‘The Peoples Vote’ Campaign

Four cunts and a greenie

This one deserves a cunting just for the sheer arrogance and contempt implied in the name of said campaign. I was under the impression that we, the plebs, had our vote and decided we’d had enough of this bureaucratic bullshit – brexit means brexit. But apparently not so.. another vote is needed, just to make double sure that we, the plebian masses, weren’t mistaken first time around and haven’t changed our minds due to that CUNT May, who has been deliberately doing her best to fudge the whole thing up. It’s infuriating enough that just one glance at the campaign could have you shooting vaporized piss out your ears.

Initiated by that warp speed scrote Patrick Stewart, and the usual clique of traitorous cunts from Westminster like Chucka Umcunt, Anna Sourface, that pretentious Green cretin Lucas, and some Liberal Cunt no one has ever heard of.

It’s starting to invade the discourse on the media, twatter and the like. Gashtag #Peoples Vote. Preparing everyone for a gentle climb down, back to the usual business of having your nuts squeezed ever tighter in the vice by some cunts in suits that you never heard of and never voted for. You can see it unfolding right now, though I doubt there’s anyone here who didn’t forsee this act of treacherous buggery the instant leave won the referendum.

It’s only a matter of time before the Supreme Grand Master of the Royal Order of Cunts, Anthony Blair, pops back in to view with his shit eating grin and munt of a wife, joins the campaign, and starts telling everyone how necessary and great it is to have your nuts smashed by this antidemocratic pile of anonymous cunts, cunts who happen to be outside our borders and who can never receive the gift of 6ft of rope and a lamppost on Westminster bridge.

Nominated by The Big Chunky Cunty

76 thoughts on “‘The Peoples Vote’ Campaign

  1. Well cunted chunky.
    I suspect that B.liar has been begging to join in but has been told to shut up and fuck off due to the fact that every time he opens his cunt mouth, a few thousand more join our side.

    Voltaire’s ghost did a good bit on YouTube about the cunts, I think when he stood in for sargon on ‘this week in stupid’.

    I’ll post the link when I’ve finished my pint.
    … or maybe after the next one.

    And how could they fair to see the irony.
    The people voted.
    They voted to leave.
    They want the people’s vote to be cancelled and re-run as a “peoples vote”.
    What’s the odds that if this one failed they’d call for another one?

    Treasonous, self serving cunts….

    • these are the same charlatan cunts who added the word ‘democratic’ to the peoples republic of North Korea. Fucking lying bastards.

        • Good link. I have just realised where Blair learned his acting skills: Patrick Stewart. The smile. The constant gesticulation. The measured and slightly too rehearsed delivery. The lying cunt.

          • anyone who has seen Patrick Stewart’s propaganda video wbere he claims we have ECHR to thank for the abolition of torture and the right to a fair trail in our judicial system will know he is a deeply stupid and ignorant cunt.

    • It has been quoted many a time but I never fail to nod my head in agreement every time I read it, never more so than right now Deploy.

      “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the carrier of the plague.”

      Cicero’s Prognosis,

      • Another awesome post cunto ….
        Bravo … well said.

        • Thank you my friend – a vote and comment from one of the best cunters around. Rare praise indeed 😉

    • Excellent cunting!!
      Maybe they should have “ the people’s people vote”? This is vote to see if the people actually want a people’s vote!!
      How about another vote before that too??
      Yeh that’s it …… Fuckin anti democratic Cunts!!

  2. Traitor Kinnock Jr has called for England to wear black armbands in Russia as a protest against Putin and describes the World Cup as a “propaganda coup” for Vlad.
    Fuck off cunt. The biggest boost he could have is to be slagged off by a traitor cunt like you, who comes from a famous traitor family who would sell each other into slavery for an extra EU pension.
    Shut your quisling cakehole you fucking born to be a criminal cunt.

  3. I can’t imagine why they’re going to all the bother. Agent May is doing a brilliant job of scuppering Brexit without the risk of having another vote. By the time she’s done we’ll have our Brexit…a Brexit where we continue to pay in,continue to be bound by their laws,continue to allow open borders and continue to kiss their unelected arses. The only difference will be that we no longer have a seat,or voice,at the table.
    “No deal is better than a bad deal”…At least we know that the “bloody difficult woman” wont just give compromise after compromise without a single concession on their side. She’ll walk away,she told us.

    Fuck them

    • Quite, the whole thing is a sham, and probably always was. The Remainer powers that be couldn’t have picked a more likely candidate to ensure Brexit would fail to deliver than Mrs May. Fucking genius. Or more likely fucking lucky.

