Once again, I find myself having to nominate traitorous Remain fanatics for a richly deserved cunting. Led by Soubry and Umunna, NINE different Remain groups have launched a £1 million campaign to force a second referendum on British voters. The arrogant fuckers even have the nerve to call the campaign, “The People’s Vote”. The people have already fucking voted in a referendum on this issue, and the majority voted to leave. Is it going to take a sledgehammer to the head before these cock munching democracy deniers finally understand that WE DON’T WANT A SECOND REFERENDUM?

The latest polls show that 65% of the British people don’t want a second referendum. We’re not interested. We’ve already had our say. Soubry and Umunna must be aware of that, so why the fuck are they trying to force one upon us? What makes them think they have the right to go against the will of the majority? They have no right whatsoever. Especially in Soubry’s case, since a majority of her own constituents voted to leave. She is deliberately going against their wishes. Something I hope they remember when she’s next up for election. Along with fellow Labour MP, Wes Streeting, Umunna wrote that, “As democrats, we must abide by the national vote”. So why the fuck is he not doing that? Because the self styled “Britain’s Obama” is no democrat. He’s a hypocritical, self-serving, two faced twat, that’s why! It’s no coincidence that this is coming at a time when Brexit negotiations are entering a new phase, one that will focus on future trading relationships.

It’s a naked attempt by traitors to the UK to undermine our negotiating position. Theresa the Appeaser doesn’t need any help on that front. Every time she goes into these negotiations, the stupid cow ends up giving away far more than she comes back with. And she usually comes back with fuck all. Then again, May did vote to remain in the EU, so perhaps it shouldn’t be too surprising that isn’t even bothering to try to negotiate. What really annoys me though, is her apparent belief that the British people are all morons, who completely believe her when she makes out that she’s done her best. “No deal is better than a bad deal”, she said a while back. That disappeared faster than Lord Lucan.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Blair, Mandelson and Clegg were involved in this somewhere too. You can’t have that much shit without those three having a hand in it. I’m sure that, ultimately, this latest attempt will fail. In the unlikely event that they DO force a second referendum, what will they do if the British people vote to leave again? And by an even greater margin? Will they say; “Oh well, we tried. But the British people have spoken and we have no choice but to respect the result”? Will they fuck. They’ll demand a third vote. And if they lose again, they’ll demand a fourth vote and a fifth, ad infinitum, until they get the result that THEY want.

I am beyond sick and tired of these ignorant, arrogant shites trying to force their will upon the UK. Soubry and Umunna are elected officials for fucks sake, how can they be so ignorant, so contemptuous of democracy now that they’re on the losing side? It’s not just an insult, it’s hypocritical. It shows how grubby British politics has sunk, that two people who have benefitted greatly from, and claim to love and respect, democracy, are willing to treat it with such casual disdain simply because they don’t like how democracy played out in June of 2016.

With these Remainers behaving in such a way, they have no right to expect others to respect the democratic process. Should they retain their seats at the next general election, they will have no right to complain if people demand a second vote. It will be their own fault if that happens. They have set an example that the rest of us have every right to follow. It won’t happen though, because the majority of the British people are decent, honest, honourable people. Unlike our MP’s.

Democracy is not a right. It is a privilege. It is not something that can be brushed aside simply we were on the losing side. It’s no longer democracy when that happens. And it is our duty to fight to keep democracy alive. It says a lot about May that she has done NOTHING to stop the Remainers in the Conservative party. Her inaction is yet more proof that, like Corbyn and squinty eyed Cable, she is not a leader. She is a weak, arrogant, Thatcher-lite turd, with limp wrists, a forked tongue and a bent spine.

Most Remainers now accept, albeit grudgingly, that Brexit IS going to happen. The only question is the scale of the scale of the shit show that May will bring back from Brussels. Soubry, Umunna and all the other Remain fanatics will ultimately fail. I just wish their arrogance would subside enough for them to see it now, so that they can finally shut the fuck up!

Another epic QDM nomination

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  1. The Soubry cunt probably has eyes on this new political party that Blair is bankrolling. No name for it yet, but the ethos seems to be ‘fuck democracy, we know better’. I imagine Chucky and quite a few of his Liebore colleagues have too.

  2. The UK voted to leave: end of discussion.

    Chuck it in Chukka et al need to just fuck off.

  3. Well cunted quick draw.
    These slimy little whingers need to be dragged out of their Westminster bubble and see what people in the real world think of them.
    Though I doubt they’ll like what they see.

