Manchester University students

Now the actions of these cunts have made my blood boil more than anything else in a long while. On the wall of their student union building was Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If”, a really great and inspiring poem. But these students decided that it was “not in line with their values” because Kipling was a racist (he really was not) and they wanted more representation for black and brown students so they painted over Kipling’s poem with some crap by an American civil rights cunt.

Where the hell do they get the nerve to pull this shit? Kipling is one of our national treasures and has had a huge impact on the world of literature. How dare these entitled foreigners think that they can just erase his works because he was white and British. There attempts to blackwash our history is beyond insulting to us, the native British population, who so graciously allow you to live, work and study in our country. Cunts.

Nominated by Mad Jack Churchill

Kipling’s poem “If” was replaced by the Manchester students’ union executive team with “Still I Rise“, by black poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou, to better reflect the union’s values. Sara Khan, liberation and access officer at the union, said students were not consulted on the decision to display Kipling’s poem – which concerns paternal advice to the speaker’s son.

Ms Khan wrote: “We, as an exec team, believe that Kipling stands for the opposite of liberation, empowerment, and human rights – the things that we, as an SU [students’ union], stand for. Well-known as author of the racist poem “The White Man’s Burden”, and a plethora of other work that sought to [legitimise] the British Empire’s presence in India and dehumanise people of colour, it is deeply inappropriate to promote the work of Kipling in our SU.”

She added: “As a statement on the reclamation of history by those who have been oppressed by the likes of Kipling for so many centuries, and continue to be to this day, we replaced his words with those of the legendary Maya Angelou, a black female poet and civil rights activist.

Fatima Abid, general secretary of the students’ union, wrote on Twitter: “We removed an imperialist’s work from the walls of our union and replaced them with the words of Maya Angelou.
God knows, black and brown voices have been written out of history enough, and it’s time we try to reverse that, at the very least in our union.

I’d describe that as racist fucking bullshit – except that bullshit is brown and they’s likely call me a racist.

Where the fuck do they find these cunts and why the fuck do we allow them to walk all over us????

Nominated by Pedantic Cunt

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  1. What the fuck is a “liberation and access officer”? When I was at university we called her the “union bike.”
    Notice I don’t use the term “uni.”
    That’s because I don’t live in a fucking Australian soap opera!
    The world has changed…….and not for the better.

    • I call it ‘uni’ to downplay the fact that I went for free. Just as well really since my choice of subject turned out to be a complete waste of time. No way would I have gone now.

  2. There should be a category in the nominations for cunt of the year to include The biggest group of cunts 2018. These cunts would actually run the EU parliament close. Let’s just keep apologising for our past. While we are on it, I feel the boys and management of 66 should be stripped of their medals because the team was not inclusive enough.

  3. That’s it! Get me a GPMG and take me to the student union office at this cutlural marxist indoctrination centre.
    The utter fuckwits are more brainwashed than the populatiom on Pnonyang.

    Officer for liberation? Listen here little miss punkah wallah, millions died in WW2 so you could sprout your innane shite.
    This is what happens when you provide university education for thick cunts.

    At leadt the Hitler Youth, when they were doing the reverse in universities had the decency to wear uniforms and polish their shoes. However apart from that, I see no difference:

    Jew hating? ✅
    Shout down those who disagree with them!? ✅
    Disrupt meetings with violence? ✅
    Cover their faces? not the Hitler Youth.

    Churchill would turn in his grave. Universities now are so anti-semitic you have no idea. Having gone back to uni last year (part time) I saw for myself all the rabid anti 🇮🇱 stuff going home.

    These cunts vang on about tolerance…..

    • Objecting to Israel’s policies is racist, Krav? Nah, you’re not a snowflake…you’d be cheering them to the rafters if they took a dislike to Iran, wouldn’t you?

      • Under the secular Shah of Iran, no.

        Under the Shariah Ayatollahs, yes, abso-fucking-lutely!

        Cunts to a one!

  4. A veritable collective of ‘efnik’ activists with clearly nothing better to do and more spare time on their hands than most.

