Ben Wallace

Another day, another cunt. Ben Wallace, security cunt.

Wally today says ‘A no deal Brexit will cause a security risk to the UK’. How will it Ben? ‘Because we can’t cooperate with Europe’. Wait, what Ben? If we don’t have a ‘deal’ we can’t speak to Europe about criminals no more?

What the fuck…… they……. I’m lost for words. He goes on to spew verbal diarrhoea about the necessity of cross border security, I say fuck what any other EU country does at their border, and concentrate on our own. Surely this could mean more border control and police officer jobs for British people? I don’t know if he realises through all his bullshit spreading, but what he’s actually saying is ‘we don’t spend enough money on security in this country’.

Wally you’ve quickly climbed the ladder of cunts for me. There’s going to be the secretary for every department on the cunt list soon though, prepare for education, transport etc. To have their own time in the cunt light, when they say no deal is bad for this or bad for that. I just hope those people who voted leave aren’t brainwashed by twats like Wally and Treason May, thinking all this is legit.

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15 thoughts on “Ben Wallace

  1. Typical Reich loving twat.
    If he knew anything about security he’d know that the 5 eyes is by far the most important security arrangement this country has …. but I bet he’s quite happy to mug off trump at ever opportunity.
    Fuck Europe. In terms of security they need us more than we need them.

    • Another EU-loving shitrag claims civilisation will end if we don’t pull our collective pants down for Merkel’s sturmtruppen to fuck us proper. What a fucking surprise. There’s at least one every day now, as the hunchback ramps up the volume prior to her shitty fucking joke of a leaving arrangement going before the HoP. The only thing to do is take down the names. He’s just another cunt in the long line of cunts that will have to be dealt with…………

  2. Christ. Lets just get the register of births and get cunting in alphabetical order. Starting in 1802.
    Let’s face it, with a 99% cunt rate, we’re gonna get to you sooner or later so why not do it in order?

  3. You’re right mate. just more b/s from another cunt. Altogether now; ‘WE’RE FUCKED!’

    • Fuck me Ron, do they breed these cunts in a lab somewhere? We have GCHQ and MI6, when free from government interference they do a great job. That said Blair cunt enshrining the Human Rights Act into UK law is one of the single biggest threats to our national security.

  4. It’s odd that there are no MP ‘brexiteers’ coming forward now. Have they all been silenced?

    What we need is a knight in shining armour, someone with a bit of clout and maybe cash who can mount some kind of legal challenge to this democratic farce.

    Goodbye for now.

    • Sorry Random but that ain’t gonna happen now. The pint-supping, Creature Comforts tortoise lookalike, “Four Feathers” Farridge has ostensiby ejected his Fisher Price from the UKIP pram as Tommy Robinson has joined and Capn Batten has his doubts about the Peaceful types.

      We are doomed, do yee hear thee, doomed!

    • Got it in one. They’ve all been silenced. Their mouths have been stuffed with gold and future sinecures. The onetime advocates of leaving now have the dilemma of shutting up completely or entering the May fold. Except Johnson, who will now be aiming for the winning side, whatever that is. A complete reverse ferret may be involved, but that’s no bother for Boris, the zipwired cunt.

  5. I’m pretty sure that the only thing I’ve learnt in the last 2 years or so is that Brexit is spelt R E M A I N. Oh, and I’m more likely to wipe my arse with a hedgehog than vote Tory again, or indeed anybody at all.

    • It’s worse than that Moggie… it’s spelt B R I N O… with no possibility of escape from the Customs Union unless it suits the 4th Reich.

      Perhaps we should start spelling it B A C K S T A B.

  6. Surely we are more secure without the EU , given that is the route many of the biggest threats to our security access our territory ?

    The ability to be free of the HRA would be quite useful in deporting them via Beachy Head . Cunts.

  7. Anyway, any country that has to rely on an alliance for its security that includes the fucking French is asking for trouble.

    Useless cunts.

  8. Operation Fuckem in full flow. Anyone with anything positive to say about a no deal Brexit, you know, the one that everyone who voted leave wanted, will only be let near a camera or microphone if they are outnumbered five to one by swivel eyed remainers. Like every question time for example.
    What these wankers choose to ignore is that all better off in the Eu bollocks is only possible if the Eu becomes a success, which it doesn’t look like to me, or any cunt who looks deeper into current affairs than your average remaining cunt does. Fuck the lot of them…

  9. Security bullshit….
    One word – Shengen
    The fucking EU don’t know where anyone is at anytime..
    We have a real border, it’s a pity we don’t enforce it properly!!!!

  10. The thing is that the bluster in the house of commons is just hot air.

    I am confident that even if there was a second EU referendum (which there won’t be) the vote would be even more in favour of us leaving the EU. That would make the remoaners look even more ridiculous.

    The SNP can fuck off – they wouldn’t have a pot to piss in if they ever got in power. Even the Scots are starting to see through them. They’ve partially fucked up the NHS in Scotland and the schools aren’t far behind.

    I think it’s not May’s fault that the deal is shit, if it’s the only deal available. As usual the Irish are causing problems with their border issue.

    In fact – why is that an issue? The only efficient department of government is HMRC. They know exactly what goods, services and all that are going in and out. They simply liase with the EU (as they do at the moment) and calculate a bill every month: income tax, ni, fuel duty, vat, corporation tax etc. so they know who gets what. They’re making this more complicated than it actually is. Fucking cunts.

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