    I was in hull last week and Vince cable visited to drum up support for the illiberal undemocrats in the local elections.
    “Its got nothing to do with brexit, it’s just about hull. We think that it’s be best to have a debate on the deal but it’s not very important, we need to focus on running hull.”
    Fuck me, how did he manage to change his tune so much in just a 3 and a half hour drive?
    In London it’s all “brexit will be stopped, brexiteers are cunts, no brexit, no brexit, no brexit ….”

    They’re ALL cunts.

    All I can say is, we’re leaving the EU.
    If we don’t leave the EU I’ll be more than prepared to fight.
    I hope for their sake they’re prepared to fight for the Reich coz they’ll get one regardless.

  4. Quick draw you arw 100% correct

    The reason there is negativity and doubt is because of cubts like these. If we all stuck together and frontes up to the fourth reich then the matkets etc woukd be in a much stronger position leading to a faster revovery of the pound etc…but no we have these cunts who have some kind of inferioriry complex that requires group numbers for safety at any cost.

    Thay made the irish vote again and if they do it here it proves democracy is a sham and the elitist really do run everything.
    Im embarrassed by nearly half my own countrymen who talk down my nation and thats the worst of all this

  5. The twats forget 1 major fact, they are public servants employed by the population they are not our masters and betters and it is time they were reminded of it. Pompous arrogant self absorbed smarmy superior CUNTS

  6. Yet another corker QDM!

    I guess the only remotely intellectually honest /coherent /valid questions on a 2nd Referendum ballot paper might be:

    1. Accept the deal as negotiated by the government.

    2. Leave on WTO rules.

    But the Remoaners wouldn’t like that because it would mean having to get serious about Brexit and negotiate a proper deal.

    What they’d want on their ballot paper is something like:

    1. Accept a REALLY BAD deal negotiated by the government.

    2. Remain.

    It simply ain’t gonna happen suckers…

  7. One of the reasons these moronic gits use is that some people were too young to have voted. Well I was when the fraudulent vote was taken to go into the EUSSR. None of these SJW’s felt that was undemocratic because the British Public had voted “correctly” so I was ignored by the SJW leeches. Now they claim we are all racist knuckle dragging morons who are too thick to be allowed to vote because we got it wrong.
    In the EUSSR and world of the SJWs, “Yes” votes are binding and “No” votes are obstacles to be overcome and/or ignored.
    As Junker the Drunker has slurred in the past, “When it becomes serious, you have to lie”.
    Cunts, the whole bloody lot of them..

    • They made us wait 41 years for the last vote in 2016… Maybe we could return the favour by offering them another Referendum in 2051?

      That would only be fair.

    • Drunker’s comment about lying shows what a pathologically thick, demented CUNT he is.

      Do you seriously reveal your game plan and hand to your opponents ?

      At least we know where where we stand.

      At the moments, still stuck in the festering heap of flyblown filth that calls itself the EU. A rancid, heaving, unflushed toilet of the shittest political agendas in all history.

  8. Aye. The peoples vote, like the peoples democratic republic of Korea, or the socialist ‘workers’ party in communist (sorry, socialist) China, Labour… If any of you remain cunts had actually met a real person outside of your rancid Westminster bubble I’ll eat Pete Doherty’s hat, and if you truly gave the tiniest of shits about them I’d eat far worse… Typical attempt at trying to sound like youve got the interests of the common man when the reality is soo fucking far from the bullshit seaping out every pore of your being. Problem is… about 48% of this country are either ‘in on it’ or seriously fucking thick. If remain voters were turkeys we’d have Bernard Matthews as PM, Chancellor and Home Secretary with 2 sisters in charge of the NHS. Most of us are incapable of even of comprehending how fucking deluded the average remain / labour voter actually is which is why we are still in a state of shock that this argument is still banking on. When you eventually realise the truth, and that they have a vote you actually start to understand why Pol Pot did what he did.

