The British Legal System

The British Legal System

It turns out making a joke is actually an hate crime. If you do make a joke please be certain to ensure it is not edgey in any way. Make your jokes are benal, vapid, inoffensive and not fucking funny in any way whatsoever.

TAKE NOTICE; if you joke about any of the following you will be arrested, fined, potentially jailed and prayed upon by almost every limp wristed liberal retard mogoloid cunt in twitter shot…

Jews; nazis; rape; black people; brown people; wimminz; any religion ever (there is an exemption for jokes about protestant Christians provided they are white and male); eastern Europeans; western Europeans (again exclusion is in place for the only people on the planet that have a sense of humour- Englishmen and our international kin); emos; gays; trans-genders; trans-black people and anything that is mildly offensive to THE MOST EASILY OFFENDED GENERATION IN HISTORY. Which is a moving target by the way. They invent new things to get offended about quicker than a bloomberg terminal receives market data.

Oh year, definitely don’t teach a dog to do hitler shit. That single act of hatred will cost you 800 quid and is guaranteed to lead to a slippery slope that ultimately can only result in the deaths of millions. Scientific fact.

Get fucked.


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  1. George Orwell was absolutely right… He only got the date wrong… The book should have been titled ‘Twenty Eighteen’….

    • Indeed. Though PC as we currently know it began circa 1984, so Orwell not too far out. Possibly our greatest visionary.

      • Indeed. And a lot of people don’t know that he wrote 1984 about Al-beebera, and not communism as is often thought.

    • The British legal system is run and administered by Jackasses. I would throw many of them in the fucking jail for perverting the course of justice.

    • The rich get justice – the poor get the law. Some goat botherer gets half a million quid for (at the time rightly) being sent back to his country when Gaddafi was the legal ruler of his lump of sand and the guy was part of a armed resistance group. Then that other little goat bothering cunt who was left in Gitmo – and released after having so much to say and sleb lawyers queuing to get him freed (remember the 24 hour fast cunts like Geldof went on?) – now he has gone really quiet – the reason? A couple of mill or more from some fucking slush fund (its called tax I think). The Grenfell firework display will cost gazillions because (surprise surprise) they want the sleb lawyer and fat cunt Mansfield QC who will string it out longer than a scouse benefit queue to represent the “close community” who didn’t even know who their own fucking neighbours were – Clammy Lammy suggested “in the hundreds” – there probably were but we cant count the cunts if they are here illegally can we? Now we have the home office running around like a rudderless wreck fending off “damages and compensation” from illegals because they were mistreated in the place where they were going before they got on a fucking plane out of here. If I was boss they would certainly be leaving by chartered airline – but that’s the last the last fucking time they would be seen – plane returning empty having jettisoned its flotsam in the briny. And of course just who is paying for this fucking charade? Yup, Joe fucking muggins AKA the taxpayer. The law is an ass – wrong – we are the arseholes who prop it up and keep the cunt breathing.

      • Cunto

        I skimmed over your post when I posted earlier but have read in full and that is a brilliant cunting all on its own. Agree with every point and my piss has risen at least 70*C

        extra points for including the word “briny”

  2. That’s why FUCK TWATTER AND ALL SOCIAL MEDIA. Anyone on it deserves a kick in the cunt.

  3. Totally agree with this
    Cannot believe thon boy in Airdrie got arrested and fined £800 for dogs nazi salute
    Police Scotland hang your heads in fucking shame
    Utterly Utterly useless waste of tax payers money
    Fuck thum

    • Hope he can train it to do the Schottische National-Sozialistische-Arbeits-Partei salute !!

  4. Here’s another vision
    Around 9 months time our new royal with be birthing a “ crunchie”
    Another fuckin mouth to feed
    Fuck thum

  5. It’s not just the legal system, though, is it? And it’s not appearing from below, but higher up in society. These expressions of shuddering distaste for anything resembling an independent opinion – where are they generated? By whom? Human nastiness is like alcohol: prohibition simply drives its production underground. The perpetrators of PC are obviously cretinous idealists, which strongly suggests the social science departments of universities as the apertures from which the shite emerges.

    The Victorians succeeded in driving all mention of bedroom activities, and even, on occasion, trousers, out of sight. The modern prudery is no less tragicomic.

    • I think it’s a combination of academics, the intelligentsia of London and top tiers of the social classes, possibly a smearing of Tavistock and social engineering utopians, all muddled together with alcohol, drugs, and lord knows what degeneracy allowing who knows what into the shit mixer. It may not even be our own doing – do we believe these cunts are capable of causing such social manipulations?

      Sometimes I think we’re inadvertently paving our way towards violence and war, that nature requires it even.

      • Probably driven by population growth to the limit of resources. OK. Let’s see if next time we can’t thin out the intellectuals with arts degrees instead of the poor bloody infantry, eh?