      These cunts are just out to make it look as if May is serious about Brexit. All a charade.

    • My old man reckons she’s deliberately sabotaging Brexit. Which makes a whole lot of sense.

      • I certainly believe that it is deliberate…either that or she is the most inept politician to ever hold power,which she isn’t. I actually believe her to be an extremely shrewd politician who is doing just what big business has instructed her to do. ….Nullify the Brexit decision.

        • It probably is deliberate… but she’s also curiously inept. Which makes her ideal – the perfect patsy on the 6th floor of the Tory Party book depository building.

          I mean, name one policy initiative where she’s been successful?… apart from Gay Marriage.

          She may look the part. She may sound the part. She fooled me at first. But everything she touches is guaranteed to turn to shit.

          • Gay marriage was actually Cameron, RTC. I remember him saying that his two proudest achievements were introducing Gay marriage and ringfencing the foreign Aid budget.
            You may well be right about Mrs. May,she’s either a terrible politician or a very astute one. I don’t think that she’s as daft as she’d have us believe.

          • True, Cameron was proud of Gay Marriage as presiding PM, but it came under May’s remit as Home Secretary to see it pass successfully into law.

            Either way, the woman is a fucking conundrum. I find her almost impossible to read one way or the other. She regularly wipes the floor with Jeremy Corbyn, yet Barnier and Juncker only have to snap their fingers and over she rolls. WTF.

          • She’s conflicted. She’s pro-EU herself, but she’s got some democratic principles – more than most MP’s, and enough to accept that the majority voted against. She’s got to hold the festering corpse of Disraeli’s party together somehow AND do what she can to get some sort of settlement out of the EU’s axemen. Simultaneously, she can’t do a hard exit because the party’s backers – its raison d’etre – are global money men who want cheap labour, fixable regulations and a free hand. Which is what the EU provides them.

            I’m rather sorry for May. Given a simple task, she’d be competent. She has principles, which she is not allowed to deploy, and she’s far from stupid. But if she recognises the simple, cut-and-run (and let the EU pick up the pieces) solution, she hasn’t the chutzpah to take it.

          • @Komodo

            If it’s the “global money men who want cheap labour, fixable regulations and a free hand” who are behind the scuppering of Brexit, how come Labour are even more keen on a Brexit in name only or to remaining than the Tories?

        • 100% agree…..
          The hunchback is one devious cunt and will deliver a brexit in name only ………
          I also believe there’s a Tory bloodbath around the corner when that happens……

    • May’s Brexit will be like the Harry Enfield sketch – standing on the platform, trying to piss through a passing train’s windows.

      Wet trisers and shoes all round.

      We’ll just be locked in some ineffectual orbit. Then, after ten years, Berlaymont-Berghof will “most graciously” allow us back in, probably at enormous cost, and with a huge amount of humiliation.

      Unleash the RAF, bunker-busters over Brussels NOW !! Could also drop Flabbot and Fat Addle on the way.

  4. Yeah! let the people vote…on which one of these cunts gets strung up first…

  5. 🎶 What do we want?
    Less Democracy!
    When do we want it?
    Now! 🎵

    The impotent rage of these Democracy-loathers makes me laugh one day then throw up the next. Cunts.

  6. Excellent cunting, TBCC. After watching a rerun of Enoch Powell’s ‘ River’s of Blood’ speech 50 year’s ago, an alarm bell started ringing in my head. He was partially right. What he forgot to mention was that Europe, by hook or by crook, would try to sell us down the river. And they’ll stop at nothing. What they don’t realise, is that the river in question will be full of EU an UK traitors blood. It will be flowing from the Highlands of Scotland, to the foot of Italy, and across the Mediterranean to the northern tip of Africa. And his speech was made before the disastrous joining of the old EEC. Who’d have thought the foresight of Mr Powell.

  7. Any time “they” use the word “people’s” in something you know they’re ramming down your throat and up your ass at the same time. The People’s Republic…The People’s Choice…The People’s Princess…and now…The People’s Vote.

    They should call this the People’s Nullification…


  8. I’m starting to feel a little optimistic here. Even if they plug the holes here, it would seem they still spring leaks elsewhere. It’s a bit like a cartoon where the character runs out of fingers to jam in the holes.
    And then there’s trump messing with their precious trade stitch up and showing no respect for their club by sticking it all on twatter, which is driving them mental.
    If trump gets russia and asia on side it’ll pile all kinds of pressure on the EU. Take another look at that g7 pic and look at them all standing over trump. Now look at his face and imagine him thinking “You lot are liars and thieves. Fuck you all.”
    This guy can do a lot for us all.
    Go Trump!

