLips? he isn’t keeping any of his campaign promises, lately he seems he’s putting is-rael first instead of america first We will see if he gets re-elected or not personally I’m rooting for andrew yang at this point screw Drumpf

      • You inadvertently hit the nail on the head when you said originally “Its hard to avoid of the news about Trump nowadays”

        And that’s the problem, it comes down to what we hear in the news, which as we well know, boils down to #OrangeManBad. It’s in the exact same vein as our Brexit “news”. It’s essentially all bullshit that is cleverly, or perhaps not so cleverly manipulated to tell the story they want us to hear, usually via smear campaigns and scare tactics.
        You don’t hear about how well the US is really doing since his election, or all the great things that he has already achieved for the US. The list is far too long for me to write here, so for ease I will link to a page that handily lists a lot of those things already.

        As the saying often goes, the enemy of your enemy is your friend, and the MSM and their agendas are our biggest enemy right now. Like Tommy, Trump scares them and threatens those established systems they created to keep control. So it’s the same protocol, full on lobbying to call them a Nazi, or a “phobe” and when all else fails, just try to silence them with bogus charges.

      • I’m not american so i technically don’t have a dog in this fight but i was pro trump from 2014- 2018 Maybe hilary cunton was the better choice afterall who knows flipperlips but the biblical end times is coming closrer to fruition I think the enemies of my friend isn’t always my enemy

  24. Fucks like a world champion? I can’t imagine that bint getting laid anywhere except a kennel or a prison.

  25. What she needs is Big Chief Loganboola from Uganda to smash her anus to bits, in a frenzy of primal masculinity. Then we’ll see if she claims to “fuck like a champion” fuck her of to see her sister Shamina.
    The fucking ugly cunt.

  26. Personally I think she’s sexy as fuck – would love to gag it and bang it.

    Bet it has a minge as black as the Tyne Tunnel.

    Cunts away…

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