James Dyson [2]

“How’s this for a giant blowjob?”

“Sir” James Dyson

It’s about time this cunt was stripped of his knighthood. Actually, it’s about time he was smeared with honey and padlocked to a fire-ant nest.

He moved the production of Hoovers (I know that’s a trademark but I’m sure it would piss him off to think people refer to his overpriced vacuum cleaners like this) to Malaysia in 2002 and offshored his washing machine manufacturing the following year.

Although he is pro-Brexit, he really isn’t helping by giving Remoaners ammo like this. If you’re that confident in Britain, you should put your (considerable) money where your (considerable) mouth is – repatriate all the manufacturing and leave the HQ here.

You are a cunt sunshine.

Nominated by Thirkleby Spunktrumpet

71 thoughts on “James Dyson [2]

  1. Being confident in Britain doesn’t make it any cheaper to manufacture here, and that’s the problem. Even at the shit minimum wage we have here it’s still far cheaper to make stuff where people (10 year old girls) are grateful for a handful of rice a day and get a kick in the cunt when they’re not working hard enough.

    Having said that, he’s a cunt.

    • If his business was selling a low margin product where the difference between profit and loss was mere pennies then yes, I’d agree with the point re UK manufacturing.

      Dyson’s profits rose 27% to £801 MILLION during the last reported financial period (2017).

      They’re not exactly struggling.

      • It’s a recognised psychological flaw that the rich can never have enough so he’d be striving for workers to pay him to make ever more money.

        • Yes he suffers from Branson syndrome – the problem is he can’t take it with him when he goes – it will probably melt.

  2. According to the Sunday Times rich list 2017 he’s worth 7.8 billion. So how much would he lose by manufacturing in this country? Would he even notice?
    This is the thing with successful businessmen who’ve got more money than they could ever spend. Making money in itself becomes their reason for living, it’s like a disease which can’t be cured. They will make noise with their political opinions but when it interferes with their ability to amass even more money, everything they’ve previously said goes right out of the window.

    • I’d love to insert an anti-semitic joke right here but I’m afraid the plod might kick down my door.

      Trouble is in order to make all that money you sacrifice a lot of what makes you human. He’s too fossilized now to ever change. I’m sure his coffin and graveplot will be exquisite though, lucky cunt. Ha.

  3. His stuff is overpriced and not always the best. He has given Remoaners so much ammunition that this cunting doesn’t even scratch the surface of his cuntitude. Could it be that the Far East as a base actually benefits the cunt if we leave? That makes him no better than the self interested Remoaner cunts of the CBI and parliament

    • When I saw THAT hairdryer in JL (I was on my way to their khazis, which are very handy in Cardiff – if you live there, that is…), my first thought was that it was some sort of male masturbator.

  4. It’s a tough one.

    He is a businessman first and foremost, and as a businessman he is in business to make money to pay out to shareholders and to hopefully expand the Dyson brand.

    As Thirkleby points out, he off-shored his UK production of vacuum cleaners in 2002. That year is very apt because it was smack bang in the middle of Britain’s second dark age of 1997-2010 under the tenure of that “I don’t give a fuck about the UK or Britain, we’re European now!” cunt Tony B.Liar!

    If you look at the States, even before he took office – although recently elected – Donald Trump gave big tax breaks to Ford Motor Company to keep one of it’s factories in the USA instead of moving it to Mexico. Ford agreed. 1,000’s of jobs saved, millions of dollars pumped back into the US economy via the wages/taxes of that saved workforce.

    I have no doubt similar tax breaks could have been offered to Dyson to keep his manufacturing operations in the UK, but let’s face it, neither Noo Liebour or the Uber Cunt Blair himself gave a flying fuck about the UK workforce or ordinary British working people (until the next election rolled around that is, then “They Cared”, lying two-faced cunts). Why would they when they were only answerable to their lickspittle masters in the 4th Reich EU!

    Instead it was: “Fine by us Dyson! Fuck off to Malaysia! We don’t care and we especially don’t care about your workers cos we’re importing a far cheaper workforce from the Rest of the World! Ok so we might import the odd bomb-maker or two-thousand, but who gives a fuck about that? Won’t be me or our elites who gets blown to fuck will it? Nah, just those tax-paying, expendable, British plebs!”

