Anti Hunt Protesters

Anti-hunt protesters are Cunts.

Scruffy,hippy types,menopausal lezzas or naive students,in the main. I’ve nothing against the ones who turn up and video proceedings,keeps everyone honest,but I do have a problem with the “rent a mob” bunch who trespass,assault people going about their lawful business and cause danger to riders,members of the public and the horses and hounds.
Whether people like it or not,the hunting that goes on these days is legal. Protesters have a right to protest,but they do not have the right to disrupt. Most of their real problem isn’t the foxes’ welfare,it is a problem with “Snobbery”. They come from their dreadful housing-estates imagining that everyone involved in hunting is some Lord Fauntleroy type. They are wrong. My local Hunt is mainly farmers who,I suspect, know a damn sight more about the countryside,and care a damn sight more about the countryside than these jealous,benefit-claiming dregs.
Townies should stick to their shitty estates and leave the country folk to look after the Estates that matter. Estates where naive,middle-class Wankers or dole-whallahs aren’t wanted or needed.

Fuck Off and mind your own business.

PS…. I’m aware that the odd cat may be killed in the confusion of a hunt,but,tbh., I think that it’s a price worth paying.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

102 thoughts on “Anti Hunt Protesters

  1. This lot seem to be the same fuckers who protest at everything – fracking, building, deportees. No time for the hunt but less time for these cunts, especially if they are preventing the legitimate tearing apart of cats.

    • Oh… and I was so with you Cuntstable up until the punch line… you just couldn’t help yourself could you… 😹

      Well cunted btw Dick (except the bit about the cat obviously).

  2. If these hunt saboteurs are so desperate to stop the hunt, why don’t they just shoot the fox..?

  3. They’re not as bad as the cunts who actually hunt. I’d like to ‘blood’ those bastards.

    …and all farmers are cunts. Moaning, uncivilised wretches with all the sophistication of an unflushed toilet. Nothing makes me more joyous than reading about a rapacious Farmer Giles who’s topped himself because his profits didn’t reach a million for that year. Insatiably greedy cunts.

    • Protesters upsetting farmers.
      Scruffy unwashed, uncivilised, free loading, moaning, complaining bastards.
      And the Protesters are no better!😂

    • ” Moaning, uncivilised wretches with all the sophistication of an unflushed toilet.”

      LOL…good un, Capt. I like that.

    • “and all farmers are cunts” – Spot on Captain – If they hadn’t introduced myxomatosis to curtail the indigenous rabbit population, the fox wouldn’t have lost it’s natural prey and moved on to chickens…

      Never met a farmer with less income than me.

      Oh and the silly fuckers that hunt on horseback here in North Wales do the sort of damage to farm land that would be unacceptable from anyone else (walkers, etc)

      Dick, you are Farmer Palmer from Viz and I claim my prize !

    • 100% agreed Captain.

      Those hunt assholes are just that……assholes. Anyone who chases an animal, exhausting it to the point of getting ripped apart is a soulless, sociopathic cunt, end of story.

      Ok, so foxes need to be ‘dealt with’ in the countryside…..well why fucking do so via a blood sport? All this shite about controlling numbers and protecting livestock is fucking crap. There are other methds by which you can do that without getting fucking dressed up like a twat on horseback and having a mrderous, ego driven romp with the other fucktards.


  4. I have no time for the great unwashed protesting wankers but I do stand up for Animal rights.
    Chasing and killing an animal for sport is wrong, these cunts who want to go “hunting” try climing into a cage with a full grown wild lion and lets see how much fucking fun that is. Maybe a little glass of port before the fun begins haha
    Killing for sport CUNTS
    Great unwashed protesting arse holes CUNTS

    • Great post SOI – I too come down against both sides in this unusual debate…

  5. You can be guaranteed the majority of these protesters will don their ‘Support the EU’ hats at their next Anti-Brexit rally …. the same EU that props up bullfighting to the tune of around £103 million each year…. sort out that cruel fucker of a ‘sport’ first.
    Hypocritical Cunts …

    • And those quaint little traditions like throwing a donkey from atop of a church steeple.

