The British Legal System [3]

A cunting for the stupidity of the law in this country.
A police officer, following tactical contact rules may be charged with GBH for knocking a low life piece of shit off his scooter following a robbery.
How the fuck can the law operate when this type of vermin can escape justice due to liberal right-on, outdated rules?
The scum have taken over and the fucking establishment are on their side.

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  1. Well I guess enforcing the law may exclude or offend disenfranchised and marginalised members of ethnic and culturally enriching people of colour.
    In other words, locking up criminals is waysist….
    How could we have our society enriched if we went around locking up crims? ….
    Personally I’d fit police cars with fucking cannons. Splatter the cunts.
    ….and a prize for the cop with the highest body count.

  2. The largest gravy train other than the EU.

    From personal experience can say I have absolutely zero confidence in anything they do or say. Corresponded with Allison Saunders when in charge via my local MP. In her response she told him something that was not the case. In other words, an untruth.

    A national fucking joke, but they couldn’t give a fuck. Licence to access eye watering amounts of taxpayers money for trials, appeals, more appeals, counter appeals, referrals to the high court, European court. Laughing all the way to the bank.

    Judges who are completely out of touch with real life, and who believe everything they are told only to give the offender a slap on the wrist or suspended sentence and or fining them a pathetically small amount of money.

    If justice is what you are after don’t hold your breath. But they will all be paid handsomely for their second rate “services

    Fucking cunts the lot of them.

    Judge Judy rules.

    • This is what I had in mind when I cunted lawyers a bit back. They complicate and obfuscate to their own benefit. We don’t need the fuckers.

      • My daughter was seriously assaulted a couple of years ago. The prosecution pleaded for us to travel to Manchester to give evidence, return train tickets alone were nearly £900. Hotel about £200.

        On the morning of the trial about 30 minutes before the trial started the defence pushed for an adjournment because their clients wife and child was ill.

        We returned home, a journey of nearly four hours each way. A total waste of time which could have been avoided.

        We were initially refused £22 out of pocket expenses over the two days despite keeping costs to a minimum and providing receipts.

        After several letters to Ben Gummer (our local MP), and him contacting Allison Saunders we eventually through sheer determination and doggedness on my part were we able to get our money back.

        As I explained in my letters the judges got paid, the prosecution got paid, the defence got paid, the barristers and court staff got paid, the rail company got paid, the hotel chain got paid. The only people who were not fully reimbursed for their time and trouble was the main prosecution witness and her father.

        We were both left feeling like insignificant and expendable pawns in an elite game where it mattered not how we were treated nor whether justice was seen to be served or not.

        Without us the trial would not have gone ahead.

        All in all a fucking disgrace, the only people to come out of this with any real credit was my daughter, and Manchester police.

        My first involvement with the legal system proper ((other than three times jury service).

        Never again.

        • Sorry to hear about that Willie, but not altogether surprised.

          I think you may have alluded to these appalling circumstances in a previous post. Can’t remember, was the cunt eventually found guilty and properly sentenced?

          • Many thanks Mr Creampuff

            The postponed trial was held some months later.

            My daughter was able to give evidence via video link from our local court.

            Unfortunately the offender (a Pikey) was found not guilty despite there being witnesses to the fact he smashed down two doors to gain access to her flat.

            The police contacted my daughter who was distraught when they told her. He is a known criminal in Manchester and the police were desperate to put him away.

            You will probably not be surprised to learn that both my daughter and I lost all confidence in the British legal system as a result of what has happened.

  3. I don’t really understand how any officer can be charged with any offence following the very clear statement not only of Cressida Dick, but also supported by others in the political spectrum. Only one voice of dissent, and that was Abbapotamus, who on this occasion was quite measured in her comment.

    An officer is exposed at all times to threat, and has the lawful right to arrest using as much force as is reasonable and necessary. I have always construed that in this manner , that if a cunt hits you with half a brick, then you hit him with a full one.! In other words, it is required to use greater force to effect an arrest.
    As for the scooter fuckers, they no doubt had the opportunity to surrender but chose not to. A chase , a bump and they got hurt. So fucking what. The arrest was necessary and in the public interest. Greater force wins the day

  4. A few years back a copper told me this story:

    A burglar entered a house by climbing onto a flat roof garage and in through the window at the top of the stairs. Once in, he tripped over a vacuum cleaner which had been left out and fell down the stairs giving him injuries. The burglar then sued the householder for leaving the vacuum out where it could cause an obstruction. The burglar won the case and was awarded damages etc. The judge said if there had been a sign to say ‘watch out for the vacuum cleaner’ he wouldn’t have won.


    Goodbye for now.

    • Thanks for the free legal advice !!

      (Makes mental note to self – get emergency lighting fitted so Mr. Pikey and his friends can see when they come to visit…)

  5. Our justice system is a joke when rapists and paedos and terroists get let out with so called experts saying they’re not a danger anymore. Fucking retards. The 3 people I have mentioned should be strung up then they’ll never be dangers again.