    • Or did what he was allowed to do. Pol Pot along with all the masters of genocide were able to murder masses – nay, fucking millions, of their own because he was allowed to. If Jim Jones or that other dozy cunt who conned his followers in believing that the tail of Haley’s comet was nirvana and all they had to do was drink kool aid and wait for the “light” its easy to understand – with enough of the EU propaganda ministers able to twist the arms of the easily led libtards in Londonistan and high profile cunts like the war criminal Bliar propped up with the money of Soros Miller and their ilk convincing the scared to fuck soft arsed remoaners that staying in the corrupt club is the only way to survive in the future – its pretty easy to see how that little cunt with the basin hair cut manages to manipulate an entire country. If you tell someone often enough that they are fucking stupid its not long before they believe that’s exactly what they are. In my neck of the woods the only remainers are at council and county council level. The plebs can see we can make a better country by ploughing our own furrow. Fuck the reainers and a pox on Bliar

  9. If these cunts have no respect for democracy, then they’ve no business being part of a democratically elected parliament.
    I resent paying anything in taxes to pay the wages of these disrespectful bastards.
    Guy Fawkes tried to forcibly overturn the will of parliament and he was put on the rack then hung drawn and quartered.
    I think at least Fawkes had good intentions, so that punishment is too good for Soubry and Umunna.

    • Agreed… The Likes of Lineker, Lily Mong, Fanny Izzard, Branson, Banana Gob, Albarn, Suggs, Geldof and any other anti-democracy ‘Brexit is evil’ celebricunt should be charged with the highest of high treason and dealt with accordingly…

      • The biggest tragedy of our time is that these moronic cunts, who are scarcely more intelligent than Sally the chimpanzee, have an influence on voting snowflakes.

        • “Sir” Patrick Stewart has now slung his hat in the ring – he threw his ring in the ring and fucked off to New York with his bertie bottom fiddler chum
          Why is it that most of the remoaners are either cunts with vested interests – like Soros wanting his Kalergi dream of a mud coloured easily managed and manipulated European or the non doms who left the UK to avoid paying their share of tax banding together along with the motley crew that assembled in Londinstan today to almost demand a referendum on the outcome of the deal
          If our PM had any balls – like the balls of Maggie or the balls of Churchill they would tell the EU to fuck off and we will leave with no deal. Things like this have a way of sorting themselves out. Will the Germans withhold or apply a non EU tariff to the cost of their top marques of cars being bought by the million by the UK? Will they fuck. In the financial markets using the UK as a trading hub will continue. We charge the least anywhere on stock purchase / currency trades and that will stop? Will it fuck. Will the frogs stop flogging us cheap wine and stinky cheeses? Will they fuck. Or the Greeks stop flogging us olives? Will it fuck. Businesses are inventive enough to bypass most things if two parties are prepared to trade. We in the UK owned most of the World at one time. So we find ourselves in a bit of a pickle What do we do? We do what we always did and find a way out or around. Look at the Swiss – they haven’t had a war for 400 years and all they invented was cuckoo clocks. Necessity is the Mother of invention and we always led the way on finding our own way – we built ships, automobiles, motor bikes, our own furniture. Virtually every thing we ever needed that we couldn’t buy we made it – after the Wars with France and the subsequent years of dismal poverty and many depressions the learned scholars of the day wrote that England was finished That was over 200 years ago – we came back from that to rule the world and we can do it again. Fuck the non doms and the remoaners telling what is best for us. Fuck to EU too. No deal, not a cent paid to settle any account – we tried to play fair and you thought you had us over a barrel – you didn’t – if you want to make the knacker scratching goat bothering sheep farmers from the old Eastern Europe as rich as their fellow Europeans by way of huge grants using our money as net contributors you can just fuck off. We will use our contributions on our own people. If only Maybot had that kind of pluck. I am sure the majority of the plebs would be right behind her.

          • You realise how insane and infuriating the whole Brexit ordeal is when George Soros, a Hungarian Jewish cunt, dares to meddle in BRITAIN’s internal affairs and there is not a single British official who will hang this alien cunt from his balls.

            How on earth did we devolve from the glorious British Empire into our modern Snowflake-ridden, darkie-infested, and Muzzie-breeding Britain ???

            Looking at our young cunts I don’t see any hope for our future. We need some pretty drastic measures ro reverse this horrifying cultural/social suicide.

          • It is very noticeable how many homosexual politicians (Mandleson, Ben Bradshaw, Chris Bryant, Wes Streeting) and pansy actors are so hysterical about the EU. They should form yet another group *Screaming Queens for Europe*

  10. It has always struck me that on the streets I have noticed a distinct lack of remain voters among regular people.

    The only signs of remoaner cuntitude that I have seen is some ‘Bollocks to Brexit” stickers posted on some steel roadside posts and some EU flags hung from a bridge. Even then the first though that sprang to my mind was ”what pathetic cunts”.