    When I studied Civil Engineering at university, I had far too much work and projects to be concerned with shit like this, although many there were studying plastic degrees and therefore devoted much of their time to shit like this or the promotion of Socialist Worker (a contradiction in terms).

    We give Khunts like Sara Khan haven and an education, but as they know this country is now spineless they can piss on our history with gay abandon.

    Ungrateful little cunts to all men.

    • I think that’s the problem, a good point raised PM. In my 3rd year (STEM subject) I had 27 hours of contact time… I know plenty of others who had just as much or more. I’ll eat a tramps hat if these cunts have more than 6-8. It gives them basically 6 days off a week to perfect being a cunt, organise protests and generally do silly shit. The intelligent haven’t got time to speak against them as they are too busy. And then afterwards, when Mr STEM gets his job (50hrs a week solid graft for good pay) and you go and work part time at your refugee charity (20 hrs a week cooing over some bearded children for a slice of Mr STEM’s tax contribution) , Mr STEM still doesn’t have the time of day to call you the cunt you are, and you now have 4 days a week free to piss, moan, protest and generally make STEM’s life that little bit shitter woth each breath… and all on his coin too….

      I’d have em all in the gulag before supper. Vote me.

      • I had 36 hours a week in the 1st year and regularly spoke to others who had 6, plus optional tutorials!

  5. Tuition fees are obviously too low, raising them to twenty thousand would focus minds.
    Good morning.

    • It wouldn’t. The rich would find a way of writing it off against the 2% tax they pay, and the rest would never have to repay the loans because McDonalds don’t pay that much.

  6. So Kipling was a racist? So fucking what? So was every other cunt at the time. If Sara had half a brain she would ask herself why the ordinary cunt in the street saw foreigners as inferior despite the fact they had never met one. She might come to the conclusion that they had been brainwashed by the rich cunts just like her and her friends when they express their undying love for the European fucking Union.
    The point is to understand history not to change it. (Fuck a duck! Didn’t Marx say that, or something like it?) Look it up Sara you dim fucking slag.

    • I’ve said it before on these hallowed pages, and I’ll say it again – NEVER judge the views of the past by our current moral standards because those people were simply living by the standards of the time

      • Now I remember – in my first year of university I actually made this argument in a class once in response to my lecturer demonising Locke as a racist and got laughed at by the guy for it. And yes, he was African – Nigerian ancestry to be exact.

    • If they had a clue about Kipling’s life then they would know he wasn’t a racist. He spent a lot of time with the native Indians learning about their culture which influenced many of his stories while he also criticised the British governors in India for being so disconnected from the people they ruled. But these cunts just see a white man and instantly assume we’re all racist, which certainly isn’t a racist attitude for them to have since darkies can’t be racist…

      But all these foreign cunts at Manchester University have some seriously heavy duty rose tinted glasses when looking at the history of their own homelands. The fact is that most of the people our empire conquered were savages, especially by modern standards. For example part of Indian “culture” that we outlawed was Sati, where a wife would be burned alive upon the death of her husband. How dare racists like Kipling be in favour of of enforcing British morale standards on such an advanced and enlightened culture. But look at how India has flourished since gaining independence becoming the rape capital of the world, millions of people in forced slavery, child brides, murdering and attacking with acid any woman who refuses to agree to a forced marriage, killing women accused of witchcraft, lynching gangs, some of the most widespread poverty on earth and burning women alive is back too. Clearly India is in a much better place now without the white devil.

  7. Typical binary thinking from identity politics racists. Kipling was a supporter of British imperialism (undoubtedly) which means he was a racist (debatable) and a bigot (untrue – his work demonstrates a great love of India). The poem in question has nothing whatsoever to do with race anyway.

    The same sort of cockmunchers who label Richard Dawkins a racist for preferring the sound of church bells to the call to prayer. The same people who fall over themselves to praise Islam whilst criticising Theresa May for getting into bed with the religious maniacs of the DUP.

    No nuance only labelling. Bad guys are wholly bad, good guys are wholly good. Intellectual pygmies who should be at kindergarten not university.

