Sadiq Khan [10]

Ok so in the Observer he has said that there should be another Brexit vote in an article he has written. No surprise there, but that there are cunts and that these cunts keep being cunts isn’t a surprise.

This cunting will take the form of pulling apart a couple of paragraphs of bullshit. I will quote him and then follow up with some comments.

“With time rapidly running out, we are left with two possibilities – a bad deal, which could end up being so vague that we leave the EU blind to what our future relationship will be, or a “no-deal” Brexit.”

We don’t care you cunt. Actually no deal would be better, fuck the status quo it’s done nothing for us.

“Both these scenarios are a million miles from what was promised during the referendum campaign”

Only a politician would think that what politicians promises matters a shit. We don’t need a campaign to make a decision fuckstain.

“only further exposing the lies and mistruths sold to the public.”

The irony is deep and strong here. I would personally advocate a public beating just on the weight of the dishonesty and lack of self-awareness of this sentence. Utter cuntitude.

“They are also both incredibly risky and I don’t believe May has the mandate to gamble so flagrantly with the economy and people’s livelihoods.”

She has the mandate to leave the EU, and that’s risky in the way you describe, so yes she does, cunt.

“Terrifyingly, we are now in real danger of crashing out of the EU with no deal.”

No vested interest there then …

“Despite the fanciful assurances from Johnson, this would be by far the worst outcome – with independent research showing that it could potentially result in 500,000 fewer jobs across Britain by 2030. ”

A steaming heap of bullshit of a sentence full of false assumption based around his wrong perception about what people think of politicians and bullshit statistics. How is he ignorant of this? Where does he live?

“These are real jobs and people’s living standards being put at risk.”

This cunt wouldn’t know what was real if an analogy hit him in the face.

“So, after a lot of careful consideration, I’ve decided the people must get a final say. ”

What? Just who the fuck does this utter cunt think he is?

“I don’t believe it’s the will of the people to face either a bad deal or, worse, no deal. That wasn’t on the table during the campaign.”

The campaign was nearly as full of shit as you are, cunt.

“It’s time to take this crucial issue out of the hands of the politicians and return it to the people so that they can take back control”

Laughable. Unbelievable. The fact that he doesn’t know that “the people” caused this by voting to leave in the first place is worrying. This guy is an absolute cunt.

In summary I have not before seen what an absolute fuck minded and frankly evil and manipulative man this Sadiq Cunt is before. I find it astonishing that a conscious being can say the things that he says. He must live every day in a maelstrom of lies and self-deception. This man is a cunt of the highest order.

Nominated by Cunting Rank Wags

I am glad CRW bought up Sadiq Kunt (serves you right for eating him). This 5’4″ heap of festering shit, a ragbag of piss and wind has written in todays Observer (the weekend version of the Guardian in day-of-rest bloomers), but has also been taken up with glee by the Independent and BBC (and no doubt by the Standard as soon as George Osborne has finished wanking over the article).

On the BBC news on radio it was reported that Sad-dik was “deeply anxious” about Brexit. Perhaps the silly shortarse wankstain ought to be more concerned about the appalling rise of violent crime and murder in London, or the state of Transport for London, or his ragbag of housing policies, or even the fact that when they circumcised him they threw away the wrong end. In any event Khan is not paid to concern himself with international or national matters, only London’s, and he is a total fucking failure at that. He will no doubt be relieved he has been approved as the Labour candidate for 2020 (which must have made Dame Eddie Izzard upset since she/he/it had already decided he wanted to run for it).

It is only because there are so many effnicks and left wing snowflake shroud-waivers in London and outer London that the stupid fucking bastard will probably win again, but Labour is now holed beneath the waterline, and the kindest thing to do would be to torpedo it.

If Kunt, Miller, Mangledbum, Lady Starmer and co think the EU is so fucking wonderful why don’t they piss off and buy a one way ticket to Brussells?. At the very least why don’t they shut the fuck up. Cunts the lot of them.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Sadiq Khan, yet again. He now is leading a campaign for a seconds Brexit referendum. Which to me seems slightly outside of his remit, like everything else the cunt does.