    I for one am sick and tired of the endless vocal minority of traitors, 5th columnists, cunts and Euro-marks who prove time and time again what contempt they have for the rest of us.

    Well guess what you remoaner cunts, I have nothing but complete contempt for you weapons grades shit stains!

    • Nobody likes a bad loser.

      Long may they continue to throw their toys out the pram!

      (I’m looking at you, Adonis…).

    • I’ve seen a couple of posters up in Bristol for an Anti Brexit party “coming to you soon”. Interestingly,the poster depicts two plastic Tiny Tears dollies wearing rainbow coloured tat,so they have got the audience right.

      • As “they” have adopted the rainbow, I feel most strongly that we should adopt the LASER.

        Industrial-strength, cuts through shite and snoflakes instantly.

        A New Age of light.

  11. What you fuckers on this site forget is that these people ‘know best’. As soon as you accept that we can get on with it. Ever closer union. Join Euro. Accept a million or so peaceful fuckers. You know It makes sense.

    • Oh yes, and let’s cripple any self sufficiency even more, just like we did when we joined that rotten club.

      Also, let’s bury common sense and our business with even more diktats and red tape!

  12. The only people soubry and chukka represent are themselves! completely unable to accept the result these treacherous swivel eyed Cunts have set about derailing the decision of the electorate under the guise of “ doing it for the people “ ?? WTF you Cunts the people spoke and still you are unable to fucking listen!! What message does this send out?
    My wife after lots of soul searching voted remain, as did her boss, both now would vote leave so repulsed by the cuntish behaviour of quisling Cunts like the aforementioned..
    Yesterday was remains big day of action!! Have a look at the photo on the bbc website for Edinburgh!! , there’s about 35 people there!!! Cunts… ( I can’t post link I phone issues) ..
    please cunters have a look it’s funny! And pathetic in equal measures…..
    So delusional are stratospheric Cunts like Blair, Clegg, soubry, cable and miller they truly believe they represent the majority!! THEY DONT!! They are selfish, self serving mega Cunts who represent an order that the U.K.( England and Wales) has bravely rejected!! Get over it……..
    FUCK YOU!! 😡

      • Those cunts all look old to me. Hasn’t anyone told them that remoaners are all young, pretty and energetic? Bad mistake but I suppose you have to use whatever shit you can scrape up.

        • Stupid bitch with the ‘let the people decide’ placard. Someone tell her they did decide, that’s why we are ‘leaving’. Shitsticks.

          • ‘Let the people decide’……. and what do these stupid daft cunts think we did at the EU referendum?

            I’m tired of these remoaners, I wish they would all hurry up and pull a Jonestown with their EU Kool-Aid.

            Fuck them.

          • It stopped being annoying a long time ago, Gina ‘Banana Gob’ Millers legal challenge infuriating but now, just desperate. And Patrick Stewart, please fuck off, you don’t even live here half the year and when you do its in the Cotswalds…hardly the front line.

          • Saw him on Andrew Marr this morning. Truly pitiful, felt embarassed for the deluded cunt.

      • Thanks GW….
        Look!! That useless fucking turn out gets reported!! , I’ve had more people in my garden for a BBQ!! CUNTS

      • Even worse is that turn out is in a the remainer stronghold of Scotland!! WTF does that say??
        Most level headed people have accepted the vote!!! GO AWAY!!

        • Quis , I agree but please bear in mind that it looks good as a statistic this 62% shi, t but i think it was 1.6million to 1.1million in favour of remain

          so 500,000 more across the country voted remain ?


          • True SC , very true…..
            you never hear a jot about all the Scots that voted leave!! I presume the same thing would have happened in England if we had voted remain….
            “ nothing to see! Move along”

      • About 18 people, a dog (but NOT JK Rowlinginit), and a bit of a bicycle.

        A stunning turnout.

  13. I haven’t watched HIGNFY since it became a remoaner platform. However, on Friday, wanting to see the BBC propaganda output known as “The News”, I caught the last five minutes. In five fucking minutes they had a dig at Brexit, a dig at Trump and a stupid childish dig at Sir Nigel.
    They just never give up do they the cunts?

    • That’s a full house on the game we play called BBC bingo. Usually you can call house within the first three minutes, as the agenda is usually laid out by whatever cunts presents it in the opening monologue. Fuck the bbc, you know, the right leaning one that Owen cunt Jones moans about. He must only watch the bits he’s on, the vainglorious little worm…

    • Absolute pricks!!
      I binned that show years ago!
      Nasty vehicle for lefty bull shit !!
      Absolutely no balance whatsoever……..

