Nike and the Kneegroes

A call-to-arms cunting of this ongoing debacle, all started by choice cunt and attention-hungry shitheel NFLer Colin Kaepernick. He became internationally famous for disobeying the NFL tradition of standing for the US anthem pre-match, and instead ‘taking the knee’ – or as I like to call it, ‘kneegroism’ – due to Colin’s claim that black players do not feel compelled to observe the anthem in a country where his creed are supposedly still brutally oppressed.

Irony of a multi-millionaire black guy made rich by the white man’s capitalism aside, let’s clarify a few things:
1) American Football is a cunt
2) Having to endure the Star-Spangled Banner during EVERY match is a cunt
3) The imported commercialism of the Superbowl is a cunt

The reason Colin makes the piss boil is because he has done this blatantly to compensate for the fact he is quite shit at NFL, and now moans racism be stopping him getting a new contract after being dropped and not signed by sny of the NFL teams. Thanks to him, amgry fans all over the US now have to endure endless shows of Kneegroism from fellow blacks who love a good whinge about ancient slavery and the like.

But just when you thought there were already too many shit-cooks fucking up this particularly well-simmered cunt-broth, in wades Nike to make Colin one of their commercial figureheads. Nike, supporters of the oppressed and purveyors of social justice, clearly forgetting that despite such a noble and moralistic crusade, they themselves pay Asian women the equivalent of 2p per day in sweatshops to manufacture their overpriced fabric shite.

Cunts one and all. Some might think ‘negro’ is offensive. Hopefully ‘Kneegro’ won’t bother anyone.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

38 thoughts on “Nike and the Kneegroes

  1. Sorry to go immediately off-subject.

    Princess Eugenie is a greedy,fat,indolent, useless,grabby,vacuous,stupid,lazy sponger.

    Fuck Off,Your Nothingness….Cunt.

    • Just seen that W. C. Boggs has done an excellent nomination. Hope that it gets put up while we’re still all basking in the glow of the Royal nuptials.

      • I am quite looking forward to your contributions regarding this marriage mr Fiddler. Their bloody teeth are in the news every day, and it is getting on my nerves.

        • Oh dear… catastrophe… O’Shithead appears to agree with the thrust of this thread!

          ISAC is finished.

      • After Prince Andrew does his father of the bride speech, Jeffrey Epstein is going to do a “cherry buster” speech about bursting through Eugenie’s front gate when she was 13. Er…allegedly.

    • She is a worthless cunt!
      I suspect in her spare time (ie, most of her life), she trips down to the local shabby back streets in Camden Town on a Friday night hoping to get gang-banged by the local winos, tramps, the homeless, druggies and cranky dirty old men – 30 blokes is a good night in her book (although I guess even the scruffiest lowlife would probably draw the line on shagging this waste of DNA unless he was drugged up with Rohypnol)

      Hope it pisses down on her wedding day, and her hubby-to-be gets cold feet at the alter, or plays a prank and says to her “April Fool, you stupid fucking tart!” before doing one, never to be seen of again!

      Fuck her (not really!)

      • Cheers NoCuntForOldMen, that’s put a spring in my weekend step!

        Great posts chaps – needless to say the wife is planning to tune into this nonentity shitfest. Suppose it might keep her occupied and out of earshot for a few hours though. Every cloud…

        Good morning.

      • I’m a little shocked that everyone here seems to know who this cheese grater face is! Princess Aubergine does not register at all with me.

        None the less I wholeheartedly endorse the venomous cuntings directed towards this apparent blue blood leech.

          • Slow off the blocks I confess, must have missed that particular cunting by Dick. Well spotted too, leeches are slippery bastards! All that’s needed now is to hold a flame under her arse and she’ll wither and fall away. Right?

          • There’s too many of these minor royals these days; and I suspect this cow will be churning out babies over the next 5-10 years just to add to the taxpaying burden while they all swan around taking “much needed holidays” abroad.

            I suppose we’re still supporting that other useless fat hippo – Sarah Ferguson?

            Cunts, the lot of them!

  2. The thing about blambos is that they don’t seem to be able to understand they are hated because of the way they behave. For example, the old-school Jamaicans in this country are generally likeable because they speak good English, behave and integrate. The ones (the majority) that are aggressive, rude, speak that street shit, carry knives and are unemployed criminals are the reason they are set apart. Dare I say it, they need to evolve a bit more.

