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The Treasury is now talking about doing away with 1p and 2p coins,as well as £50 notes. Apparently this is all part of the move towards a Cashless Society. I find the idea of a Cashless Society as worrying as regards personal liberty as any diktat issued by “The bureaucrats from Brussels.”

If the State has the ability to snoop on every financial transaction made,and the ability to seize money,or remove a person’s ability to buy even the essentials,surely personal independence is gone. I know that they’ll say that it’s for our own good (war on terror,fight organised crime,prevent tax-evasion etc.),but I have less confidence in the good intentions of our rulers.
A quote which is attributed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild is: Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!
How comforting.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

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  1. I am well ahead of this, being permanently skint I barter goods and services, I even barter attendance at my Girlfriends family functions for sexual favours (from her).

    • Good for you Lord Benny

      Mrs Stroker used to try and barter with me, in that I would be offered sexual treats of my choosing if I treated my daughters (her stepdaughters) the way that she wanted, specifically (in my opinion) unkindly and without compassion. Their mother died when they were very young.

      Needless to say my daughters meant more than that to me and I declined the offers. Never ever forgiven Mrs Stroker for that.

      • The shoe is on the other foot here, I am a childless wonder and have been a step Father twice, I have always used the diplomacy of letting the naturals decide what’s right or wrong and holding that line, I also do not criticize absent parents, although I have to admit I do not hold back on my Girlfriends, husbands new wife, who is a fucking abomination and not particularly welcoming to her step kids, but was more than happy to abduct the family dog!

      • For what its worth sounds like a fair and well thought out policy to me Lord Benny, and in my humble opinion the right one.

  2. Excellent Dick.

    I prefer to use cash whenever I can. There are too many frauds occurring with cloned credit/debit cards and with online transactions, and seemingly the bad guys always seem to be one step ahead of the banks.

    Recently received a statement on a credit card which showed a fraudulent transaction of about £100. Queried it with the bank and they immediately refunded the amount back to the card. Strange thing was that I had never even used the card, never even activated it, and was still locked away in a cupboard in the envelope that it arrived in, together with the pin code to activate it. I have the only key and needless top say the only access to the cupboard.

    Also not keen on my debit card having a swipe facility. The banks usually stipulate that they will refund any fraudulent transactions however the onus is always on the customer to prove their innocence (guilty until proven innocent), and frankly I have better things to do other than to check my statement every 5 minutes. If I do pay by card always use the pin and make sure it is shielded as I enter the code.

    Think it is fair do’s to scrap the 1p and 2p coins as they are worth fuck all these days, however this will mean that any price rises will always be a minimal increase of 5p, which on certain items will be considerably higher that inflation. I suppose thinking about it most price increases are way above inflation anyway.

    Stuck behind a very large woman a few weeks ago in a supermarket queue. Not only did she take fucking ages packing her bags, she also had about ten vouchers, which the cashier had to scan to see if they were applicable. None of course were. Then there was considerable time wasted when the woman tried to find the correct app on her fucking phone in order to pay for the £150+ shopping she had in her trolley. Paid by phone. Did not know that you could do that. Her transaction seemed to take fucking forever- cash- nice and easy, and much, much quicker.

    How long before we have fucking implants inserted about our person allowing us to pay by inserting a finger into the designated slot? Sure that the cunts at Amazon would love this.

    The only downside to cash can be getting the money in he first place. Certain hole in the wall cashpoints in town are notorious for having a few of our Eastern European friends hanging around, one will bear hug the cash withdrawer whilst the other (or others) relieve the person of their hard earned. I tend to get the money from the supermarket cashier whilst purchasing our weekly shop- £50 usually lasts me a week or so.

    Do away with the small change, but a cashless society, definitely not.

    • I don’t trust those contactless cards in particular. What gets me is the banks reticence to admit just how much card fraud occurs. They seem to prefer to replace the money and keep the problem quiet than involve the police. I sometimes think that a lot of the card fraud originates with bank staff.