Yes, I saw this little cunt making a donkey of himself yet again. Perhaps, if he now thinks he speaks for all English people, we should allow all English people to vote on who should be the next Mayor of London.

Who does this big nosed, short arsed little cunt think he is? Seriously? He’s done fuck all remotely mayoral since he got in but pick silly little twitter spats with Trumpty Dumpty, tried to implement sharia via the back door (I’m sure none of you have forgotten the religious views of this pious little cunt on the adverts on the side of buses) and try to deflect the blame away for the skyrocketing crime in London on anyone but himself. Oh, and deflect a proportion of the budget towards policing anti Islam comments on Twitter.

To me that sounds like an enemy of the state. Regardless of what you think of Thatcher – she never would have put up with this little peaceful cunt getting out of his basket every half an hour.

Nominated by Mecha-Rigsby

65 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan [10]

  1. ‘Verily I say to thou, thou canst not polish a turd, and surely this man is a turd’
    A Midsummer Night’s Cunting; Act II, Scene I

    Rock solid cunting all round, you chaps

    • Centrist Cunt. I can’t stand this shit. UK voted to leave. We are leaving now fuck off you Cunting Rank Wags. David Cunt Cameron and his cunt lackey George Biggest Cunt Ever Osborne are to blame for this monumental cunt up. Now the cunts are lapping up the high life. Thanks cunts!

  2. If we ever do manage to leave, I don’t really care if everything goes tits up.
    If it does, at least it’s our decision and our actions.
    Sooner or later the whole Euro plan will collapse and the real carnage will begin, and getting out early will be seen as a life saver.

    Khan is an irritating little prick who needs to be ignored and May needs to pull her finger out.
    I don’t trust the woman an inch.
    She dresses like a charity shop regular.
    The devil wears Primark….

  3. Little Cunt makes me embarrassed to be a native londoner. Its true that his done fuck all here for the city since he came in except to drag crime rates back up.

    When Boris was running the Gaff he did a good job under the austerity restraint during his years as mayor.
    Brought in programs like the Boris bikes and scraping the Croydon congestion zone tax. The bikes which are doing well so he got last laugh there too .

    But Old Syck dic is just a waste of air and space he does nothing but talk and virtue signal but nothing gets done. Hopefully at next elections someone decent will go up against him this time.

    Wouldn’t care if it was the Sugar Puff monster im not voting for that cunt ( i voted for Goldsmith last time ) anything would be better

  4. Weapons grade cuntings chaps…

    There’s very few people that by just talking make me want to repeatedly punch them in the mouth as hard as I can suckdick is one……. 😡

  5. Fucking disgrace – if you missed it first time around here’s Suckdick on the Andrew Marr Show a mere fortnight ago, spouting more Project Fear Mk.2 and lies per square nanosecond than even the Devil incarnate himself Tony B. Liar could, even in his prime:

    Duplicitous, democracy hating Kunt.

  6. He is doing such a wonderful job as mayor, murder, mayhem etc aside, he has time to reflect upon the stupidity of the majority population voting leave.

    I have a better idea. The cesspit that is London has more in common with the EU than it does the rest of the UK so why not let it stay in while the rest of the UK gets on with it. It’s not as if they actually make anything there anyway. Let them get on with money laundering, plundering pensions, fucking up the Civil Service, the BBC, the charity industry, housing the Russian Mafia, shooting, stabbing and rounded off with arselicking their ‘betters’.

    • Hear hear CC,
      Once we ditch the EU Londonistan should be fucked off too. Make it a City State, let the slopes, blambos, Chinese, Russkies and the non dom non tax paying knighted cunts who own every brick and slate pay for the shithole. Its not my Capital – it ceased to be when Bliar and the hateful cunts of Liebour turned it into a failed attempt at enforced multiculturalism foisted on it. Nobody asked to be subjected to our capital being turned into the shithole it has become. Apart from listening to jibber jabber from virtually every 3rd world cesspit and hundreds of options how to cook foul meat what exactly was the point of this multicultural Nirvana we are “enjoying”?

  7. Muslims and Jews don’t know what they’re missing by not eating pork. I just had a slab of belly-pork which I slow cooked in the Aga with some whole garlic bulbs. Washed it all down with Frosty Jack mixed with Stella. Might have a microwave treacle pudding with some cream later for my pudding.
    I wouldn’t trust any Cunt who wouldn’t eat belly-pork.