    • Indeed, they even went to the extent of covering up piano legs.

      There’s nothing quite like a tasty Viennese Bosendorfer in suspenders and fishnets…

  6. I thought this one had been binned due to my usage of trans-negro or the like. That lad (count dankula) lost his job amongst other things. Free speech and the right to offend is fundamental.

    • I don’t think you used any of the word’s from the naughty list and it was factual/entertaining so it passed. (must have done it’s here.

  7. Cumnock , you know the most sinister and worrying thing about that trial over the wee dug’s salute ?

    The prosecuted him not on facts but on what his “thoughts” were when doing the video.

    now let that sink in… they didn’t proceed with just the video and his defence of ” it was a private joke between me and my fiance” no , the are actually now the thought police , jury and judge.

    look it up mate , Im not joking , this is a very worrying precedent to set in a court of law in my opinion . They can now convict on what they believe you are thinking/feeling at a given point. utter cunts

    that and the fact they used the new “anti-terrorism” laws that were passed to deport 3 right wing speakers who came here at the airport. Rightly or wrongly they are still entitled to free speech but its whites that the law is being used against while thousands of IS fighters mingle back in among us ? fuckin’ ‘ell

    • Had this lad been a royal or Moseley in full regalia there wouldn’t be a problem.

      • true that ! Harry went to a party in full Nazi dress but no problem there ?

        • Horry borrowed the dress from HM Queen Mother.
          Can understand Phil the Greek having mother-in-law problems…

    • It’s getting to be absolutely terrifying.

      If the fuckwits in power don’t like what you’re saying ( because it points out awkward truths or otherwise goes against their degenerate group-think) , it seems like it’s now the easiest thing in the world for them to label it as hate-speech and lock you up.

      • The nazi pug case is worse. No malicious intent, no complainant prior to the police getting involved. Literally thought-crime. And the court decided what the arsehole judge and prosecutor get to decide what the thoughts were in the face of contrary evidence.

        I now see the fuckwits in the judicial system are circling the wagons because of the shit-storm they created with the case. Claiming a lower threshold has to be met for exactly this sort of ‘offense’. Quite convenient for them really.

    • The prosecution failed to produce any evidence that the comments were anything other than a joke. They produced fuck all evidence that he was a Nazi sympathiser, supported Nazi idealogy, was a member of any Nazi or anti-semitic organisation or group, had posted any previous videos or online material in which he advocated violence or threats of violence against the Jewish community ,was found to possess any Nazi or anti-semitic material in any shape or form or indeed associated himself in any way with individuals or groups that did . In short they produced no evidence whatsoever for their claim that he really meant what he said. The case should have been thrown out of court. Instead we had a judgement which rewrote the criminal law by stating that context is irrelevant. Shocking decision and one I hope is overturned on appeal or else we are truly fucked.

        • I appreciate that K but its not about whether people found it funny or not or indeed if people were ‘offended’ and considered it in poor taste. The law should only be applied to situations where it can be proven that someone really was inciting violence against people because of their race, ethenticity, sexuality etc.This clearly was not the case here and the prosecution know damn well it isn’t. Shame on them.

      • Well , you said it better than me Calvin !

        people need to realize what happened there , if this is the new criminal law standards then its game over

    • Whilst a great cunting what lies behind the decision to prosecute Count Duncula I find deeply troubling and Fuckwit gets right to the nub of it for me.

      It’s part of what I see as a wider attack on freedom generally (can you believe that Parliament only voted with a majority of 9 , fucking 9 votes to reject what was in effect Leveson Mk 2) but to legislate (by setting a legal president) against the telling of a joke or what essentially was a piss take is such an attack on free speech I’m genuinely shocked there hasn’t been a bigger outcry.

      Comedy in all its forms relies on someone or something to be the butt of the joke and very much part of the British psyche.

      To blur the lines between offence and humour and prosecute as a result is an absolute affront to our democracy and for me the most worrying attack on freedom of speech I’ve ever witnessed.

      Jesus Christ where does this end. Offence is not given, it is taken, surely we can all agree on that.

      And as an example I wasn’t offended in the least by the Count Duncula video, I didn’t find it particularly funny either, mainly ‘cus I don’t like Pugs but fuck me offence was the absolute last emotion I experienced.

      As a society we allow our Governments and Judiciary to govern effectively by consent.

      Consent is by its very definition something with which the majority agree with and (I reckon I’m in the majority here) simply do not consent to a fucking judge and a bastard Scottish one at that (I have lots of Scots mates btw) to set a president that decides I have given offence.

      Fuck me this is so dangerous.

      I applaud Duncula for refusing to pay the fine and hope he see’s it through.

      As has been mentioned he’s lost his job and is struggling to gain meaningful employment going forward. If anyone is any doubt as to how the state will fuck you then look no further.