        • Luck of the daw unfortunately I tried posting a wordy post just recently too but it hit me with the spam and cookie filter error shite

        • “There is little or no offensive material, apart from four cunts, one clitoris, and a foreskin. And as they only occur in this introduction, you are past them now.”

    • Although I don’t believe we should be propping up any kind of national bloodsport with EU money, (tradition or not) to ban bullfighting would be far more cruel to the breed of bull than allowing it to happen.

      Most domesticated bull calves are culled or turned into veal. A Spanish fighting bull is not put to fight until 4-6 years of age, have miles to roam freely and depending on the crowds favour can be spared, and they only ever fight once as they learn very quickly.

      Although a fan of bullfighting I do understand why people would deem it cruel (in reality it is) but it is not as simple as banning it to save the bull.

      The horse’s of the picador are the animals that suffer the most in bullfighting.

  6. The feral scum and the politicians wanted rid of every vestige of British tradition and culture, and decided to pick upon the most obvious flag of all that was British, Fox Hunting. None of these fuckers is concerned with animal welfare, they are solely concerned with cleansing these isles in preparation for the “new dawn” of the advancing 4th Reich. I have supported Hunts in my time , as it was a way of life , and a living for many people. I understand that country people have a right to work and live, and to boil alive howling townies who dictate their malignant wishes upon the country folk. Fuck all saboteurs !

  7. FOr these cunts, it’s clearly more a case of “LOOK AT MEEEEE” than it is any heartfelt convictions beyond venting usual human reserves of anxiety and hate. If they really wanted to make a difference (and they don’t), they would work within the admittedly fucked political system instead of engaging in attentionwhoring antics that should land them on the business end of a steel toed cunt-punt.

  8. Good cunting Fiddler , I agree I’m pro animal basically notveagan I eat meat but I never understood the whole fox hunting debate cause they seem more like pests then a respectable critter just minding its business

  9. There must be a business somewhere called RENTACUNT…..
    Got a protest ? Called rentacunt
    Suppliers of the feckless great unwashed….
    We can supply annoying shouty cunts to anywhere in the UK …..

    Isac fav man child Owen jones making a complete cunt of himself on news night talking about anti semitism in the Labour Party……
    Owen the gift jones 😂

    • I’ve no time for animal cruelty having owned dogs all my life
      ,my wife and I give to greenpeace and dogs trust each month , my vent is against professional protesters who turn up and protest absolutely everything , even when local community’s need say a relief road or something and a bunch of out of towners start kicking off about it…..

  10. Fully support anyone prepared to stand up against those inflicting cruelty towards animals.

    • Agree cruelty to animals is disgusting and animal abusers should get the strap unless they are rodents tho fuck those little cunts couldn’t be cruel enough to them my dog gaius nods his head in approval he loves tearing mice apart

      • Argumentative as usual Willie, RT. The bored schoolboy tormenting the cat is cruel. Blowing up frogs with fireworks. Trapping s spider in a shoebox also cruel. The person who neglects a dog or cat keeping it in filthy conditions. Maybe less cruel if that person has mental problems. Hunting the fox. It’s the ‘intention’ I am getting at here. The intention of the Hunt is not to be cruel to the fox. It’s for the sport of it. The fox I believe can get away. That shows they are ‘sporting’. Foxes are not really hunted by other animals here in England. But it’s an animal so is Instinctively alive
        to danger. My point; cruelty is when you capture an animal and deliberately inflict pain. For your twisted gratification. The Hunt is not out to do that. Also, the death of the fox is instant I have heard. (could be wrong) The ‘tearing apart’ bit comes from the latecomers when it’s already dead.

        • Instant death? If somebody is mugged and shot through the head does the speed of their death exonerate the killer or legitimise the murder? Furthermore it’s hardly instant if they’ve been chased in terror for 45 minutes before thirty hounds pull it apart, and that’s if its heart hasn’t given out or it hasn’t died of exhaustion.

