Roy Chubby Brown

Roy Chubby Brown. Now why on earth wasn’t he nominated on the day this website opened? The only references to him that I can find are from tearfully sentimental fans who think that he is the greatest thing since God said “Let there be light”. Most people sit stony-faced through every second of his routines – or at least, as many seconds a they can stand before they rush vomiting for the exit. He is, of course, up there with Bernard Manning: drawing whimpers of joy from the sort of arses who say what great guys the Kray twins were (they only ever tortured their own kind, you could leave your street door on the latch in them days, hang all the paedos, I’d pull the lever myself).

He was well sent-up by Viz, who called him Chubby Arse, and had him making endless unfunny “‘ere, old people smell of piss, eh? Eh?” jokes. (I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt when I call them jokes.)

Anyway, I thought this site was mildly funny when I first came to it, but frankly, having seen the adulation heaped on RCB, I sort of said to myself “Oh, that’s the sort of cunt that likes this site”. So now it’s goodnight Vienna. I’m off.

Nominated by Simon L.

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  1. Roy Chubby Brown upsets snowflakes and people called Simon, that’s enough for me

  2. Or to that prick Simon Le Bon. Always hated the smug twat. Even more than Cowell (who is probably the smuggest fucker of all time).

    • Because we use “Gravitar”.

      Have you seen my avatar upgrade?

      I’m changed the pink to reflect the same shade as the invisible unicorn I worship.

    • Apart from a couple of long time posters, it appears a lot of newbies have jumped on this gravatar thing.
      I hope everybody chooses a new one so I’m the only old school.
      J.R.’s not for changing….

      • It’s alright for you JRC – yours is a perfect!

        Mine was about as apt as a bowl of rancid tapioca pudding.

  3. Here’s one for the General :

    “How could anything non-controversial be of intellectual interest to grown-ups?”
    ― Edward Abbey, Postcards from Ed: Dispatches and Salvos from an American Iconoclast

    • And here’s one for you PC:

      “Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit”. -Oscar Wilde


  4. How the fuck did this cunting pass muster?

    Fat Bastard is one of my favourite comedians. He not a racist , he just makes us laugh at racist situations.. you know, like we used to be able to laugh at Irish Jokes! He’s not a misogynist, he just makes the sort of jokes we all do about the mysteries of dealing with women.
    Take a look at the supposedly “stony faced” audiences rolling in the aisles at any of his shows, even the women and the minorities are in tucks of laughter. Are they laughing because they’re offended?

    Simon, bless his little cotton socks, has obviously lost his way in finding this site to let us know we’ve hurt his tender feelings . But Simon has the right to say what he feels, even if he’s wrong!
    Brexit to Vienna could be a nice start to a reverse wave of refugees.
    Chubby is a fantastic release valve , leave him the fuck alone.

  5. I love a good laugh and love a funny comediens ,how ever Roy the Chubby cunt is about as funny as a Joberg necktie, come to think of it that’s what the unfunny cunt needs,then I’m sure I could laugh at him…..what a wanker of the 3 layer variety.

  6. Simon L. Cunt. Saw Chubby Brown live-he was fucking funny. Newcastle-students, working people, women all pissed themselves. Dave Allen also great. One of the best was `my beautiful daughter told me she was pregnant` You fucking Slag! Irony! What funny depends on the times and it is trendy to pretend that nobody found them funny. Fuck off- they were funny and still are.
    Best comedy ever-Father Ted.

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