Jewspiracy theorists

Jewspiracy theorists. I’m not talking about criticism of Israel – there are plenty of things wrong with the Netanyahu government which deserve to be criticised – and I’m not even talking about those who don’t have an issue with the average Jew and simply have questions about how many Jewish people are in power
– I’m talking about the types who believe in the holocaust denial and blood libel shit and that everything bad which is happening right now, everything that is wrong with the world is caused the controlled by ‘the joos’.

Seriously, how paranoid do you have to be to, in this day and age, believe that absolutely everything to do with the world is controlled exclusively by one religion? I’m not going to call these people thick because a lot of them do seem to have a decent level of intelligence, but such a conspiracy theory only overcomplicates things when in my view at least the explanation is far more simple – the elites fuck us over because they’re elites and the only time religion ever comes into it is when they are bending over backwards to appease the violent, backward, misogynistic homophobic, patriarchal, 7th Century death cult that is Islam.

I know this is probably going to upset a few people on here but hey, I don’t care – such freedom to speak your mind is the beauty of ISAC.

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  1. Sound nomination.

    Not Jewish myself or even that knowledgable about the religion/role in the middle-East. But the endless blame of everything on ‘Teh Jews’ gets so fucking tiresome.

    I’d also include the cunts who passively-aggressively imply that it’s ok to justify aspects of their persecution under Hitler, or even the fucking holocaust itself just because Israel won’t tolerate raging towelheads firing rockets at them 24/7.

    As with OP, from what I understand Israel has plenty to answer for. But believing that Jews are responsible for every major event in the world, from Trump to the Twin Towers, just smacks of cuntitude belonging to eternal basement shut-in types, bashing that here keyboard from the comfort of their semen-encrusted armchairs.

    • AS with every statistical group – medics, nurses, police, lawyers…politicians, it only takes a couple to get the rest a bad name. Bernie Madoff, SOME of the Rothschild bankers (possibly, in case they are reading…). However, Victor Rothschild was awarded the GM in WWII, and worked for MI5; Charlotte Rothschild is a soprano (but “soprano” jokes are rife…).
      Diane Abbott…’nuff said, but I rather like Kwasi Kwarteng.

      I know for a fact that the world is dominated by a large, one-eared giant white rabbit that lives in Bedford Hill, above a pub. And he’s never gone to a synagogue in his life. Ronnie Scott’s is more his style.

  2. I can’t imagine why you think that “this is probably going to upset a few people on here”. I have never read any comment on this site denying the Holocaust or accusing the Jews of Blood Libel.

    Although I agree with your assertion that it is wrong to accuse the Jews of operating some world-ruling cabal,your “I’m not going to call these people thick,a lot of them do seem to have a decent level of intelligence” really is quite patronising. Perhaps your superior intelligence enables you to dismiss any theory with which you disagree as ridiculous.

    I have read many about odd theories with which I disagree…flat-earthers, various aspects of religion….and,yes, Holocaust denial and blood libel. However I believe that these people are mistaken and wrong. I certainly don’t dismiss them as a bit too thick to see the obvious.

    Over the years Krav and I have indulged in the odd bout of “handbags at Dawn”,but,as he himself said,people should always be free to ask questions. If they then chose to deny the facts regardless,I wouldn’t be so quick too dismiss them as stupid…deluded,possibly,yes.

    A lot of “Jewish Cabal” believers are very far from stupid. They chose to pretend to believe in it because it fits their own twisted agenda. It suits their ends to blame the Jews and stir up hatred. This doesn’t make them thick….it makes them dangerous.

    Asking questions about the extent of the Holocaust or whether a “Jewish Conspiracy” exists is the only way to validate the truth. However distasteful it may be,and to most people unnecessary,if questions have to be asked so that proof is produced that totally invalidates these theories,so be it.

    The day when people are dismissed as thick for questioning any “Sacred Cow” theory will be a sad one. Surprisingly enough,we aren”t always told the Truth,the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth by official sources.

    A good Cunting O.C. which, I hope,will certainly provoke a bit of discussion.