    The black football players who disrespected the nation in such a way will be utterly despised now. Cunts.

    • The Windies folk are cracking people.

      Unfortunately most of our black imports these days are lazy, idle, grabby, scrounging Africunts! A lot of whom are also “peaceful” – double bonus!

      Still, so long as one of the cunts (who lives in America and comes over for the odd ‘n’ million appearance fee) can run 26.2 miles in just over 2hrs then they’re lorded as the epitome of Britishness and used in the usual “they’re all good for our society like this person is” propaganda.

      Well the speed Lutonistan’s Africunt population go at they’d be lucky to cover 26.2 metres in 2hrs! No doubt all doctors, nurses, scientists, etc.


  3. Outstanding cunting TeCB. Isn’t american football a white man invention too? Silly fools.

  4. Oh, and nike was founded by two white guys too. So is accepting help from the company patronising?
    Could do this all day.

    • I wonder what his white adoptive parents think about this racial oppression as mixed race ‘two short planks’ colin grew up in a very white middle class household (and area) after all his adoptive white father is a senior executive at a firm with more than 2 billion in revenue, not sure how that fits i with the oppression narrative, but hey what do I know.

  5. And hasn’t the national anthem got direct connotations with the civil war which led to the abolition of slavery?

    I have an idea someone might have skipped a great deal of school.

    Is there any part of the arguement, no matter how tenuous, that goes in their favour?

    Didn’t think so.

  6. Well if these ungrateful blambos don’t like America and/or Trump, they can fuck off some place else!

    But of course they wont. It’s a bit like after Trump won the presidential election a couple of years back: all the libtards in California and of course Hollywood declared his appointment as a national embarrassment, and that they would all fuck off to Canada unless he stepped down or backtracked on building that Wall on the Mexico border.

    Two years on: Trump is still the boss, and those very same libtards are still in California and Hollywood, raking up their millions and still enjoying their comfortable lifestyles well away from the riff-raff and the immicunts they publicly support but privately detest.


  7. Excellent cunting TECB
    Kneegro certainly didn’t offend me, infact it made me chuckle, I saw some absolute bellend from Nike on tv the other day talking about their new 30th anniversary of the “ just do it” campaign, they wheeled out fellow Nike (right on brigaders ) le bron James and tennis court brat serena to enthuse about the “brave”? choice of using Kaepernick as the face Of the campaign, seeing as Colin’s out of work Nike probably got him on the cheap and as the yanks like to say are “ getting a Big Bang for their bucks” the cynical Cunts!!
    Nike should forget the slogan “ just do it” and fucking “go and do one”

    So the child of the lightweight royal playboy and porky pig is getting married? Who gives a fuck! It’s a none event , the only reason it’s on my radar is I’m fucked off we’re paying for it!!
    Sponging free loading Cunts…

  8. Nike an absolute disgrace Vote with your wallet don’t buy the shite in any shape or form

  9. Colin Suckadick is a fucking wanker, sucking up to the Libtards is far more profitable for him than being a second string quarter back who hardly ever gets on the field. Nike, of course, are no better, using his notoriety to screw the young and gullible into buying their, suddenly, virtue signalling products. It all stinks of money as does all sport these days.
    A couple of weeks ago some cunt in the NFL, getting stick from the home crowd, scored a touchdown. He celebrated by pretending to take a shit, wiping his arse with the ball and throwing it into the crowd. Obviously he was all over the media with various talking heads giving their outraged disapproval. The next day he signed a contract to advertise a certain brand of toilet paper. Ker-ching!! I fucking love it.
    I’ve got another , money related, reason to dislike Colin Suckadick. He cost me £240 quid by playing like a cunt in the 2013 Super Bowl.

  10. That parasitic creature getting hitched today has to be the ugliest royal yet,shes basically Andrew in a dress and a moth eaten ginger wig,I loathe all things royal with a passion but this cunt is enough to give me a stroke,dont they call her and the other one the ugly sisters,basically I hope she finds out hes been using prostitutes then decides to top herself,Id probably tune in to Sky News for that to watch Kay Burley looking for dogs with sad faces in Windsor.

