Henry Vincent

Currently a big story and rightly so…

Henry Vincent is a (dead) cunt,
He targeted the weak and vulnerable and was a cunt, he got stabbed by pensioner Richard Osborn-Brooks after he burgled his home (whilst already being a wanted man) and is now thankfully a dead cunt.

Mr Osborn-Brooks has been arrested and I’m not sure if he’ll be charged.
I hope not, everybody should be able to defend themselves in THEIR own home simple as that and you intentionally cross into someone else property to Rob them and your rights go out the window.

I can honestly say if I caught some cunt in my home one of us will end up dead, and most likely it’ll be the other person.

I don’t give a fuck what any goody goody says and to be honest I’d probably torture the cunt for a while before ‘accidently’ cutting a vital artery.

Total cunt.

Nominated by Black and white cunt

Footnote :

98 thoughts on “Henry Vincent

    • Totally agree with BAWC
      Any Cunt pops up uninvited in your house it’s open season!!
      Reasonable force means fuck all at 2am when your confronted by a burglar or two…..
      This piece of shit got exactly what he deserved!!
      Good riddance………

    • He didn’t deserve to die, claim his friends and family.

      Yes he did say the rest of us.

  1. What is not reported, is that pikey cunt was attacking intended victim with a screwdriver with the obvious intention of harming him. The old boy wrestled with him and managed to save himself at the expense of Mr Pikey!
    Now I dont know about you, but Icall that a result! And I agree Freddie, the only good Pikey is a dead one…

    • You cant talk like that about our beloved much admired by the terminally thick and gullible superiors, travelling community they are a persecuted minority who have to endure life under the white population. The council and social workers believe everything these thieving lying scum tell them, needs someone in charge who knows these bastards and the 100% fact they hate us and we are only here to be chawed off moosh.

    • Viz comic had to pay reparations to the Gypsy council of Great Britain (if that isn’t a fucking Spoonerism right there) and print an apology. Their crime? One episode of a planned series of a bunch of new characters called “Dirty thieving Gypsy Bastards”.
      That is exactly what the cunts are. They use the word “Gypsy” when most of them are Oirish cunts, tinkers, potters and charvers – anything but Gypsy. That cunt Paddy who spent a week shagging the speakers wife and won the sleb jungle bollocks is portrayed as a Gypsy king. He was born in Manchester and didn’t go to Ireland till he was in his 30’s. Rathkeale in the Republic is where the cunts go for the Winter after they have laid the typical one inch of tarmac over some OAP’s drive and charged them a fucking fortune. The Gardaí maintain in 5 years it will be 100% traveller owned. I don’t know about anyone else but I have never met a group (I got 7 days for calling them Pikeys on facaesbook – as they consider them a “race”) who were more worthy of ethnic fucking cleansing than Gippos, Pikeys, Travellers, Tinkers, Potters, Charvers and the whole gang of Roma cunts who even the dopy fucking Romanians cant tolerate. I would cluster bomb every pikey site and shoot all stragglers.

        • “typical one inch of tarmac…” Really?

          We got less than half that!

          Just heard Mr Brooks has been released and no further action will be taken…

          He should sue.

      • Very informative. I remember the furore over the gippo strip in Viz as I bought it religiously at the time.

        Genuine question: Is there any link, blood or otherwise, between the ‘Irish’ pikeys and the Roma? Do they get on?

        • Remember the “cut out and keep” sincere apology they put in the next issue?

          They did this as the cunt Judge ordered them to issue an apology in their next publication.

          That was funnier than the piss take comic strip!


          • Yeh, I think they ran a strip called ‘lovely travelling folk’. Or some such. The next month.

            I am now old enough to remember when Viz was funny and you could buy it with a small denomination note and still get enough change for a pint.

        • An extremely tenuous link MR. The Oirish would have you believe there is a link to the Romany cunts but the Romany are as despised in Romania as much as pikeys are despised here (in fact more so – they regularly run them out of towns when they descend en masse) It seems its all in the genes but nope, the pikeys are paddies and the Romas were Egyptians to start with. Me? I would be happy to see all the cunts off and back to Ireland. Strange they have so much love for “home” (as they call it) but most of the cunts have never moved farer than a lay bye outside Croydon

          A genetic analysis of Irish Travellers found evidence to support the hypotheses of: (1) Irish ancestry; (2) several distinct subpopulations; and (3) the distinctiveness of the midland counties due to Viking influence.

