Thank You Thursday

Thank You Thursday (TYT)

No not a character name for an indigenous Bond Girl (but if it was doubtless you could write your own screenplay for that one) but yes, another Yank Wank idea to part you from your hard earned with a dose orf guilt and syrup. Has been aroinde in Yankland for some years now, on a par with Father’s Day and Mother’s Day and intended to flog crap Hallmark TYT cards, boxes orf foul Hershey TYT candy and similar shite. Idea is you bang some orf same in the post (or use an extortionate bespoke delivery service) as a mark orf delight at the tat some cunt at the last minute has remembered to give you for Christmas. Now as ever the tawdry concept has been dumped very second hand on poor Blighty’s heaving shores. Reports orf snowflakes agonising over what to write and etiquette sites appearing advising you how to.
Yours Truly’s advice? Punt the self same crapola back at the cunts from whence it came withoit comment and withoit stamps so the cunts are suckered in to pay excess postage. A further steer from YT. Do not give away any sign orf your identity so the cunts have to work oit to whom the shite was given.

Fuck Orf Friday anyone? For a modest fee (plus expenses) YT will regale your loved one(s) with a personal message orf Yuletide and Noel Joy any Friday after Christmas.


Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

14 thoughts on “Thank You Thursday

  1. Another crass import from the country that gave us Black Friday, fast food, Trick or Treat, life gurus, spray-on cheese and horrifically poor spelling.

    No thank you.

    • Can’t stand the Father Christmas look.
      Burberry trench coat and riding boots would be much better…

    • Those each worthy of cuntings and may I add, ‘I could care less’.

      It’s ‘I COULDN’T care less’, you corn-brained colonial fuckwitted mongs!

      • Yes, CP. How in fuckity did “I could care less” begin? It means “I couldn’t care more” about it.

        – “Oh look, Anna Soubry is calling Leavers Fascists again.”
        – “I could care less.”
        – ” What,you care so much about it nothing is more important?”

        Language Fuckwittery.

  2. The girl in the header can come to mine any Thursday she likes and I’ll say thank you.

    Just don’t tell my fiancée Fanny or her brother.

  3. Out of Sunday morning boredom I searched ‘International Days’ and just this one mundane January day is Disk Jockey Day, Cheese Lovers Day and Penguin Awareness Day amongst others. I know Dick Fiddler is counting down the days to May 21st when it will be ‘World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development’, hmm catchy.

      • Of course there is no way we would have such a celebration now as it smacks of heightism against little people and Moslems would not be able to join the festivities and festoonery because of the pork element.

  4. Blimey that one was a long time coming – as me gardener’s daughter is apt to remark these days (little hussy). Intended for a spot orf seasonal cheer but never mind. Bugger knows what else is stuck in the pipeline. All part orf life’s great mystery.

  5. You’re going soft Sir Limply. I propose an entire month to this virtue-signalling wankritude. FUCK-OFF-FEBRUARY

  6. Fucking wank the lot of it. Nothing can just be a day or a month now. Even the weather has to have a label.
    No longer an easterly wind that brings in cold air in from Siberia, it has to be the return of the “Beast from the East”.
    We can’t have rain, or snow, or just generally crap weather at this time of year, everything is extreme and a named storm. The world must laugh at us, especially when most parts of Russia don’t see a thermometer above 0C at this time of year. Cunts.

  7. For the sake of fuck, I have had to just Google this shite to find out ‘what’s it all about, Alfie?’……

    ……..what utter tripe.

    Surely being thankful for the helpful/hardworking people in your life and showing gratitude towards them should not need a fucking special day. If you need a day to put a rocket up your arse to make a contrived effort with that, you are clearly a feckless, thick cunt of epic proportions.

    Trust the bloody States to come up with such hippy cuntery.


    • I also propose ‘Shove it up your arse Sunday’.

      (Sundays are good days for being a miserable cunt to one and all.)

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