BBC Icons

BBC Icons.

What a stupid concept. In what way can Pablo Picasso be compared with Ernest Shackleton, Bowie with Ali? And why aren’t there categories for author or soldier?
However, this nomination arises not from the pointlessness, but from the typical BBC right-on approach to the selections. For example, is Alan Turing there ahead of Einstein because he is a more significant scientist (certainly arguable) or because he was gay and played by Cucumberpatch in a film? Is Mandela really a greater leader than Churchill? He was a compassionate and inspirational figure whilst a prisoner, but hardly a great president when his time to do some leading came (and his wife was an arch-cunt).

I’ve no problem with Luther-King or Bowie in their fields and Shackleton was obviously a top bloke.

There was some wailing and gnashing of teeth because there were no women in the final. Clare Balding made the (mostly) valid point that the 20th Century world was a mans’ one, then undermined herself by suggesting that in future we may be hailing such icons as Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama.

Aside from all that, for myself, if I had to pick one, it would be Ali. Not because he was a draft-dodger or Moslem convert, but simply because he was, for many years, the most famous man in the world. He would probably still be recognised by more people in the world than any of the others.

Nominated by Harry Axwound

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  1. Icons of the 20th Century? No Beatles (as a band), Pele, or Hendrix?
    The Beeb are using this for PC propaganda purposes as always…
    The winner has to be gay or black or a woman… That’s a given…
    And Marilyn fucking Monroe?! A bottle blonde slag who couldn’t act and who had more cocks than a Kentucky henhouse… Pick a great actress, by all means… But her? What a joke…

  2. Nothing wrong with Marilyn, Norman, at least she wasn’t a SJW.

    As regards BBC Icons. I am sure they have their own list:

    Best TV poofter: Graham Norton
    Best sports presenters: tie between Gary Walker-Lineker and Clare “Butch” Balding
    Best politician: Anthony Blair
    Best radio woman: Jenni Murray
    Best brain: Melvyn Bragg
    Best BBC1 programme (BBC 1) Anything anti-Brexit, or camp dancing
    Best BBC2 programme: Flog It
    Best boring old fart: David Attnborough

  3. I’ve got no interest in this programme, as it’s on the BBCunt the winner won’t be a white heterosexual man, my guess would be Ali or Mandela.
    Churchill should be a cert for this “award” but Winnie Mandela’s got more chance of picking up the prize

  4. There is a good reason why the Beatles and Elvis were not considered. Simply, it’s because they were shit. One could, I suppose, make a case for George Martin.

    • How about: Benjamin Britten, John Williams, Kurt Weill, Stephen Sondheim, Django Reinhardt, Jean-Michel Jarre, Dizzy Gillespie, Aaron Copeland, Elvis, Hendrix, George Harrison, Quincy Jones, Carol King, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Sinatra, Satchmo, Bing and Sarah Vaughn.

      • And Scott Walker, David Axelrod, Ray Davies, Syd Barrett, Nina Simone, Ian Curtis, Marc Bolan, Kate Bush, Gene Clark, Arthur Lee and, of course, Lemmy….

        • Not to mention Kathy Kirby, Judith Chalmers and Miss Kane who did a marvelous topless go-go in Burton On Trent in the early 70s – lunchtime performances on Fridays as well.

          • Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Alice Cooper… Wild Man Fischer… Girls Together Outrageously…

          • Great Choice RTC
            An evening with Wild Man Fischer .
            Monkey vs Donkey
            Member of the Federal Bureau etc.

          • “Miss Jennifer Jones is lying dead on my porch, doo doo doo doo-oh…”

            Afternoon Fenton.

  5. I thought I read about this the other day. Didn’t the faggot Turing win it or was that just the semi-final or something?

  6. It’s the way that history is being revised to fit a modern-day agenda that Fucks me off..

    Turing was a criminal. Fair enough that he did some amazing work,but Gayness was illegal at the time and he was,quite correctly convicted.
    Mandela was a terrorist.
    Cassius Clay was a draft-dodger.
    Bowie was a sexual-ambiguous druggie.
    Picasso was a fucking weirdo.