      • That would certainly seem to be the case Dick. Upon complaining to the Bank about a very obvious fraudulent transaction of £1200, the Bank were almost hysterical that I may take matters further. They replaced the money immediately and the whole thing was concluded in minutes. At no time did anyone consider that I may have done the fraud. Interesting.

    • Doing away with small change is the thin end of the wedge. Chuck it at your local street beggar if you don’t want it. The cunt who builds phoney sandcastles, for instance. Or the SNP bagpipes terrorist…

  3. If I’d worked at The Treasury, I’d have taken the chance to run my cheesy bell-end around the rim of George Osborne’s tea-cup every morning before dragging his bourbon biscuit up the crack of my arse.

      • I detest Cameron and Osborne on a par with Tony Blair. Three of the worst Cunts to ever gain Public Office. Utter Shits.

      • Understandable Fiddler, The Pig Fiddler was the Heir to Blair after all. As for Gidoen……. weasel wanker is what he is.

      • Would have to say I think that Tony Blair is in a completely different league to the Tory posh boys.

        As much as I detest Osborne and Cameron (in that order) feel they are relative lightweights by comparison.

        For what he has done to this once great country
        cannot think of anyone on this planet that I abhor quite as much and who I would like to see get their comeuppance as one Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.

  4. Off topic. I see Alan Pardew has been sacked again ! How long before some stupid club sees him as their saviour?? There are 3 or 4 managers who just go around and around not believing their luck at being giving yet another chance.

    • As someone has already said on the radio this morning, if Mark Hughes is somehow persuaded to leave Southampton and join West Brom, he could be the first manager to relegate three clubs in the same season.

      • To be fair to the both of them West Brom are the shits and Southampton are paying the price for their transfer policy.

  5. Excellent nom fiddler.
    I agree that a cashless society would be very dangerous indeed. Every transaction could be tracked. No money in or out without the higher ups knowing.
    In some ways it’d be good though. I worked in an “asian” area in London for a long time and I can tell you now that they’re ALL dodgy fuckers. All cash, no tax paid. … ever wonder how these old Indians manage to drive around in 80 grand mercs?
    Ever wonder how these fruit and veg shops manage to stay open when there’s never anyone in them?
    I recon they’re probably used to launder money of something. Haven’t got any evidence but there’s definitely something untoward going on there.
    100 yards of high street and 5 huge fruit and veg shops all paying 25 / 30 grand per year rent (to themselves). How many fucking tomatoes do you need to sell just to keep the doors open on a legitimate business like that?

    I’m all for getting rid of 1p’s and 2p’s but not all cash, even though it would make the cunts pay their fair share in tax.
    Not yet anyway.

    They really need to scrap cheques though.

    • Once they have control over every financial transaction that happens, it’s game over. All they need do is declare you some kind of “Non-Person” and you’re done.
      The snooping and interference that already occurs is frightening,but if they get the power to regulate every penny available to a person,they then own that person,lock,stock and barrel.

      • Without cash, you MUST have a bank account. I can think of many in the travelling community who are worried…..very worried.

  6. If they wish to make the 5p coin the lowest denomination of currency then that’s fine just so long as they pass a law that states that prices will be *REDUCED* to the lower common denominator rather than the usual ploy of cunt retailers to *INCREASE* to the higher common denominator that we’ve had to suffer ever time a currency item has been deprecated.

    And this law will apply retrospectively so that cunt retailers don’t do their greed adjustments ahead of the switchover so they can’t hold their hands up and say: “These were the prices *BEFORE* the change!” – odious grabby cunts.

    £1.99 becomes £1.95.

    54p becomes 50p.

    And for the Kyle sector 99p shops will become 95p shops! The cunts!

    If the Govt promise that then fine. If not then fuck off! I want my small change you cunts!

    Fucking retailer and supplier cunts!

    “Same great taste! Same great price!”

    Yeah for about 1/2 the product (are you listening Mars Bars, Double Decker, etc.).

    The cunts at Tesco’s/Sainsbos/ASDA, et. al., must be rubbing their hands at the prospect of billions of 1, 2, 3 and 4p hike transactions = £millions more in their greedy corporate hands.