          Sport? A whipped-up army of beagles and twenty callous cunts on horseback after an inedible, living animal?


          • What Willie, RTC and the Cap’n said.

            I can’t abide cruelty to animals. There are just far too many cunts out there that relish their sadism towards animals

          • You won’t like this CM. Weak-minded sentimentalism towards animals. ‘chased in terror’. That anthropomorphising animals. Animals don’t feel ‘terror’ in the sense that we humans do. On the day of the Hunt the fox is not lying there having a spliff looking up at the clouds above feeling ‘content’ then suddenly hears the horn and FEELS terror. On another day (just to make my point) the missus rejects him she’s got a headache he doesn’t feel ‘angry’ or ‘forlorn’ or ‘frustrated’. Animals don’t have ’emotions’ like we do. Back to the terror. Put another way you could say a wild animal is always in a state of terror. What I said before about them always being instinctively ALIVE to danger.

            Is deliberately trapping a cat in a wheelie bin the same as hunting the fox? Have they both got the same INTENTION to be cruel?

            I know you’re very supportive of Capitalism. Well what about all the cruelty mistreatment of animal experimentation? Would you put the Hunt in the same catergory?

            Finally just rile you even more. I notice you often use the word
            ‘peasant’ in a pejorative sense. So revealing. It is the peasantry that all true culture comes from in any given country.

          • Absolute piffle, Mr.Plastic.

            Animals don’t feel emotions? This isn’t an insect or a squid but a fox, part of the dog family. You’ve evidently never owned a canine.

            Nobody’s attempting to anthropomorphise an animal; just to show compassion for a living, sentient being. Don’t try to obscure the point by bringing in cats and dustbins (which was despicable and needlessly cruel).

            The strongest instinct in any animal is survival. If an animal is threatened, its instinct is only to survive. In this case it’s being hunted by recreant killers who gather strength via a crowd and it will feel fear and, yes, terror.

            Clearly you have no respect and little compassion for animals. I wonder who you think you are.

          • That’s some post Miles… Why would you seek to rile a fellow Cunter?

            “Turn off your mind relax and float down stream
            It is not dying, it is not dying
            Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void,
            It is shining, it is shining.
            Yet you may see the meaning of within
            It is being, it is being
            Love is all and love is everyone
            It is knowing, it is knowing
            And ignorance and hate mourn the dead
            It is believing, it is believing
            But listen to the colour of your dreams
            It is not leaving, it is not leaving
            So play the game “Existence” to the end
            Of the beginning, of the beginning, of the beginning…”

            Then again, like me, you may prefer to take a Soma pill instead.

            Sleep well.

  11. Well….I get back in from a very pleasant afternoon drinking Port and Guinness at the Rugby Club while watching the Scotland-Ireland game to see that my latest nom. hasn’t been greeted with universal favour….I can understand why….It’s very difficult for townies with no understanding of country ways to appreciate the need for hunting. Foxes kill the chickens which make up the Chicken Dipppers which so many townies enjoy. They kill the fluffy lamby-kins that townies seem to assume come oven ready. They are pests.
    Also townies fail to appreciate the camaraderie involved in a good meet….it serves the same purpose as the townies’ 60s disco or bingo night. It’s a chance to meet up with people who share one’s mindset,but at least it’s done in a clean,healthy environment,and not the local “‘Spoonies”.

    Besides,no one can say that I’m cruel to foxes. When they cub in the spring, I often chuck a dead lamb or two out near their den. This ensures that they stay local and guarantees that the Hunt won’t have a fruitless day when the cubbing season starts…..not that the Hunt ever actually chases the foxes,but sometimes the hounds can be difficult to control and insist on doing what comes naturally.

    Tally Ho and Fuck Off.

    • Yes… but at least the foxes aren’t being led and encouraged by humans to do “what comes naturally.”

      • No one “leads” a pack of hounds. They do the job that they are there to do.

        Evening, RTC.

        • Evening Dick.