    A “No Deal” Brexit without the burden of a £40bn ransom would go a long way to bolster internal business interests and also to grease the wheels of those CUNT businesses crying about leaving because of a “No Deal” – you fucking abject, four-feathers, cowards!

    Unfortunately with May at the helm, common sense like this is unlikely, even if she were to take Juncker’s cock out of her mouth long enough to respond!

    Is Dyson a cunt? Maybe, but the real cunt on this one is Tony Blair. Didn’t give a fuck about a UK company being offshored but was happy to prop up a German owned (BMW) company (Rover) when it started to fail – because BMW is so fucking poor isn’t it!

    And as billionaires go, Dyson is nowhere near the odious, fifty-faced, champagne socialist mega-cunt that is Branston-Pickle!

    Now there is a “do as I say, not as I do” cunt!

    • My feelings re Dyson “leaving” the UK is that he probably feels the same way about Brexit as many of us here, myself included: that it isn’t going to happen. And, as I’ve said before, I’d go back to Switzerland if I had a tenth of JD’s wealth.

      Is he a cunt ? Weeell, it has, of course, given the shrill, lobotomised remainers something to shriek “Foul!” over, but as RWAC so cogently points out, threre’s no cunt like Miranda B. Liar or Beardytwat Branston. They have elevated cuntitude to truly stratospheric levels.

    • Dyson did at least pay £127.8 million UK tax last year, which is probably about £127 million more than war criminal Tony B. Liar and his skanky excuse for a missus did.

  5. If you’re gonna back brexit you should be seen to put your money where your mouth is. So many cunts on both sides want a say but they have something in common, they want maximum profit so manufacture where the cheapest labour is. I guess by the time they’ve turned us into a third world economy they will be back!


  6. It’s all a case of “Mind over matter”.

    They don’t mind (being seriously loaded helps), and we don’t matter…
    We’re just here to pay taxes, and gett killed in their shitty little wars &c.

    • Does she want to start doing guided tours around Barrymore’s old place or the Lady Elton estate?

      • Then there’s Jimmy Savile’s old flat and Prince Edward’s bijou little gaff…

      • The bitch should just get on with it, there’s always been no end of bum banditry and sexual perversion among the upper classes. No shortage of material to work with there.

    • All period drama involving a Stately Home is about The Family. All records stored in a Stately Home concern ancestors of The Family. The finances are all about ‘keeping it in The Family’. Or maintaining the ‘Family pile’. It has been attacked because the private Stately Home is the last vestige of the Family Home.

    • I think that has a lot to do with the fact that homosexuality and lesbianism was illegal when most of these stately homes were built???

      You know, I’m not an expert or anything, just sticking my finger in the air and all that…

      And if you thought that was bad, how about real life “thought crimes” being “investigated” by UK police forces when no real crime has been committed!?!


      Very fucking worrying!

  7. Take it up the arse with your own vac Dyson you cunt. Very eco friendly, the Dyson bagless Shite ‘n Suck.

  8. Yes, its all because of Brexit, everything is about Brexit.

    I am not sure I could say Dyson is a cunt, if he were the only one dipping his toe into the far east I would agree but there are lots of others.

    I worked for good old British company Salter housewares, back in the late 90’s they didnt manufacture anything in the UK, everything came in from China.

    • The business of business is business. Like it or not, Dyson has a long history of manufacturing abroad, long before Brexit was a likelihood. Has also created hundreds of jobs in this country along the way.

      Either way, whatever he’s doing now is unlikely to be Brexit related, but the timing is unfortunate, with Remoaners using it to bolster their ludicrous Project Scare nonsense.

      Much the same way they’ve tried to smear JR-Mogg by claiming he was moving his firm’s HQ to Dublin to avoid the disastrous effects of Brexit, whilst continuing to benefit from doing business within the EU. Untrue of course, but all is fair in love and war, and this is a war, make no mistake.