    I wouldn’t let any of the Cunts over the thresh for fear that I was drugged and murdered, or bummed to death. Although I must say in the BBC defence,at least that whinging, converted shopping-trolley racer,Tanni Grey-Thomson didn’t win. I can’t stand her,and.thankfully, the rest of them are dead so unlikely to turn up on my doorstep seeking bed and board.

    Fuck them.

    • I’ve just noticed that all of the above were dabblers in botty-bashing. Turing and Bowie,self-confessed Gays,Mandela and Clay were both Dar Kies and so would fuck anything if it stayed still long enough ,and Picasso was obviously sexually abnormal
      judging by his daubings,plus he was “Artistic” and anyone who claims to be artistic is undoubtedly a raving Mincer.

      Fuck Off.

      • I agree with Herr Fiddler and I am a raving iron!

        The British Bum Corporation are wholly obsessed with poofs, dykes, trannies, weirdo’s, um bongoistas, et al.

  7. Poor old BBC, how much frantic scratching around must they have done to find more minorities for their list. It must have been quite a dispiriting experience, you know, the actual facts running counter to their beliefs and all that. Never mind, it can no doubt be explained by racism and the patriarchy.

    Anyway you can’t trust the general public to vote on things like this because when taken together they have the combined intelligence of a stick of celery. Like stupid, slavering animals they’re just going to vote for those things fresh in the mind. Bowie’s going to receive lots of votes because he died recently and there’s been a renewed interest in his music. Turing, well there have been films etc. and he was gay and an underdog so everyone loves that don’t they.

    Meaningless BBC bollocks.

  8. Let’s start with the evil cunts category: Tony ‘total and utter cunt, traitor, betrayer, smarmy’ Blair, Pol Pot, Reinhard Heydrich, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Adolf Eichmann, Charles Manson, Al Capone, Josef Mengele, Fred West, Harold Shipman, Winnie Mandela, Peter Sutcliffe and Tony Blair (did I mention that cunt already?)

  9. I’m surprised Lady Di or St Jo of the Blessed Cox aren’t in this Icons bullshit…
    And where the fuck are the Rolling Stones?!

  10. I was very surprised and rather disappointed that Mrs. May wasn’t in the Iconic Leaders nominations instead of that vile, gammon, Raciiiisttt, Winston Churchill.

    I demand another Poll.

    Fuck Off.

  11. I’ve just had the immense pleasure of telling a scam caller to FUCK OFF.
    It’s good to start the day on a positive note.
    Good morning.

  12. What a load of utter fucking cobblers. British Bullshit Company at its best. Loathsome cunts. As if there is a finite answer to this…more total cuntery to keep the proles and right ons happy.

    As for Ali, respect…best Sportsman maybe but not the greatest boxer. Mandela is laughable…just another lying politician with a hateful cunt for a wife. Luther King I can see as he was a man who meant business and fought for what he believed.

    Why not let’s have a competition? Biggest cunt of all time? The possibilities are endless…..

    Meanwhile…the BBC are full of shit to the nth degree. They can get fucked, especially Graham Norton and Gary Lineker.

  13. If it’s anything to do with the beeb it has to be steered towards voting for women, black, shirtlifter etc.
    Sports personality used to be a free vote but now they have to tell us what the ‘shortlist’is eg woman netball star etc.
    Just ignore the sad cunts it’ll only encourage them.

    • Radio 2 has now got a straight free Saturday, presenter wise. From 10 til 1 you have Ghastly Graham Norton, 1 til 3 it’s Paul Gambaccini, now 3 til 6 there’s that annoying squeaky fuck Rylan Clarke. Don’t mind gambo, but the other two are just famous for being gay. Anybody who’s famous for their sexuality, gay or straight, bores the shit out of me. If that’s the most interesting thing about you, you’re not interesting. Cunts….