          You mean the dogs just happen to find themselves involved in the hunt by coincidence? No human direction whatsoever? Very strange…

          Btw, anything special on the menu tonight? A brace of Fray Bentos pheasant pies perchance? Bet you can’t guess what I’m having.

          • “Dogs”??…Hounds, RTC, Hounds. This is the trouble,you see. People don’t really know enough about hunting.

            II actually had mince and leek dumplings at the rugby club,very nice it was too. You’ll be having spaghetti bolognese followed by a steamed pudding with custard?

            🙂 .

          • I thought “hound” was just a synomym for hunting dog. Quibbling over terminology seems kind of daft. Bit like saying “it’s a Jag, not a CAR”!

          • Ha ha – spot on about the spag-boll, though am being a bit adventurous with the pudding… blackcurrant pie with ice cream!

            Aren’t hounds a type of dog? You’ll have to forgive my ignorance Dick, I am just a poor boy from Portmeirion.

            Very partial to mince and leek dumplings though, mme…

          • Hounds are a type of dog,agreed, but if we were talking about a football team we may differentiate between,say,wingers and goalkeepers. Yet they’re all footballers. I just think that it’s important to use the correct term when you’re talking about a specific type of “dog”……petty? Fair enough.

          • I guess I should count my blessings you didn’t take me to task for using the incorrect term “humans” instead of huntsmen…


          • Huntsmen are fuckin big 8 legged cunts here down under. Very scary but harmless. Until you put down your car windscreen visor and one falls on to your lap.

      • I agree foxes are cunts Dick , cheers just came back from the store too bought some rye whiskey and merlot for tonight toodles m8

          • Slapping Tits is a bit of a cruel sport, isn’t it, Titslapper?

            👋 (ㅇ)(ㅇ)

          • @caughtspedding
            new england never been to that part of america is there a more proper term you are looking for? don’t be such a posh fancy boy store, grocer’s shop, market what difference does it make, seriously?

    • Hunt the “me-do-as-I-likey” could be a good alternative to fox-hunting.
      Of course, there’s always drag hunting, but I guess these days, that’s open to misinterpretation, especially around Brighton & Hove.

  12. The perennial pantomime of cunts and arseholes. Haven’t we all got more important shit to do than chase foxes dressed like posh bellends, or protest against the chasers dressed like unwashed bellends?

    Put them all in a theatre, seal the doors, and lob a few molotov cocktails through the windows. I’d pay a penny to watch and give a shit about that show.

    • Oh, I’ve got nowt against townies, Isaac….just as long as they stay there and mind their own business….fucking busybodies.

      🙂 .

      • Ah! A keep the cowshit in the countryside and the bullshit in the cities approach. Fair enough.

  13. I don’t understand country ways and traditions, apart from they are all strange cunts, but for me, if a species is causing a problem, and controlling it is justified, then cull them humanely with an expert with a rifle.
    No need at all for the bollocks of a hunt, and all the nonsense surrounding it on both sides.
    I live in a city, love it and getting together with friends is much a part of life, we don’t often feel the need to dress up, get on a horse and run down defenseless animals. Country boys, concentrate on what you are good at, like shagging animals or your cousins and fuck off

    • Exactamundo. It’s dressed up bellendery. If you’re going to do it at least be honest, like the Chinese who boil dogs alive and eat them. No fucks given, no pageantry, in the rusty cauldron you go with a cinder block on top of the lid.

      Be an honest cunt at least, drop the silly pretense and just admit you get off on brutality.

      Same goes for the spanish cunts and their bull ‘fighting’. Though at least the bulls can exact revenge – and it provides great entertainment for me, watching Juan lose a testicle or eyeball. LOL. Stupid wankers.

  14. What’s the only animal to have a cunt halfway up its back?

    A horse on a fox-hunt.

  15. I don’t care who or what they are or where they come from – lefties, lezzers, whatever.

    If they are standing up against this utterly sick, elitist brutality that is ‘the fucking hunt’ then more power to them.