      Ironically though, when you take everything a man has then he has nothing to loose.

      This isn’t over yet.

      • No it’s not. It is clear that the cop who reported this and the PF who prosecuted it are pawns in a bigger game.

  8. It seems impossible to get legal aid nowadays if you are an ordinary citizen, but how come illegals and asylum seekers all have representation? Who funds it?

  9. If this is true and it’s implemented then Britain will actually be a genuine fascist state. It’s scary how quickly the collapse of the West is happening, and I find it astonishing that a so-called Conservative government are continuously working to remove our right to free speech.

    • They call themselves conservatives but they are loyal slaves to the progressive left, same as most political parties across Europe.
      The communists never went away.
      They just put a disguise on and got to work on the long game.

  10. That corrosive SNP cunt. Wee Burney Sturgeon has vowed to ban two-for-one pizzas as she met TV chef and smear of shite, Jamie Oliver… Who do these cunts think they are?! A plague on these fucking fascists….

    • Never in all my life has a government had such a say in my daily life up here Norman. Utter cunts

      the rest of it is falling to fucking bits but as long as I cant get my 2for1 pizza , pay higher alcohol prices , have a named person watching over me and my kid , pay for baby boxes no one needs , scrap the forth crossing charge of a lousy £1 that was keeping in maintained , scrap prescription charges although I want to pay as I’m never on anything long term , call everything from the cops to fire to ambulance “Scotland” at the end to hypnotise the unwahed into believing were independant already really anyways…the list goes on.

      Oh ,and just a question, does your dentist take a medical screen of you when you go in England ? mine do , lifestyle , habits, weight , exercise routine etc etc….she says the government has asked them to do it ?

  11. I am greatly offended by this cunting and demand that it be removed immediately.

    • I feel a Twitter storm brewing ….
      Don’t think any if us are on Twitter though so it’s likely to fall on deaf ears.

      • Got kicked off twitter for hate speech.
        They are having a Stalinist purge at the moment.

  12. They’ll keep trying to shut down political opponents but it won’t work.

    The day of freedom march was all directly as a result of the count dankular, Lauren southern, pettibone, seiner shit.
    The cunts thought they could use anti terror laws to silence and crush political opposition but it’s backfired massively.
    The cause against them has grown exponentially due to their incompetence and treachery and it’s getting stronger by the day.
    They can introduce as many laws as they like …
    Pretty soon they’ll be so vastly outnumbered that won’t be able to enforce them anyway.
    Eventually the people of this country WILL get fed up and fight back …
    When it does it’ll be the end of the left as we know it. I hoped that brexit would be the catalyst but I think they’re fudging it just enough so that they’ll keep us in but manage to con enough into believing that we’re out.
    I can’t remember where I saw it but someone mentioned something similar and a cunt said “no they’ll just call in the army”.
    Now I’m not an expert on the army but I can’t see them turning their guns on their own to defend a regime that despises them.

    I watched a great chat on YouTube yesterday evening on reverend Simon sideways’ channel with red pill Phil, Toni bugle and brit girl.
    I think they mentioned something along the lines of how will they prosecute 2 million people at once.

    They discussed Islam, sharia, grooming gangs, free speech, soy boys, #meetoo, lefties (and what cunts they are) among other things. I enjoyed it.

    It took him half hour or so to figure out the auto switch so the camera is stuck at first but there were some great points made if anyone wants to watch.

    • “they’re fudging it just enough so that they’ll keep us in but manage to con enough into believing that we’re out.”

      Perfect- Brexit nailed in a nutshell.

    • the left as we know it…. Probably. But ‘the left’ has changed its meaning. It used to mean ‘working people sick of being shafted by a hierarchy of cunts’ – stress ‘working’ – and they’re right in the Brexit camp.

  13. If you kick a pacifist in the bollocks…it will hurt.
    If you kick a pacifist in the bollocks a second time….it will hurt, and he will be peeved.
    If you kick a pacifist in the bollocks a third time, he will fuck you over and rip yer face off!!

    Politicians have been kicking us in the bollocks for years.( just saying of course )

    • Ah yes, ramadamadingdong, when the young peacefuls develop their spirituality and start thinking about all those juicy virgins waiting for them.
      Time to stay away from crowds and public transport and keep your eyes 👀 peeled for mad looking snackbars.
      It’s amazing how quickly you can get used to being a target in your own country.

      • There’s an old episode of Alan Partridge where he referred to ramadamadingdong – I couldn’t see the beeb making that now.