    In other news, this cartoon from the 1930s shows the rich have always kept the lion’s share of economic growth to themselves…

    • These liberals who all defend Islam is the height of hypocrisy. The DUP are pretty much the most “extreme” Christians you get these days but they might as well be leading the gay pride parade when compared to mainstream Islam. Islam treats women as property, executes people for being gay, and support pedophilia, some of the worst crimes against humanity according to liberals, unless you’re brown of course.

      In Chechnya, where 95% of the population is Muslim, they are literally building camps to imprison all the gays and frequently beating them to death. Yet people like the BBC don’t breathe a word of this in case more people realise Islam is shit. I saw some BBC coverage of the free Tommy Robinson protests (of course it was totally impartial and unbiased in true BBC standards) where the journalist tries to tell someone Islam doesn’t allow child marriages, completely lying about the fact that in Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia there is no age limit on marriage. Cunt. But who are we to blame them for following the example of their glorious profit Muhammad who married his favourite wife when she was six. It would be incredibly insensitive to call Muslims pedos when they fuck children, we just don’t understand their rich culture because we’re racists.

  8. Here’s a dilemma. Hitchcock is generally regarded as one of the greats of cinematography. How many black characters/actors appeared in his films? Off the top of my head I can’t think of a single one. Does that mean Hitchcock was a racist? I have no idea but what would the Liberation and Access Officer of Manchester University make of that? Ban all his films obviously. If you ban Kipling then you must ban Hitchcock. Fuck me, there’s no end to the cunts Sara could ban if she put her mind to it.

    • I believe Walt Disney was rabidly anti-Semitic, wonder why they’re not protesting outside the Disney shop?

  9. Its just the middle class version of inner city gangs. The violence may be tempered, but the sentiment is exactly the same – when we get together we will bully everyone we feel able to with all the means at our disposal.

    The law against criminal damage should be enforced and charges brought against these self-centred morons. It won’t though will it, we are way past that.

    The price of democracy is eternal vigilance? We haven’t been democratic for a good 60 years.

  10. The. BBC got the headline wrong. It should’ve read ‘Racist students deface Kipling poem’. They should all be expelled.

  11. We don’t need all of these Universities. University these days is simply a business that expands and grows each year to gather more revenue for its coffers. Look at all the fuckwit degrees ! Simply a way of recruiting the thick and intellectually challenged into the market place.

    Apparently, recruitment of overseas students is a dynamic and essential part of the business plan. Over 30% of all students come from overseas.

    Therefore. Close at least 30%of all Universities, stop imported “stoodent” Visas, and only allow the intelligent and worthy to enter “adult” education.

    As for the rest ( the thick, the left wing etc, as Dick would say “fuck them “

  12. The sad thing is, their actions provides the rhetoric which further divides groups of people purely because they’re fed up of being lectured to because of their so-called “sins of the past”…

    You can’t have Nelson! Nelson’s waycist! You need to destroy his column and weplace it with a wainbow coloured dido!

    You can’t have Kipling! Kipling is waycist! You need to destroy all of his literary works and weplace it with the mutterings of Stormzy!

    You can’t have a national flag! The George Cross is waycist! You need to burn all of them and weplace them with red flags with a black clenched fist on them!

    …eventually, after continually being told how rubbish, pointless, unfeeling and waycist people are, something will snap and they’ll end up saying: “Right fuck it! I’ve tried to get on but I’m not going to be brow beaten by these cunts anymore!”

    And then we have a problem.

    The civil rights movement (especially in the states) was a righteous cause but we’ve been well past that bullshit now for over 30yrs.

    What’s happening now is persecution in reverse. The very thing that the civil rights movement campaigned against in the 60’s and 70’s – segregation, suppression – is exactly what these cunts are doing. And isn’t compartmentalising an entire group of people based on their colour the very definition of waycism???

    Also irony seldom sits well with “educated” cunts like these. In fact they probably think irony is waycist. As is any argument they don’t agree with – fact or not – it’s waycist!

    For me it’s time to stop appeasing these cunts and it’s time that we should argue back armed with knowledge and fact and not merely roll-over because it’s the PC thing to do for fear of offending the cunts.