  6. Sick and tired of our justice system. Especially when we let out rapists, paedos and terroists because some cunt judge says they aren’t now a treat. They’ll always be a threat the only way to make sure their not is to dump them in an electric chair.

  7. Recently we were told that we should do more to help Officers (regardless of that Commissioner Cunt who locked the doors and drove off when he saw one of his own Officers being stabbed). I wonder what’ll happen the first time some have-a-go hero witnesses one of these chases and decides to give the motorised ChimpMobile a little nudge with his own vehicle?

    Fuck them.

  8. O/T, piss incandescent, sorry.
    Anyone else had a flyer through their door from The Peoples’ Vote, urging you to write to your MP and make it all go away, today? If so, please write to your MP and tell him you will personally flay him alive if it goes to a second referendum with loaded options. Thank you.

    • As follows:

      Dear Mr —
      I would just like to register my objection to any attempt to overturn our democratic decision to leave the EU. The economic consequences of leaving, even under WTO rules, have been grossly overstated by the outvoted Remain faction. The longterm advantages of international trade and regulatory autonomy have been consistently deprecated in the media, without a shred of evidence.

      I voted Leave. Leaving on any available terms is better than subordinating our identity to that of a corrupt, largely unaccountable and remotely centralised bureaucracy. The May option is far from perfect, and, like many, I think WTO would offer us more scope to recover our tattered national dignity. But I voted Leave, (after consideration, and rather against my own personal interests). I was in the majority, and I would like my decision respected.

      With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,

      • ….. or I will come round to your house with a bat and teach you where a lack of democracy leads.

  9. Just wait until the fucking Abbot cunt becomes Home Secretary, we will have no police force….. they will all resign.
    Fucking cunts, the cops should get a bonus for every little shit they knock off a scooter….. New home office target to reduce crime ….. 100 fucking shits hitting the tarmac every week.

    • The Police will be replaced by………….. ? Fuck me. They already have in Bradfordistan !

    • I think of the scum that release cunts like this as just as bad as the crim….
      If he reoffends, everyone associated with his release including his solicitor should be charged with the crime and locked up with him.
      Those do-gooder fucking pussies make my piss boil.

  10. I understand the all police drivers have no protection under the law. There was a police spokesman on Radio 4 discussing this matter. Even when driving under blue lights, they can be prosecuted if things go wrong and they were deemed to be driving dangerously. Perhaps one of our cunters could enlighten us.

  11. Our legal system is the laughing stock of the Western world. What happened to the Tories supposedly being tough on crime?

    • This country is fast becoming the laughing stock of the Western world if it is not so already.

      Quite simply the Tories lie about everything and cannot be trusted.

      But you, I and everyone else knows that already.

    • I think Kenneth Clarke, treason May and the EU have put that much to bed….
      Fucking soppy lefties – soft on crime, importers and apologists of the causes of crime.

  12. Only when it suits, a group of Brits living in Europe have put a case to the high court that because vote leave apparently overspent on their campaign they are ‘corrupt’ and the high court should over rule the referendum result because of it. Every trick in the book is being used, of course this was a guardian story, all that ever seems to come up on my Google news feed are guardian anti brexit stories, which is another issue altogether.

    They also threw in that they think Russia were involved in influencing the referendum too, of course they were, same as Trump, any time anything doesn’t go their way, it’s Russia. Fucking pricks.

    • I don’t suppose they happened to mention all the cunts, cuntries and wealthy organisations campaigning on the Remain side of the argument?

      President of the United States of America
      Governor of the Bank of England
      International Monetary Fund
      Institute for Fiscal Studies
      Confederation of British Industry
      The European Union
      Eight former US Treasury Secretaries
      President of China
      Prime Minister of India
      Prime Minister of Canada
      Prime Minister of Australia
      Prime Minister of Japan
      Prime Minister of New Zealand
      Chief executives of most UK top 100 companies
      Kofi Annan (former Secretary General of the United Nations)
      ALL living former UK Prime Ministers (both parties)
      Prime Minister of the UK
      Leader of the Labour Party
      Leader of the Liberal Democrats
      Leader of the Green Party
      Leader of the Scottish Nazi Party
      Leader of Plaid Cymru
      leader of Sinn Fein
      Damian Green (when not busy downloading porn)
      Secretary General of the TUC
      National Union of Students
      National Union of Farmers
      Stephen Hawking (proven scientific evidence that it’s Remoaners dying off not Leavers…)
      99% of all Celebricunts
      Chief Executive of the NHS
      Director of Europol
      David Anderson QC, Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation
      Secretary General of NATO
      Church of England
      Church of Scotland
      Church of Wales
      Friends of the Earth
      Director General of the World Trade Organisation
      World bank
      Eddie Izzard

      Not to mention the £9.5million Government propaganda leaflet posted through every letterbox in the UK…

      Of course, all that is just the tip of the iceberg…

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