      Incidentally, they also claim Mogg’s real motive for wanting Brexit (him & Farage) is to make millions speculating on the £ crashing when we leave, this last being a pet claim of Remoaner in excelsis James O’Shithead aka Lord Haw Haw, who is paid a six figure salary to rubbish Brexit, and along with his sleazebag wife makes £40k Director’s loans to their own company so they pay zero tax on that ‘income’… mind you it can’t be cheap living in a £1.5million house in Whitehall Park Rd, Chiswick, well away from those pesky gimmegrants he so loves and wants to foist upon us plebs…


  9. Dyson is a capitalist and the whole point of capitalism is to continually pursue greater and greater profit. Non economists call it fucking greed but whatever. The cunt could at least have waited 6 months instead of allowing the remoaner scum to feed off this.
    However, if you needed to learn the lesson there it is……. never trust a rich cunt. (or a peaceful)

  10. *Sexist joke alert – if you’re easily offended look away now*

    Who am I kidding, this is ISAC 🙂

    Q: What’s the similarity between a Dyson and a new wife.
    A: After 12 months they develop an annoying whine and stop sucking.

  11. Speaking of untrustworthy rich cunts Sir Nicholas Clegg has just paid 7 mill for a mansion in California.
    Rewarding work, selling your country out to a foreign power.

    Where’s Charlie Manson when you need him?

    • Let’s hope the traitorous cunt has purchased near to where the fires where last Summer, the dirty Facebook whore.

  12. Dyson will eventually start a company called Cyberdyne Systems and try and wipe out humanity with Terminators.

    So, I wouldn’t worry too much about Brexit.

    Goodbye for now.

    • Psst… don’t give him ideas… he’d be the saviour of the planet if he managed that.

  13. But when will folk realise that it’s not the responsibility of business people to make their businesses profitable/viable in the UK, that is the responsibility of the Govt.

    For too long this, and previous governments dating back to 1983 (and I am a Thatcherite), could give a flying fuck about manufacturing.

    The wealth rich and infrastructure light businesses of the stock market and financial sectors (predominantly located in that den of cuntitude – London – the “shitty” at least) were all governments’ were interested in (to keep their own hedge funds/interests sweet). Manufacturing, pah! Yesterday’s news!

    But what about the manufacturing workforce?

    Fuck ’em! They can learn computers or summat!

    We’re lucky we had ‘n’ years of Dyson manufacturing his stuff in the UK for as long as he did. What the fuck was he supposed to do in order to turn a profit when our labour force was still expensive and every other cunt was offshoring to 3rd world shitholes!?!

    Sometimes it astonishes me at the naivety of some folk pointing out shit that Dyson has done, like he had any other option!

    Blair had the power to make Dyson work in the UK but that was diametrically opposed to the EU’s need for a single manufacturing powerhouse in Europe, namely Germany, which bolsters its coffers in exchange for being the biggest manufacturing nation in the EU.

    Without any help from the state, Dyson’s hand was forced. The sad thing being that a large number of those working on the assembly lines, etc., ended up on the “Old King Cole”, so no tax from them, no wage spending by them within the UK economy, and having to be supported by the welfare state!

    A triple “own goal” out of the UK purse. Blair didn’t care. Blair was only interested to maintaining the EU status quo because he saw himself as a future EU Reich Master. Luckily the lies of the Gulf War – hanging around his neck like a poisoned turd – put paid to that! Hah! Fucking CUNT!

    That said, there is a huge potential to fuck off the Franco-German manufacturing stitch-up by reinvesting/re-attracting manufacturing back into the UK.

    Unfortunately we’d need a government with more foresight than a weekly lottery ticket, and less in the pocket of “The Shitty”, in order to affect a turnaround in this area.

    Instead of pissing £100bn up the wall on a stupid railway project only of benefit to the Hooray-Henry’s of London, how about investing those monies in reinvigorating the manufacturing industry in the UK?

    We can still build stuff and to a high standard. I’ve had the privilege to walk around the Nissan factory in Sunderland and their commitment to quality is as good as I’ve seen anywhere, and – more importantly – the workforce is generally happy with their lot.

    It wouldn’t take much to recreate this success story across the entire UK and not just FUCKING LONDON!

    Don’t blame Dyson for business savvy decisions, blame Westminster for being a nest of useless CUNTS for the last 30-odd years (where manufacturing is concerned).

    • It’s an education reading your posts, Rebel. I sometimes forget how much Blair couldn’t give a monkey’s about Britain and continually had eyes for Europe, as did Major to a lesser extent. Telling people what they wanted to hear then signing the atrophying Treaties regardless.