  14. Only ONE more referendum vote? Why not five? Or seven? Or nineteen? Or thirty-five?

    Cambridge Dictionary – TREASON (Noun):

    (the crime of) showing no loyalty to your country , especially by helping its enemies, or trying to defeat its government.

    i.e. The politicians who’ve campaigned for a second referendum are disloyal, betraying, double-crossing, faithless, rotten, back-stabbing cunts.

    In earlier times their heads would’ve been displayed on spikes on old London Bridge.

  15. Well, lets all look on the bright side… if they have a second ref and we dont leave, that will mean our gurning bell end flavoured youth can sign up for the “EU Army”, much talked about in Brussels circles. Such a formidable unit would be handy for, say, delivering food to third world countries whose govts cant cope with the responsibility of running the place, and in the event of of full on War acting as a speed bump for the Soviet, sorry, Russian ( Old Habits Eh..!!?? ) 3rd Shock Army. If you wonder where the “Shock” appelation comes from, send your gurning 21 year old “student” child to stand in its way. His/Her/it’s degree in existentialism should halt them in their tracks..

    • Armed only with their trusty copy of The Groiniad, and Moaning “Owen” Jones” vade-mecum on The Demonisation of the Chavs…

  16. I’d love to see Cable’s head on a spike the cunt. Disappointed to read above that Suggs is a remoaner. I used to like the cunt but he can fuck himself now.
    By the way, I only know of three “slebs” on our side…..Botham, Cleese and Caine. Does anybody know any others ?

    • I never thought that the Limp Dumbs would have an even cuntier leader than Tiny Tim but by God has the old bastards proven me wrong there.

      Cable is at Clegg level cuntitude.

        • The wife – who polishes the latrines at the British Library – threw up a few more names last night:

          Roger Daltrey.
          David Starkey.
          David Icke.
          Joan Collins.
          Edward Fox.
          Elizabeth “If it means we can go back to using decent lightbulbs and choose high-powered hairdryers and vacuum cleaners if we so wish…” Hurley.
          Frederick Forsyth.

  17. The time for posts and outrage is over. It was over a long time ago. Democracy? Fucked. Issues like this are traditionally settled with revolution, and killings in countries throughout the world. But not in Britain.
    Until we grow balls, and take the fuckers for a short trip to the only useful thing the French ever invented. ( Guillotine ) then we need to learn to bow, scrape and touch the forelock, in obedience to our masters and betters. The Barren Bitch has triumphed. She has kicked Putin in the balls and she is still standing. We will remain tied to the tit feeding bastards of Europe, and we will learn to be grateful to the Barren Bitch. Well she can fuck off. ! I for one won’t bend!

  18. Patricia Scotland general secretary to the commonwealth today predicted a trillion pound surge in trade in the next 2 years after BREXIT!! That’s right! A trillion pounds!! Apparently the CW has 2.4 billion Citizens!!( I personally didn’t know it was that big) Not 450 million EU Cunts!!
    Britain needs to lift its head and see a future away from the 1950,s style trading block called the EU!

    • Well, when 1.4 billion of those are from India alone…..

      One of the main reasons I wanted out of the EU is this; it’s a dying, declining market, for a number of years now, our trade outside of the EU has outstripped our trade with the EU.

      I liken this to being on the first lifeboats setting off from the Titanic.

      • Exactly right PMS, it’s an outdated concept! , the worlds moved on since the 50,s and 60,s where trading blocks looked the way forward.
        Whilst Europe stagnants the east is booming, and other foreign markets are opening!, the old expression of “ putting all your eggs in one basket “ springs to mind..
        I believe the EU ( in its current guise) will collapse in the next few years, too inflexible, lacking the dynamics to compete in a fast changing ultra competitive world……

        • On top of what you’ve stated, I believe that Merkel’s catastrophically stupid decision to invite herds and herds of fucking ugly peacefools and then trying to foist them on everyone else will turn out to be one of the many nails in the EU’s coffin.

          Also, our leaving will be a major death blow for them. Second largest net contributor? How long will the krauts want to keep funding every fucker for if/once we’re out?

          That line about us being second largest net contributor to the EU? A sick joke if there ever was one, we’ve definitely NOT had value for money out of our EU membership!

          • I agree, The Fourth Reich will be dead in ten-fifteen years (although it will possibly mutate into a different entity: Same monster, different skin). Still, there isn’t much point Blighty chaining itself to a corpse, is there?