    Well they can all fuck off! Cunts!

    • Never understood the logic of stuff being sold for £4.99, or £5.99 or £9.99 etc. What is the frigging point of it?

      Just make it a penny more FFS as it really fucks me off being given a 1p coin.

      • It’s partly a matter of psychology Willie. A lot of cunts (not you or me obviously) look at something on sale for £9.99 and think “wow – less than £10 – must be a bargain!”

        The Monster Raving Loony Party proposed the “introduction of a 99-pence coin to “save on change.” Dick Byrne would surely be impressed…

        Coincidentally I will be voting MRLP next time around.

      • @Willie. I always make a point of waiting for my 1p change. The look on the faces at the till as you wait expectantly with an outreached hand

  7. A cashless society has been planned for a long time.
    I used to laugh at the tin foil hatters, but they make the occasional good point.

    Start with payments by phone, then before you know it, we’re all queuing at the surgery for a chip implant….

    We’re behaving like sheep…baaa

  8. The Treasury have never been right about anything ever. So don’t trust them with small change. Bunch of cunts.

  9. In Sweden there are a lot of places where you can’t use cash and banks where you can’t get it. Their cash in circulation is dropping. A serious threat to democracy and personal freedom in my opinion. A worthy cunting.

  10. Anyone got child killer Winnie Mandela in the dead pool? I thought she was too rotten to die but at last the old cow has pegged it.

  11. “Look after the pennies and the £££s will look after themselves.” has worked quite well for me over the decades, though in the wife’s case it’s more “look after the pennies and throw away £1000s on useless tat.”

    And what is it with the fucking useless Treasury? Forever meddling with our legal tender? As far as I know the yanks still use the same dollar bill now as when our perfectly good £1 pound notes were got rid of, Ffs!

    I suppose the nasty new fivers & tenners are supposed to make me not care about cash being phased out.


    • Not Treasury – I mean Bank of England, don’t I? Fuck this dementia.

  12. Can’t wait to see Flabbott pay tribute to old Winnie.Remember her praising the cunt when Nelson died.

    Hell just got hotter.

      • You are not wrong PMS

        Idris Elba says

        Rest in peace Mama Winnie. My heart is heavy right now. You lived a full and important life contributing to the liberation of a nation by force and ACTUAL ACTIVISM. You will never be forgotten.

      • It seems every time I switch the TV on lately, within minutes Doris Elbow is banging on about how brilliant SKY Tv is.
        Never met the bloke, but the cunt gets on my tits….

      • I quite enjoyed Luther. Can I say that without getting my fuckin’ ‘ead kicked in?

  13. I’m surprised that no one had Winnie.

    Here we go, get ready.
    Chukka, Lamy and the flabboptomous are gonna be all over the media now.
    “Look at me I’m black, look at me I’m black, look at me I’m black….”

    Don’t see us going on every time a cracker dies.

  14. Off Topic.

    Nice to see this one acquit himself admirably against this Sky “no-mark” libtard shill!

    How refreshing not to see a cunt dodging questions and giving honest answers and opinions. I agree with everything he said!

    So fuck you “Sly” News! Cunts!

  15. QDM is on my side!
    There is absolutely no point in trying to argue with the lefties (and I used to be one)
    I happened to be President of a Union Local of civil servants at one time in my illustrious past, and it was there that I encountered the fearsome wrath of ideologues.
    Even to suggest something that didn’t fit with the authorised way of thinking was a capital offence. You couldn’t argue with them, couldn’t make a case and they used bully warfare to shut you up.
    Sound familiar?
    Not only that, but they had no sympathy for you if you were sick or had family issues to deal with, their’s was the cause that came first and your personal problems were of no interest to them.
    Needless to say that I didn’t last very long in the job, but long enough to find out that the overwhelming majority were self interested scumbags with Gangster mindsets

    • oops , drunk again! should have been posted on the loonie left cunting.
      But while I’m at it… fuck the treasury too!

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