    When challenged with facts “educated” cunts like these usually fold quicker than a bad poker hand and fuck off to their safe spaces.

    I would also start charging the cunts with criminal damage and fine them for damages. That’ll put a dent in their Student Union bar float!

    I refuse to apologise for shit that had fuck all to do with me 50, 100, 500 and 2,000 fucking years ago. It’s called civilisation you doss cunts! Some things we can be ashamed of, some things we can be very proud of. Alas, good or bad, it had fuck all to do with me!

    Now move along and get back to those Transgender and Beyonce Studies you entitled cunts!

    P.S. That’s student speak for: “FUCK OFF! CUNTS!”

    • Tremendous post – given a month of Sundays I could not have expressed it better!

  13. Feck me is there no end to this bollocks, im proud of our Empire under the old Queen Vic and the stout fellows that created it, the Manchester lady needs a good kick up the sabotch give her something else to focus on, right on pernicious little twat.

    • Perhaps the best appreciation of a self-styled poet I have ever read. Thank you, MK.

      Going from rags to riches by conquering the business world serves as one American Dream. A more common, albeit less realized version, involves enjoying a six-figure living from a no-show job.

      Her mouth occasionally called the promise of America a big fat lie. Her life begged to differ.

      But it would take Alexander Pope to do full justice to this awful example of what happens when a culturally deprived poetaster is so arrogant as to use English as her medium of expression without checking out the back catalogue as far as mediaeval England:

      (sick bag required: even the interminable bore Whitman would be rotating ponderously in his grave)

      • To me the most telling line is “like air I rise”

        I feel forced to point out that only hot air rises.

        Says it all doesn’t it?

  14. I was at college when the Falklands conflict was going on.
    Cunt students were hanging up Argentinian flags and “Free the Malvinas” signs.
    Obviously they felt some camaraderie with a military junta and it’s use of mostly conscripted soldiers.
    If it’s British it’s wrong, no matter what the circumstances. Cunts…

  15. The titles these self important twats give themselves make me agitated beyond nuclear, outreach worker,community leader etc etc. Repeal the factory act and the twats can get back down the mines and up chimneys and make a useful contribution to the country.

    • Some of these titles remind me of The League of Gentlemen.

      “Put yourself into a child”, for example…
      Jimmy Savile Studies Researcher.

  16. I’m sick of hearing about students. They are mainly just silly,naive brats who have no idea how to survive in the real world. Their views are invariably formed,not by experience or open thinking, but by the views of a tiny minority of student leaders and lecturers who have never really advanced beyond the sixth-form common-room. I’d be happy to hear their views if I thought that they were original,well considered ,and not just the thoughts of some overgrown schoolchild who has never experienced real life.
    There are far too many mediocre minds in higher education. They lack the basic intelligence to think for themselves. I’ve worked with a few lads who didn’t go to “Uni” and found them pretty much straightforward and decent. They know that people need to work hard to do well, spouting entitled slogans and refusing to accept any view other than their own just won’t cut it in an adult environment.
    Let this bunch of childish bigots paint out poetry,ban books,refuse free speech etc…eventually they’ll have to leave the womb and then they’ll discover that high ideals,slogans and a refusal to compromise won’t be allowed in Grown-Up world where, I suspect, their supposed superior intelligence will be quickly exposed as a falsehood.
    There are too many students. They do not need or deserve higher education. Most of them, frankly,aren’t half as clever as they’d like to imagine and will get the fright of their lives when reality bites.
    Bring back student-bashing…..there’s a slogan for you.

    Fuck them.

    • Nicely said mr Fiddler.
      I think a little pavlovian education may be called for. Perhaps chinese style….

      • I’d just kick ’em in the Cunt / Knackers. They wouldn’t be so keen on spouting gibberish with my steel-toecap whistling towards their virgin bits.

        Cunts, Mr. Cuntflap, utter Cunts.