  16. The only cunts I dislike more than these professional protester pricks are the soulless scum who they are protesting against. Not a townie by any means, and every one of the fox hunting cunts I’ve met has been a cunt. If you’re killing stuff you ain’t going to eat, and you call it a sport, then you are a cunt. As for it being quick and painless, try being chased for an hour before being ripped to pieces. Horsey wankers playing pretend toffs, I fucking loathe them. There are humane ways to cull foxes, so having these twats flout the hunting ban, because that’s what they do, how else do the dogs know what to do, is a fucking joke. I laugh every time one of the cruel pricks fall off their horse and die, or get crippled. Fuck them.

  17. Condoning or condemning fox hunting is the perfect way to divide public opinion. Theresa the Appeaser gave it a go at the snap election, if you remember ?

    Mr. Fiddler is just winding his fellow cunters up, so in his own eloquent and hilariously erudite words…

    (insert Fiddlerism of choice)

    • Mavis knew it would be a vote loser… like dementia tax. Still couldn’t lose against Corbyn, incompetent bitch.

      Yes, you’ve got Fiddler’s number alright Seymour…

        • He reminds me of a disgracefully uncouth version of Laurence Olivier’s character in A Voyage Around My Father.

          “Nothing narrows the mind so much as foreign travel.” Etc, etc.

  18. As the rest of the animal world has backed themselves into an evolutionary corner having not developed thumbs they have unwittingly subjected themselves to the whims of the most advanced, cunning and determined apex predator on earth. Us humans.
    So good are we at dominating all life on earth that we have the time to pretend that we are not predatory or animals whilst we wear leather and eat burgers.
    Sorry guys, but it’s very difficult to eliminate hypocrisy from this debate; even if there is a massive difference between galloping around having a what ho time and carefully peeling the skin from the neighbour’s dog as a budding mendel.

  19. This “argument” about (fox)hunting was fomented by Tony Blair’s New Labour government around twenty years ago.
    The “issue” had been doing the rounds for decades, but was merely (at that time) one of the many classic “us and them” so-called debates. A very clever and perceptive Mr Campbell realised this was an equally classic divide and rule campaign opportunity, from which New Labour could only benefit.
    As it was, and as was expected, the anti-hunt lobby “won”.
    The real winner was Miranda, in being seen to have championed the right side, and revised the country in the cause of “Goodness”.
    There had never been any real issue in truth, just a lot of us and them shit.
    What an inspired choice of subject for your divide and rule debate it was: the bullshit is still alive and well, and on ISAC of all places! You’ve got to hand it to Tony Phoney and his merry men. They knew their cunting stuff.
    For fox sake..

    • Exactly so. A prime example of Blair’s genius for inciting and exploiting cheap popular emotion for his own immoral purposes. See also Diana, princess.

      • Good evening, and again salutations Mr Monitor!
        I do think I met you on the sometime Ambassador’s site.
        Tony Blair, his place in history, is assured. It is not a good place, but it is sure. Just what the cunt wanted. See Clarissa Dick son-Wright’s autobiography (Spilling the Beans) for the fuller story on TB

        • Hail, fellow straggler! Got to admit the fruitcake count on that site – never low – now restricts me to my faithful chronicling of our ex-PM’s continuing career, but the Ambassador himself is still frequently interesting and informative. How say you?

          • I had the temerity to challenge the great man in his “Officers and Agents” piece. It all got a bit nasty, Murray himself even followed me onto Blogmire, and I am now heavily banned. It boiled down to diplomatic passport validity durations (Murray needlessly stuck his neck out on this point). Must be a nightmare for the mods; they are still on high-alert three months on. I only came across the site last September, and got bored pretty quickly. Looking in the archives, it used to be much more varied, but now is effectively a circle-jerk of anti-israel pro-Indy Alcan™ headgear wearers. Must be lucrative for Mr M, though he should be ashamed of himself really– its crap, and a long way from the diplomatic service.

  20. What boiled my piss about the fox hunting ban was the lack of scientific evidence for or against. I think it was banned just to piss off posh land owners.

