Vegans are cunts of the highest order.

They are truly the worst fucking kind of people around – you don’t need to spot a vegan because they tell you they’re plant munching cunts, even if you don’t ask.

What’s worse, are the extreme ones that have pets and feed them on a vegan diet – no fucking dog wants a dandelion… it wants meat…hell, it would rather eat its own shit than eat a fucking bit of foliage.

Activists, going around vandalising stuff and intimidating good, honest working people, think it’s ok to push their cult on to you. Well enough…. I would happily rub a juicy bit of ribeye round the face of a malnourished, stinking, tongue pierced bitch and eat it raw.


Nominated by Bear Cunt

Hot on the heels of a recent nom, PETA is getting it again. Just listened to an anemic, hectoring vegan moron on the radio whinging that phrases such as, “flogging a dead horse” and “killing two birds with one stone” are enabling animal cruelty. She suggests that instead of saying, “grabbing the bull by the horns”, we should say, “grabbing a rose by the thorns”.

Congratulations PETA, you’ve just motivated me to get my coat on and drive to the local takeaway to pick up a couple of bacon rolls.

Nominated by Shite & Onions

48 thoughts on “Vegans

  1. They’re usually social justice wankers and commies as well. Does there exist a more insufferable bunch of people on this planet?

  2. There does. I refer to vegan politicians from a pikey background. Now they are a bunch of cunts.

  3. Thankfully I don’t come across these cunts very often. I notice they have influenced Army rations, too. 24 hour ration packs come in a big box of 10 rations, which used to be bursting with hearty meals for cold, wet infantry like lamb stew or chicken curry. Now, to appease a minority of lezzas and religions, half of these meals are vegan. Bean salad; lentil con carni. WTF?

    I had the misfortune to go to a dinner and one of the party was a vegan. Sweet corn fritters followed by runner bean stew. Not too bad, you might think, until you realise there is no cheese, milk, butter, eggs or stock to give flavour. Awful. The cunt even drank special vegan wine.

      • Wine and beer is usually cleared with animal products such as gelatine or isinglass. Cunt’s wine will use plant based fining material or none at all.

        CCuntbubble Cuntipaedia

    • It’s the way that they expect a veggie meal when they go as a guest to someone’s house,yet wouldn’t dream of providing a meat meal when they have guests that gets me…well,that and the fact that they’re sanctimonious,dull,weedy, ignorant malodourous Wankers.

      I read about some vegan couple who recently had their child removed because it had rickets due to lack of vitamins from it’s vegan diet. ffs.

  4. My neighbour did something brilliant over Christmas… His son’s latest girlfriend is a vegan and (naturally) a complete cunt and an insufferable snowflake to boot… She gave dopey junior her lists of dos and don’ts if she was to grace them with her presence for Christmas dinner… Now my neighbour hates her anyway, so he and his mrs told me ‘We gave that spoilt little bitch roast potatoes cooked in goose fat, roast parsnips cooked in goose fat and sprouts finished in butter and bacon…Then she had a few mince pies with palm oil in them’…

    Lovely, fucking lovely stuff….

      • Apparently they did the sprouts in with the bacon then removed all traces of it before Violet Elizabeth ate them… They took the piss out of her all day and she deserved it… I’ve had the misfortune to meet her, and she is an undisputed cunt…

  5. The Iast time somebody served me a vegan dish I dozed off at the table and woke up with rice all over my face.
    Must’ve fallen asleep as soon as my head hit the pilau….

  6. Veganism is a choice, If you choose to be vegan don’t lecture me about it.
    At the end of the day in this day and age you can (by being an awkward fucker) get by eating all these alternatives, but in the olden days you had to eat fish at the very least and also the hides, bones, fur and oils were essential for surviving the cold temperatures. Try telling some Viking cunt in -3 weather that he should eat Lentil stew with Tofu salad…piss off.
    The vegan diet is lacking in essential oils so the vegan essentially becomes a cunt, I’ve also noticed the vegan look very pale and anaemic…and thats the black cunts…the white vegan cunts look like dulux pure brilliant white. Get down the chip shop and get a Haddock and chips and fuck off while you’re there. I’ve got time for vegetarian food and try and eat it twice a week but veganism is madness.
    (Was wondering if any vegan women out there can tell me if they swallow? cause technically you’ll be eating little tadpoles?)

    • Yes exactly this.

      No fucker minds if you’re a veggie or a vegan, and in fairness most you wouldn’t even know were, it’s the sanctimonious “look at me, I’m saving the planet” minority cunts who take the butter free biscuit.

      Most of these cunts are one or the other for social brownie points and nothing more.

      A true veggie never craves a bacon butty or a steak and doesn’t lord it over folk who do.

      The militant cunts bemoan every thing you put near your gob but are like Pavlov’s dog watching you eat it.

      They’re also the cunts who, whilst telling you how bad meat is, will try to find a veggie version of that same meat product: bacon, chicken, burger, sausages, etc.

      True veggies don’t, they’re happy to eat vegetables which look like vegetables, rather than a lame approximation of meat.

  7. We had one just start where I work.. The palid sanctimonious cunt told us she was a Vegan as soon as she walked in the door and insist we make reasonable adjustments to placate her fucking lifestyle.
    You Cunters are the first I’ve shared this with . I waited till she left the kitchen then pulled out a dingle berry hanging off my arse hair and dissolved it in her Dandelion and Burdock tea.
    Keep it quite chaps, it’s our little secret .

