The Upward Inflection

Yes, I am a cunt?

The Upward Inflection needs a cunting, or should I say cunting?

What is it with these fuckwits who have to end every fucking sentence with a question?

It really gets on my fucking tits?

You can hear the fuckers on the phone?

You can hear the fuckers when they order something, but not with I would like, always with can I get?

So, I really want to cunt these cunts?, because they are cunts?, and cunts they are?

This shows the fucking issue well?

Nominated by DryItchyCunt

FYI also known as “The Australian Question Innonation”

30 thoughts on “The Upward Inflection

  1. Indeed, what cunty behaviour.
    This is yet another example of the failure of individuals to understand basic language skills, grammar, pronunciation etc.
    Individuals tend to learn to speak, initially at least, from their parents; but I doubt very much that this upward inflection has been passed from parent to child.
    No, this is a product of snowflakery vacuous daydreaming their way through life and school, ignoring anything that requires concentration, thought or skill. Instead, their heads become vessels for writhing images of nicki minaj etc and the fuckery of social media.
    I would suggest that the upward inflection is a habit born from constantly having to wrench their attention from their waking wet dream to answer the call of the living.
    “would you like some breakfast..?”
    “hey! I’m talking to you!”
    “sorry? I want toast? I was just?”
    Aimless cunts.
    I’m sure this can be cured with a course of corporal punishment, or at least a few weeks of back breaking physical labour.

  2. I blame the shyte Ors-fucking-traaalian soaps of the 80s and 90s for this insidious brain rot.

    “G’day and fucken fair dinkum Bruce, would you like a shrimp on the cunting baaabie?”

    A very valid cunting. Those afflicted by this upward intonation wank would benefit from several curative courses of ETC therapy. Cunts?

    • Think you’re right, PM. That one’s Australian. Whereas ‘like’, every three seconds in conversation, is from our septic cousins, via shite like ‘Friends’

  3. This really grips my fucking shit. It’s normally perpetrated by the same snowflake wankstains that start every sentence with “so………”.
    Ignorant tossers.

  4. Add to that those cunts who can’t resist interrupting you in mid flow and taking the conversation off in a totally different direction!

    It’s as if they do not have the patience to hear you out if they don’t like what you have to say. So they butt in and kill your flow stone dead.

    But its when they also nod their head and/or say “oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah, yeah….” while you talk, you know they’re not really listening and just want to talk all over you.


  5. It’s the inflection for the question tag, isn’t it? Used to seek confirmation that I’m not talking bollocks, am I? You can’t speak English, can you? Fuck off snowflakes, fuck you? As irritating to me as the amount of snowflakes who eat a large rnumber of healthy food every mealtime. They are illiterate cunts, aren’t they?

    • Nothing wrong with the superb question tag. On the contrary, it’s glorious, a wonderful linguistic invention with variety, eloquence, and politeness. Sadly even this magnificent piece of grammar is slowly on it’s way out being replaced by more simplistic terms from our English-speaking cousins, the banal “right” from America and “eh” from Canada.

      “You like cheese, don’t you?”
      “She didn’t say, did she?”
      “We’ll go there, shall we?”

      You like cheese, right?”
      “She didn’t say, right?”
      “We’ll go there, right?”

        • Ooooh, that struck a chord with me!

          I tried listening to a book on Audible – “Die Trying” by Lee Child but only managed the first couple of chapters.

          Almost every fucking sentence spoken by the “hero” was suffixed with “Riiiiiiiiight?”. It quickly escalated from just an observation to bile boiling annoyance.

          • I understand, Thirks.
            “Right?” “Right?” “Right?” “Right?” “Right?” “Right?” …like a moronic automaton never failing to make me feel a bit stabby.

  6. I am literally about to set foot into a meeting but saw this and had to comment.

    You’ve all seen how excessively vitriolic some of my cuntings have been towards the most worthy recipients. Let’s just say that what I think, and what fate I would wish upon those using unwarranted upward inflections would have me banned from ISAC with immediate effect, were I to post those thoughts.

    No greater scourge on developing our society than the idiotic, deliberately nonsenical forms of communication adopted by millenials and enrichers. That’s all.

  7. Most of these irritating cunts with their upward inflection are saying:

    “you know what I’m saying, good, then I don’t need your input cos if you know what I’m saying you must agree with me because I’m always right, so don’t talk, just let me carry on and on cos my opinion is the only one that’s worth listening to…”

    Have a nice Thank You Thursday.

  8. A marvellous cunting.

    Decades of this preposterous shit has worn me down. A childish, insecure method of communication by those who are intellectually below the salt and contributing to ever-corrupting the fluence of eloquent discourse. One such symptom of corruption is this ridiculous inflection which is a miserable scab upon the body politic of speech.

    Cunty simpletons.

  9. Together with the very fucking irritating ‘So’ preceding EVERY statement, it’s a wonder there aren’t more cunts being murdered.

  10. Alex Haddock has been arrested and due to appear in court later today. Now that is the best start to the day you can have.
    Crowd fund anyone.

    • Smarmy cunt that he is. Hopefully he will get what he deserves a good battering boom boom.

    • He’s taking the Scottish Government to court isn’t he? He might feel he has to flee to England to escape persecution. He’ll end up in a dinghy in the river Thames displaying a banner-‘Please help me England’. Jimmy Kranki furiously rowing behind…

  11. Yeah, can’t blame the Yanks for this one. As others have said it comes from Aussie soaps, along with the now universally accepted “uni”. Even the most educated of cunts use that word. Still, at least when you hear this whiny form of speech you know straight away you are dealing with an easily influenced fucking cretin. Nice of them to give us a “heads up.” Shit, i’m doing it myself now. 🤯

  12. It’s actually Californian Valley talk. I rent flats to a heap of these programmed Princesses and it dives my wife to uncontrollable outburst of ranting about the future of society. When I first started to have these young busty tenants I dreamed of crawling all over their bodies like a little white maggot but now I wouldn’t fuck them with yours!

  13. A pet peeve of mine, especially when combined with starting a sentence, more specifically a reply, with ‘so…’

    Ive also seen it called the high rising terminal.

    Users need a good kicking, the cunts.

  14. While I agree that the aussies have been doing this shit for years I don’t recall that ever having any influence on my speech or that of my peers back in the 90’s as a result of watching shite soaps from down under.

    I also very much doubt that modern snowflakes even watch soaps as they are generally to busy posting selfies on social media.

    I’d say that the main influence on modern snowflakes comes from social media and yank TV shows mostly centred around california.

    The yank version of the upward inflection originated from the Cali Valley girls, then spread to the poofters, then the “men” and then via global consumption of mass media to British millennial.

  15. Start every sentence with ‘so’ and ask for a beer with ‘can i get’ with a rising inflection on the end and you’ll be seen as cool and intelligent in snowflake circles. Even if you are as thick as pig shit. Yeah?

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