BA’s Made In Britain Advert

Oh dear me, not to be left out, BA’s latest advert to woo would be travellers is a rocket fuelled pile of virtue signalling cunt that still has the power to make me want to self harm with a rusty nail, despite the fact I must have seen it 50 times.

Gillette, fuck you, you’ve lost the race.

The message is ‘we love you Britain’ but, in truth, it is a rocket-fuelled wankathon of so called diversity and equality. Among those featured are the black lesbian boxer, the dwarf female swimmer, a pair of woofters and the cuntess of our times, Olivia fucking Colman.

An advert full of cunts for an absolute cunt of a company; an airline that has gone from being the pride of Britain to a poor man’s Ryanair in less than a decade. A cynical shower of shit that regularly double books flights and treats customers like dog dirt. Woe betide those who can’t check in online in the ridiculous 24 hour slot before flying; basically you are fucked as someone will get your seat, despite your actual booking of the flight.

BA is not even as good as Easyjet so should stick its new celebration of British diversity up its bloated, overrated arse crack.

Cunts to a man, with the cuntiest advert of modern times. Fuck off.

Nominated by CuntyMcCuntface

47 thoughts on “BA’s Made In Britain Advert

  1. Yep, the fact they have bowie in it, a notorious non-flyer and hateful of any air travel… fucking genius

  2. Yes, for me it puts me off flying with them. If that’s the quality of their customers, I’ll catch a fucking boat.
    I can’t imagine being on a long haul flight and having those cunts near me.

    • Not that I’ve ever been on an aeroplane, or likely to in the future.
      The beauty of camping in Cornwall is, you don’t meet cunts like that.

  3. B.A. is probably still the best airline that I’ve used (Singapore & Cathay are close, Qcuntas and Ryanair are the nadir of flying). Nonetheless, anything with Olivia fucking Coleman brings me out in hives. Her agent must be living the dream as this undiscerning media whore will say Yes to anything – film, tv series, cheap shitey adverts, the opening of a Lidl metro.
    Typical Remainiac luvvie cunt.

    • I’ve only ever flown twice (well four times if you count there and back). One of them was with Ryanair. Never again.

  4. I hadn’t seen it but I just watched it on YouTube….
    Urgghhh…. what a load of wank.
    The state of that weird tranny granny and obviously you have to have the gays holding hands and black people and Asians and disabled …..
    What the fuck is going on in the world?
    I think the Gillette advert was worse as it actually attacked their customer base, calling them rapists. Which isn’t good business logic.
    How do these idiots get jobs, let alone the kind of 6 figure salaries I’m sure these sjw virtue signallers are on?


    • Gilette was far worse, this was just colourful vomitus. I did enjoy the bright train trannie though, so obnoxiously distasteful in outfit choice, should do nicely to alienate BAs aging customer base.

      • Yea and so good to see them breaking down stereotypes *scoff* by including that attention seeking, insufferable cunt.
        What they should’ve said was “would you want to be sat next to this fucking weirdo for 17 hours? No? Then choose another airline”.

        Oh, thankyou. See ya.

    • The BA ad is so fucking gross I’m surprised that mong Ayoade isn’t in it.

  5. Whenever I went camping, which was nearly every year, I didn’t end up with a Sun Tan. I ended up with a face of Mosse.

    • Don’t be surprised if the word “camping” is deemed offensive by the usual suspects.

      I read someplace that a petition is been set up to rename the Isle of Man, due to its sexist and misogynist references.

      • Along with Daddies Sauce I guess NCFOM. I’m too long in the tooth to give a toss about anyone who finds it offensive to my face. My chops will be ready with,
        “remember the Green Mile??,” & a chewed up bar of Bournville.

      • Well if there is then it shows how utterly stupid they are, the IoM doesn’t fall under UK or EU laws, it’s the wholly grail for decents cunts like us.

        • That still doesn’t alter the fact, if you’re not sure what sex you are the name is offensive.
          Think of the poor bummers & lezzas

  6. That was a heartfelt cunting, so had a look at the video. Nearly threw up. What a load of toxic boxticking sentimental toss. Note the early start at the white settler’s Hebridean (?) croft. He knows that he’s going to end up in Dusseldorf instead of Heathrow, and needs to adjust his itinerary accordingly.

  7. Now if that ad was footage of some Twin Towers pilot aiming straight at The Houses of Parliament while the assorted freaks,degenerates and Cunts screamed their lungs out, I’d say “Well Done, BA”

    Fuck them.

    • Fat Cunts should be weighed along with their luggage,and charged accordingly. Brats should never be allowed a seat,they should travel in the hold. Old Cunts should be gagged before they start telling people some long-winded,boring tale. Asians should be power-washed and sprayed with puff-spray. Dark Keys should only be allowed seats at the back. Gays should be transported in the same kind of outfit as Hannibal Lecter had to wear when he was shifted.
      Ugly women can Fuck Off too.

      • I’m a fat cunt and I agree, but it won’t cost me as I can’t afford a bus, never mind a plane.

  8. I fly a lot; plenty of long haul flights with whichever airline my clients have a deal with, so I get to see a fair cross-section of the airlines.