    • You know, I was upset when he was elected (mainly because I was still at least partially susceptible to the media’s drivel) but when I saw the way people were reacting to his victory I slowly but surely started coming round to his side. The guy may well be the best thing to happen to politics for a very long time.

    • I voted for Trump. I held my nose while I did it but I voted for him.

      My opinion then was that he was an idiot…not that he was wrong…but that personally he was an idiot. He’s gone bankrupt 4 to 6 times…depending on who you believe. That stupid TV show was nauseating. He was always seeking publicity and engaging in stupid social media fights with the likes of fat libtard/crotch cannibal cunt Rosie O’Donnell.

      I also came from Northwest Indiana. Casino gambling was made legal there and Trump came in with big promises for his proposed casino. It was built. It failed. And now it’s torn down.

      He has failed to repeal Obama care largely because of cunts in his own party. For whatever reason he has chosen not to put Bill and Hilary in prison…although that could still happen.

      He is systematically dismantling the Obamunist Agenda. He is deporting illegal aliens. He opposes the idiotic trade and environmental policies of his predecessors. The economy is booming. And perhaps most importantly…establishment/status quo cunts in the Republican party are bailing out of Washington at a record pace.

      He refuses to back down from the liberal bias/fake news bullshit that is the American Media. And when these pampered spoiled “take a knee” athletes/whiners win a championship and refuse the traditional invitation to the White House he rescinds it and calls them out for their ran hypocrisy and unpatriotic bullshit.

      Maybe he isn’t the idiot I thought he was? Maybe Britain needs it’s own version of Trump.

      🤔 🇺🇸

      • Yes general we definitely need a trump.
        I agree, personally I think he is an idiot.
        He started with a “small loan” of $1 million and went bankrupt repeatedly (for tax reasons obviously), he’s a tax dodger of epic proportions but he is however, right in his politics and refuses to apologise for expressing common sense.
        I respect trump, not just coz he’s the potus and worthy of respect (only an idiot lefty would disrespect the president of our most powerful ally), but coz he doesn’t pander to the loud mouthed cunts that want to shout down common sense and reason.
        He’s tough and doesn’t take shit from weak cunts like may, Macron, trudeau and the frumpenfurher…

        We need a trump. Even if he is a bit thick.

        • Very well said DTS. He’s an idiot, but not the sort of useful idiot we’ve all come to know and hate in recent years. He’s putting the boot in and shaking the complacent fuckers up, giving them the finger, and that I very much approve of, regardless. And he shows no sign of going native, which is a remarkable feat in itself. The cunt is truly a force of nature.

        • Have you seen that picture of the G7 leaders looking down at him and him just staring back at them with that ‘fuck you, my country is better than all of yours’ face? It’s honestly brilliant.

        • Most of our politicos are idiots, and they’re not even “useful idiots”

          Just totally useless.

      • He is genuinely for America, I think. Though perhaps his vision of what is good for America isn’t that brilliant. He will say or do anything in order to promote that vision, which makes him fundamentally untrustworthy as far as any other, stress ANY other, country is concerned. We need to get used to this, but it does not make for sensible diplomatic relations.

        I await with keen interest the promised publication of whatever it was Trump and Kim signed last night. And my question is, who is stitching up who? Will there, for instance be investment by the US in cheap aluminium and/or steel in N. Korea? Will US bases remain in Japan and S. Korea? Will Kim interpret the alleged agreement in completely different terms than Trump intended? Or, indeed, vice-versa?

        So many questions. And a record of business failures. Unconvinced.

  9. It’s thanks to the likes of these cunts that despite only being in my 20s I feel like I’ve aged mentally to the point of being an old man. Fucking cunts.

    • Great to see younger people aren’t all indoctrinated into this sjw, love the Reich shite…
      Everyone slags off millenials, but from what I hear, most are just as fucked off about this shite as the rest of us.
      I’m late 30’s, I consider myself gen x but I’m borderline. My mates are gen x and millenials but ALL are against all this sjw crap.
      If I’d grown up being taught the kind of shit they get taught these days I’d probably have rioted.

      • Yeah, not all of us have fallen victim to the cult yet thankfully. And honestly, hearing some of the shit my university lecturers have said (including an apparent defense of Mugabe) rioting has crossed my mind once or twice 🙂

      • Ditto DtS

        Ole’ Slick Willy Clinton sits on stage with previously cunted Elizabeth Holmes of now defunct scam company Theranos and says the future is in good hands. Pfffffbbbttttt!

