Gordon Brown [13]

Gordon Brown is a cunt. This sweaty sock who flogged off all the UK’s gold at rock bottom prices wants a Royal Commission into Brexit. It’s terms of reference would be “to listen to the voices of the British people”.

Royal Commissions are not noted for the alacrity of their proceedings and the only thing in the world wider than the proposed terms of reference is Eddie Izzard’s butt crack. No need to worry about the findings of such a Commission because the Sun will be extinguished and the Earth a ball of lifeless rock by the time it finishes.

So, Mr G Brown, here is the voice of one British person – fuck off you loser and do the world a favour by expiring.

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  1. Brown the cowardly cunt who sneaked into the EU bunker to sign a treaty after everyone had left hoping nobody would notice. Brown, the one term cunt who lasted about 2 and a half years and lived in fear of Banana Boy Miliband and enobled mincing Peter Mangledbum. What an arsewipe.

  2. Gordon “bigoted woman” Brown

    The man who sold 400 tonnes of Britain’s gold at the lowest price possible in order to save the nice people at Goldman Sachs and J P Morgan.

    He sold (announcing in advance when and how much) at between US$256 and US$296 an ounce.

    With one tonne being 35,274 ounces he sold the 400 tonnes (14,109,600 ounces) and for that received approximately US$4.176billion (being generous and calculating at the higher price, the lower price coming out at US$3.612 billion so probably the true figure being just shy of US$4 billion ).

    If he were to sell 400 tonnes today, he would receive in the region of US$17.26b.


    Don’t tell us what we should be doing you useless Scottish grinning twat when you yourself have been proven to be utterly fucking incompetent at the highest level.

    • Christ Willie, while I knew he had fucked up flogging the gold reserves but not to the tune of that amount. He makes mathematically challenged Flabbott look like Pythagoras.

    • No wonder Liam Byrne (the cunt that Broon appointed as Chief Secretary to the Treasury) left a note for the incoming Coalition Government that stated, “I’m afraid to tell you there’s no money left.”

      Arrogant fucks, Byrne and Brown both.

  3. The left conveniently forget all this shit. They fuck it all up and then the people vote Tory to sort it all out – the trouble is the people don’t like living within their means and so vote the left in again and so the circle begins again.. ffs, people are cunts.

  4. “I’ve ended Boom-and-bust.”
    Erm, no you haven’t.
    “Och, okay. I’ve ended TORY Boom-and-bust.”
    “I didn’t say no more Boom-and-bust. Waaa. Bigot.”

  5. I’ve never liked the Cyclopic, Kirkcaldy cunt for most of the things he stood for and most of the things he did. However, you may not know that he was lifted for poofery when it was still illegal. It was kept quiet at the time and the records have been expunged. It happened when he was at university in Edinburgh and I got this information many years later from the actual PC who arrested him. He is definitely a cunt of the first degree and I hope his next shite is a San Pedro cactus. On second thoughts, he’s likely to enjoy it too much.

    • I can confirm Smeggy have spent a while looking online (I am a sad cunt) and as you say cannot find anything about Gordon’s early sexual exploits.

      Bugger all in fact. Not a sausage.

      • I heard this back in the late 80s/early 90s from somebody who worked in the Press. I remember reading later he’d hired an ace spin doctor and subsequently a story ‘appeared’ about a romance with a Spanish princess or something.


  6. Gordon Brown AKA Tha Saviour of The Worlds Economy New Labour or whoever they are now don’t believe in Referendums or what the people think so why the Royal Commission Gordon Brown is a cunt

  7. Evening gents.
    No doubt everyone’s aware that the Daily Mail has a new editor, who is a remainer through and through. And a cunt too, presumably.
    It was a fair assumption that the Mail would start to gently and subtly attempt to change their readers’ minds about Brexit, like a bunch of Machiavellian motherfuckers.
    But no; they’ve pulled on the handbrake and slammed it in reverse immediately. Every Brexit article is pro-remain and all the previously right-wing commentators have been forced to filter all their content through a pro-remain prism.
    Fucking ridiculous. I used to rather like the Mail, especially all their anti-immigrant and anti-darkie stance.
    Now they’re only a tiny smidgeon right of the Guardian.
    May their (paying) readership desert them so they’re forced, like the Guardian, to issue pop-ups begging for donations.
    Fuck them until they get an editor so right-wing that he makes Paul Dacre look like leftie fuckpig Alan Rusbridger.

    • I haven’t bought a newspaper since Lee Rigby but I know a few geezers that read the mail.
      If it goes remain they’ll lose ALL of their readers.
      …..fuckin genius!
      Who are these twats? Did they pay for an education or did they just live in a cave since birth and are now just winging it and hoping for the best…

      • Last week in a supermarket I saw a Mail headline slating the “Tory Rebels” hurting the PM’s valiant effort with their “shrill” noise and was a tad confused.

        Luckily Sir Limply had a pop at the new weasel editor and clarified the craven capitulation of the crass rag. Most newspapers are Remainian.

    • Yes Thomas,
      Even on the hallowed and more than a tad right wing (I love that handle) Conservative woman the DM is definitely off the menu. The editorials are getting as batty as the swivel eyed lunatic himself. Who knows – we may be one day able to turn the tables on the lefties and declare them Daily mail reading cunts.
      On topic, on Brown the one eyed clown, how come the majority of cunts who contributed to our downfall all have jock origins? Maggie wasn’t a sweaty sock and she wouldn’t have worn the EU cunts for a single day. That said Maybot has been a definite ni33er in the woodpile. Never send a shrivelled prune to do a mans job. I would like a Royal enquiry into why the one eyed cunts only good eye was on B Liar and not on the visibly dodgy, overheated, totally fucked mortgage market and the impending collapse of some of the worlds most stable and trusted financial institutions. NB – Fred “the shred” Goodwin’s happy demise has cost him fuck all monetarily – he was a close personal friend of Brown the clown, lives happily in Edinburgh and didn’t have to sell off any of his Caribbean boltholes, his South London pad or his Manhattan penthouse. CUNT

      • You’ve got to hand it to her Cunto – May has played a blinder for big business and her masters in the 4th Reich!