            I actually disagree with your point about Merkel opening the door to over a million “teenage” , “peaceful” “refugees” (each description so ridiculous it warrants its own inverted commas); if the old, barren fuehrer hadn’t shipped so many in, and consequently destabilised the whole continent, we mightn’t have pushed Leave over the line.

            Ho Hum.

          • £40billion will keep the cunts limping along for another 4 years, but they’ll soon be back demanding more money with menaces, playing for time with their extended transition periods, Mavis caving in every step of the way…

          • Why she doesn’t have the spine to tell the EUcunts to fuck off is beyond me……. if Orban and every other piss pot eastern bloc country can do it, why can’t we?!

          • @PMS
            May is spineless, partly because it comes naturally, but mostly because the Establishment and 80%+ of Parliament is determined to Remain, regardless of their weasel words “we accept the result…”

            Blah blah blah Bliars!

    • I wouldn’t put too much store in what that ridiculous woman has to say. She’s a disgrace to her office and would have been sacked years ago were she white or male.

        • ”No. She would have been sacked years ago were she white AND male AND heterosexual.”

          Fixed it for you!

  19. Let’s not forget that voting leave is only advisory whereas voting remain is irrevocable.
    The EU have form for taking precisely that line with Norway where they voted ‘no’ to the EU three times.
    But the bastards still kept asking!

  20. I gather the pikey family of Unlucky Vincent, the burgling scum, have turned up at the home he broke into, to ‘celebrate’ his birthday. The law should hang their heads in fucking shame, for allowing this daily pilgrimage by these criminal trash, can you imagine living there, having to put up with this shit?
    On a brighter note, the family are sure he’s gone to a better place. I totally agree. The mortuary.

    • Sod that, he’s in a better place – hell!

      Fucking pikey scum, wish they’d all get the same. Cunts.

    • Did the sanctimonious turd from the MetPol in charge of weeping over dead crims turn out to light the candles on the cake or was he busy scourging himself for being “institutionally racist…” Silly Weak Cunt…Bet the hedgehog scoffers can’t believe their luck….

    • “Gone to a better place: A mortuary.” Ha ha, ✅

      A mortuary: Can you imagine the aura of death, the foul odour, the vicious tools, the seepage of human fluids, the rotten, soiled clothes, the sad, lack of life and humanity.

      That’s just when the pikey cunt was alive.

  21. Fucking dirty pikey lowlife fucking pig ignorant fucking scum. The coppers could easily arrest them for a breach of the peace but Dicksplash won’t allow it.
    It’s a fucking disgrace. Lezzy bitch should be sacked in the morning.

  22. I wish some clever cunt would invent a pikey myxamatosis that could be painted on to the door handles of their caravans to kick-start an epidemic.
    I hate the cunts.

    • They should get some of that Russian novo shit and spray it all over their camp sites.
      Then send some do gooder snowflakes in to help them out.
      Luvvly jubbly.

  23. How are these pikey slags getting to Hither Green with all their placards, flowers and teddy bears etc ? Obviously in cars, either driven by themselves or the males of the species. The coppers could stop those cars and I guarantee there would be no insurance, no tax, no mot and if they had a driving licence between them it would be a nicked one. Take their cars away and see if they can find a taxi who will pick up a tribe of pikeys.
    The cunts will soon find somebody else to pick on.

  24. Thank God for the most cunted cunt on here Mr David Cameron, although a shit PM without him we possibly wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get out of the EU. As for all the remainers still whinging… Seriously fuck off you cunts it’s be going on too long now. No doubt the biggest remainer of all James O’brien will give this remain campaign a lot of exposure on his show for cunts. FUCK OFF

    • He is like a 21st century Lord Haw Haw except the full horror of Nazism wasn’t realised until the post war years we have had forty plus years of the EU.

    • Good point about Cameron giving us the referendum – Remainers must hate him nearly as much as those posting here do!

      Either way, he can’t win. If Brexit turns out to be a disaster, Cameron will go down in history as the man who brought it about, because he held the Referendum.

      On the other hand, if Brexit turns out to be a success, Cameron will go down in history as the PM who campaigned hysterically to stop us leaving, via Project Fear.

      No good deed goes unpunished, ha ha.