      If we ever extricate ourselves from the Reich, and if we ever had a government with bollocks, I wonder whether we could set up a British car industry again. Start making a few cars with a British label. Not the Metro or Maestro but something decent and inexpensive.

      • Some sort of “original” Mini – not the badly-fucked-up BMW travesty….

        That would be a starting point…

    • * Blair was only interested to maintaining the EU status quo because he saw himself as a future EU Reich Master. Luckily the lies of the Gulf War – hanging around his neck like a poisoned turd – put paid to that! Hah! Fucking CUNT!*

      I wish I could be so sure (not that Anthony Blair is the Queen of cunts) bust most of the Labour remainer scum and poofters are very much Blairites – Umunna, Yvette Sugartits Cooper, Campbell and Mandelson. If they keep us in the EU prison I can just see Mandy and Chuckaduckie suggesting it would be a duckie idea to have Blair replace Juncker. He probably would, too. God forbid that the self important old Miranda ladyboy shit-stain should have yet another reason to smirk.

    • Excellent idea rebel, great post.
      Why waste £100bn on a train (which no doubt will be obsolete in 20 years) when the money could be spent on regenerating the manufacturing industry and investing in ports such as hull. There’s so much potential all over the country just sat at home, stuck on benefits. Admittedly it’s partly their fault that they’re on benefits but not entirely. If they had jobs and futures on offer, the culture would change and entire communities would be back to work.
      B.liar has a lot to answer for….

  14. Agreed cunting, just by virtue of the fact he is a hypocritical cunt.

    Let’s stand on our own and get the UK out of the EU, but in saying that, I on the other hand will be fucking my company off to the Far East to save money and lower my costs…..not to mention exploit a few workers earning a wage of a packet of take home chick peas and a plate of Nasi Goreng.

    Yep, that is what I call ‘Backing Britain’…….Oh fuck off Dyson.

    If there is one thing that really bubbles my piss over it is obscenely rich bastards exhibiting Scrooge-like behaviour. So your millions are not quite enough already then?


    • Hello Nurse Cunty. How goes it with you? My sister has a ‘terror’ of the winter months. I do hope you are bearing up.

      I told you the last time that my sister is honest. Going against all advice she triggered a review. And she lost nearly all the award. That day comes to mind (hopefully it might interest other cunters).

      So we arrived in a taxi. For fear of CCTV outside we took special care to get her into the wheelchair without trying to step on the pavement. If you take a step you maybe be able to walk a hundred metres. I pushed her into reception. An old pub wallah acquaintance there. We kept our heads down. Then she arrived. Her knee length black boots like jackboots I thought. ‘What’s this?’ ‘A wheelchair’ ‘Please get up and follow me to the examination room’. My sister struggling to get up flopped back down shaking uncontorllably. ‘What’s this?’ ‘A fit’, ‘It’s not a fit it’s a muscle-spasm’. OK, it’s a muscle-spasm’. Waiting for it to subside. ‘OK, you can wheel her to the examination room door’. At the examination door -‘Please stand up and walk to the chair’. My sister got up, shuffled to the chair. Twenty minutes of quick fire questions. No time to think. Next ‘up on here’. Stretching all her limbs ‘as far as they will go’. That’s going to affect her for weeks I thought. Another twenty minutes of quick fire questions. ‘Thank you, that’s the end of the examination’. Pushed her back to the reception area. I lifted my face. My speedhead/drunk acquaintance from the pub…winked.

      Postscript; we had the tribunal hearing Tues. She got the letter today-‘The appeal is allowed’.

      • I take it this is DWP related with your sister…now they are MONUMENTAL CUNTS.
        Glad you won.

      • Hi Miles! I’m not too bad, thank you for asking, but I feel for your sis….. that is really sickening.

        It makes me so mad when you have all of these wastrel tosspots who have been on benefits for decades with their ‘back problems’ or ‘stress’. I really do not know how on earth they get away with this STILL, in this day and age. They target ALL of the wrong people (like your sister) instead of the job shirking layabouts who have never worked a day in their lives since leaving school.

        My fibro has been quite bad this winter, but I have had a fair few stresses of late and a ton of sleepless nights, so it is par for the course really. I can really relate to how your poor sister will hurt after that exercise. After I have had a hectic day with a lot of walking and errands, I am so stiff the next day and everything aches. It is either the fibro or that I am just a middle aged old codger, lol!!

