Ian Paisley

Ian Paisley
Ian Paisley, cunt. Cunty here received a complimentary holiday to a 5 star resort in the Maldives, in return for defending the Maldives regime in front of the UN regarding the conditions prisoners were subjected to in Maldives prisons. Fuck face here said the conditions were ‘rather luxurious’. In a Maldives prison? I highly doubt that you sell out fuck. Just more evidence that our snowflake MPs can be bought and will say whatever you tell them. He also didn’t declare the nature of this little trip initially or who had paid for it (unsurprisingly it wasn’t him). Wonder why? Grade A cunt.

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8 thoughts on “Ian Paisley

  1. The next paid for holiday for this Judas can be several years in the Maldives.
    In the very prison he claims to be luxurious.

  2. His Father might have been a slight Cunt,but his “Save Ulster From Sodomy” campaign was inspired. Imagine the outrage and fainting fits if someone launched that kind of thing these days. My campaign, “Save Britain from Buggery” needs only funding. Might try The National Lottery Health Fund,divert some funds away from malingerers and use it to combat the threat posed by “The Gayness”. Might ask that nice Eddie Izzard to front it,he likes a nice socially-aware campaign…just imagine,no more Gays allowed on telly,the fucking BBC would have to close down overnight.

    Get Fucked.

    • Afternoon Dick.
      You could be the new Lord Longford, or Mary Whitehouse.
      Cross dressing against pooves.

  3. Like his obnoxious father, he does have some comedy value; the cunt, son of a bigger cunt.

  4. Leeches the lot of them. They all need throwing into the pit of Doom.
    These cunts like licking ass so much, they should be all attached together like the Human centipede, and left there to rot.

  5. Looks like business as usual with the MPs then scamming, lying,doing fuck all for as much as they can get Read about this dishonest cunt that’s some fucking holiday another one that needs booting out of Parliament

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