        Need to scupper Brexit and shaft those with the audacity to vote Leave?

        Send in the Maybot!

        Guaranteed to turn EVERYTHING she touches to shit.

    • Unfortunately the Sidebar of smut will keep the cash rolling in from adverts and clicks in Trumpland.

  8. Its why all these lefty twats shout ‘austerity’ and ‘ more cash desperately needed for the public sector’. It’s because this idiot blew it all whilst ending boom and bust. And what was going on with that jaw of his when speaking? Oddball.

  9. What a fuckin jakass he was, wanker couldn’t even speak properly, he kept havin slack jaw.! Would love spitting image to do a one off Brexit Christmas special just to see how they would portray Corblimy, flabbott, Boris Karloff and the dancing hunchback. Be better than Liz’s speech.!!

    • I reckon it’d be a Remainiac stitich-up, BossHog, just like all the Brexit/Trump “comedy” on tv is. About as funny as an unflushed toilet. Don’t forget that little turd Hislop was involved in Spitting Image and he’s a proper EU cum-gargler.

  10. Don’t forget the one-year bogie gobbler’s iniquitous and costly ‘tax credit’ bollocks which essentially removed any incentive for middle earners to push themselves to earn higher when a person leaning on a broom or scrubbing a bog could do so for a sizeable tax break.

    He robbed the very people who worked hard to build their own pensions and reduce their future reliability on the state. He then rewarded the feckless and underachieving.

    A one-year commie cunt through and through.

  11. I absolutely fucking hate this cunt.
    Not only is he incompetent, unelectable (no cunt ever voted this piece of shit pm) and fat.
    And Scottish.
    He’s also an arrogant, ugly, shit for brains, cunt.
    And what’s with that fucking slack jaw shit that he does? It winds me up so ffffuuuucckkkiinn much when he’s talking and he just stops and opens his mouth….
    Is it just me? Doesn’t anyone else notice that and want to smash the cunt’s teeth in?

    Sorry …. I tend to get a bit angry when a member of new liebour comes up….


    • He’s like some jock Frankenstein, that slack jaw thing grinds my gears too Deploy, I think he cuts out and is rebooting or something.

      • Ha ha ha ha.
        What a cunt.
        They should’ve kitted him out with a suicide vest and given the enemy a taste of their own medicine!
        He couldn’t move very fast but imagine the result…. tonnes of blubber splattered over everywhere.
        2 birds with one stone and all that…

  12. There was a video the one-eyed Scottish cunt put out on YouTube a few years ago just before he got chucked out of No. 10. I’ve been trying find it but can’t for the life of me. Nevertheless every time he tried to smile he looked like he was shitting out about 600 jalapeños.

  13. March 29th 2019 11:00 PM.I CAN NOT FUCKING WAIT! FUCK YOU,EU.
    Snowflakes:Do you know that the EU makes the UK charge VAT on tampons? No,did not think so.

  14. Off topic but I’m at work (on my break atm) and one of my colleagues mentioned an article (he disagrees with it vehemently I hasten to add) about how guide dogs are being ‘exploited’ because they weren’t asked for their consent in helping blind people. Just… I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    • There was that chairman one called Lucky, whose first owner was “led” under the wheels of a train, and the second owner went off the end of a pier.

      But I’m all in favour of labradors being freed from the dubious “literary” attentions of Silly Cooper. And bog-roll packets.

  15. Brown got married at the age of 49 to make himself respectable and further his political career.
    His taste for hairy men in kilts is a badly kept secret.

    • It’s difficult to know who I despise more…

      I recorded Ch4’s The Interrogation of Tony Martin. Must watch it, and see if it’s a lot of anti-Tony Martin “protect the daaahling gypsies” propaganda, or if it’s a balanced docu. Ch4 has been known to be ok, on occasion (away from its current affairs/deluded lefty fantasy department output)….
      I lived in E Anglia at the time, I remember it well…

      There was a cracking article in the Telegraph re the pikey problem, and I think I posted the link before. I’ll post it again, if I can find it…
      Otherwise, an ISAC search under Pikeys will probably find it.

      It’s a common problem these days: a band of out-and-out cunts, who have their own “legal” system, and show no respect for any other (or for anyone else, full stop, come to think…).

      Sod them.

  16. Novichalk the scum. I was at a motorway services yesterday. Three pikeys trying to get a discount in the mobile phone shop. I would put up a sign to say they are all cunts: they can”t read so they won’t know! Scum.

  17. Ok you bunch of ENGLISH cunts !
    Lay off the “ Scottish” bashing
    The one eyed cunt for bye being Scottish was /is a tsunami of a bellend Cunt agreed as per liar etc etc
    Plenty of your mob the same ffs look at Catweazil , milligoat etc etc
    Nationally has fuck all to do with it ………… UNLESS it’s
    Nicola Sturgeon- now that’s a Scottish Cunt

    • And Salmond – out of the same warped mould.

      Btw, I share a surname with a “female” (Scottish) (Tory) cunt, and am 1/4 Scot.

      Hope use of the brackets clears any implication of racism; the comments re “female” and “cunt” stand… !!

  18. At least he’s proven that Downs syndrome is not a barrier to employment in politics.

    The cunt.

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