Fiona Onasanya (3)


A Prisoner Cell Block H, all girls together, les-be-friends, Oh Dem Golden Slippers cunting please for this oily heap of excrement, who should still be in jail for perverting the course of justice, had it not been for the fact that she was released last week after serving just 3 weeks of a 3 month sentence, but who donned her obligatory sunglasses on one of the dullest days of the year to travel to Westminster last night to vote against the Brexit bill. Give dat girl a KFC bargain bucket and a banjo.

Everything about this trollop is fake. She pretends to be an “Independent” but is still in thrall to the Labour party and Dame Keir – she certainly followed his orders last night.

This jailbird ought to be in prison still, certainly her vote last night should be declared null and void, and if thefre was even a shred of decency amongst the political class she should be banned from parliament, until her constituents have the sense to kick her out which lets face we all know they will do.

It would be worth having an election immediately to flush this turd down the crapper. What a gold plated cunt.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs


37 thoughts on “Fiona Onasanya (3)

    • It has to be a year or more, no idea why, to fuck them off from parliament.
      The sentence guidelines for perverting to course of justice is 6 months to 36 months, as a fucking MP she should have been given the fucking maximum.

    • The good people of Peterborough were asked to sign a petition ( under Parliamentary rules ) whereby so many thousands of constituents can unseat an MP . The people of Peterborough obviously have chosen to be represented by a criminal as the petition has fallen short within the timescale . The people of Peterborough need a good cunting too !

      • Maybe the people of Peterborough have lost all faith in the system and feel it doesn’t matter who the fucking MP is.
        Remember Tuco in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”?………”one bastard goes in, another bastard comes out.”

    • Good question Cuntstable. How could a war criminal have been allowed to serve three terms as PM? How can it be that a traitorous EU quisling PM is allowed to remain in office? How could a terrorist sympathising, anti-British, antisemite, communist leader of the opposition be allowed to run for high office? The idea of high standards in public life is a long distant thing of the past.

  1. Media outlets can’t share the name of New Zealand shooter quick enough and have condemned it as a terrorist act. Had it been a cultural enriching the perpetrator would be misunderstood with no name being shared.

    • Have they given him a “history of mental illness” or is it only peacefuls who suffer from that?
      Was he “radicalised by the internet” or is he part of a wide ranging, far right, white supremacist conspiracy?
      I think we know the answer don’t we?

        • Some msm outlets are calling him extreme far right. So like 10 times worse then normal far right and he was hilariously radicalised by candace owens a black female republican from america and video gamer youtuber pew die pie

          • Im pretty sure ‘far right extremist’ is now anyone who has called Theresa May an appeaser/traitor, questioned mass immigration or didn’t weep, howl or contact Samaritans over the referendum result.

            Questioning rhe peaceful credentials of a certain Abrahamic faith is also a sign that you are a Breivik-in-waiting and need the police to knock on the door and ‘check your thinking’, then enrolled on a diversity and trans awareness course at the community centre.

  2. I wonder, if your average person in an ordinary job, if they had been convicted of perverting the course of justice, sentenced and spent jail time, would be allowed back into their job as if nothing has happened?
    Probably not.
    Given that this woman holds a supposedly responsible job, representing her constituents, this is nothing short of a fucking disgrace

  3. Don’t only cunt the jailbird. Everyone who voted for her is a complete and utter cunt. Peterborough – thick as bricks town of which the cheapest variety are ironically called Commons.

  4. Fiona is as relevant to the discourse as the misplacement of my supply of screens for my pipes of bud.

    Further evidence of the failure of “democracy” in UK, at best. An irrelevance, a side-show and a very poor nomination.

  5. Says everything about Peterborough supporting this MP.

    The gene pool I hear is so stupid that it has to have an influx of “cultural enhancement & diversity” to try to keep the GCSE pass rate above 50%

    A shithole of a place, they must have even considered relocating the cathedral, its one redeeming feature, brick by brick to another city.