  14. Who still watches or gives a flying fuck about anything that comes out of the BBC? You know it’s going to be PC, nancy-boy free bleeding twisted shite. So why bother drawing attention to it? Just switch off the box, cancel your licence, get a decent internet service and watch PC, nancy-boy free bleeding twisted shite from around the world for free. Don’t just criticise the cunts – don’t fund them!

    • Abso-fucking-lutely.
      If I had my way ownership of a TV license would be a legally binding personalised confession of funding crime.
      Seeing as the direct debit details are on there too offenders could be charged for their jail time.
      I only hope that none of you cunters are supporting this outfit with your cash.

  15. Are any of these on the list?

    Robert Crumb, Chuck Berry, George Orwell, Andy Warhol, Miles Davis, Henry Miller, Bob Dylan, August Strindberg, Enid Blyton, Blue Cheer, Mylene Farmer, Charles Manson, Philip Roth, John Mayall, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Patrick Hamilton, Alizee, Phil May & The Pretty Things, Howard Hughes, Blue Oyster Cult, Charles Bukowski, Andrew Eldritch, Renate Knaup, Joseph Heller, Iggy & The Stooges, Groucho Marx, Charles Bukowski, Lee Harvey Oswald, Edgar Froese, Chris Karrer, Florian Fricke, Harold Pinter, John Coltrane, Beavis &Butthead…

    And the winner is… James Marshall Hendrix!

    • Forgot to add a couple of Frogs: Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre.

      “Hell is other cunts.”

      Especially unelected Polish EU presidents…

    • Well, let’s have Chris Marlowe as well. Wrote Shakespeare, don’t you know, and reckoned Jesus was gay. And passes the BBC’s gayness exam himself, with flying colours.

          • That I’m not an antisemite?

            Sorry K, forgot you consider that issue to be “boring.”

            What I do know however is that Jesus is 20 centuries too early to qualify in this BBC icons bollocks… unless you count the dead, of course. But then, some cunts think Jesus is alive!

  16. Just spent two fucking hours painstakingly compiling a list of fucking icons, clicked ‘post comment’ and it disappeared!


    I’ll try again later…

  17. Just checked out the noms for this pile of crap. Not particularly interested in this sort of thing but this is going to be just another cheap shit talking heads TV programme in which the Beeb wheel out some of their “top stars” and “comedians” to give their much valued opinions on why their chosen “Icon” should win. It’s much along the lines of the Channels 4 and 5s “The Greatest (insert topic here) Ever. Or The Nations 100 Favourite fucking Ice Cream flavours or something. Yeah it would be more interesting to have a Worlds Biggest Cunt programme. It could be presented, with no irony whatsoever, by Lineker. I don’t watch TV but just as an afterthought I was in my local takeaway last Saturday and they had a TV on in the corner. It was an ITV game show which seemed to revolve around people winning vast amounts of cash by flicking miniature suitcases into miniature wastebins in a miniature version of the Oval Office!!!! The only thing not miniature about it was that it was presented by that massive bellend Torment O’Dreary. Ant & Dec obviously not available. Fuck me which overs fucktard thought of this?? “Next on ITV it’s Roger Mellies Celebrity ShitBucket. I give up

  18. Clyde Best
    Mickey Finn
    Max Bygraves
    Dame Barbara Castle
    Norman Vaughan

    That’ll do for starters….

    • Phil Silvers
      Father Jack Hackett
      Stan Ogden
      Olivia Newton John
      Viv Prince
      Gabrielle Drake
      Bernard Manning
      Peter Woods
      Gordon Hill
      Worzel Gummidge
      Tom Baker

      • Tom Baker, now there’s a good one. Back in the day when people watched Dr Who for the story, the evil monsters and the pretty assistant and what skimpy outfit she wore. Rather than changing sexuality characters, anti-white male and politically correct plot lines.
        Wankers, ruined one of my childhood favourites.
        No great surprise that this was won by a homosexual, you know the BBC wouldn’t want it won by a white straight male.
        Personally the icon’s for me should be all those who fought and contributed in the 2 World Wars. A grandfather who had his foot blown off in the first world war and my Dad who refused to talk about what he saw in Burma.