        There was another more recent episode of partridge where Alan mused on Islam and Judaism joining up, and he speculated that you could call it…….’jislam’

        • Reminds me of the old joke:

          “What do you call a bunch of Welsh Muslims? …

  14. I was on the receiving end of some PC bollocks last year. My boss and I walked into a pub. I thought I could smell fish so I asked him if he could too. He said yes. I said that there are only two things that smell like fish and one of them is the sea. Cue a series of unfortunate PC related events. First we had to ensure a tirade of PC shite from the feminist behind the bar. Then big ginger big bollocks husband takes our pints away. Then we are asked to leave. Fair enough it was shite anyway. Then we returned a few months later thinking all had blown over. How wrong we were. A big scene was made and the old bill were called. Nothing happened obviously. Some people live life in a sheltered little bubble or “safe place”. Get a grip.

    • You’d think owning a pub would harden you to bad language and “distasteful” jokes.
      …. fuckin pussies are in the wrong game.

      • Very true DTS, I shall not be returning to this establishment any time soon. I can’t anyway as I’m banned.

        • Ginger probably thought it was aimed at Mrs.Ginger, which, I’m guessing, it wasn’t. It’s a cunt when a sense of humour collides with a humourless cunt, and I say this with feeling.

  15. World class cunting.

    What is touched upon but not really dealt with in this thread is the absolute complete double standard of the “enforcers”. Simply put, it is open season on some people and some things while others are strictly off limits.

    Here in the states it is perfectly acceptable to deride Christians as racist and homophobic. It is a hate crime to do the same to Muslims.

    The same is true for the Tea Party as opposed to the Occupy movement.

    Donald Trump is not only the worst President ever he is a Racist. Barack Obama was
    a great President and ” post racial.”

    Republicans are partisans unwilling to accept reasonable compromise while Democrats are bipartisans passing common sense laws.

    Che Guevara is a person of color fighting for the oppressed while George Washington was a privileged white man who owned slaves.

    In any of the above examples you can say what you will about the former and be hailed. Say anything about the latter and you’ll be damned…or rather in today’s libtard, snowflake, media culture you’ll be trolled on Social media.

    Black Lives Matter, Antifa, MeToo and groups like them are fighting for social justice. Those of us who oppose them are evil and must be silenced and re-educated.

    The New World Order sets the standards for “right think” by punishing those who “wrong speak.”

    • Agreed. O’bummer got a Nobel prize just for being black ffs ….
      If that’s not racist and patronising to blacks I don’t know what is.

      In the debate I mentioned earlier in the thread they talked about how the police now have guidelines on how to treat different religious groups.
      1 page for Christ and and Jews, 3 pages for muzzies.
      Apparently they can’t enter a mosque to arrest a criminal until they get the immams consent.
      Justice should be equally enforced.

  16. Hey General, is the George Washington Bridge still called that? Isn’t it about time they called it the Malcolm X Bridge or something like that? Perhaps you could start a campaign and become a snowflake hero?

    • Good one Freddie! 😁

      Sadly (for some) it isn’t renamed…yet But you can’t even count the number of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevards, Avenues, Parkways, or Memorial Highways that exist across America.

      They never criticize St. Martin but they simply ignore “X”.

  17. Many years ago I was the victim of PC. A fucking nutcase of a guy I had the bad luck to supervise, filed a complaint against me ‘cos I called him “manic” .
    Evidently “manic” is pejorative word and I should have been sensitive to the cunt’s inner fragility, even though he was a grade one arsehole.
    Yes it was a guy , not a girl.

    For my sins I was sent to counselling with a female Vancouver counsellor.

    Now many of my fellow cunters will be unaware of the fact that Vancouver is the place where female sensitivity counsellors are the Ebola of North American society, there’s no known cure.

    This woman I was forced to spend time with was PC personified, you couldn’t even say “good morning” to her without creating some sort of bristling reaction. (And there were many bristles on her chin if you get my drift.)
    No sense of humour, no attempt to understand the power of laughter in adversity… just a fucking halfwit feminist ideologue ( and I’m the one who needs fixing!)
    The sad thing is that nearly ALL of them are like that, and they have a powerful influence on the Justice System because all of their sympathisers run that same fucking system.
    As you can see, the counselling really worked well for me, I am a changed man and didn’t even have to undergo the surgery

    • Hey Paul,

      Allow me to translate your story into North American PC:

      Za gender neutral person was a victim of uninduced, chronic agitation personality disorder. Clearly, zhour steady stream of micro aggressions aggravated zhis condition and zhour use of hate speech provoked zhis frenzied response.

      Zhour counselor should have recommended a Rambukkana reeducation course for zhou. Zshe was right and zhou should be continuously shamed and ostracised.


      • Utter gibberish to me general but you know what they say about 2 peoples divided by a common language. 🙂
        Next time I visit the states I might need to buy a phrase book to avoid arrest.
        …though i presume it’s not so bad in the south.

        I often thought I’d like to visit Texas … I expect they don’t go for any of that pc shite.