          Genetic studies by Miriam Murphy, David Croke, and other researchers identified certain genetic diseases such as galactosemia that are more common in the Irish Traveller population, involving identifiable allelic mutations that are rarer among the rest of the community.

          Two main hypotheses have arisen, speculating whether:
          1.this resulted from marriages made largely within and among the Traveller community, or
          2.suggesting descent from an original Irish carrier long ago with ancestors unrelated to the rest of the Irish population.

          They concluded that: “The fact that Q188R is the sole mutant allele among the Travellers as compared to the non-Traveller group may be the result of a founder effect in the isolation of a small group of the Irish population from their peers as founders of the Traveller sub-population. This would favour the second, endogenous, hypothesis of Traveller origins.”

          More specifically, they found that Q188R was found in 100% of Traveller samples, and in 89% of other Irish samples, indicating that the Traveller group was typical of the larger Irish indigenous population.

      • I have it on reasonably good authority that the Romanian gvnmnt are trying / have tried to suppress use of the “Roma” word because people make an automatic link with…”nians”.

        Just shows how much these scumbags are despised.

  2. Why arrest Mr Osborn-Brooks?

    Surely he deserves an OBE for services to the British public!?!

    What the fuck was he supposed to do “Run, Hide and Tell” (while useless plod take a week to answer the 999 call)?

    For fuck’s sake!

    I’m not exaggerating there either. Last week there was a report out where 999 calls, i.e., “…need immediate assistance now you cunts…” only for Plod to womble up a week later.

    Contrast this however to instances of so-called “hate speech” (the only recent investment in the UK police force – in order to provide state funded suppression of freedom of speech) where two widely known incidents of “hate speech” (it’s just “name calling” you cunts) on (anti)social meejah were responded to and arrests made within the hour. That is true!

    So, getting robbed by some cunt who should already be in chokey, or getting blown to fuck by a “peaceful” cunt, and they’ll strive to be with you within the week.

    Call a “peaceful” a cunt and they’ll be at your door, bracelets at the ready on the ‘c’ of cunt!

    It is a fucking disgrace!

    All this boo-hooing about stabbings within the “cultural enrichment” communities and plod not doing enough about it. Blah, blah, fucking, blah!

    Maybe if the yardies traded insults on (anti)social meejah instead of knife wounds then plod’s response would be rapid!

    Police “Force” hah what a fucking joke, they should brand themselves accurately which would be Police “Weakness”.

    Fucking cunts! And all with the Cresida Strapon seal of approval (another cunt promoted due to boxes ticked rather than ability – cunt).

    • Well said rebel

      I’m sure Mrs Dick mentioned basics like housbreaking being demoted in this new world of policing but lgbtqrst issues and hate speech etc would be addressed in her inaugural speech.

      Sit waiting a week while your front door flaps about in the wind but type the truth and the coppers are there with bells on. Oh and were all probably on a list for being on ISAC as it is…..but Isis fighters mingle back into the population. Fucked fucked fucked

    • They dont use the term “police force” now its to confrontational . Police Service now.
      It be better as “police kick u up the bollocks force” you SLAG!!!

  3. This pikey cunt is the spawn of shit created by a family of thieving/conning pikey cunts who are in and out of clink when they get caught,agreed the only good pikey is a dead pikey and stabbing someone in self defence in your home should be a £30 fine at worst,it will be a travesty of the law if Mr Obourne Brooks does any time for this shit stain pikey cunt,he has done the police service a favour and got an instant result….good on him well done…

  4. Must have left his lucky heather at home…
    Vermin scum cunt…good riddance…

    In other news…

    A judge is deciding wether to release a woman on bail who has been accused of battering her husband to death with his guitar collection.

    “First offender?” the judge asks.

    “No your Honour” she replies, “I used a Gibson first, then a Fender”….

  5. He has been arrested for murder, but bailed (which is in itself unusual and a possible clue to how this will end). The Police will be consulting with the CPS and hopefully common sense will prevail and no charges will be brought against the old boy by the CPS.

    The Police are just following procedure. None of this means the old boy will go to jail. It is hardly in the public interest and given the recent changes in law regarding disproportionate force against burglars now being lawful, this should be wrapped up PDQ and not allowed to drag on unless some utter cuntball at the CPS wants to send out a ‘message’, warning against vigilante behaviour.