      • Always a well balanced riposte Dick, its your trade mark.
        I cant say I have any skin in this game so will offer personal experiences and stuff I have read that has a reliable source. I have been reading a book about the great war entitled “Voices of the great war” and even as far back as 1914 (pre Palestine and of course Holocaust) World Jewry had some bad press that far back. A passage refers to the purchase of oats and food absolutely necessary for the German war effort to feed the millions of horses involved in the Western front. Senior Generals remarked that anything that was unobtainable on the open market or that they couldn’t seize was always readily available via the Jews (either as 3rd party middlemen or directly) and it irked them greatly that they had to pay over inflated and often extremely over inflated prices to the Jews who appeared to have everything in copious amounts. Talk of recrimination in the future was muted throughout WW1 Germany and they (the Jews) would pay for their black marketeering. As for me, I went to school with a few and yes, they always had the best bubble gum cards and were tight as fishes arseholes but not in a way that I felt they needed any sort of “special treatment” in a bad way. They do seem rather prevalent in high office in the US for instance versus their numbers. In Law and Banking in particular and its no secret that the Homeland of Israel gets a lot of breaks when it comes to any UN sanctions imposed for their occupation of land that isn’t theirs but then the daily rockets fired from generally public areas by sneaky terrorists cant be pardoned either.
        A Jewish author did write a book that talked about the holocaust being big business (Holocaust Inc I think it was called) and the billions of $$ that are funnelled into keeping the whole event current and the amount of people gainfully employed in keeping it visible.
        The one thing I do admire about them is the don’t fuck about with us attitude. There isn’t an obstacle they wont overcome to pay back for the countless crimes visited on them – oh, and they have some pretty fit female soldiers too.
        My verdict? Vanilla on the whole subject. I certainly don’t look out for any Jewish hoodlums when I am drawing out a few quid at the ATM after dark – my eyes are peeled looking for Orang-utan like hooded figures always walking like they are dancing to some tuneless word salad noise and knuckles almost dragging on the floor. The Jews have never been on my radar of hate – far from it. I do find the Hasidic variety quite comical though – our Local Boys Grammar school has a large contingent with the ringlets and garb I don’t quite understand. Are they the extreme Orthodox variety?

  3. There was a time of course when Judaism was the only Abrahamic religion, followed by Christianity and then Islam.
    The squeaky wheel gets the oil, and those shouting loudly enough promote their own brainwashing ideology, portraying all else as anti whatever deity and anti social. It’s fantastic to blame another society to cover up your own shortcomings.
    As other religions became more popular, it became easier to blame Jews as there was fewer of them.
    Religion is the control of the masses by the threat of burning in hell or some other punishment for not conforming and toeing the line.
    Thank God, (pun intended), that the more enlightened can see religion for what it is. A brainwashing mind control.

    • Judaism,Christianity and Islam are not European Religions and dont belong here.Europe should have stuck to the 12 Gods of Olympus and the Norse deities.If youre going to believe Bollox,it might as well be your own Bollox.

      • Endorsed. With tongue only slightly in cheek. Christianity is not simply a Middle Eastern religion, but a heresy from an earlier Middle Eastern religion. And what Christ was teaching in the first place is actually anybody’s guess: the texts are hopelessly corrupt, and nothing was recorded at the time (Islam’s USP)

        The policy of the Roman Empire (until Cuntstantine fucked it up in favour of Jesus) was to allow free worship of any spook you pleased, Egyptian and Gaulish ones included. Often enough these spooks became assimilated with the old Roman spooks and there was no possibility of conflict. The sticking point with the Jews and Christians for Tiberius and his successors was that they denied the divinity of those spooks…also they were so different as to be useful Others to blame for problems.

      • Yep spot on.The Romans allowed any cunt to believe in any old Bollox but only as long as they respected other cunts rights to believe in their own versions of Bollox.The only reason Rome went after the Jews and Xtians was that those 2 cults had no respect for other cunts Bollox.And another thing the Xtian cunts burnt thousands of priceless pagan books on science,philosophy etc coz it contradicted their version of Bollox.Fucking Cunts.

    • Had they been successful, who would the fall guy be now?
      Probably the Italians or the Japanese who were always the poor cousins of Hitler’s dream of glory.

  4. I have no time for Israel or the Arabs…. they deserve each other.
    No time for extreme religions, ultra orthodox Jews hate us just as much as the fucking ISIS cunts
    If I had my way I would dismantle all the fucking mosques and synagogues….. and close all the fucking so called faith schools ……..fuck the cunts.

    • “ultra orthodox Jews hate us”

      Spot on,even the “secular” Jews cant stand the Orthodox Jews,theyre as crazy as the Allah Fuckba chanters.

      • I couldn’t give a fuck if ultra-orthodox cunts of whatever religious persuasion hate us, as long as they mind their own bees-wax and don’t blow us up or subvert our way of life, they’re entitled to hate whoever they like.

        I hate practically everyone, but I don’t go around cutting their heads off or burning cunts alive in cages.