  18. General, a question. Is the phrase ‘person of colour’ a racist turn of phrase or not? We don’t hear it too much this side of the pond but Benedict Cumbercunt used it in a interview a few year back a predictably a Twatter storm erupted and he bent over backwards to crawl up his own arsehole and apologise.

    I have heard the phrase used multiple times by black interest groups, charities, BLM ect, but is this a ‘N word’ situation?

    • Hey LL,

      In answer to your question…it is like any other professional victim double standard in use today.

      Person of color…or POC…is used by people who “identify” as “nonwhite” and are therefore, victims of white oppression. (i.e.. Black, brown, red, yellow, Markel and so on.)

      When they use it, it is as a term of identification, inclusion and endearment…one of us and not one of them. If whites use it, it is a term of racist profiling, exclusion and derision.

      Same principle here in the states with words like qu**r, ni**er, dyke, faggot, and on and one. OK for them…wrong for you.

      By the way…here in the states, faggot or fag is a derogatory term for homosexual…not a cigarette.

      • I think Cumbersnatch said ‘coloured’ the racist pig.
        By the way, a faggot is not a cigarette but a disgusting concoction of sheep’s innards popular in the West of England and South Wales. Or a bound together collection of wood kindle to burn witches with. Again popular in the West of England and South Wales.

        • I always laugh when I hear ‘fanny pack’ that’s a whole other can of worms.

          • I know that one!

            Here in the states “fanny” is not only a polite and socially acceptable way to refer to one’s ass but also a name.

            Fanny Brice was an early 20th century model and disgraced, libtard Senator All Franken’s wife is Fanni Bryson.

            It wouldn’t have been as funny to us if the Bond girl was Fanny Galore. 🤔

          • As Captain Beefheart once said, “Everybody’s coloured, otherwise they’d be invisible.”

        • CC,

          I knew of bundles of wood but I thought disgusting, concoction of innards referred to the Scottish Green Party not haggis. 🤔

          Way back in the last century, I had some friends from Carlisle. The wife referred to cigarettes as fags. 🚬

          • Yes General. Fags are cigarettes but nothing to do with faggots unless smoked by one.

  19. Any attack on the right to free speech, including the right to offend people is dangerous in the extreme. Personally I think we are well overdue for a proper review of the constitution leading to a new, modern, written one. This review should look at, amongst other things:
    – A proper, grown up statement about rights and responsibilities of citizens (fail to fulfill the latter, lose the former?).
    – The first past the post electoral system (undemocratic).
    – The unelected House of Lords (utterly undemocratic).
    – The complete separation of religion and state including the disestablishment of the Church of England and the banning of all “faith schools”.
    – Judicial independence.
    – The role of the monarch. Ceremonial role only, no taxpayer dosh for anything other than expenses directly incurred in state duties.
    I could go on…………………and on…………….

  20. The British Legal System

    Another fucking gravy train for cunts who care more about the money and status rather than justice. A second rate system in which you can forget old fashioned justice, unless you have money or are an immigrant obviously.

    Extremely happy that Allison Saunders is fucking off as she is an arrogant vile woman who clearly has more concern for the perpetrators of crime than for the victims. I have first hand experience of dealing with her (via my local MP). Fucking nasty useless bitch.

    Will be amazed if she is replaced with someone capable or fit for purpose as it seems to be that only completely incompetent fuckwits are in charge of government departments nowdays. In any case one person will be unable to change the system even if they wanted to. Will the government ever appoint someone who wants to change something for the better? In a word, no.

    • Saunders was indeed useless but her and a few others should be in jail for perverting the course of justice by perpetrating the cover up on the crimes of Grevile Janner the child molester. She herself was forced to admit that there was more than sufficient evidence to prosecute him many years ago. So why didn’t they ? It is clear they were criminally negligent in not taking him to court.

      • It appears my last comment failed the moderation test so how’s about this. Grevile Janner was accused of being a child abuser. FACT. Alison Saunders admitted publicly that there was enough evidence to prosecute him and there had been years ago yet they didn’t. FACT. So I humbly ask in lieu of these facts which are in the public domain, why not?

        ADMIN NOTE:

        Actually admin was on holiday, so sorry for the delay in posting this.

  21. The best Irish, Welsh, Scottish and Jewish jokes came from those same nationalities. No doubt other countries can say the same. Now offence is looked for. Rod Liddle took the piss out of the Welsh and the naming of the Severn Bridge after that jug eared homeopathic parasite Charles. . Cwgrhhrddygochogocch or something he suggested. Fairly funny and considering Charles is not held in any great affection by the Welsh in general, very apt.
    Cue outrage in that home for unemployable retards the Welsh Assembly.
    I am Welsh, by the way and my Welsh jokes would get me incarcerated.

    • I’m a Scot and apart from being a thrifty scrounging miserable english hating cunt heres one I hope translates…….

      What do you call a Scottish guy half in / half out his front door?