    In the Highlands, I patiently explain to the anti-venison types that the hinds would starve to death if they were not culled in winter.

  21. Even as an ignorant townie, I understand the need to control the fox, badger and deer populations to help safeguard livestock/poultry and avoid over-population. Many of my extended family are farmers, and I have several mates (all ex-military) who enjoy deer stalking (ostensibly to manage the herds, but they openly admit to the excitement of sneaking up on the animals and executing them).

    As a youngster in the seventies I went with a mate on an anti-hunt rally to see what it was all about. It was the perfect stereotypical scenario; snooty cunts on horses clattering about and threatening to whip the scruffs, versus a bunch of principled (some to the point of obsession) hippy types with air horns, whistles and aniseed balls. I scored it a draw and haven’t been interested enough to re-engage in the 40 years since.

    I would have a lot more time and respect for the Hunt followers if they were a bit more honest, stopped taking us all for thick cunts, and admitted that there is actually an element of excitement and adventure in chasing the fox (or mink, or deer) and killing it. I don’t buy their tale that it is done entirely in the interest of the countryside, they are doing us all a big favour, and it is the least distressing method for the fox. (Oh, and we are sorry if we accidentally kill a few foxes these days, with an Eagle or an unruly pack of hounds; we really are trying desperately to abide by the new rules).

    Other than the social point scoring, elitist membership and the hundreds of jobs that these activities support, there is fuck all difference between the Hooray Henrys chasing a terrified fox, or a bunch of Scouse scallywags kicking a cat to death near the garages.

    I am sure that there were a fair few people on nice little earners when bear baiting and badger baiting were common, but that argument didn’t save those particular ‘traditions’.

    At least the Pikeys that run illegal hare-coursing, deer coursing and dog fights don’t try to con us about the reasons; lots of money changes hands through betting, and they enjoy the communal bloodlust when the prey gets ripped to bits by the hunter.

    Now that hunting with hounds has been outlawed, I have moved from my position of neutrality and have to say I am more inclined to support the anti-hunt lobby.

    Hunt followers are arrogant, cowardly hypocrites, unable to admit that their bloodthirsty hobby satisfies a primeval desire, or to accept that it has been rightly outlawed.

    • That’s a good appraisal of the situation, GS. Although using sniping with rifles isn’t the best way to kill Mr Fox, I suspect you are right about hunting being a toff pursuit rather than an effective form of pest control. The problem is, certain animals need culling – deer, fox, badger – and there’s never a truly humane method of doing it.

  22. With DF on this one, not outraged at all by hunting. Toffs will be toffs, and if they weren’t hunting foxes, they’d be hunting us. Just a shame that they aren’t allowed to cull the indigent, bin-raiding, noisy and unhygenic ones in our cities. As well as urban foxes, that is.

    Sabs – self=righteous, meddling, suburbanites who are often prepared to inflict injuries on horse, hound and huntsperson which they would not countenance being inflicted on a fox.
    I don’t think hunters are the brightest, best or most desirable members of society, but they have the edge on sabs, IMO, and I’d certainly rather see a hunt – immaculately clad, animals fit and cared-for – than a bunch of sabs playing guerilla class – warrior getting in their way. As long as I don’t have to listen to the conversation, that is.

    The alternatives to hunting – the death is actually rather quick – are poison, snares* or shooting. None of these are guaranteed to be quick.

    * And Fenn traps, which are set to be banned next year. Replaced gin traps in their turn.

  23. I was in the company of a vegan tonight. I told her the only meat I eat, especially if it’s a burger, must be from an endangered species and tonight I had a Quarter Panda.

    The point is, she was five seconds into a rant before she realised it was a gag.
    They’re so easily triggered….they want to be outraged….

  24. Most hunt sabatuers and protestors are only trying to fill a void in their own existence.. Likewise with the government that made hunts ‘illegal’, it was only to fill their own void in the form of voters


  25. Same cunts who decry folk upholding a tradition – and now with a scent bag rather than Mr Fox – and as soon as their “hard work” is done, lob their Maccy D’s bag and Volvic bottles into the nearest countryside hedgerow (because the bin at the side of their car in McD’s carpark was too much of a stretch).

