Dead Pool [116]

Congratulations to John Calvins ghost who corrrectly predicted that Baronness Trumpington the feisty chain smoking peer and former minister famous for her two fingered salute would be the next celeb to die.She was 96

On to Deadpool 116

1) You each get 5 cunts each .No duplicates .

2)You can steal other cunters noms (Like Black and White cunt frequently does.

3)It has to be a famous cunt people have heard of.

(Apologies for poor layout I am on a mobile on a night shift _ Shaun)

44 thoughts on “Dead Pool [116]

  1. Fucking snide cunts getting in before me and picking all the low hanging fruit.

    Richard O’Sullivan
    Sir Alex Ferguson
    Jimmy Greaves
    Nobby Stiles
    Bridgette Bardot

  2. Nice one John good call.

    Jimmy carter
    Donald Sutherland
    Jerry Stiller
    Bob Hawke
    Roberta mc Cain

  3. So Baronness Trumpington isn’t related to Trump huh go figure apparently was another dedicated sheep of the EU fucking predictable cause of course shes half french

  4. George Takei (sulu)
    Bill treacher (Arthur Fowler)
    Angela Lansbury (murder she wrote)
    Dennis skinner (cunt)
    Ozzy Osborne (mentalist)

  5. Buzz Aldrin
    Chuck Yeager
    James Randi
    George “Johnny” Johnson (Dambuster)
    Virginia McKenna

  6. Kim Cuntashian
    Kuntie Price
    Kerry Kuntona
    Heifer Abbott
    The Spice Cunts…..all carking it at the same time

    Or is this just wishful thinking? 🤔🤔🤔

  7. Paul Mason (Fattest Cunt in the World)
    Giovanna Ralli
    Bamber Gascoine
    Muriel Pavlow
    Jack Charlton

    Good Shot, John Calvin’s Ghost

  8. James Earl Jones
    Val Bisoglio (Danny from Quincy)
    Bob Barker
    Gary Glitter
    Tim Currie

  9. Killer Influenza is predicted so:
    Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (murderer and MEGACUNT)
    Peter Mangledbum (deviant cheat and liar)
    The Flabbapotomus (If germs can survive on her)
    Cliff Richard (innocent kiddie fiddler)
    George Soros (Evil, money manipulating interfering CUNT of the first degree)

  10. Bastard arse end Charlie again.

    Dec McCluskie
    Tony Bennett
    Roy Hattersley
    Roy Hudd
    Christopher Plummer

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