  22. Boring old fart and onetime enemy of the state , Mick Jagger, has suddenly made an appearance on the Brexit debate radar, urging politicians to present a united front.
    Ticket sales for the “Washed up Old Cunts ” tour must be slow.
    Exile on St.Kilda. Cunts.

  23. General, a question concerning the coffee shop/burqa story. I was under the impression that there was a Federal law preventing people covering their faces in public places. I understood this was to stop Klansmen wearing their hoods in public. Is this only the law in certain states, is there a “religious” exemption, or did I just dream the whole thing?

    • Hey Freddie,

      There are no federal laws prohibiting covering faces or wearing face masks. However, there are some state laws that prohibit it.

      Opponents claim these laws violate the 1st Amendment right of free speech and free association. However, the US Supreme court has upheld state laws prohibiting the covering of faces on the grounds that a covered face is an implied threat of violence and/or intimidation and threats are not free speech. 🤔

      Some states make exceptions for holidays or religious celebrations. Others, like my native state of Indiana recognize that arctic temperatures and sub zero wind chill conditions make it perfectly reasonable for one to wear a “ski mask” in the course of normal outdoor activities during the winter months. This is common in other Midwestern and northern states.

      However, not all states have these laws. Antifa cunts routinely cover their faces when they disrupt rallies.

      • Thanks General. I think I can guess which states have that law. I imagine most of them are below the Mason Dixon line.

        • As the refrain from the song goes….

          Waaaaàaaaay down south in Dixie.

      • Reminds me …
        I saw a video with Owen shroyer (infowars) and he was stopped from getting into a public place by masked antifa. That, I’d presume, would be illegal by itself but they had fucking ASSAULT RIFLES.
        Surely THAT must be illegal in the states.
        Even if they were bb guns it’d be illegal, but I doubt they were coz that would just be the saddest, stupidest, most weasily and ridiculous thing anyone could do.

  24. Strange, that the list of things you’re not allowed to joke about is almost exactly the same as the list which would be produced if you had to do one all-encompassing cunting on this very website.

    Or maybe it’s not strange…..

  25. Here’s an interesting concept. Saying or writing something that may sound racist to a libmong isn’t racism now is it. It’s just words (unless you’re at a rally banging on about a certain group or other calling for deportation or whatever). It’s your actions that count. And ignoring a chunk of society because they have no relevance to you isn’t “violence” it’s at worst completely neutral and probably more positive than that.

    Plus everyone is a cunt. If I paraphrase from kubrick is eyes da racistism?

    Admin edit. Fuckwit. That quote contained many words on our naughty list and so was edited out. (Full Metal Jacket- Kubrick, Hasford, Herr. 1987)

  26. I am willing to bet lots of loot on the fact that the lovers of Political correctness have never done a days hard physical graft or had a callous on their hands ever, if the limp wristed white fingered twats were worn out by a days graft feckers wouldnt have time or energy to devote to this utter bollocks.

  27. Another way to apparently offend is by ‘cultural appropriation’. Who the fuck made that up ?
    So now you can’t even wear clothes that don’t represent your own nationality. For example, and no I didn’t watch it but I heard it on the news, the Israeli girl’s outfit who won the Eurovision Song Contest was deemed offensive by ‘cultural appropriation’, because she wore a Japanese themed dress. What utter fucking cunt though that up.
    It’s fine for a bloke to wear a fucking dress but don’t fucking wear clothes from another culture. I thought that’s exactly what the lefties want, you know the whole big melting pot of cultures.
    What I want to know is does this only apply to white folk ? I mean can we insist some of the new comers to the western world should remain clothed in their loin cloths and the like. I’m offended that some of these cunts coming over here and behaving almost civilised, wear clothes, use soap and toothpaste, watch TV and read books, write even, use cutlery to eat, keep food fresh in a fridge and drive cars. Fucking cunts appropriating our culture !

  28. Man said to me when i was an apprentice ” long days and short nights for young men and young horses” he knew what was what did Mr Charlie,. Student twats have to much free time to foment all this self congratulatory crap about diversity and all the other crap they spout

  29. I’m fucking pissed off with Sly News defending Hamas. Israel are simply defending themselves from the Peaceful hordes , The Jews are doing what any other Nation would do if there border was being attacked. I commend the Israelis for shooting the scum. The cunts are trying to charge the border , what the fuck do they expect ??? Sorry for going off subject.

    • So let me get this straight, are you saying we should actually shoot illegal immigrants when we catch them jumping out of lorries in Kent? Personally I would just deport them but you seem to think otherwise. Could you please clarify?