        I really wish you and your sister well and keep up the fighting (don’t let the tossers get you down) 🙂

        • Thanks Nurse Cunty, EGC. Yes, it’s good news. All her benefit has been restored. And back dated to the time she triggered the review. She feels ”vindicated’ justified’ her words. Very important for a Fibro sufferer to feel they are believed. I think PIP isn’t under the DWP. They are monumental cunts though. But the Tribunal is independent. And she was listened to sympathetically. Restored my faith somewhat in the system. Continuing-there are two levels to PIP Standard Rate Care and Higher Rate Care and Standard Rate Motobility and Higher Rate Motobility. My sister’s award has been restored to Standard Rate Care and Standard Rate Motobility. I don’t know but it would seem you have to be on a ventilator to get Higher Rate Care. Even so a great day! And she’s giving me £200 for all my help! Yes the sneaky wink. He was unshaven, tramp-like. Dressed for the part you would say. He doesn’t deserve it because all his problems are self inflicted. Thanks again both.

  15. Apologies for off-roading…

    I’ve just been reading about a film at the Sundance Film Festival made regarding Michael Jackson’s victims. There’s a bit where a (now 41-year old) man describes where he, as a ten-year old boy, went through a wedding ceremony with the “King of Pop”. He was even given a gold wedding ring.

    Shamoh P*ëdo!

    I’m sure it’s all lies, like all the others paid off with Hush money…I mean, out-of-court settlements.

  16. It’s not about the money with these guys, it’s about making money. My daughter’s boyfriend works for someone who makes a million a month. Nothing on the scale of Bryson but he could have retired twenty times over. They just work different from mortals. For me, after a year of a million a month itvwould be fuck off you office cunts.

    And actually he could make a lot more but he pays exceptionally well. He’s just a really nice rich cunt.

  17. European powers have warned Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro that he must call elections or they will officially recognise the opposition’s claim of leadership.

    Mr Maduro is under pressure after his rival Juan Guaidó declared himself “acting president” on Wednesday.

    Venezuela later rejected the ultimatum at a UN meeting, where divisions between world powers were laid bare.

    President Maduro was sworn in for a second term earlier this month, in an election marred by an opposition boycott and allegations of vote-rigging, leading to large anti-Maduro protests.

    He accuses Mr Guaidó, the head of the National Assembly, of mounting a coup.

    An EU statement was more cautious, seeking fresh elections or the bloc would take “further actions, including on the issue of recognition of the country’s leadership”.

    Speaking on behalf of the EU, a spokesman said Venezuela needed a government “that truly represents the will of the Venezuelan people”.

    Firstly, what the fuck does the political state of affairs in Venezuela have to do with the European Union and who do they think they are demanding ultimatums?

    And secondly, who is it that made the statement that Venezuela needs a government “that truly represents the will of the Venezuelan people”.

    None other than UK Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan “faggot, anti democracy, anti Brexit upper class knobhead” Duncan, who clearly believes the opposite is true for his own country.

    The world is a seriously fucked up place when a prick like Duncan is amongst those calling the shots.

    What a fucking cunt,

    • Fret not Willie… the nice people are just trying to bring to your attention what will happen if Catweasel & McDonuts get their commie mits on the UK economy.

      E.g. 10,000,000% inflation. What’s not to like?

    • Ahhh, Venezuela.

      A classic example of what a pure socialist mantra – a’la that of Corbyn and MacNationalise – can do to an oil rich, comparatively wealthy nation.

      And when there’s no money left in the public purse, they fuck off for a few terms – while a conservative thinking Govt rebuilds the coffers – only to return and bankrupt the nation again.



  18. The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin comes to mind when I see him in his own adverts. He is so utterly utterly fucking boring. Who gives a flying fuck about hoovers…or as he insists on calling them ‘vacuums’. And to go on about the science of ‘vacuuming’ in them. Fuck me haven’t you bored us enough with the actual subject. Please don’t give the details. There’s another fucker ( Mrs Plastic Shark something Richard something the cordless one). Boring as fuck as well. What was it in Reginald Perrin? He had to design the little gift in cereal packets didn’t he? ‘I simply can’t do this any more’ I remember. Yes the great Leonard Rossiter’s exasperated face. The great adventure of life? Vacuuming. The crime of all this Capitalism. The dumbing down of everything. James Dyson. His soul is in a vacuum.