    • Hence the ongoing push to restructure society and convince these twats that they are an “elite” entitled to bully harass and intimidate their “intellectual inferiors” on behalf of the faceless billionaire string pullers that the daft cunts are too brainwashed to see.
      The new Hitler Youth, burning books for the betterment of all…

    • Blair again. Wanted 50% of school leavers to go to university, regardless of what they did there. In the process, technical colleges and apprenticeships died the death and every university gained a School of Useless Bollocks to cater for the demand. Blair again. Sorry, but it’s true.

      Anyone notice that ‘Sir’ Michael Barber, Blair’s onetime chief of ‘Delivery’, inventor and salesman of ‘Deliverology’ is now the chief of the Office for Students, the Cameron solution to university regulation? And that there is no corresponding Office for Lecturers, Office for Support Staff or Office for University Groundsmen and Cleaners? Quite so. The focus is to be on indulging the little dears at all costs.
      Here’s Barber:

      Indoctrination, indoctrination, indoctrination, as Tony used to say to himself while mouthing something about education.

      • I genuinely don’t see the point of 50% of school leavers going on to University. Even if they were all clever enough,which they aren’t, there’ll never be enough jobs out there to employ them all. Most of them would do better, I reckon, to learn a trade. There’ll always be a demand for skilled tradespeople, whereas I can see the demand for Graduates with a degree in Soap Opera Studies and the like peaking before much longer.

        • Least of all the soap opera studies, DF, as it seems that the above-mentioned progs are now considered responsible for a DECLINE in viewing figures.

          And I’m QUITE certain that there is a uni somewhere that teaches said degree.

          Probably Central University of North Teeside ??

          This is a universal reply to alll the most excellent points raised by fellow cunters on this post. I could spend all day writing on this subject, but my piss has superheated and stripped the plaster back to the laths already.
          I must go and take some calming fluid on board…

  17. Whilst reviewing CV’s for potential hires, I do love to weed out cunts with degrees unless they’re proper engineering (or equivalent difficultly/usefulness) degrees. It’s simply a fair assumption that anyone who’s been to university is, at the very least, a bit of a cunt.

    • I have a degree.

      I didn’t go to University, I went to a Polytechnic.

      What’s the difference? Well you go to a Polytechnic to get qualified to go into industry and earn a crust from a technically skilled job.

      You go to University to talk bollocks for 3yrs and come out as an unemployable, arrogant cunt who’ll end up either in MacD’s or Cuntminster!

      • Tbf, university can be useful if, like me, you’re a clumsy uncoordinated fucker who’s shit at practical stuff. I loathe to use the word but the intellectual route is pretty much what I’m best at.

        • Fair enough if you’re a bit of an Egghead,Opinionated Cunt,but I’ll bet a lot of your classmates(?) aren’t really that bright. It used to be that only the really clever and motivated students went on to University…not now,every Cunt,no matter how thick,seems to be able to find a place to continue studying rather than joining the workforce.

          • That’s cos Universities are big business now, the taxpayer getting ripped off for £9k+ a shot with every unsuitable ‘student’ signed up masking the unemployment figures for a few years before returning back on benefits or low wages. Most of the thick cunts will never earn enough to even start having to pay back their taxpayer funded fees /loans, which after 30 years are written off anyway.

    • Universities are now run on corporate lines. Regardless of the value of the education provided, the only motivation for their increasing deadweight of management is to get bums on seats. Such revenue as escapes the managerial echelons is devoted to upholstering the seats rather than paying for research facilities (unless these are gee-whiz enough to get media attention) or subsidising unpopular (but necessary) disciplines. The system stinks from top to bottom. It’s run by beancounters, not educators, and form automatically takes precedence over function. The intellectual quality of undergraduate entrants declines visibly from year to year (although it has to be said they work harder at the undemanding tasks they are given due to the competition to get a job at all when they leave).

      Morale in the sector is at an all-time low, as far as I can tell. Mine certainly is.

  18. I never went to university; never even thought about it actually. I was brought up to be my own person and have my own mind without being influenced by others. I left school when I was 16 with enough qualifications to qualify for good, well-paying jobs in the future. I don’t need a bloody degree and I certainly don’t want to associate with a load of smelly, immature, brainwashed, middle class hippy types.