      • Did i say shoot illegal immigrants at Kent ? NO, thats a ridiculous comparison . If Israel let them in they would be letting A LOT of terrorists in . I dont blame them at all . Were not surrounded by hostile nations trying to kill us. Israel is the little country the Right on Lefties love to hate . But why? Israel-bashers will say, ‘Duh, it’s because of its crazy military antics,’ but that doesn’t add up. Israel’s militarism today is of a far smaller order than it was during the Six-Day War of 1967, and back then most Westerners, including radical leftists, supported the Zionist project. I have worked in the Middle east and i can tell you now JCG I would rather live in Tel Aviv than Tehran any day.Rightly or Wrongly the Jews are Occupying land . But if the Arabs left them alone the Jews would be happy to live in peace. Do you really think if Israel gave up there land there would be peace ? The iranians, Syrians Egyptians etc etc would all be murdering each other for the land. Hezbollah and Hamas are behind this backed by the Iranians sending gullible innocent people to there deaths. The Jews cannot take their eye off the ball for one second. I would suggest you go and live down there for a while, and don’t listen to Sly News and Al BBC propaganda .

    • 100% agree – peaceful cunts endangering lives of children, old cunts, women, disabled and even babies… encouraging them into the line of fire, provoking violence, cowardly cunts.

      • No doubt about it. Hamas encourage the violence for political ends. They know the leftie western cunts will lap it up. They don’t give a fuck about the dead.

  30. No, the Israelis have got it all wrong. You let any cunt in, give them a house, benefits, education and healthcare. Then you start importing their extended family, or cunts who claim to be their extended family. As long as they don’t go anywhere near any rich people everything is fine.

    • Which is rather how the state of Israel started, isn’t it? Still, not being Jewish, I don’t have the right to occupy anyone’s land, so I’m probably jealous.

  31. I apologise for going a bit off-topic and lowering the tone, but today has been a piss-superheater. Is it the hot weather that brings out all the cunts ?

    The Markle Family. FFS, stop whingeing, and fuck off. You aren’t even officially related to the Windsors yet. Just think what it’s going to be like when you are fully “locked-in.” Foreign car-crashes, being exiled to the piggery at the bottom of Balmoral’s drive…Mhegane has ZERO understanding of anything. End of.
    Dozy bint Eve Pollard was saying that some royal should go over to Mexico, put an arm round Homer Markle and tell him everything will be ok. Oh FFS…
    This is a job for Phil the Greek, a true colossus amongst goodwill ambassadors. Although I imagine it will be a quick fly-over, a cheery two-fingered wave and “Bombs Away!”

    A quick perusal of The European (“Quality journalism for the retarded 48-Carat CUUUUUNT), reveals Yasmin AliBhaba-Brown wittering on about how the “European Dream” must be saved at all costs…I’d really love to know precisely WHAT this dream is, but intellectually I fear it is on the same level as most 6-year old Cubs and Brownies…Did, dib, dib, Mijnheer Verminhofstadt…We all know you can’t wait to get dibbing, you DEVIANT CUUUUUNT ! And a really, deadly serious farticle on Arse Wanger, by…Alistair Campbellend. Does Wanger have Linekuntish EU bumsucking tendencies ? It’s the only reason I could think of…

    Finally. Oh JC, the HSBC Bank of CUUUUNt ad. Brown hipster twat with cuntish glasses and even cuntier hairdo. “Whether you bank with bank of Mum & Dad, or Dad & Dad, or Mum & Mum”…When you join the Common Market, stick a dildo up yer bum.
    Bank of Deviant & Deviant.

    • The more the disruptive Markels get involved the better, imho. Nice post btw Belinda.

      • Turned the fucking news off tonight when lead story was about some parasite’s wedding.

  32. Also, David Lammy, who allegedly had a friend in Toksvig Towers (a bus driver ??).

    He says that 6 football teams-worth of Bumsrush folk have been illegally deported.
    I admit to having a problem with “football” and “worth”, and an even bigger one with the boot-lipped ubertwat Lammy.

  33. It is so blatant, It is almost embarrassing; MSM’s preoccupation with the Royal wedding and the situation in the Gaza Strip. Bread and circuses.

    I bet May is looking to sneak some key EU/not-so-Brexit agreements through on Saturday whilst the simpletons are furiously waving their miniature union jacks and drooling with simpering faces over the lovely Royal couple.

    This country is certainly for the taking by our political masters, their paymasters in Brussels and our swarthy friends from far away continents.

    Cunts x 10^100000000000000000

  34. According to the youtube video by young master Paul Joseph Watson that I watched this morning, the PC cunts are busily compiling lists of music that can be considered “offensive” in this brave new shitty world.
    First music, then your favourite old films, TV shows, paintings and books will be burnt.
    Then people will burn…

    • I’m guessing genuinely offensive kak like Adele won’t be figuring too highly on their list…

      • Burning Fat Addle could be a real Elf & Safety issue…
        Dense, chiking smoke, rivers of boiling fat, particulate matter all over the shop.

    • Only takes one itchy trigger
      One more widow, one less white (Admin edit.)