    Fuck them.

    • I should really gave taken a photo of my porky delight and put it on Facebook with “Yummy” written underneath.

        • Mine was better, RTC. More fat on it. Can’t stand meat without a bit of fat on it. I’ve seen people actually cut the fat off steaks and pork chops. Fucking sacrilege as far as I’m concerned.

          I enjoy bolognese,but tend to just put it on slices of garlic bread rather than fart on cooking spaghetti.

          • Agree – that’s where 90% of the taste is, in the fat.

            Top-Tip re spag boll on garlic bread, will be sure to try it 👍

        • Fuck all is getting cooked tonight in my establishment. A gallon of a little number from the excellent Mitchells Brewery that goes by the name of Lancaster Bomber. Then BEBOB laters.
          (Big Eats Back On Board)

      • There was a page a while back where the Parking Stanley’s of Preston used to share menus and cooking tips, particularly after the starving themselves half to death month of Ramadamadingdong. I got barred for my Somerset Pork casserole dish. Ungrateful cunts.

      • Try posting it on “Imums’Net”…

        M & S Ginger puds are bloody good (excellent cherry pie, too…); does anyone know of any “affordable” alternatives ?

    • Don’t think I’ll be going out tonight,even the dogs are shying away from the garlic fumes. Oh well, tinned Guinness and “A Night to Remember” it is.

  8. Not sure if anyone knows this but his Dad was a bus driver.

    He doesn’t mention it very often, so this is just so you know that he’s one of the people…

    Yet another champagne socialist Noo Liebour scumbag politician who studied law so’s not to incriminate themselves if a palm greasing exercise goes South, or to argue their arses out of trouble when challenged.

    Just like Tony B.Liar worming his arse out of a war crimes charge for committing our troops based on a lie!

    The Labour Party has been an utterly pointless party since the 70’s, a completely untrustworthy and pointless party since 1997, and a dangerous, untrustworthy and pointless party since Steptoe took to the helm.

    They’d be a joke if it wasn’t for Appeaser May making them look even remotely like an opposition party.

    Khan is just another Liebour Khunt relying on mass imports to stitch up the electorate to vote them in cos the native support for them must be through the bastard floor!

    Oh, and I did I mention that his Dad was a bus driver?

    • Really? His dad – a bus driver? Who’d have thunk that this little shit was conceived? I thought he had been shit against a wall and dried out by the Sun. Blambos pervade our lives in their quest for an Islamic caliphate in the West. We let the Trojan horse in the city gates and almost everyone is still fast asleep.

      • Apologies for the duplication fellow cunters. My first attempt ditched me at the homepage so I wrongly guessed I had used a trigger word. Evenin’ all.

    • Really? His dad – a bus driver? Who’d have thunk that this little shit was conceived? I thought he had been shit against a wall and dried out by the Sun. Blambos pervade our lives in their quest for a cliphate in the West. We let the Trojan horse in the city gates and almost everyone is still fast asleep.

      • PS – On the “did you know my dad was a bus driver” theme I noted that the slobbering cunt Clammy Lammy picked up a GQ award (hateful bit of shite that turned into – I used to take it regularly when it was Gentleman’s Quarterly)
        Just after the Grenfell Grotto BBQ he spoke of “someone he knew personally” who got fried. A month or so later on Andrew Neil he “lost a friend”. On GQ he spoke of “a very dear, close and personal friend of mine” who was well done. I expect in a few weeks time when some fucking Anniversary or other crops up it will be “well you know I was just on my way to see my close personal friend when tragedy struck”. Cunts like Lammy and Genghis Khan who use the most intense and personal rhetoric in order to gain trust and sympathy have forgotten where the truth ends and the lies begin.

        • The real issue I have with Khan, Lammy and Abbott is that any criticism is immediately labelled as waycist.


          It you were as white as the driven snow and as British as Yorkie puds you would still be fucking CUNTS!!!

          Your race and/or religion has absolutely fuck all to do with it, but being incompetent, vacant and perfectly bastard useless is!