    • My best bits of knowledge after my degree (on and off between 1980 and 1984, allowing for required foreign languages travel), was “Life isn’t about having the right answers, it’s about asking the right questions”, and “Never assume anything”. I have indeed found this to be excellent advice.
      I was at a decent Yorks. uni, during the miners’ strike, the wives were on campus, with buckets, begging…”Support the miners pleeeeez, ev’ry li?l ‘elps”.
      I didn’t even drop a brown nugget in their feckin buckets, the grabbing cuuuunts.
      And student politics was a festering heap of cunt in them days, an’ all !

  19. If I had of gone to university I doubt I would have made it passed the first term without being sent to Islington for a diversity re-education workshop and take a long hard look at my so-called white privilege.

    If any cunters would be kind enough to post the link to the YT video ‘Come be PC’ – Social Justice: The Musical, it sums these brats up nicely. (phone playing up, Russkies I think).

  20. Earlier this week it was Punch & Judy, now it’s Rudyard Kipling. Nothing particularly new, these attempts to condemn and airbrush our heritage, cutting the ground from under British culture, has been gathering pace for decades now. Difference is it’s now coming to a head.

    Regarding the Manchester snowflakes, I’d be surprised if they’ve actually even read the poem they want to ban. First of all, university students cannot read, and secondly they have attention spans of less than 5 seconds. All part and parcel of Tony B. Liar’s great legacy… education, education, education. Who would have thunk it?

    One of the nation’s greatest bequests to the world has to be the unequalled wealth of great literature produced over the last 700 years or so. God help us if these mindless prats ever discover the works of Chaucer or Shakespeare. As Mr Bastard suggested in a previous post, it might be wise to commit all these fine writings to memory – Fahrenheit 451 style – because the books will all soon be burnt.

    At least the students no longer need trouble themselves destroying our other great bequest to the world – Freedom and Democracy. The political classes are currently doing a pretty good job of that.

    • Che Guevara was also a mass murderer, who confessed that he enjoyed killing… But as you say, Krav, the student cunts adore the cunt…

      Saint Nelson Of The Blessed Mandela was a terrorist… But because he was bur-lack he’s ‘cool’ and the student mongs love the twat….

  21. Completely off topic but, while Mrs B and myself are genuinely enjoying our week at the coast, we have never, ever witnessed so many fat wobbling bastards in one place. Mostly, but not all, women who make Mutha Bacon from Viz look like Rebecca Ferguson.
    The main street leading to the beach resembles a corned beef bulk storage facility that has been attacked with high explosives, then finished off by a crazed semi-skilled tattooist.
    Thankfully the beer is good…

  22. Why is it that every single person in a position of officialdom at Manchester Universtiy is now a peaceful or parking stanley type?… Diversity, my arse… It’s apartheid… Apartheid in reverse, pure and simple…. I was always a Manchester Polytechnic and MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) man, but I dread to think about what that’s also become like now… I saw the iceberg in the post-Blair late 90s… I worked at the Manchester College Of Arts and Technology: and after Satan Blair got in it was favour the Nigerians, mollycoddle the Parking Stanleys, and indulge the every whim of those Somali-filth…. Every other student got a back seat after those New Labour scum got in and I resigned in anger and indignation…. These ‘ethnic’ cunts were indulged by certain teachers and staff then…. Now those same foreign cunts have now taken over their jobs and positions… Any one else remember that classic TV series, The Invaders?….

  23. This Kipling business is just the start… What will be next? Elvis records banned because he was white? Lennon and McCartney songs verboten because neither of them were black? Conan Doyle airbrushed out of history because Sherlock Holmes wasn’t Shaft? Bobby Charlton’s heroics and goals forgotten and replaced by (bad) memories of Raheem (Cunt) Sterling? Corrosive peaceful snake cunts like Khan and Abid (wimmin too, and I’ve told you about them!) are as bad as the scum in Lutonistan that yell ‘Fuck the Police!’ and I dare say these too parking stanley femstapo parasites will throw a party when HM Queen Elizabeth II finally does pass away (and get away with it!)… These cunts put Goebbels to shame and I’m disgusted that these two twats infest my home city… Fucking cunts….