    • That piece of shit, Cameron,never meant to actually give us the chance to leave the EU. The arrogant Cunt only did it because he wanted to be remembered as the Tory who put an end to the endless infighting in the Tory party. He embarked on the most deceitful campaign of misinformation and downright lies when he realised that there was a chance we might vote leave,and fled like the cowardly bastard that he is,when he lost.
      I’ll never thank Cameron for anything apart from the pleasure that I took from seeing the smug look wiped from his pudding face when he announced his resignation.

      I detest Cameron.

      • I detest him too DF not as much as Gideon though. Thankfully their joint arrogance (no doubt had a joke and laugh together over Champagne and Canapés at how we wouldn’t dare vote to leave) led them to giving us a referendum. When Obama spoke with Cameron about Britain should stay in etc you could see Cameron looking chuffed that Obama did him that favour. What load of cunts they all are.

        • I think of Gideon as Cameron’s gimp. It’ll be like when they were at Eton together with Osbourne licking Cameron’s boots clean like the little bitch that he is. I have little doubt that they enjoyed an unhealthy relationship behind closed doors. I’ll bet it wasn’t just the pig that experienced Cameron’s attentions,but I also bet that the pig wasn’t begging to do it,unlike that little arsewipe,Gideon.

      • The country seems to be entering a prolonged period of cold civil war. No one trusts the government, and if Parliament is no longer be seen as representative of the people, then what is? Facefuck?


        • People don’t trust Government and rightly so.

          We live in a participatory democracy, where the people get to vote every few years to vote into power (note I wrote ‘power’ and not ‘office’) those that have no intention of representing The People.

          We will never leave the EU, it is just too big, corrupt and stuffed full of venal, self serving, in it for themselves cunts to let go of even a fraction of power.

          The West is in endgame, the money has been borrowed and spent, the old western economies staggering towards retirement with no thought of how it they will support themselves when they are no longer economically viable, with hundreds of millions of younger, well educated, cheaper economies and workers eager to take all the work and business opportunity the west can no longer compete with.

          The only future for The West, in the face of the inescapable future, is more and more tyrannical oppression, surveillance, control, taxation and benefits (to keep the masses from rioting) until it all cannot be paid for, and the rest of the world finally realises it, and then descent into hyperinflation, economic collapse, culminating in the adoption of 20th century communist doctrines, violence and total oppression.

          Oh yes, got a bit sidetracked there, we will never leave the EU.

  25. Suggs is a clueless, deluded, mutter-singing arsehole. He suggests Brexiteers are small minded, right wing anarchists. But on the other hand he thinks Londonistan should leave the UK. A hypocrite d’or.

    A daft, washed-up ***** (removed by admin) of the first order. OK, so suspend disbelief and imagine the capital leaves the UK. Then what? A wall around the M25? It would be just like Passport to Pimlico.

    What a giant fucking penis.

      • Eh? We can use cunt fuck and wanker, but not p*nce?

        Oxford dictionary definition is an effeminate man or one that live’s off a prostitute’s earnings. OK, I don’t believe the latter applies but the former does.

  26. I can hand on heart say that before the result, had it gone in favour of remaining in the EU (as widely expected), I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid and shit would have just continued as before.

    However when I woke up to David Dimbleby’s poe-face gnashing through the words: “Britain has voted to LEAVE the EU!” a wry smile appeared on my face because I thought: “Shit, it wasn’t just me who thought it was a bag of old shite after all!”

    There was no smugness or sense of victory – just the reality that most of the UK thought it was a bag of old shite too.

    However the derailment of democracy was swift to follow when pig-fucker came out of No. 10 and – instead of invoking article 50 then and there – resigned. The cunt.

    That was the first delaying tactic and it’s been a plethora of them since and most coming from “twat central”, i.e., within the M25. Even then it’s not proper Laaahhhhnnndenaaaarrs it’s the cunts from Shepton Mallet and the like who now think that the UK would collapse if they didn’t exist there and the fucking “imports”, who want to continue sucking at Soros’ teat by means of a Juncker proxy!

    Pro remain cunts can have their opinion – just as I would had we voted remain – however show a bit of respect for democracy you cunts!

    And that goes for soft twat snowflakes all the way through to the cunts in Cuntminster!