    • Guaranteed some Lawyer cunt who has recently finished defending an ISIS cunt who has returned to the UK will be pressing for the return of the death penalty for Mr Osborn-Brook.

        • Cheers, I don’t think anyone would defend that piece of cunt. Seems like he’s from a long line of distinguished cunts.

  6. Ironically today career criminal Kenneth Noye was released from nick after doing 20 years for stabbing to death a bloke in a road rage incident. But before that he went Scot free after stabbing a copper to death in his garden. The copper was conducting surveillance connected to the Brinks Matt robbery and obviously did not break into the house nor was he carrying a knife.
    So, you may assume this OAP has nothing to worry about. However, liberals and do gooders love the poor persecuted pikeys so don’t be so sure.
    Google Star Lane Orpington travellers. This is where this piece of dead shit comes from. I know these cunts and they are just shit , every single one of them. I’ve got plenty more pikey stories, trust me.

    • As soon as I saw that the burglar was white I automatically assumed one of those pikey crews out down the A20.

      I grew up in Catford not far from where the pikey got served up.

  7. If you listen carefully I’m sure you will hear a collective sigh of relief from City Hall and the personal fiefdoms of Lammy and Flabbott in culturally enriched Hackney and Tottenham. They dodged a bullet with this cunt being white and not having to justify the usual default setting of racism, society, poverty or any other get out of jail free card victimhood wankery.

  8. A few years back when I was with Ex Mrs Cockslammer I caught 2 polish cunts robbing lead off my roof. Unfortunately for these two dick heads when I ran into my rear garden both of them jumped over me from the low roof and landed in the garden, where I was stood. It was surrounded on all sides by climbing roses, they shat themselves and jumped over the walls cutting themselves up big time whilst I tried to grab at least one, but they both managed to jump free. I ran out of the house, swiftly followed by my neighbor who’s wife had called the filth. As luck would have it we caught these two wank stains and “brought” them back to my home, still with the lead they had just robbed. The filth arrived, saw these two rat cunts all cut up and the first words out of the mouth of officer fat useless prick towards said robbing wank stains was “ have they hurt you in any way”….. The filth…..what is the point?

    • Yes in “modern policing” Britain, perpetrators are the new victims.

      Hadn’t you heard, it has the full endorsement of Cresida Strapon, Lammy, Abbott and any other useless cunt in a position of power who shouldn’t be there!


      • All this “caring for the perpetrators” is Common Purpose, Coudenhove-Kalergi, Frankfurt Plan, Globalism &c.
        Hence Bliarcunt’s repeal of the rope for treason.

        Quite deliberate, and another reason why the EU should be flushed down the shitter at the first available.

    • Unbelievable, what a total joke. No wonder no-one respects the Police.

  9. My start to the weekend has been enhanced enormously since I found out this cunt was a pikey. Any act that reduces the pikey horde is to be commended.
    The pensioner should be given the Tony Martin award for removing scumbag cunts from society. Double his winter fuel allowance too.
    I fucking hate pikeys. Hopefully Vincents family will follow suit and die horribly very soon. Fucking cunts.

    • Everybody who has come across these gyppo bastards hates them with a passion. The only people who don’t have never been with 5 miles of the fuckers.

  10. Fuck all politicians , because it is the politicians who are ultimately responsible for the state of the UK today.

    ” a land fit for heroes ….” ( Churchill ) What a load of wank. cunts the lot of them.

  11. Seems the old geezer and many of the cunters here just ain’t got with the programme. Defending your property is wrong, having property is wrong. If some like the late misunderstood Mr Vincent breaks into your house and attacks you it is because you are oppressing him and keeping him in poverty. None of your reactionary the cunt could of got a job and earned a living crap please.

    Anyone can come and take anything they like from you and if you defend it you will be harassed and prosecuted by the state you paid your taxes to. When will you people understand, it’s time to give up your homes, refugees need them, give up your nations and open your borders and accept the new world order.

    Hang your heads in shame at your western capitalist privilege, George Soros knows best.

  12. Nothing more to add but a bloody good cunting, B & W. Piece of shite attacking a 78-year old. No sympathy for despicable, bone-idle pikey cunts who contribute nothing yet take everything. Anyone who’s lived anywhere near a settlement quickly loses any patience for these animals. They are a festering cancer on this country.