        I’ll float my stick with opinionated cunts like Opinion Cunt.


      • My prob is that I live in a cidee with several universities; Cardiff, South Wales &c., so a ready supply of ginger-beardy, SJW virtue-semaphoring illegal cycling shitestains. And too much divershity.

        Am 56, but feel about Phil The Greek’s age and mentality…

        This endemic cuntishness sure gets to you…

        • C’mon Belinda. Uni of South Wales is hardly the dreaming spires. Cardiff always was a decent uni but the Uni of S Wales is a fucking joke. A conglomeration of dodgy Tech colleges. With added Taffitude, and I should know, I went to one of the fuckers.

        • If I told you where I worked, I’d be cunted for ever. Suffice it to say, it combines beardie-cyclist quinoa-in yoghurt metropolitan diversity culture, with mandatory diversity ‘training’ courses, and a multilevel, jargon-infected, empire-building, beancounter-defined management structure which takes no heed of the alleged purposes of the joint. Yes, it’s higher education, but not as Gen X knew it.

          We’re fucked.

  10. Over 17 million people voted to leave the EU. If they are sold down the river ,and don’t get what they voted for, and just 10% of them decided to take to the streets , imagine the mayhem 1.7 million people could cause. It doesn’t matter who’s plotting against Brexit or what position they’re in, the force that 1.7 million people can exert is unstoppable. Just a thought.
    Good evening.

    • It won’t just be a quiet protest either.
      As I’ve mentioned before, if brexit is blocked the north will go supernova immediately and the south within 24 hours…

      They know that though, which is why they’re trying to con everyone into thinking that we’re leaving but really staying in.

      Part of me wants them to just come out and say ‘fuck you guys, we’re staying in’ and we can have a good tear up and put this shite to bed once and for all.

      • I read today that we’re in for a long hot summer. I chuckled quietly to myself and thought dark thoughts.

        • Hot and sticky summer nights, brexit rapidly disappearing over the horizon, Tommy Robinson in jail, stabby stabby cunts in Stabistan giving ‘outraged ‘ in Tunbridge Wells sleepless nights, James o’Fuck Face, continuing revelations about goat bothering grooming gangs, humiliation for England at the World Cup (preliminary forecast ) and a host of other blood pressure raising and urine overheating annoyances that FUCK PEOPLE OFF BIG TIME , make for a more potent recipe than granny’s possum pie.

          • Here’s hoping that Sturgeon gets botulism from an inadequately deep-fried knickers bar…

            I’d go and celebrate with some Irn-Bru, or Wreck the Hoos Juice…

  11. Hmmm so we have the full might of the Green Party leader, don’t know the one in red but I’m assuming “cunt”, Blairite Chukka Remoaner, vinegar tits Sour-berries (who always looks in a state of confusion these days) and the extremely unfunny, nasally, whiny Andy Parsons.

    If that’s the “cream” of this treacherous movement then all I can say is good luck with that!

    I hope Sour-berries’ Nottinghamshire electorate see what a cunt she is and vote the cunt out or have her replaced for being a cunt.

    Chukka Remoaner is biding his time like Blair’s Padawan, waiting for Jeremy Corbyn’s “Momentum” to cease motion and crumble in on itself so that he can become the next untrustworthy legal cunt Noo Labour leader happy to suck Juncker cock while giving Blair a reach-around!

    All the parties are just there to exist for existences sake. Not one of the cunts give a fuck about anyone or anything outside of their own bank balance and cul-de-sac.

    Pretend grief for Grenfell to garner digital sheep brownie points when prior to the fire they couldn’t give one fuck about any of the cunts in there.

    I wish I has the wherewithal to start a new Common Sense Party based on no bullshit and happy to say: ‘I don’t know.” instead of having a fucking good guess like most of the cunts!

    It’s a simple premise of common sense, logic, knowledge and facts. Play these cunts for the fools that they are with bollocks figures they pull from their arses with more spin on them than a Hotpoint washing machine!

    And ram home – time and time again – that simplest of equations: The Law of Supply and Demand!

    Argue against that one you cunts – and LOSE!

    Farcical assumptions on needing more shit to to cope with more shit (like police in Londonistan) without dealing with or asking the real question which is: so what could have possibly happened over the last 40yrs – particular the last 20yrs (during the 2nd Dark Age of 1997 – 2010) – to make Londonistan more violent, shooty and stabby than even New York (for fuck’s sake)! It doesn’t take a brain surgeon does it!