  8. We’ve got a particularly vocal bunch of vegan cunts down here in hove/ Brighton , for the last few weeks they have been turning up in supermarkets and blocking access to the meat section, this has happened in Waitrose and Tesco’s , recently they upped the anti by storming into our local steakhouse and shouting at the customers ! Cheeky cunts! , this has happened twice in the last week or so , I went out for a boys drink last night and we obviously ended up in the aforementioned steakhouse, we were praying this group of gobshite vegans would make an appearance so we could give them some proper tap!! Unfortunately they didn’t 😡😡😡
    I’ve no problem that they choose to eat that way but I’ve got a fucking problem with them trying to intimidate people who don’t follow that regime…..
    Foodnazi twats….

    • It’s a pity meat eaters don’t rally up and storm these vegan meetings/eateries and shops!

      It would so good seeing these self-righteous pricks on the receiving end for a change.

      But of course given their snowflakery nature they would be straight onto social media moaning about being terrorized/bullied by the “meat eating mob” and demand that such confrontational demos should be banned!

      Hypocritical cunts

    • I live in Hove Quislings and your absolutely right about the abundance of right on Leftie snowflake hipster soy boys that live here. Not to mention the bull dyke lezzers etc.

  9. And of course, all these leftie fucks doing the protesting are only protesting against their fellow honkeys. None of them have the balls to go up against the peaceful disease and their unnecessarily cruel way of slaughtering animals…

  10. Surely shit loads of insects and small creatures are killed, when crops that suit the vegan diet are harvested….
    Think I heard that somewhere or maybe I made it up, dunno….

  11. I heard an interesting phone in earlier this year where a dietician with 40 years experience said 95% of all her worst cases were vegans.

    She said despite being presented with hard scientific and anecdotal evidenve that the human body had evolved over millions of years to eat a meat based diet her patients almost invariably new best.


    Talking of cunts there’s a hilarious article on P4 of the ST today.

    ‘Hate preachers acolytes hide behind 150 fronts’

    ‘………Altogether they have operated under 181 guises, including innocuous sounding platforms such as the Peaceful Society……’

    I genuinely spat my brew out, absolutely hilarious 😂😂

    And Rod Liddles predictions for 2019 are him at his best.

  12. My next door neighbour is a vegetarian, but he has no problem with cunts who choose to eat meat. However, his wife has a problem with him not eating meat.

    What the fuck is it with some people?

  13. I have never met a vegan that wasn’t a cunt, so the status quo would suggest that at very best most vegans are indeed cunts, and to add a happy note .( My food shits on your food) eat quorn you cunts….

    • Much of the Quorn range contains egg and or milk and is therefor not suitable for Vegans. Willie

  14. A vegan (Indian) cunt at work complained – in a totally inappropriate forum, of course- that the free snacks available should include more vegan items; also, that cookies are tough on his loose teeth (?!?!) and salt on the pretzels make him gassy. Nevermind the cookies and fucking pretzels are, IN FACT, vegan. He was ignored and later laughed at during a happy hour. The takeaway, beyond the obvious (they’re endlessly whiny, kickable cunts), was that being a vegan fucks up your gums and lower intestine. Also, fuck them.

  15. Bad breath and excessive flatulence on top of massive self regard and a sense of entitled superiority.
    What a winning combination, the whining, white-cunt-with-dreadlocks, unwashed, spineless, middle class wankers….

  16. Have spent most of my life as a veggie. Some of my diet includes vegan meals however cannot really enjoy my food without the inclusion of cheese, eggs, milk, yoghurt etc.

    My reasons being firstly against animal cruelty, particularly the killing of a living creature for my benefit, helped by the fact that I was brought up as a vegetarian almost from birth, and was never keen on the texture or the sight of a joint of meat with fat/hairs etc. Had a horrendous experiences involving the contents of a meat pie. A piece of rubber gristle the size of a large marble FFS.

    In my opinion what anyone else does is totally up to them, I do not force my beliefs on others and in return I do not expect others to condemn my well thought out personal beliefs.

    As a veggie, I do not exoect to be invited out much, and if the truth be known reluctant to eat out (other than Indian restaurants for my Madras/Vindaloos or veggie restaurants) as I don’t need to worry about what I am being served.

    Have met many vegans in my lifetime, ranging from very quiet, charming, kind and well educated people to those outspoken militant hippy types who kick off at the most insignificant and trivial of issues which subsequently give vegans a bad name.

  17. In 20 years I hope the NHS turns the malnourished cunts away else we will all have to pay for this fad. Cunts.

  18. Vegans are freaks of nature ,if they come knocking on my door waving a stick of celery I will be kicking them in the sausage and meatballs……peace and love

  19. There’s a pub here does all vegan food. Give it a go, Seitan wasabi volcano burger or some such. Damn nice. Young woman at end of bar, turned out to be the vegan chef. Flaming eck, sharp as a tack and drop dead, what a gorgeous rear. Might go vegan!

  20. Millions of Hindus are vegetarian, just saying. Anyway I don’t have a problem with vegetarians or vegans in the main but the militant vegans need shooting,

    I try and eat less meat and have veggie dinners from time to time. Quite hard when you live with a 6’6” Australian bloke.

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