          Abbott: Shadow Home Secretary. Well the only thing that cunt’s got right so far in those three words is the “Shadow” bits.

          Lammy: Minister of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills. Really!?! How the fuck did this easily offended, virtue-signalling cunt be elevated to a position for which he’s completely out of touch with. Oh, hang on, he’s another lawyer cunt isn’t he? Well say no more. Cunt!

          Khan: Ahhh, the bus driver’s son. A lickspittle Blairite Khunt with a Napoleon complex who’s biding his time in the (failed) role of Mayor of London, until the Noo Liebour salvation returns under the enrichment herald of Remoaner Umana and Naz “Shariah” Shah…just so that he can stab the cunts in the back and take the throne for himself.

          The thing that really tickles me is that he genuinely doesn’t think that us pleb masses know what his game is. Fuck me, he couldn’t be more obvious if he’d been dealt four aces in a poker hand, started to clap with joy and then went “all in” to the pot.

          And while he’s biding his time, the Mayor of Islamabad and Mogadishu MkII, is racking up a body count greater than that of New York, theft and robbery crimes (with menaces – just ask Michael McIntyre) through the roof, and “part and parcel of living in a big city” terrorist attacks by blokes from Kent and “Norwegian” nationals commonplace; if anyone deserves a cunting it’s Khan!

          A completely fucking useless Khunt!

          And no, Sadiq, that’s not waycist mate, just plain old fact.


          • Talking of transparency, Eddie Queenie Izzard was a regular attender at The Jeremy Corbyn Show in Liverpool this past week, and according to press reports was one of the best dressed *men* there. Obviously the old cunt was networking since he has lost his chance to replace Kunt in 2020.

            On Friday Queenie turned up at Bexhill Museum to launch a model railway in tribute to his father who died earlier this year (perhaps from embarrassment? – when he was born Mr Izzard senior wanted a boy, Mrs. Izzard a girl and they were both disappointed). On this occasion the old faggot turned up minus pink lipstick and beret but still in gender bending drag. He also had his handbag (probably to discreetly hide his Tampax and incontinence pads). He looked like a really frazzled old lady, a shoe-in for Miss Marple. Don’t tell me Bexhill would see Izzard as it’s MP but a lot of coastal towns along the Kent/Sussex border are going Labour. I can’t see the old fucker being accepted in the North, even though there’s nowt so queer as folk, or in London where there is a lot of competition from wimmin (AWS) and effnicks innit.

            As I watched the old perv one thing struck me – if it had needed to use a public bog would it go into the mens or the womens facilities? – the male/female signs are all in vain, the shithouse poofty strikes again.

  9. Right.

    Big pork belly strips with some lovely fatty marbling. Give them a rub with Asda medium hot chipotle from their grinder jar. Sling them in the hot oven around 190 degrees C for 50.mins.

    Smokey crispy hot pork belly strips.

    Abso-fucking-lutely delicious.

    • Fuck me Paul, when I die can I go to your heaven please?

      Wonderful pork products and not a “peaceful” in sight!


      Chuck in a couple of real ales and I’ll start worshipping you now!


  10. Multi faced slimy, lying , cocksucking peaceful fucking cunt. There is no lie he won’t tell, no cock he won’t suck, no snowflake cause he won’t embrace, no televised event he won’t turn up to.
    He licked the Blair arse, sucked the Miliband cock and now bends over for the Corbyn winkle.
    An absolute top of the range cunt with his eyes on the prize. This bastard wants to be in No 10, make no mistake about that.
    He is the Mahdi…… the expected one, blessings and peace be upon him.

    • Do you worry Freddie, about the likelihood of there being a piece of shit peaceful Prime Minister of England within 10 years?
      It’s a horrifying thought. And totally feasible.

      • Well why not? The average snowflake would love to live in a tolerant, peaceful world among all the other happy clappy people. It would give them a warm feeling inside……right up to the moment when their throat is cut and they feel their Infidel life bleeding away.
        Death to the kaffur!!!!

    • This guy needs and deserves some support. He is indeed being victimised in a completely stereotypical way.
      Thank you mr F for pointing this one out.
      Btw, thoroughly appreciate your british culinary choices. I myself am partial to a crumble for six with two pints of custard. I will forego the main meal itself if I know a traditional pudding is waiting in the wings.
      Good evening to you sir.