    • The advert I was referring to above. ‘Shark’s Vacuums’. It’s great selling point that it is cordless. You know the one with his dog jumping on the sofa…AND HIS BORING VOICE. I think I am onto something here. If you have it in your mind the actual room he his vacuuming is clinically clean. There’s not a spot of dirt. It is spotless and sterile. CAPITALISM truly SUCKS the life out of everything. It CLEANS real life OUT.

      • HA – that’s nothing – you should see what COMMUNISM does!

        Regards to Mrs Plastic. 😍

          • That’s the fella RT. Such a monotonous voice.

            Just to show I do think about what you write- when I am slagging Capitalism off a tiny voice in my head often repeats what you once wrote-(something like)-‘ Capitalism is the least worst system…everything else is just anti-inspirational pie in the sky’.

  19. Dyson is a sharp and unscrupulous businessman. He will put his own interests before anyone else’s and measure his success solely by the bottom line – in whatever currency works for him. Being a cunt comes with the territory, together with making the right noises one day and shifting your production abroad on the next.

    However, I’ve just had my piss evaporated by a R4 programme showing the BBC as yet again shameless in its promotion of the Remain tendency. It started out as a goodish programme about the history of British advertising and morphed into undisguised sniggering by the cunt presenter at people supporting Brexit. It had obviously been designed with this in mind. Even for R4 it was slanted: pity it wasn’t an advert or it could have been severely cunted to the ASA.

  20. Reggie was, I think, an executive in a firm selling ice cream.
    Super, smashing, great.

    • That advert reading out her tweets-‘Claudia Winkleman is such an annoying personality vacuum’. The advert should have cut there.

    • FtF . Just thought-it was Tom Good in The Good Life who was the designer of the little plastic gifts in cereal packets.

  21. Just got a 12 hour twitter ban for calling that race baiting um bongo drinking uni professor who slagged off the RAF a CUNT. In 12 hours, I will do it again.

      • Professor of “Black Studies” (notice how all pointless degrees end in “Studies”) at Birmingham University.

        Imagine the outcry if anyone dared create a role named Professor of “White Studies”?

        Mind you, there’s no point, we already have them, they’re called history professors!

        • It’s probably an easy gig, not much to tell really. The course must be about four hours long. Take away all the whinging about honky, and you aren’t left with a lot.

  22. Why isn’t Gary Taxdodger on Match of the Day? Oh yeah, he was on last night wasn’t he? Can’t expect him to work 2 days a week for 1.8 million of our money.
    Perhaps he is down on the coast waving his torch to guide in the poor refugees. Or maybe he is in London working the soup kitchen to provide comfort and succour to the poor immos he loves so much.
    I’m sure Saint Gary wouldn’t want any publicity so i’ll say no more.

  23. I think this represents the longest gap between cuntings on the entire site. If my knowledge is correct his first cunting was in 2009.

  24. James Dyson a gold plated Cunt of the first order glad you have gone don’t come back another money grabbing twat

  25. Dyson’s products are shit now – more cheap plastic than a Fiat, heavy and noisy. Better vacuums are available.

  26. Mr Dyson has had problems with EU over limitation on mains powered vacuum cleaners, biased and distorted claims for efficiency of other EU manufacturer vacuum cleaners.
    As things look at present he will have to operate in a country, UK, still shackled to EU rules without the freedom to negotiate trade deals and with no say in the matter. This same EU is at this moment circling the pan before disappearing down the gurgler aided by uncontrolled immigration, German arrogance, bankrupt peripheral nations, crippling energy policies and manipulative oligarchs (and I don’t just mean Russian)
    Then just to complete the disaster, the British public, so pissed of with the present bunch of lying, devious, (you can add your own expressions of contempt) politicians that at the next General Election Mr Corbyn will be a shoo in.
    God help any industry in UK not supported by subsidies.
    Getting out of UK and moving nearer to where his future customers live, under these circumstances is a no brainer for Dyson.
    Meanwhile, if you still have a wage, you can buy any number of Dyson vacuum cleaner clones all designed and built in UK – well actually there are none, zero, zilch, nada.

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