    Not any that I have a real problem with, although some of the Yank outfits’ cabin crew can be ignorant, gum-chewing mongs on occasion.

    For me, the stand out feature of BA is the number of ‘high-mileage models’ still working in their cabin crew, especially to those destinations where the Nancy-boy male stewardesses don’t want to flaunt themselves (and which are, typically the shithole ’emerging markets’ where I ply my trade). They do seem to keep them on much further beyond their sell-by date than others.

    A more realistic representation of a BA flight might be: – a poor tired traveller being shaken awake and told to put his table up, by a grumpy Scouse granny with a face like a dropped pie, too much duty-free make-up and a shirt she’s borrowed from a fifth-former.

    I’m sure Olivia gushy-gush Colefissog would sign up. I would happily play the weary traveller, brush the sleepy dust from my eyes and throw back my travel rug to show her my impressive ‘morning glory’.

    “Ooh Mr Sugden, I’ll see if I can fit that in the overhead locker. Is it an Oscar?”

    “No, his name is Shorty. Are we there yet?”

  9. The government has spent $15.9m (£12m) on a luxury apartment in New York for a British diplomat working to negotiate trade deals with the US.

    The seven-bedroom flat in the 50 United Nations Plaza will house the British consul general in New York.

    Boasting panoramic views, the flat occupies the whole 38th-floor, according to the Guardian , which first reported the story.

    The Foreign Office said it had “secured the best possible deal”.

    Glad to see the end of austerity is here. Or for the privileged few did it ever apply? Thought not.

      • 38th floor ? Your extra-large portion of cultural enrichment is on its way.
        Smell dat aviation spirit burn. Jump before you are roasted alive…

  10. Used them years ago for long haul. Preferred Emirates or KLM. Havent seen the advt but note that they landed in Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf the other day which would cause me never to use the fuckers.

  11. I have flown with quite a few airlines Probably the most intimidating airline I have flown with was “Buz AIR” I think they were a slovakian airline, the cabin crew were like the gestapo one threatened to put me of the flight (mid air) for using my tablet even though it was on aircraft safe mode.
    So if you fancy a bit of domination from heavy set ladies, well its the company for you.

    I have just checked the facts, most are wrong, but the good news is it will be reforming in Poland

    • I used to fly a lot and the worst was Armenian Airlines which was like a slave galley ship with wings complete with Trolley Dollies who resembled transgender shot-putters. The gin made me a bit blind and burned my nasal hair.

      Mind, this was back in the Golden Age of air travel when you could stroll down to the back and smoke away as if it were a pre-Blair pub.

      • I know an Armenian bird; I think she’d have the same effect on you as the gin.
        Strong stuff, and at any costs to be avoided by anyone remotely Turkcuntish…

        I have never been disappointed by easyjet (well, I’m still alive and posting…). I take the view that a plane is a flying bus, nothing more. Never expect good food; after all, if you went to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant and asked to be flown off somewhere, he’d kick you up the arse and tell you to fuck off.
        However, I would certainly avoid anything where you might come into contact with B Liars or Clitworns…

  12. Seems all the big corporates are falling over themselves trying to be as diverse and #metoo as possible with their latest TV ads.

    The fact none of them gave a rosy shit up until last year says a lot. But now every tick box must be ticked, and we’re all in this together, as that Cameron cunt once said before fucking off when the going got tough.

  13. Talking of adverts, watching TV for about 30 minutes in the last break there were 7 adverts.

    Three (different companies) were for over 50’s life insurance/funeral plan/equity release, two were for gambling/bingo, one was for vacuum cleaners and one for Go Compare.

    The previous advert break was 8 adverts. Two were for life insurance/funeral plan/ equity release, three for gambling/bingo, one for a different vacuum cleaner brand, one for Quick Quid and another for Moonpig and Mother’s Day.

    Had to turn the fucker off as could not stand any more.

    Fuck me, I remember when TV adverts were well written, clever and memorable.

    Nowadays just a constant barrage of nasty fucking shit banal cuntish adverts preying on people’s vulnerabilities, insecurities and weaknesses.

    Everything in this country is turning to shit.

  14. Not just TV adverts; the gradual descending flightpath of my life is being mapped out for me by the spam mail I am bombarded with.

    No longer do I get invited to renew my hair, make my cock bigger, meet ‘Single Women gagging for it in your area’ or ‘Eastern European ladies looking for love’.

    Now it’s equity release, funeral plans and bio-degradable wicker coffins.

  15. Puke inducing fake diversity. Real diversity would have some pregnant white schoolgirl dropped off at the airport by a car with “Abdul’s Taxis” written on the side. Inside, half a dozen architects would be stabbing the fuck out of each other. Africans would be strolling out of arrivals weighed down with drugs and illegal exotic animals.
    Finally the plane would be hijacked by peacefuls who realised the last thing they wanted to do was leave the fucking country…..”turn the plane back Infidel or you die.”
    A pity that sleb remoaner cunts like Izzard, Lineker and Corden weren’t aboard.