  11. Kneegroes – I like it. Kneegers – even better. Said in a faux Mexican voice sounds as close as you can get without a ban on social meedja.

  12. Senior judges could get pay rise of up to £60,000.

    Senior judges in England and Wales could be set for pay rises of up to 32% if recommendations made by the Senior Salaries Review Body are accepted.

    The move aims to address low morale among judges and to compensate them for changes to their pension scheme.

    “Low morale amongst judges”?

    Nothing compared to the taxpayers who are fed up to their back teeth with these elitist out of touch with reality lenient wankers wrist slapping.

    The government says it values the work of what it calls the UK’s world-renowned judiciary, (surely they are having a laugh as the British legal system has in recent years been turned into nothing more than an expensive joke) is considering the recommendations.

    High Court judges currently earn £181,566 – around £30,000 more than the prime minister’s salary – but that has not stopped a recruitment crisis from developing.

    Judges are already paid handsomely for their “services”. Either start making a real difference to the people of this country, by imposing tough sentences and deterrents, or shut the fuck up. Or better still, give someone else a chance who will do the job properly.

    • Might be worth applying. Wonder if you need any O levels?

      I know who The Beatles are… and certainly wouldn’t allow my servants read Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

      Reckon you’d be a shoo-in Willie!

  13. Aping (if you’ll excuse the word) the black power salute of the sixties Olympics. Arguably a legitimate protest back then. There is one present day black man who doesn’t go along with it all; Kanye West. His meeting with Donald Trump I found absolutely magical. When he puts the MAGA hat on he feels like Superman. ‘My favourite Superhero’ he said. Revealingly. Like a kid he is; giddy, daft. Much preferable to Jesse and Al still stuck in the Civil Rights mentality.

  14. Never worn any of that vile fecking sportswear in me life never had a pair of training shoes on me hoofs ever and never will have. Old gits in any sports apparel should be made to run till they drop, old boys should have trousers with a belt pulled up to their tits with a crutch down to above the knee polished shoes and shirt and tie.

  15. Finally got a little time to post a few thoughts.

    American football is indeed a cunt. Living where I do, I don’t go out of my way to trash things that the Yanks hold dear. That said, when some big mouth know-it-all starts on about “sacuuuuuur”, all bets are off. Their main complaint revolves around proper football going on forever, nothing happens and nobody scores “a point”. And thus, in their view, it’s boring and pointless. My counter argument goes like this:

    1. An NFL game is 4 quarters of 15 minutes each. That’s an hour’s playing time. Why then does it take three and a half to four hours to play a game? Answer: to allow time for the crowd to eat their body weight in burgers, hot dogs, pop corn, sugary drinks and beer. Not so much a spectator sport then, more a fucking buffet so shut it about proper football going on forever.

    2. Many of the NFL players are about as ripped as you can get. Absolutely unbelievable levels of physical fitness and conditioning are achieved during the off season. All to play a game played in bursts of about 15 seconds followed by 3 to 4 minutes of lounging around chatting with your friends and team mates. In other words, having a rest. Contrast that with your average midfield players who is constantly on the move for 45 minutes at a time. Could a running back or wide receiver do that? Nope, didn’t think so. While we’re on the subject, football players endure an 10 month season, not including pre-season or off season tournaments like the World Cup, European Championships, etc. The NFL season is what? A fortnight? Even players who play professional rounders play 100+ games a season. So fuck off with that crap!

    3. This is the one that really gets them going… the super star player, the guy with the skill, guile, dexterity and athleticism is the quarterback. This is the guy who can throw a ball 30 yards ahead of a receiver so the ball arrives perfectly for the receiver to catch it. Isn’t that amazing??!!?? Try passing a ball 60 yards right to the big toe of your team mate using your foot, then talk to me about skill. Fuck off!

    American Football…it’s barely a sport. The End.

    • Had the misfortune to stumble upon an American football game last year. Lots or overweight guys in padding,

      Watched for about half an hour, absolutely fuck all happened and considered the proceedings as a non sporting event, a boring spectacle and a complete waste of everyone’s time.

      And this is from someone who watches golf, snooker, darts and bowls.

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