        Of course, you’ve only got my word for that…

    • Oh, I think this is a valid statement. But id certainly needs some supporting information. “Fuck the Jews?” Why?
      Carry on…

  5. From the horses mouth: ‘If the Jews didn’t exist, we would have to invent them’

    “There is absolutely no intention of erecting a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of going to live there; the Jews merely wish to establish there the central organization for their dishonest enterprise of universal internationalism. This enterprise would thereby enjoy the right of sovereignty and would be protected from intervention by other states; it would be a place of asylum for all unmasked scoundrels and a High School for future criminals.”
    Adolf Hitler
    Who said the Fuhrer didnt have a sense of humour?

    • “If he opens his big mouth again it’s lampshade time!”

      (A. Hilter, Minehead boarding house, 1970)

  6. 1. Do the Jews carry out mass rape of underage girls?
    2. Do the Jews carry out terrorist acts against innocent citizens of the countries that they live in?
    3. Do the Jews want to inject a version of their religious code into the civil laws of the countries that they reside in?

    Jew baiters are cunts as they are a soft and harmless target.

  7. Good nom and wholeheartedly agree.

    Antisemitism gets on my fucking tits. The old four by twos are the most persecuted race throughout all of history, they’re generally as good as gold and punch far above their weight in every field you care to mention.

    Unlike ceratin ‘other’ religious groups I could mention….

  8. It is fact that 9/11, 7/7, Manchester Arena, the death of Ken Dodd and so on were the work of Mossad in league with the Jewish dominated Saudis. This, or a version of it, is believed by 24% of British Moslems, and a few loonies. Who can argue with that?
    The Labour party is, quite rightly, standing up to Jewish world domination by supporting Hamas, Hezbolla and other pacifist, not at all unhinged, freedom fighters.

    I cannot go along with this biased cunting.

    Swivel, swivel.

  9. It’s all tired newfag HURRDURRR horseshit that used to be employed to provoke reactions but got wrapped into both Islamicist fundie and white nationalist propaganda that’s been all the rage since 2012 or so. It’s stupid as fuck, I agree. What’s even more fucked up, though, are the actual Jews exploiting it for attention, like this cunt:

  10. I might offend a few people here but seriously, think about it. Does anyone really believe that the Jews don’t have power that’s completely disproportionate in relation to their number. Just mentioning them in the comments section of any right-wing newspaper is likely to get your comment zapped. If that’s not power then tell me what is. On the other hand, you could rant about Muslims in those same newspapers all day long and 90% of those comments will stay up.
    As for the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, one thing is certain: it wasn’t a load of Muslims who went crying to Britain and America after World War II and forced the indigenous population off their land at gunpoint, claiming their religion gave them the right to do so…

  11. When the maelstrom of Brexit is over and the dust settles maybe what will emerge is a Corbyn government. And what if we find that his anti-Semitism is very real. And his first act is to stand up in the House of Commons and declare war on the State of Israel. Who would you fight for Krav?

      • I’ve had it up to here with the media going on about Labour’s anti-Semitism. I can understand right wingers wanting to make Labour look bad hoping it’ll make the Tories look a little better, but is this the best they can do? Jews Jews Jews. It just rumbles on and I’m sick of hearing about it.
        I don’t give a fuck about Jews. I don’t give a monkey’s left hand wank. What do Jews have to do with this country? This isn’t Israel, or even New York. There aren’t even enough Jews here to call themselves a minority. I’m not pro-Jew or anti-Jew. I just wish they’d give it a rest.

  12. Whoever conspired to put orthodox joos in GTA V for my murderous rampaging delight was a genius.

    I do find them to be a bit of a shifty bunch, they do seem to always find themselves in positions of great financial influence. Guess they just love money?

    Like any grouping they assert their power in their own way. Rulers of the world though? Nah. No ruler would claim land surrounded by people that already hate them. They’ve been played by superior forces, whoever they are.

  13. Last evenings tv featured a Jewish College of Religious Studies, and Students who were encouraged to question every single sentence of the Torra. Debate, both positive and negative is seen as essential in understanding. How fucking refreshing !

    • Have already formed my own judgement on how Likud is prepared to see both sides of its approach to Israel’s Palestinian citizens. Perhaps Israel doesn’t get the same PR that we do?

  14. Judaism is basically a cultish organization very similar to the Freemasons,only the Jews dont actively recruit..The reason there are so many rich and influential Jews is the same reason there are so many rich and influential Freemasons- they basically give each other a lift up the ladder.Its no coincidence that Hitler wanted to destroy Freemasonry along with the Jews.