    • Cunt MP for cunt constituency, I agree. Last time I had to go there (why the fuck they had to put the passport office there beggars belief),
      Portuguese and Polish appeared to be the local languages. That was some time ago, and I guess Romanian and Latvian have replaced them now. Makes Lowestoft look vaguely welcoming…

  6. Doesn’t matter if it’s unwarranted pay rises, fiddling expenses or have served a custodial sentence, they’ll always get away with it because we let them.
    MP’s with constituents who voted overwhelmingly to leave yet beat another drum. It’s bizzare acceptance. I don’t get it.
    You wouldn’t keep somebody on the firm who is employed to increase sales yet does the complete opposite. You’d get rid. Immediately.

    These cunts are plentiful, as are second hand shoes on New Zealand ebay….

  7. Interesting article from earlier today

    Tommy Robinson: New Zealand gunman a coward and a monster

    English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson has described a man suspected of murder after at least 49 people were shot dead at two mosques in New Zealand as a “monster”.

    Mr Robinson reacted angrily when he was asked about the mass shootings.

    Speaking in Peterborough on Friday, he told the Press Association: “When jihadis do an attack, they tell you the verse from the Koran that inspired them to do it.

    “You, the mainstream media, and every politician then bend over backwards to say it’s got nothing to do with Islam.

    “This monster who committed a completely cowardly attack against innocent people.

    “This monster wrote a manifesto.

    “In that manifesto, is my name in it? Does he mention me?

    “No he doesn’t.

    “He specifically tells you why he done it, but yet here you are as the mainstream media attempting to somehow associate me with a coward on the other end of the planet.

    “How can you do that”?

    Mr Robinson continued: “So when there’s an Islamic terrorist attack, do you go stand outside every mosque and ask the imam that follows the same book as the terrorist?

    “I don’t follow the same book as this white supremacist.

    “In fact for 10 years I’ve called out white supremacy, the same as I’ve called out Islamic extremism.

    “Any supremacy, I’ve called out.

    “But yet here you are as a journalist, trying to associate my name somehow with the murder of 49 innocent people.

    “You’re a coward, your journalism is a disgrace.”

    Mr Robinson said that the suspect “has told you why he’s done it”, with his alleged reasons including immigration policy and “Rotherham”.

    “I didn’t rape any girls in Rotherham,” said Mr Robinson. “That wasn’t me.

    “I didn’t take 1,400 children as slaves. That wasn’t me.

    “So you’re a coward… and your journalism is absolutely disgusting.”

    • Thanks for that. Glad to see ‘Robinson’ is able to dissociate himself from and condemn the Aussie cunt. Sorry the media automatically assume that the one leads to the other, but that’s the fucking media.

      Tarrant’s mass-murder actually makes it more difficult for anti-immigration interests. It was completely counterproductive, as it plays into the hands of the always-outraged snowflakes. Quite apart from being an action which any IS jihadi would be happy to call his own.

    • Anything to the right Corbyn is far right, The ERG, ‘joe’ down the pub who says were are getting alot of immigration here, TR who calls out grooming gangs, it a fucking joke.
      How can it be possible to link TR to this or any other attack carried out by a white man.
      Its media frenzy, the attack was in NZ not Nottingham, report the facts and leave the NZ police to sort it out.

  8. The reason MPs are incompetent, thick, law breaking cunts is that £70k is not attractive enough for the cream. It just doesnt cut it. And £170k for PM is fucking disgraceful. I would increase salaries by a factor of 10. That’s a net cost of £500 m. Think of the sort of person we could attract.

    Of course it will never happen because the average cunt lacks the cognitive function to reason it through.

    • I bet they’re absolutely rushing to be associated with her, and buy her a drink in the heavily subsidised Commons bar.
      Onasanya is another self-serving, crooked cunt, and the fact that she’s back in the Commons is a disgrace and an outrage.
      And there’s actually fuck all that I can do about it.

  9. What’s it matter? She’s one of the few that’s been caught, the rest of the cunts are looking at the floor and keeping schum knowing it could be them next.

  10. Well if she had that “white privilege” thing (whatever the fuck that means in this country) then it’s to be sure the key would have been thrown away.

    Alas, as she’s from a poor minority background then her oppression sees her out of chalky after 5 minutes and right back into Cuntminster. Even after blatant and proven lies.

    She must really feel hard done to by the evil white man…

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