    • Think Peter Hitchens said it best; the two main parties are like corpses propped up against each other, only staying upright by virtue of the other. They are in name only, morally bankrupt and represent none of their voter base.

      He might not be popular but the man definitely knows how to cunt westminster and the EU.

        • If that Layla Thingummyjig lost the daft bog brush hair, ditched the Biggins oversized specs and become less of a screaming liberal, she might even score a few pussy points.

    • Andy Parsons? The diminutive bald cunt off the dreadfully unfunny Mock the Week? I think he is only on it to make O’Brian look tolerable. He even fails at that. He will certainly swing things for the remoaners. The cunt.

  12. I didn’t vote for Brexit. I voted to Leave the European Union. “Brexit” is a mongrel word – a word I hate. We didn’t have a “Brentrance” back in the 70s, for Fuck’s Sake. “Brexit” is a word to which those morons who never wanted us to leave believe they can now apply “Soft” or “Hard” – NO, you utter cunts, none of the 17.4 million voted to leave the EU in whatever varying degrees you have subsequently dictated (conveniently afforded the time by goblin-gobshite Treason May) – We voted to leave the EU. The “People’s Vote” happened back in June 2016 – You’re just doing your utmost to deny it.


  13. All the fucking furore over Arron Banks alleged association with Russian big wigs supposedly affecting the Brexit vote they really must think that the ordinary Leave voters have only just about learned to fucking walk upright. Fuck off you moronic cunts. A more pertinent question would be what the fuck are Slagbry and Umooner and that sad excuse for a man Adonis (oh the fucking Irony) are doing colluding with Barnier and undermining their very own country’s hopes of achieving what the ‘MAJORITY ‘ of voters instructed them to do by voting to LEAVE that protectionist racket. There was a time not too long ago when people like that were executed. They can smell victory in their traitorous nostrils but are too besotted with their European lovers to realise that they are only poking a stick into an angry hornets nest and will only antagonise people even more. What do they think we’re gonna say? Oh well never mind, it was just a dream. Bring it on cunts, I’m fucking ready to go and fucking looking forward to the fight immensely. CUNTS.

  14. Yeah it comes to something when you are inclined to believe a foreign power rather than your own government but that’s where I am. You didn’t vote for Brexit and Trump because it was something you wanted but because the Ruskies brainwashed you. Yeah, fuck off cunts.
    And I don’t buy all this Salisbury shit either. If the KGB, or whatever they’re called now, want some cunt dead it’s 2 bullets in the bonce, walk away. No, these clever cunts apparently smuggle some dangerous plutonium shit in and smear on the cunt’s door handle like out of some James Bond film. The cunt spends a couple of weeks in hospital then comes out still breathing. Please fuck off. Why don’t you just wheel out Batman to solve the stabby architects problem you cunts?

    • Why would anyone be inclined to believe Putin? I don’t need to believe the Russians in order to disbelieve my own government.

      If Brexit was in Russia’s interest, why would they not try to influence the vote? Doesn’t mean they were successful in subverting the result. Besides, any influence they may have had would likely have been far outweighed by shadowy foreign powers working for Remain.

    • Almost as ridiculous as that MI6 crypto cracker that was found folded up inside a duffel bag in his bath, at his MI6 Pimlico safe house.

  15. Off topic but did anyone hear that cretinous cunt Bill Maher say that he wants a recession because it could bring down Trump? Even for the standards of the modern left and bearing in mind the personal beef between the two such a statement is absurd. By this point my jaw has dropped not only through the floor but all the way down to the 9th circle of hell.

    • Presumably all those less well-off people, who might possibly be hit worst by said recession, count to Bill Maher as “acceptable losses”.
      What a nasty cunt…

      • Weird isn’t it that those who constantly virtue signal about fiscal inequality and the poor, actually seem to give a fuck the least about poverty and inequality in society.

        Like the anti racists that want to cure racism with racism or the feminists that encourage sexism….


    • It’s the same as all the traitorous cunts delaying and frustrating Brexit in the hope of causing the country into an economic downturn so they can do the old I told you so routine. Only thing is the EU cunts would only accept the UK back in as a full member including joining the Euro and every other fucking trap they could lay. I don’t think the British would entertain that at all. That wouldn’t stop the cunts trying though. I see very stormy waters ahead.

  16. The selfie is hilarious …. could you find a bigger shower of twats to be in a selfie, and the fact that they took a selfie is lame enough in its own right.

  17. Hicks was a bit of a hippy in some ways, but I like to think that he would have utterly despised these modern “liberals”
    A great loss…

  18. He is now yeah. Used to be decent bud he’s really gone off the deep end.

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