    • …”the Jews dont actively recruit”.
      From what I can see the process of validating a convert to Judaism is so tortuous as to suggest that they actively discourage recruits.
      I’m not so sure, though that Jewish networking is inherently more effective than anyone else’s. Just more specific.

  15. Our Old Testament Allies.

    Sadly this cuntry is too far up Mo and his gang’s arse to give a fuck! Cos that lot have *REALLY* benefitted the UK haven’t they!


  16. I find it both laughable and utterly vile when these paranoid, deluded cunts deny that the holocaust happened. It is antisemitism at its finest, or rather worst. So gas chambers were actually for ‘delousing only’ or were ‘morgues’….Yep fuckheads, so these delousing facilities and morgues needed glass peepholes covered by iron bars so they couldn’t be broken by people being sanitized or dead, did they? FUCKING CRAZY CUNTS.

    I am far less concerned (in fact i couldn’t give a flying fuck) about the power wielded by Jews and the sheet twattery about them taking over the world than I am the ragheads of this world, who are far more insidious and dangerous as they come from a place of extreme psychosis, being dumb as fuck and being unfraid for their own lives or inflicting violence on others.

    We all know which group of cunts I am talking about.

    Conspiracy theorists are sad geeks who have fuck all to worry about in their lives, so focus their attention on stuff that the vast majority neither have the time or the energy to get their balls in a knot about.


  17. Arnold Schoenberg was a great man (and a Jew).

    His Da got him some banking job in Vienna, but junior was crap at it, so he made his money making piano reductions of Strauss operettas &c., and then composing.
    Nice guy. “Verklaerte Nacht” op. 4, is a great place to start. And his Variations on a Recitative op. 40, for organ, is a great modern work, and more or less tonal.

  18. I think, without for a moment denying the actuality, extent and sheer horror of the event itself, a cunting of the Holocaust industry might be attempted.

    This is a hideous piece of propaganda, to be erected at the epicentre of the nation, to reproach us with an historical atrocity committed by an enemy state we opposed tooth and nail.
    It would be more appropriate, if we must have perpetual reminders, to put up memorials everywhere to the 10 million Russians who died (the PoW’s in about the same conditions as Belsen) while actively fighting the Nazis too.

  19. Opinionated Cunt. You sound like a young person to me. When I was young I read all about the Holocaust and the hideous suffering the Jews endured. So much so that I had nightmares. And still sometimes do. See if this posts

  20. But you get older. And you notice Jewish names appearing in the newspapers, TV attaching to not very nice things. Recently for me it was Jewish names attached to the Metoo movement. I remember googling the Russian Oligarchs and KNOWING beforehand that there would many Jewish names attached. And indeed there are. So depressing.

    • Yeah, I’ve noticed that too.

      Jimmy Savilestein
      Ian Huntleystein
      Fred & Rose Weststein
      Antony B. Liarstein
      Rolf Harristein
      Ian Bradystein
      Myra Hindleystein
      Jon Venablestein

      The list is fucking endless.

      • “Jimmy Savilestein
        Fred & Rose Weststein
        Antony B. Liarstein
        Rolf Harristein”

        Heh heh, brilliant.

      • Oh, come on. AB Liarstein’s done more for Israel than anyone not born into the faith. And look at his friends, sponsors and funders –

        ‘Lord’ Michael Levy (resident in Israel, spoken just once in the Lords)
        ‘ Lord’ Peter Mandelson
        ‘Lord’ Jonathan Mendelsohn
        David Abrahams
        ‘Lord’ Alexander Bernstein
        ‘Lord’ Robert Gavron…I could go on…

        Please correct my thinking: if Tony hadn’t been armwrestled into Papery by Cherie, which religion would he now be paying lip-service to? Not that he would have the capacity to satisfy the entrance requirements.

  21. The left hate Israel because it is strong,will defend itself and takes no crap. As Golda Meir said: “So we are alone,as we have always been. Since no one will defend us,we must defend ourselves.Israel will chop off the hands of those who cut short the lives of our children.”

    • I dfislike Israel because it is constantly stirring the shit, reneges on its undertakings and accepts billions in aid annually from the US while claiming to be an advanced nation. I disliked Israel because it throws up cunts like Netanyahu. I dislike Israel because it practices apartheid, and is as theocratic a state as Saudi, while pretending to be a democracy (yes, yes, it is. If you’re Jewish.)

      I only hate Tony Blair. I don’t hate anyone else.