      Elvis Costello

      Admin edit. Cuntstable Cuntbubble. Do not take offense. Everyone knows what you mean. That word is on the naughty list. We must sometimes be cautious.

  35. Officially handing in my notice Friday.Have no other job to go to but enough in the bank to sustain my existence for a fair while.After I leave I will do an epic cutting on the entire subject.I was a cynic before I started but this job has taken me to a dark place whereby ones faith is diminished and shattered time and time again.The job is pretty much a cunters guide.All that is wrong in society can be found in this job on a daily basis and the cumulative effect has been well words fail me.I am so glad to be leaving. I have done 8 months and honestly think I would get sectioned if I did another 8.I would love too send the modern uni snowflakes who whinge to do a mere day were I work.I genuinely don’t know how they would react.Probably by having a meltdown in the first 45 minutes or just stood there in shock unable to comprehend their surroundings.

    • Sorry to hear that Shaun but look forward to the cunting epic.

      Fuck ’em!

      • I tell you what it will be a cutting that will go down in Isac history.Think Malcolm Tucker with insomnia and kidney stones on steroids.

    • Good for you Shaun.

      Fuck these cunts. They work on the basis that they ‘own’ you, ie they can treat you like a cunt ‘cus you need the job.

      I suspect it’s not limited to certain sectors of the economy as I hear similar tales from most people I come into contact with.

      In the business I work in there’s a dearth of vacancies yet you’d have thought there was 10 quality candidates for each job.

      Over the past couple of years I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to put a bit of money aside and now find myself in a position where no fucker owns me, well not for the next year or so!

      As my old man used to say ‘big or small, fuck ‘em all’

      Looking forward to reading more👍

    • Dear Shaun,

      I wish you all the very best.

      I could even say I’d light a candle and hold hands; I think you get my drift.

      Carry on Cunting !

  36. I will only say what the job was after I leave but is the closest place to he’ll I can think of.

  37. The justice system (an oxymoron in this day and age) isn’t there to protect “the public” it’s there to protect the cunts in power from the public, and to suppress any dissent which doesn’t match their socio-globo-libero ideals.

    The Count Dankula thing was ill-advised at best and borderline at worst. However – as stated above – the premise of his conviction was based on what the judge believed Duckula was “thinking”.

    So judges are now Doris Collins clairvoyant or Obi Wan Jedi masters and can now decide what we are thinking??

    Let’s roll this up: “Yeh, Yeh, Yeh man but I could see him was finkin’ I was a criminal in’it!”

    “I could tell he didn’t like Muslims because you could see he was thinking it!”

    ” ‘ee was starin’ at moi tits and I know ‘ee was finkin about jizzin in my face!” – well guilty as charged there probably.

    But even so the notion that any cunt – Colin Fry or otherwise – can know what anyone else is “thinking” is ludicrous and even the Jewish community – whilst they thought it distasteful – defended his right to post the video.

    But that wasn’t good enough for agenda judge because that judge wanted to make an example of Count Dankula in order to grease the wheels on – you guessed it – hurt “peaceful” feelings.

    The first few cases will be alleged anti-semetic, sexist, or homophobic thoughts but they’re merely greasing the wheels to a total lock down on any opinions on that hateful doctrine of “peacefulness”.

    It is that simple.

    But in all of this I simply don’t understand why? Because – unless you’re a “peaceful” cunt – there’s absolutely nothing in it for anyone else in (a modern) society!?!

    In fact that bastard religion of “peace” (what a fucking joke) should be shunned for the barbaric madness that it is.

    Today’s judges = tomorrow’s beheading fodder. Are they mad??? These so-called superior intellects who look down on us and “judge” us simply have no fucking idea what’s coming. But then again when it does happen, they will be of the few rich cunts to escape to friendlier climes while the rest of us are left to cope with this internalised archaic tyranny.

    Those of us with the spirit to do anything about it will be too fucking old and probably used as practice infidels for “peaceful” kids to kill, leaving the gender aware, social media savvy, snowflakes to deal with it.

    I wonder what the snowflake hash-tag will be for being beheaded?


    And as for the transbenders, well that’s simple…


    We’re fucked! I fear for my kids in this looming Kalifate State aided by crusty auld thought-crime judges who’re probably getting a reach-around off some illegal Brazilian lady-boy, which is perfectly ok, isn’t it!

    Cunts! 😠

  38. Anyone remember this?

    And so here we are just 6 years on and would you believe it…

    Genuinely I’m starting to think the only way I can offset any of this shit is to report every fucking lefty libtard ‘comedian’ C4 or Al-BBCeer for offending me.

    That bastard cunt Matt Forde is top of my list, I’d like to put a full shift in on that cunt.

    When I rule the world his new series will be called ‘I asked for a kicking and I got everything I deserved’ with Matt Forde.

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