The European Court of (In)justice [2]

A cunting for the European Court of Justice.

This, wholly independent of course, institution has advised that Brexit can be reversed, unilaterally by the UK. Well whoopeedoo, who’d a thought a EU organisation could be so even handed? Or could it be that they are feeding off the UK Establishment pressure to keep the UK cash cow in thrall to the 4th Reich?
They needn’t have bothered. Westminster will ensure the gravy train rolls on as if the referendum hadn’t happened.

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34 thoughts on “The European Court of (In)justice [2]

  1. Oh how kind of them to allow us back in any time we come to our senses. Fucking cunts. It’s like a drug dealer informing you that he will allow you to buy his heavily cut shit off him……. but the price has just gone up.
    Fuck these cunts, they can stick their justice up their arse.
    Oh, and fuck every stinking corrupt politician who has been in their pockets from day one.
    You won’t be forgotten you cunts.

  2. You cunts are fucked.

    End of school year here in Queensland. I intend to spend the time between now and the 25th laying waste to the hostelries of rural Northumberland with my girlfriend Fanny Fiddler and her foul-mouthed, borderline alcoholic, Pampers-wearing, semi-jakey brother. Hopefully Dick will try to refrain from the behaviour that got us a lifetime ban from Elton’s soirées.

    Here’s a mean-spirited attack on Christmas…

    It’s your round, Dick. I’m a bit pished already.

  3. Could Brexit be ‘reversed’ after 29th March 2019? Is this ‘generous’ offer time-bound? Can’t see how as we would no longer be a EU member and presumably we would be bound by the rules of any other prospective joining state.

    All bollocks of course, but our Sterling is much needed for those bail-outs, talking of which these seem remarkably quiescent of late?

    • I suspect in the smallest print available to man, the news of the “penalty clause” if we rejoin on or after 30th March 2019 will have been made clear enough for at least Mandy, Adonis and Greive to understand.

  4. I’m convinced that the only way to escape the grip of all these eurocunt filth is the old tried and tested method, war.
    That won’t happen of course ,as the UK has been neutered. So I suppose it’s EU till we die.
    Surrounded by cunts , at home and abroad.
    Our forebears would be disgusted.
    Good morning.

  5. Treasonous May is sending 30 ministers around the country to sell her sell out to the British people.
    I hope one knocks on my door.
    Will the cunt get to the gate before the dog ?
    Highly unlikely.

    • As even the remoaners don’t want this shit there’s a very good chance they will be told to fuck off where ever they go.
      Which is no less than they deserve. I hope that fucker Gove comes round my way the cunt.

  6. The EU is simply hedging its bets. If May’s deal goes through they’ll get £57billion and counting (cos we won’t be able to leave thanks to the backstab). On the other hand if Brexit is reversed they’ll continue to get their £14billion annual subscription fee along with ‘new and improved’ terms and conditions.

    Heads they win, tails we lose.

    Another skip load of Project Fear delivered in the Today programme this morning. Medicine again. Yes, that’s the way to do it, threaten to withhold the electorate’s medicine, get them to put pressure on their MPs to accept the “good deal that delivers on the referendum, controls our borders, is good for the economy…”

    Get fucked.

  7. The thing that really grinds my gears is that May has had 2 years to work on worldwide trade deals. And what have they done in that time – fuck all.

    The cunts have deliberately sleepwalked into this mess. Fuck the cunting Tories.

    • I don’t believe that Brexit was ever going to be more than an option on a ballot paper, not in reality.

      • Agreed.

        It was always going to be “Light the blue touch paper, sit back, and retire.” And pick up mighty moolah from Jean-Clod and amigos, and bums on euro-velvet-covered seats.

  8. May has played the long game
    This Trojan horse has wilfully driven 2 years of non negotiation into a cul de sac knowing full well that her cobbled together shit sandwich of a deal would be rejected by parliament, both leavers and remoaners!
    She’s actually managed to bring the country together but not in the way anybody wanted!
    May was told in no uncertain terms that chequers deal was a non starter by both sides! Did she try and change course? Absolutely not! , may has got her way….
    vote for Brino remain
    Vote down brino remain
    Brexit has been deliberately diluted to nothing!! 😡
    Some delusional cunts are saying send may back to Brussels? To do what exactly? More non negotiation I presume…..
    The EU has never believed may would walk , knowing that a fair negotiation was never going to happen, for all their bluster if they did believe that was a possibility it would have put huge pressure on them to act accordingly….

    Breaking news…….
    UKIP falling to pieces …. former leader nuttall resigns over tommy Robinson’s appointment……..

    Like many on isac I feel totally betrayed by our establishment and political class
    who see the EU gravy train as far more important than sovereignty and self determination……. 😡

    • Massively agree, after doing a lot of thinking the last few days, so much in fact I had to have a sit down for a bit. It was hugely clear from day one that the EU needed us, a lot more than we needed them. What should have happened is, once the vote to leave came through we triggered article 50 and our leave date was set. In that time, we did nothing, we would leave come March 29th 2019. Unless, the EU came to us, to negotiate a deal to leave that was slower and allowed the EU to adapt to us leaving. They would have had to offer us the world and we could have picked the bits we liked, or if we didn’t like it, fuck off regardless in March. Why oh fucking why, May and co thought we needed them I don’t know. Well I do, because May and co did need them, just the rest of Britain didn’t.

    • The Establishment chose well when they crowned the dithering Appeaser PM. And with no Opposition she had carte blanche to give the EU whatever its cold heart desired.