  19. At least that Paddywood cunt, Bonio (of Diddymen in the desert rock comedy act, U2) isn’t in that fucking icons list… Same goes for the mackerel stench overused gash that is Madogga… Same also goes for that thick fuckmong Beckham and his revolting cunt of a wife…

  20. The BBC should do another one called “cunts”. It would be dead cheap to make because every contender would be on their payroll.

  21. Mandela was authorising the bombing of Wimpy restaurants from prison in the 1980’s. Innocent children died. To me he was a terrorist.
    Are black South Africans really any better off now? This Mandela cult detracts from the corruption and lies.

  22. Most of that list aren’t even icons. Yes they may have been outstanding in their chosen field like Shackleton, and Turig and Picasso but they never defined or transcended their times. Probably not too many youngsters yearned to be a painter or a codebreaker. Didn’t much like Princess Di but she was an icon to a lot of folk across the world. Same as Che Guevara. In 50 years or so when everyones forgotten about Beckham they’ll still be remembering Marilyn Monroe, good actress or not. If I could be bothered to vote Ali would get mine. Churchill won’t cos he’s now seen as a white supremacist. Winner will be Martin Luther King

  23. The original Iconoclasts would go into churches and tear down religious imagery, statues. What we need is a modern day iconoclastic movement to storm the BBC smash it all to bits the studios the cameras the lighting then move outside into all the modern art galleries destroying all their filthy installations, ‘pieces’. Then onto the streets smasing Tate Britain smash the Angel of the North and all the ‘brutalist’ modern public sulpture in our towns and cities. Smash it all to smithereens.

    • Angel of the North reminds me of the destruction of productive industry in the NW. It’s ironic in an un-arty way. Used to think it was toss, then went to live nearby and changed my mind. Leave it alone, please. Smash the rest and welcome.

  24. The opening post was fair and well balanced and therefore, in ISAC terms, dangerously close to pandering to minorities (just a short step away from becoming a BBC presenter).

    Many thanks to all the ISAC stalwarts for their foul-mouthed unreasoned abuse putting things right. Well done everybody.

    • Oops, Sorry Isaac. I thought when I wrote it that it was a bit on the ‘nice’ side for ISAC. The fact is though that most of the nominees weren’t, themselves, cunts (I did point out that one was married to one).
      The nomination was for the BBC, who are indeed cunts.

      Also, I would take issue with your assertion that being fair and well balanced is in any way close to being a BBC presenter. Nothing wrong with fairness and balance, but you won’t find much of that on the BBC (Brillo excepted).

  25. Because of Hollywood’s fear of being branded racist I noticed on Netflix and Amazon they have gone full out with Black actors depicting them in historical events where they never played a part. For example their is a film called Overlord where there’s a black parachute regiment jumping over France during the allied landings .It’s become absurd .

  26. Wim Wenders
    Roger Penrose
    H M Queen Elizabeth II
    Blixa Bargeld
    E H Carr
    Billie Holliday
    Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
    Enoch Powell
    Alton Ellis
    Che Guevara
    Willard Quine
    Richard Feynman
    Percy Thrower
    Azealia Banks

    • Some good ones there. Feynman easily beats Turing, and Atatürk any politician I can think of. Except possibly Powell, locally.

      • Glad you approve- having second thoughts about Azealia Banks…. Have I seen you at CM?
        Good morning!

        • Second thoughts about Azealia Banks? Rather her than Che Guevara.

          Have a nice weekend 🙂

          • Morning RTC! Ernesto, the old fraud, was actually the only true icon in that list, so he has to stay. And Ms Banks cannot live by lips alone, hence my wavering.
            Looks like cunty weather this weekend, geçmiş olsun.

          • Fair do’s CS…. suppose I rather missed the point of the whole bollocks exercise in my rush to condemn Che.

            Still prefer Azealia’s lips though…

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