      • Any country that throws up cunts like Blair, Cameron, May, and soon to be Corbyn has to be the pits, never mind Israel. Ffs, it’s not as if the UK’s surrounded by murderous dictatorial rag-heads. Though we do have a few internal issues that border on that regard…

      • Thanks, RTC. The feeling is completely mutual. All opinions are welcome here – in the knowledge that they aren’t welcome to all!

      • If only Israel could behave more like its liberal, democratic, peace loving, tolerant neighbours, eh Komodo?
        A long overdue cunting for you, methinks.

      • Because I have dared express my feelings on Israel, I suppose. Safe enough to cunt me, though, go ahead. Just like most cunters cunt all Muslims everywhere routinely. I won’t accuse MM of antikomodism.

        In fact the indignation adds to the entertainment value.

      • I have no desire to cunt ALL Muslims, just the ones who feel the need to replace the indigenous culture and democratic freedoms of this country (the ones our forbears struggled for centuries to establish and often died defending) with their barbaric, politico-religious, Islamic clap-trap, by violent means or otherwise, thus turning the shop into a totalitarian shithole similar to that from which many claim to have fled seeking a better life.

        In fact most of the Muslims I have dealings with in my everyday life I have no problem with. My GP is a fucking Muslim, FFS!

        I’ll get my coat.

        PS: Religion can FUCK RIGHT OFF!

        PPS: @ Komodo I may occasionally disapprove of what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it and not be Cunted.

        Be seeing you.

      • @MM…there’s a few of us who are “Cunts” on here,what would you say makes Komodo particularly worthy of a Cunting from you?

      • You know the rules about not cunting the cunters MM. One more time and you’re out.

    • Krav. Always to be fighting or preparing to fight. Always seeing enemies everywhere. That’s not a happy people.

    • Wasnt it Golda Meir who called Moses a fucking cunt for leading the Israelites to the only spot in the Middle East with no oil reserves?

  22. I believe you are in Education OP. Now Everyone has heard of Abraham Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’. The theory seems so benign. We are not to concern ourselves with teaching students but with their ‘needs’. So beign yet so destructive. ‘The Melting Pot’ is a Jewish idea. Coming from the title of a play by Israel Zangili. So benign again but so deeply destructive. Freud, Marx come to mind. My point-it is not only in the economic political world that the the Jews are strong. But they are strong in the world of ideas. And to my mind they are always slightly skewed from the normal. Dangerous. By the way RT I am going to get stewed to night to the luscious strings of George Gershwin.

    • Good on you Miles. I’m more a Wagner, Stockhausen, M83 kind of a guy myself.

      Enjoy your state of stewedness, but don’t go kissing any strange young wimmin with beards tonight. Remember – my arm is long and my vengeance is total!


  23. I do like the odd post like this. One that’s a bit divisive as opposed to open goals like the flabapottomus or Bono. Get’s a bit of debate going.

    Because as well as being massive cunts, you’re all quite clever cunts and I learn quite a bit.

  24. Don’t think anyone here mentioned it, but I did just skim read the comments. This hatred of Jews can be followed back to the foundation of the Knights Templar, crusader knights tasked with protecting pilgrims on their travels to the holy land. These knights were apparently descendants of elder Jews, they became very rich because people would pay very well to be protected on their pilgrimage. They were so rich that kings would come to them for loans. Until, the king of France, Phillipe IV, got pissed off with them having so much money and power and so in collusion with the Pope, Clement V, they decide to unseat them. They made up some bullshit about them worshipping a devil and much like our media these days, spread the word that they were in to homosexual acts etc. In 1314 they were pretty much all rounded up and tortured/murdered, and their grand master was burned alive. A number managed to flee across Europe, supposedly with some sort of treasure (something of Jesus). Many modern day leaders (Hitler supposedly) believed that the Jews were descendants of these knights and were so rich due to their history with the Templars. And so ever since the Jews have been persecuted, mostly by Muslims for both their connections to Jerusalem. It can get a little far fetched but if someone believes it enough and a lot of conspiracy theorists think that people still want this supposed treasure they’re hiding. Any way, just thought I’d throw that in there.

    • Hmmm. Think it goes back a bit further than that.

      For instance, I don’t think the Hittites, Philistines, Canaanites and Babylonians were too fond of them either. Or the Egyptians , come to think of it.

      Rather than launch into a historical epic, I recommend the Wikipedia page ‘History of the Jews in England’, but it was Pope Innocent III who put the kybosh on the religion in 1205, for no more complicated reason than that they had (allegedly) crucified Christ.

      • Yeah my wording should have been better, as soon as I posted that I thought the Egyptians used the Jews as slaves considerably earlier.

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