    • I stayed up for the whole night’s tv (cf. “Did You stay up for Portaloo?” At least Miguel Xavier performs a useful service – A good series on methods of execution, plus a sort of morphing into a colourful Sir John Betjeman, pottering around railways, sans poetry or teddy bear. The difference is, I doubt whether the despised EU COULD / would ever transform… Simply not their MO.)
      I voted to leave, but just couldn’t sleep – I didn’t want to wake up the next am and find we were still IN, but have to admit I was more than pleasantly stunned when the point of no return was attained.
      Just how I feel when Lucy Lane has given me 12 of the best with a judicial…

  27. As a born and bred Londoner i’m surprised we managed 39% leave in the first place. We are gradually being pushed out by a pincer movement from rich fuckers who put their own economic interest before the interests of their country, and immigrant cunts who haven’t got a fucking country. The London result is all about demographics……a concentration of rich fuckers, inmos and poofs. We’ve got it all here my friends…..a never ending fucking freak show.

    • Too tight FTF, as someone whose lived in London for 17 years in that time I’ve seen massive changes.
      The rich cunts especially, where I live is like a building site… Been like this for ages now constant planning permission letters for Tarquin and Jemima to build three underground floors. Poor Tarquin and Jemima have nowhere else to put that Swimming Pool, Wine cellar, Gym and Cinema. Loads of rich Yanks and Australians and Middle Eastern cunts moving in who after they’ve inconvenienced and pissed all the locals off with their ‘Upgrades’ on their new home waltz in all smiles like they own the gaff. The cunts.

      • Think you forgot Evgeny and Anastasia’s portfolio of residences (for laundered money), B&W. Cunts. And cunts who let them do it.

  28. I find the temperature of my piss rising evermore rapidly when I listen to these remaining, remoaning, retarded, repugnent mega cunts droning on and on and on and fucking ON. If this national vote to leave the Island of EU is overturned I think Sir Nige is right that we will see a crisis in this country on a scale never seen before. I, as we speak, am sharpening and honing many implements that I will NOT hesitate to use if these duplicitous cunts derail our departure in any way. I have thought long and hard about this and if in the end my vote counts for nothing I will make my own rules in future. Don’t fuck with the Nagaski’s.

  29. Well at least we all know what to do during the next general election, if the liar you vote for doesn’t win….you can cry, stamp your feet like a child and keep on demanding a re run until you get your way. Happy days 👌

  30. actually although i voted leave in one way i wouldnt mind another referendum. just imagine the state Remainers would be in when we voted leave again !, there w ould be frothing at the mouth.

    • If it went 75% Brexit !!!

      Would all the silly cunts like Farty Firth, Rowlinginit, Twatson, Ken Wankaaagh et al fuck off to some EU bolt/shite-hole (like Brussels, which stinks of dog-shit) ??

      It might be the only way they’d stay alive, although hopefully they’d all club together for Prosecco and rat-poison, and do the decent thing.

      • Oh they’re not gonna take any chances this time.
        The only reason they didn’t rig the last one is coz they were so convinced that they’d win that they didn’t bother corrupting the result.

        We all know which way the 2nd referendum will go.
        And we all know what will happen when the result comes in.

  31. Chukka Umunna is such a worthless pompous arsehole. He is a London MP, but together with London Mayor Sadiq Kunt, he worries his little head about Brexit when there have been well over 50 murders in London this year. More last night:

    Like that pantomime dame Izzard who is another arch-remainer they need yo get their fucking heads out of their arseholes.

    I see also that bald motherfucker Patrick fucking Stewart one of the poncy actors who thinks he is a star was also wittering on about Brexit yesterday.

  32. Having been surrounded by a cloud of urine vapour this weekend (BBC – ‘Brexit causes cancer’ on the hour every hour, and a heavily slanted revisiting of Enoch Powell, so that he could be called a wacist by a number of pundits of whom I had never heard), I am wondering if in fact something might be done. The propaganda from Remain is becoming visibly ridiculous, delivered as it is by an unprecedented alliance of the shifty, the devious and the wholly self-interested. It looks as if they are lining themselves up for the firing squad without any need to handcuff them first.

    There’s an initiative waiting to be taken by the first articulate public figure prepared to risk a bit of patriotic fervour and completely ignore the SJW’s (who only exist to attract attention: they’re not actually *for* anything at all). The BBC isn’t pouring scorn on Enoch because it has principles – don’t make me laugh – but because the Establishment is shit-scared that his analysis was accurate and his remedy correct. Which the vested interests atr its heart could never acknowledge.

  33. These cunts want to have “the people’s vote” in order to overturn…..THE PEOPLE’S VOTE. Utter cunts.

    • Which makes the cunts into wannabe populists, doesn’t it? And populism, we are repeatedly assured by Blair, is baaayud, m’kay?
      The scum don’t do irony, do they?

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