  16. Pisses me off that advertisers seem to conclude that just because inclusivity, women’s rights, LGBT rights, race rights blah, blah are rammed down our throats daily by Al Beeb and the Guardian alike, that to be ‘in tune’ with today’s society they must follow suit. The likes of Santander and Lloyd’s Bank have done the same, especially with their fucking support of pride etc. Well it’s bullshit. Utter bollocks. By the time you’ve divided the country into various groups and ranked ie gay trumps women but Islam trumps gay, most of the country are excluded by this ‘inclusivity’ and frankly sick to the back teeth of having it forced upon us every day. And so BA by being so ‘in tune’ you’ve managed to piss off 3 quarters of your clientele. Just look at the backlash to the sickening, simpering Gillette advert. All that did was actually focus and draw attention to the silent majority that have just had enough. Just leave it alone you aggravating cunts. Produce a product that works, concentrate on service and leave identity politics and SJW topics well alone. Wankers. You can just imagine the cunty snowflake responsible for the latest advert.

    • Possibly. They were told they’d be tossed off by 20 men. Just weren’t told it would be a roof!

  17. I’m fascinated by the fact you all seem to watch adverts. I don’t even notice them.

  18. Almost all adverts now appear to bend over backwards to satisfy the diversity box ticking exercise. Also there’s the obligatory stupid white man who doesn’t know how to sort out his insurance or paint the front door, until the smart intelligent wife, girlfriend or teenage daughter shows him how it’s done (usually with a smug superior expression). Otherwise it’s a load of loud irritating music on just about every advert, and featuring some stupid vacuous millenial – and why does every ad break feature that bloody oral b ad, or the one for shampoo with the vacuous blonde and her gob hanging wide open? I hit the mute button as soon as the ads appear – just can’t stand them. Oh of course, then there’s the average everyday family, white mum, black dad, mixed race kids …..

    • JC I fucking hate that shampoo ad…Because da wimmin are SOOOOO strong. She then punches the bag, it doesn’t budge a millimetrer, and you can almost hear her knuckles breaking.

      Can’t remember if the vacuous blonde has a simpering, goofy, gurning smile…
      Maybe she should be advertising oral sex instead.
      And then there’s Richard Ayoade (HSBC, now shown about every sodding break) – shite on a stick.

  19. Unless your stinking rich with money, BA treat you like shit in “World Traveller Class” or whatever shit they call it these days.
    Planes rammed through, usually with annoying kids, they use either poofs as stewards or lipstick trolley dollies that are so old they look like transvestites.

    Always the airline of last resort (apart from RyanScumAir), I was quite happy when the fuckers went on strike and our plane was flown with another carrier, much more classier experience and we were treated like royalty in comparison to the dismal offering usually served up by BA.

    This advert only serves to engender me not to fly with them again and are run by a bunch of Cunts.

    • Morning SYM. Now part of International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG) since 2011. Head office Madrid. CEO Willie “slasher” Walsh. Irish cunt who cut hundreds of IT jobs at BA so they could send their passengers to New York and baggage to Rome whilst flogging off for a premium your long held booking to some other cunt 5 minutes before check-in time. Former CEO of Aer Cunnilingus which he turned from respected national carrier to cheaper version of Ryanair. When you have a prize cunt running the show expect to be treated like a cunt – BA won’t disappoint.

  20. If you want to see real diversity in action, watch kids telly cbbc is non stop perversions. My kid has just about grown out of it now, but it’s complete brain-washing of the worst kind.
    I told him to ignore most of it and cracked jokes about stuff, i don’t want him thinking it’s normal. An example, there is a programme where kids arrange their parents wedding called marrying mum and dad, very spongy, but quite harmless the kids choose the theme, be it monsters/ harry potter etc.
    Then all of a sudden i’ve seen numerous ones where it’s marrying dad and dad, or not quite as bad marrying mum and mum, if they let us see mum and mum going at it like ferrets on drugs.

  21. I have just watched this on YouTube.

    What an absolute pile of vomit-inducing cuntery.

    Is their any lame duck or potentially ‘excluded’ type that they have missed out there? We have the deaf pre-teens, the old biddy, the dwarf, the ethnics, the loved-up poofs….the whole fucking nine yards.

    I am surprised they haven’t thrown in a few bed-ridden sick kids or chemo patients.

    This is such cynical marketing on their part, which is actually no surprise at all with the so-called ‘national airline’. So shit scared of offending anyone to the point that their own staff member was not allowed to wear a crucifix (remember that, my fellow cunters?)

    I have flown BA on many occasions to and from the Spain, purely because they are cheap these days and fly from Heathrow. They are no better than any other cheapo carrier these days, so they need to fucking get over themselves with this ego-driven pile of shit.

    Also makes you laugh seeing Gary Oldman in this when he fucked off to live in the States decades ago. That is how much Britain means to his arse. No doubt he was tempted back to patriotism with the mega shitload of cash they threw at him, fucking greedy hypocrite.


  22. More like an advert for a long stay psychiatric hospital or Billy Smarts circus in the 1950’s. Something really wank has been occurring over the last 50 years.

  23. Anyone seen the HSBC advert?
    “We are not an Island, we are part of something much bigger”
    Err no, we’re an Island, well a group of Islands and a chunk of another, ISLAND!

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