    I have no time for these cunts and you’re right, you see the same “professional protestor” cunts at any protest that is anti-traditionalist, anti-British and anti-democratic.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if the majority of the cunts actually worked for a living but they don’t, they’re all benefits scroungers to a one.

    The AL-BEEB and other fake news outlets are pretty happy to finger pro-traditionalist protesters as being Nazi’s, Xenophobes, anti-trans, etc., (even to the point where people have been sacked for merely attending a pro-Brexit rally for example); and yet these perennial wank-stains, a drain on UK coffers, are funded to protest against the same fuckers who foot their bastard lifestyles – namely us hated, common sense, taxpaying cunts!

    I’d shop the lot of them to the DSS. Not that those cunts are remotely interested in tackling these ‘n’ generation offenders (who know how to play the game). No point going after those when easy, new applicants for help with social care for an elderly relative – recently diagnosed with dementia – can be kicked into touch much more easily than going after cunts who screw the system for thousands each year!

    Oh, and don’t forget to avoid cunts with remotely foreign (namely “peaceful”) names. Too much hassle, and no one wants a call from the “wace welations” board do they…

    We need to rid ourselves of these professionally offended cunts, especially when we’re footing the bill for their cuntitude!

    We need to fuck the EU off – that’ll pull the wind out of their lefty-libbo sails.

    Then we deal with “peaceful” cunts – not violently – but we cap the cunts to 2 kids on the nashy. We remove the right for extended family (especially from Pakistan) having any remote right to claim to come here. Any woman sent there and who gets pregnant there will NOT be admitted back into this country as her child, and her child’s father (and no doubt her rapist) are Pakistani! Once the child is born she has the right to return ALONE! Harsh but we need to deter these cunts from this heinous activity, and fetching the “father” (i.e. rapist) here on a “free” does not benefit our society, nor the woman put in that position in the first place. Instead of making this country a “Fantasy Island” for these cunts, we really should make it as unattractive to the cunts as possible!

    Then we turn our eye to these freeloading bastards and their Kyle scum counterparts! You WILL fucking work or you DO NOT get any money! Plenty of public sector jobs to be filled by unskilled cunts like you fuckers! Wiping geriatrics arses, cleaning hospital bogs, etc., far cheaper to use you scumbags than forking out eye-watering amounts to privateers like Serco and Mitie! Double bonus in my book! But I am alas inflicted with an illness known as Common Sense!

    I expect this post to be moderated.

    Hopefully it will be seen at some point!

    Nothing in the above that can be disputed.


  26. I can agree with a hunting ban if someone gets a kick out of killing magnificent or endangered species.

    However, I am fully in favour of pest control.

    So lets hunt the hunt sabs. The great unwashed should spend their time earning a living rather than ponsing around at the expense of the taxpayer. There is no room at the inn for such wasters and they should be hunted to extinction.

    Incidentally, I actually propose a ban on shooting clay pigeons. Those poor flightless creatures do not stand a chance, being mechanically launched hundreds of feet into oblivion. If a shotgun doesn’t get them, then the shock of hitting the ground from height will. Spare a thought and a quid and send your donations to “ Thank you

  27. I don’t give a fuck about fox hunting. If you want to dress up like a prize twat and go galloping around the Estate with the intention of enjoying seeing an animal torn to pieces by dogs (yes, they are dogs) then good luck you sick bastard. It’s your business not mine. I just hope you fall off the horse (or do you pricks call it a steed or a charger?) and suffer a serious debilitating injury. As long as you don’t do it on the estate that matters to me – the one where I live. I trust we understand one another. Snob’s uninformed references to council estates are nothing new to me. I remember the stuck-up teachers and kids at school (one of the best in Birmingham) being appalled at my presence. You live on a council estates? Shock, horror. Intellectual retards. As an aside, read what General Slim said about the fighting qualities and courage of his soldiers that came from the city slums of England. The Burma Star Association will have the details. I expect that if it comes to another set -to it’ll be the council estate kids in the front line while the fucking knobs are riding around protecting their estates. Cunts.