      • Evening, Cuntflap. I too enjoy crumble. Must admit I’ve got a couple of apple trees that fruit well but the only time that I bother to pick them up is to give them to the horse. Plenty of brambles about too,but again,I’m too idle to pick them. They’d make a lovely crumble if I ever bothered. My favourite pudding is bread and butter pudding. Never see it on a menu these days and I don’t think that I could be arsed to make one. I really should try sometime.

        • Bread and butter pudding is pretty straightforward, Dick.

          For a twist, after buttering the bread liberally, spread on some lemon curd cheese. Serve with thick dairy cream.

          • My trouble,Paul, is that I normally overdo it on the main course and struggle with a pudding. If I’m out for a meal I tend to have the starter and main course and then can’t face a pudding. At home it always seems a bit sad making a whole pudding for one.Tend to just buy the microwave ones for the odd time that I fancy something sweet.

    • Since political correctness, benderism and mollycoddling these sick freaks has become mainstream, young “trans” wankers haven’t received the regular kickings to fuck that they so richly reserve.
      If they’d gone to school in the 70’s and 80’s, they’d have gone home with a bleeding nose, dead legs and bruised arms most days and a good thing too.
      Let’s hope that this creature trying to get Graham Linehan in trouble dies of advanced bum AIDS.

      • Quite right, Mr. Cuntflap. It’s the police I feel sorry for. Having to keep a straight face while some degenerate moans about “bullying” can’t be easy. Must be fucking tempting to give the pervert a right good truncheoning in the style of a good old Barrymore pool party…which reminds me…. I bet Tom Daley’s son learns to talk at an early age. Wonder what his first word’ll be?

        • He’s on Desert Island Discs tomorrow, not that I’ll be listening. Once we had Enoch, the youngest Classics Professor in the Antipodes, multi linguist, soldier. Now we have a 24 yr old gayboy who dives off a board for a living. He cannot possibly have anything to talk about. And how are they breastfeeding that infant I wonder. Selfish bastards.

    • Be fair Dick… they’re just being upright citizens… responding to police appeals, such as “please report non-crime hate incidents, which can include things like offensive or insulting comments, online, in person or in writing. Report it and put a stop to it.”

      • “Upright citizens” indeed…they are quintessential example of degeneracy and corruption. I’d horsewhip them through the streets,see how fast they can run in high heels, suspenders and a cocktail dress.

    • This is exactly why crime is rife; the police are wasting time pursuing investigations because some flake has been offended. In my view, the creator of Father Ted can do what he likes. He wrote a sitcom that was, er, funny. Those were the days….

    • Complete mental case. It’ll probably kill itself soon. I was once threatened with police action via twatter after calling a deranged female remain campaigner a mental bitch.
      I responded by saying ‘thanks for proving my point, you mental fucking bitch’.
      Ive since left the odious platform and have encountered far less mentals since.

  11. Parking Stanleys and John Rambos now run London… It is run by them and for them… Eventually the only white person in the capital will be The Queen, if she’s still alive….

    And Saddam Suckdick should be had for high treason, the Joe Daki cunt….

  12. I Googled this ‘Stephanie’ Hayden.

    And just as you would expect; looks just like Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot.

    Hate Crime my arse. Just a few words of ridicule for one whose mental faculties are somewhat wayward.

    Transgender my arse. A bloke in a fucking dress, wearing makeup; that is what it is, plain and simple.

    Years ago this would provide you with a gold comedy moment. But no, nowadays these lunatics squeal like stuck pigs the moment anyone questions their dubious peccadilos or whether or not they should be residing in the local psychiatric ward.


    • As Germaine Greer said, turning your cock inside out doesn’t make you a woman.
      And, of course, the snoflake monkey-houses soon started to “no-platform” her.

      My arse.

  13. Sadick is suffering from a delusional mindset that infects so many persons who have managed to arselick their way to positions of some power. He is surrounded by people who agree and believe that the only way is “their way”. The offending condition is called Group think. This has caused more crap than any other thing in human history. Well worth reading up on.

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