Student arses

I know a lot of students are arses, but this nomination is titled as follows:
Student arses are cunts…..

As I travel to work and back on Manchester’s transport system (usually the Metrolink), the college and university students are back again, and the amount of fit arses on show is getting to be a bit too much for this approaching middle age cunter…. Nowadays the young ladies either wear the classic tight jeans or the even tighter than a snare drum leggings or jogging pants… Too many beautiful backsides to mention, but there’s one English blonde early 20s student, who has the most magnificent rear bumper and she Had a good natter with me yesterday… Nice girl, but fucking hell, I’d be a lying cunt if I said I’d refuse if she was up for a bit…. I’m getting to old for this sort of thing, but I feel like Wile .E. Coyote when he sees the Roadrunner as a plate of dinner with all the trimmings…

Nominated b Norman

32 thoughts on “Student arses

  1. Sunglasses are recommended for the metro.
    I use it when traveling about Manchester when visiting my sister. And by God there are some fine looking wimminz down that neck of the woods.

  2. Don’t natter, nut her. She probably wants it anyway, not some useless snowflake.

    Get in there.

    • Agree, best get in there now… in a few years time they’ll be unable to get their flabby voluminous arses through the train doors.

      • Aye. For shame!

        Some of these dolls have horrendous diets already, be not fooled by their rapid metabolism and pert buttocks. Their farts are truely acidic.

  3. You never know, she may be an ISAC contributor and if she hasn’t sussed you out already, she will have by the time we get to the 30th horrific comment!

  4. Student arses. The males ones. They’re always a bit sorry looking, a bit soppy looking, maungy.

  5. Agree Norman
    College near where I work and if I nip out for lunch I’m confronted by hundreds of fit wee fillys presenting rear ends like 2 apples stuck together and wrapped in a fucking hanky. Half the country is #metoo the other fucking half are saying ” I’m fucking tidy and I know it”
    No leering…no abuse…no harassing of them… just my day getting a whole lot brighter at their fine FEMALE….. YES XXCHROMOSOME FEMALE form🥒🍑

  6. I see plenty of young female students either wearing extremely short skirts, or unfeasibly tight jeans/Lycras, as they go about their business boarding trains or buses here in Birmingham.

    Gender politics aside, it does my heart good to see such delectable sights, and how my imagination runs a little wild. These very same students are probably politically-aware and protest about “sexualising women” while in the same hypocritical breath bang on about “empowerment” and the “right to express my sexuality”

    What makes me laugh though,is when a bit of reality kicks them in the fanny and they find someone has pinched their partially protruding smartphone from the back pocket of said tight jeans!

    That said, I love the sight of a good camel toe in the morning!

  7. The form on some of these birds nowadays is amazing. The times I’ve driven round the block for a second look.

  8. Saw one in the shop the other day in shorts so tight and short i nearly popped me cork she had 2 wondrous tight tanned globes peeking out at the rear, seems to me the less you can get away with the more tempting and the more they put it on display, cant recall it being like this when I was younger. Mind you I did go to one yard to shoe a nag and the bird there had a waist like a wasp big norks in a super tight white t-shirt, but the best and smuttiest bit was the black lacy bra that was struggling to control those magnificent tits, buried fecking claws of my hammer in my face cos of her, still got the scars.

  9. Following last year’s scandal where horse meat was found in some of Tesco’s burgers, it now appears that it is Primarks turn in the spotlight, after camel toe was discovered in every single pair of their leggings….

  10. I look at them and think ffs and when i out pull my wallet out there is a picture of my ugly mrs and a limerick posted many times here by me
    There once was hermit called dave
    Who lived with a whore in cave
    She was as ugly as shit
    With only one tit
    But imagine the money he`d saved !
    And they are to fresh out of the womb

  11. Spoke to her again this morning… And it appears that this lovely piece is not a snowflake… She says she voted Brexit (‘They always score!’), she doesn’t like virtue signaling (Giggs with a shot… Sheringham!), and she said that ‘men are men and women are women’ and that Me Too was ‘crap’ (And Solksjaer has won it!)…. It seems that her attitude and outlook matches her looks… Fucking spectacular…. Mrs Norman is on thin ice… If she nags me about wanting to go to Turin to watch United…. Joking, of course…. I think!….. Oh shit…

      • Mind you, I could always say that I was in Turin if I was (cough) elsewhere… Probably won’t come to that though… Ah bollocks…

  12. It makes you wonder what women really think. Such beauties obviously look after themselves, but for what purpose? The men of their age can’t be worth shagging – feeble, weedy men-children whose only sign of the male gender is the beard. The men who are truly buff will bat for Kravdarth’s team. So, Norman, they probably do want a bit of middle-aged ruff.

  13. I say Praise the Lord for Primark and the cheap Black leggings they sell that turn transparent when stretched over a bending arse.!! Makes my day.

  14. Ah yes, so glad this thread has reappeared from the archives!

    Nice to have nice bit of arse to look at rather than the rotting cunt of Theresa fucking May

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