    • Oh Dear, are you still a bit upset about making a bit of a fool of yourself the last time that you crossed swords with me?

      Don’t worry about me turning up on your estate….unless,of course,you’re in one of my buy-to -let properties and the benefit-office stop paying your rent….you won’t be the first that I’ve put out on the kerb.


      • Morning Dick – think I’ve seen you a few times on ‘Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!’

        Great entertainment, keep up the good work! 😂

      • No.I see you didn’t take my advice about not reading my noms or comments and now you’ve gone and upset yourself again. Self-inflicted Mr Fiddler. Do let me know if you are coming to the estate and I’ll advise you on estate etiquette for country dwellers. You know – wear plastic overshoes for the dogshit and that kind of thing. Of to do some more fishing – see what bites this time. Bye for now🤐

        • Confused again? It was you who got upset when I suggested that you not comment on my posts if they upset you so much.
          Hope you’re enjoying your trip away…it’s wonderful where you can get on those Sun vouchers these days,isn’t it?

          🙂 .

          • Oh well, if you must have a pissing contest. Go back and read the relevant comments (22 Jan) on your wrong number callers (21 Jan) nom. You said ” perhaps if you have no strong opinions on a particular nom you shouldn’t bother commenting on them” I replied that I would decide on what I did and did not comment on. I added “if you are so sensitive about my comments, as you obviously are, then I can only suggest that you do not read any posts or comments by Fimbriations.” I did not say your posts upset me. On the contrary I said I enjoyed reading them. It seems you are the one who is confused Mr Fiddler. Never mind, aging is a bastard, isn’t it? Sun vouchers? What the fuck are those?😀

          • Oh, but my posts obviously do upset you. You bite on every nom. that I make….remember your equally aerated reply to my Mrs. May post too?

            Good luck with the fishing,but I fear that you’ll never enjoy my success when it comes to casting out the bait and reeling them in…..I own my own stretch of water,great salmon and trout fishing,but fly only,so probably a bit intimidating for a “working-class boy done good” like yourself….Do you fish the local canal?

            🙂 .

  28. “Slapping Tits is a bit of a cruel sport, isn’t it, Titslapper?” Nothing cruel about it if you are gentle, but its not a sport more of a hobby… then again some play harder then others saw a bdsm porn few years ago of a very brave but very stupid woman having a nail hammered into her tits pretty sadistic stuff to say the least

      • Can’t say I enjoyed it but I was obviously entertained, not exactly wank material unless you are brave enough to pull it to that. Also I forgot abouut the plank

  29. Most of the foxes have moved into town and are now more likely to be eating chicken of the kfc variety, discarded rich pickings everywhere.

    Heard stories where the braying upper class toffs have either brought in foxes or bred them for their sport. Cunts the lot of them.

    Should have been sprayed in fox’s piss and ripped apart by the hounds themselves. No justification for it in the 21st century. Each cunt participating should get a 10 year sentence

  30. Fish the canal? Why would I want to fish what here on the estate is known as “the toilet”?

  31. Been reading the site for months, and really enjoy all the posts, however MR Fiddler is I believe not a land owner but rather a dweller of a terraced home in Linton near ashington.

    • Please supply genuine details of your own palatial residence if you intend to locate more cunters. For me, terraced houses are fine (live in one), Ashington is fine (lived nearby for three years) and DF ‘s direct line to my warped sense of humour is also fine, so I would be obliged to know what your point is.

      Thanking you in advance

  32. Hunting animals fpr sport and making them die in a horrific manner is sad and pathetic. That said the hunt saboteurs shouldnt do stupid things like grabbing the bridles of horses and act violently themselves.
    Not a great supporter of either hunting toffs or the Swampy dreadlock crew.

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