      Morning Q……

      • Actually RTCP I’m not sure doing impersonations by text is legit….
        oh well there goes my TV career…..,

        • No need for explanations Q… your Ray Winstone-esque impersonation was uncanny 🤣

          • My favourite lookalike at present is mr punch tribute act Dominic grieve, sky really should give him the hat and truncheon “ that’s the way to do it!!”
            Unfortunately that’s where any semblance of comedy stops with this slippery cunt……

  9. I read a story last night, in the sun newspaper of all places, that warned if the referendum was reversed, the country should be prepared that there’s a very strong possibility that violent protests will ensue in strong leave areas. The cheek of some ministers, remoaners and the ex editor of the paper was to say, ‘the sun should be more responsible, and avoid this SCAREMONGERING’. That’s right, they actually said that. The fucking irony, when all every remoaner has done is resort to scaremongering, with the economy, border control, medicine, food prices, holidays……the list goes on. I literally couldn’t believe what I was reading. I honestly think that MP’s and all the remoaners think that leave voters can’t even read, that we’re so fucking stupid, we don’t even understand English.

  10. …. just a quick aside, I smiled at Question Time last night when Charles Moore, Telegraph columnist, on his opening gambit, pointed out that again he could highlight the utter anti-Brexit bias of the BBC, as he was the only ‘Brexiteer’ from the panel of five. The other four were openly advocates of remaining in the EU.
    There was fuck all Dimbledor or the other panel members could say … they certainly couldn’t ‘correct’ him. BBC Cunts ….

    • Crooked anti-Semite appeaser Shami Kickhercuntin was on, decked out like the evil midget thing in Don’t Look Now… all she needed was a hood to perfect the impression.

    • Yeah saw that BMP

      They’ve abandoned any attempt at pretend neutrality at this point . 4-1 remain panel. Unashamed unabashed cuntery of the highest order.

      • Next Question Time … 13th December, Southwark, London ..
        72.3% remain vote ….. I could imagine similar regions will be chosen right through until next March.

  11. He also had the ‘cheek’ to question the Holy Grail of man made global warming pointing out the many doom Laden scenarios that simply haven’t happened. Not that it made any impact, anyone who dares to question it is de facto a cunt apparently.

  12. Labour are pleading to be given a chance to ‘negotiating’ a better deal by staying in the EU and paying through the nose for the priviledge instead of Mays ‘deal’ where we stay in the EU and pay through the nose. Utter sellout twats the fucking lot of them.

  13. EU cunts, don’t leave we want all your lovely lolly cunts!
    Eastern Europe want us to stay so the can offload all the shit that are festering in their countries cunts!

    Off topic… I was sanctioned yesterday by the fucking BBC when I put some comments on their website….. I didn’t do anything bad….. just told some snowflake cunt to stop crying because he didn’t have his precious mobile data for a fee hours . Cunt
    I got a long email…..blablabla, if I persist I will be blocked , do I care , no …. silly cunts Lol!

  14. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse , a threatening letter from the Revenue arrived this morning, demanding money with menaces.
    It’s criminal.
    Merry fucking Christmas.

    • You should reply back: “Sorry for the delay but I was waiting to see the result of the Brexit fiasco first. As soon as we leave the EU I will happily pay the monies in full. If we’re forced to remain then HM Govt will have been remiss in representing the majority – including myself – and therefore any claims on my monies in lieu of taxes will be null and void. If that is the case then HM Revenue & Customs can expect to receive fuck all in taxes from me, in perpetuity, until that situation is reversed.”

      When we are finally betrayed (not that we haven’t been all along) under the guise of “…best all round if we just stay in…” then I think it fair that we should repay them in kind.

      No point in marching on Cuntminster because they don’t care and they’ll just use the police/military to suppress democracy further.

      No point in rioting in local areas because you just affect those areas who probably voted as you did and feel equally let down. Besides they (the traitors in Cuntminster) will just use the police/military to suppress it.

      So the only way – and I’d say is legitimate – to really show that bunch of total cunts is to withhold taxes and monies mandated by them (such as the BBC licence) until such a time they respect the majority decision.

      They don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything anymore, but hit the coffers in the arse pocket so that there are no more free handouts to cover Mo’s 8 kids, Kyle scum benefit cheats and keeping fighting age sub-saharan “children” (men) in the latest iPhones and Kangol jackets – they’ll listen pretty fucking quickly.

      No violence. No acrimony. A peaceful protest which sends the right and strong fucking message.

      They’ll threaten court action, of course they will, but even if 1 million of the 17.4 million – who were betrayed – protest in this way, well, I’ll be long dead before my case eventually comes to trial!

      Moreover there might be one good barrister (an oxymoron I know) out there, who was in favour of leaving the EU, who might wish to defend those actions as legitimate in the legal sense.

      It’s no secret that the vast majority of Cuntminster did NOT want to leave the EU (or the failed politician’s slush fund as it should be called). I think we should repay their betrayal in kind by bankrupting the fuckers and making their working lives abject misery by decimating the purse strings – through withholding taxes – so they have less of our money to pointlessly piss away!

      “Ohhh, but you’ll affect the NHS if you do that!?!”

      Yeah, sorry about that. Maybe you should get a bit more creative on how you solve that problem and reduce the burden on the NHS.

      You could start by deporting a few million cunts who have absolutely no right to be here! That would help!


    • I genuinely think withholding taxes (after the final betrayal) is a legitimate course of protest and one that would get their attention PDQ!

  15. Ah yes, one of my main motivations behind voting to leave. Free speech hating, sovereignty hating, nation state hating, blasphemy law supporting, undemocratic cunts.

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