    • I’m still waiting for the campaign to tow HMS Victory out to sea and sink her then send the Battle of Britain flight to the scrapyard, sorry recycling centre.
      I joked about the Nelson thing a couple of years ago in one of my first posts here and the cunts have made it reality…

      • This is the best one, Mr. B… Nazi uniforms have been banned from an annual fancy dress event in Manchester to commemorate World War II… The German stuff has been banned in case ‘it offends any Germans’… Totally ludicrous by itself, but someone should also tell these libfuck fascists that there are hardly any Krauts here anyway… I could understand it if they didn’t want to offend any fuckers from the various ex-Iron Curtain Eastern European shitholes, because there’s fucking loads of them cunts…

      • Please don’t give the cunts ideas !! They’d probably quite like that.
        I had been wondering how HMS Victory survives unscathed…

  24. Sort of related to this topic: the director of the Guardians Of The Galaxy films has been sacked by Marvel… For -wait for it – making a ‘sexist’ joke on social media years ago…. The PC Liberal Fascist Machine marches on…

      • And the MCU is now under the control of the Disney empire and that awful Kathleen “no more male heroes” Kennedy.
        (hopefully soon to be lynched by irate Star Wars fans)
        Disney incidentally are in negotiations with Eon Films to distribute the next Bond film so fuck knows what atrocities they and Danny Boyle will inflict on the sad remains of 007…

        • Shame Darth Vader is only fictional… Be great to see him ‘force choke’ that misandrist Kennedy cunt… Marvel/ Disney are total hypocritical cunts… They’ll sack a bloke over a tweet from years back, yet they’ll throw money at a Woody/Polanski loving serial cockgobbler like Skaglett Johansscunt…

          And Danny Boyle is a massive cunt…

          • I’m betting that Boyle will emasculate and humiliate Bond then either kill him off or invalid him out of the service for good. Then they will invoke that stupid fanboy “code name” theory to replace him with a suitable ethnic/female/transwhatever actor when ugly mug Craig finally walks for good (like the cunt has wanted to since Casino Royale).
            Personally I’m just keeping fingers crossed for a third Kingsman film…

            Manners maketh man…

  25. Of course much of the problem is that too many thick cunts are admitted to HE to study plastic degrees, clocking up a £50k debt they will never repay because a career flipping burgers at MacCunts earns below the repayment threshold.
    My solution would be to halve, yes HALVE, the number of degree places, shut down the crap Uni’s entirely ; rebrand half the Polys back to where they belong and close the remainder as they are not dissimilar to the “University of Weatherfield. Maybe then we can recycle the savings back into high quality FE Colleges to increase U.K. technical skills do then we won’t need to have so many EU cunts and their families here. This common sense suggestion was raised on QuestionTurd a few months ago (it was broadcast from a University town) and predictably met with stoney silence. All the cunts on the panel and the entire Whitehall Civil Service would never accept this, the self serving counts that they are!

  26. Cunting load of crap on the box this week – celebrating what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday.

    Er, the murderous little schwartzer cunt didn’t live to 100, so who of sound mind really gives two tugs on Winnie’s winnits?

    For all the sense it makes you may as well make a documentary on the 100th birthday celebration of Reg Varney. He didn’t live to 100, but made it into his 90’s. It would have been a damn site more entertaining. “Gord blimey Blakey”.

  27. There are just too many cunts around……..

    Wish someone would send them all off to the happy camps!

  28. Nursery to University are now extremist left indoctrination camps. There really needs to be a revolution, where leftists are dragged out into the streets and get gratifyingly torn apart limb from limb, visually akin to the lovely ‘Day Of The Dead’ scene where that happens. There is absolutely no point whatsoever in trying to engage with the new breed of leftist. They are programmed to not compute. This is what Satany Blair meant by education education education… indoctrination, indoctrination, indoctrination.

  29. Is Liberation and Access Officer a rank requiring a greatcoat and jackboots?

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