    One down, tens of thousands to go.

  13. The scum cunt family of this dead scum cunt are moaning that this shouldn’t have happened, he didn’t have to die, etc. He didn’t have to burgle pensioners, or make a career out of crime, especially against the elderly. He was a good father?! How can you be a good father if you are in and out of fucking jail, for heinous crimes. Scum, the fucking lot of them.

  14. One can only hope that his entire family are torched in their caravans. He also doesn’t deserve a nice, classic English name like Henry. Giving a pikey a nice name is like allowing council scum to have double glazing. Or Diane Abbott wearing lipstick.

  15. I’d love to say that Mr Osborn-Brooks won’t be charged. However, given how utterly useless plod have become, thanks to their over-promoted, under-intelligent, fast track, politically correct arsehole senior officers, I can’t say that. I HOPE he isn’t charged, because from what I’ve read, it was a genuine case of self defence. He was protecting his home and his disabled wife from two armed scumbags, one of whom happened to suffer a fatal case of death while committing his umpteenth crime against pensioners.

    Also from what I’ve read, Vincent’s entire family are scum of the lowest order. Genuine products of the lower end of the gene pool. Some of the dead shit bag’s family have already taken to social media to slag off and threaten Mr Osborn-Brooks. Apparently, over the years, they have robbed or conned pensioners to the tune of around £500,000. That includes an 82 veteran who robbed of his medals, AND his father’s first world war medals. I wouldn’t normally say this, but I hope the entire family are struck down by an untreatable, fatal illness. They are of no use or benefit to society whatsoever.

    As far as I’m concerned, Vincent got what he deserved. He chose to break to break into that house, thinking the owners would be an easy target. He rolled the dice, and he lost. Tough shit, good riddance. In the US, this wouldn’t be called be called a burglary. It would called by it’s true name, a home invasion. Not only that, but Mr Osborn-Brooks would not have been arrested. He’d have been hailed a hero by the press and his neighbours.

    Anyway, there’s one thieving turd less in the country now. That’s a good thing.

  16. I’m sure you will join me in paying tribute to the late Mr Vincent, who for many years contributed to the community in the same way his forefathers did. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this sad time. Hopefully we can raise enough money to erect a memorial statue in his honour. Perhaps ISAC’s admin team could organize the collection.

    • I have some Cat shit I could donate to form the base of the memorial statue.

  17. That’s really great news to start my Friday alcohol onslaught. A dead cunt and a hero pensioner. It doesn’t get much better. “He didn’t deserve to die”. Yes, he did, happy Easter cunts.

  18. The old boy is a fucking hero, if the thieving pikey cunt hadn’t been trying to rob him he’d be alive today great result, end of chat

  19. The trouble is the pikeys know where he lives and his name and photo have been all over the papers. You and I might think the cunt gambled and lost but gyppos don’t think like that. This bloke will be looking over his shoulder because the law isn’t interested in cunts like us.

    • Yeah if the cunt was part of the “cultural enrichment” society, a “peaceful” or a ZZ Top looking drag act then he’d get 24hr police protection.

      Alas as he doesn’t tick any of the right boxes, like the rest of us, he can fuck off and chance it on his own!


      • You can be SURE that if he was a Din-du-nuffins or a Muzziecunt, there would be no picture or name in our cuntish media.

        • It took them as long as they did to ID the pikey cunt.

          If it were a peacefool who kicked the bucket they would stil be keeping its ID concealed right now!

    • You mean they won’t be providing him with a new identity? No, I suppose not, unlike Jon Venables he’s not worth spending £millions of quid protecting.

  20. And speaking of pikey cunts…


    You can take the pikey out of the rubbish-strewn, feral kids pissing about, shit tip that they’ve created in a nice area but you can’t take the pikey out of the man.

    Hopefully the yanks will throw this cunt in chokey. No fucking tears for pikey cunts in the good ole US of A!

    • Just a follow up…

      Connor the Cunt has been charged with 3 misdemeanors and a felony. He has a $50,000 bond…which usually means he only had to post 10% in cash to be released. The fact that he is a “foreigner” may mean he had to post it all because he can be considered a flight risk.
      He has been released and press reports say he is able to leave the country.

      It’s New York City, a bastion of libtard/victim jurisprudence. He’s Irish in a city where there is still a large Irish population with influence. He’s a celeb and the Manhattan District Attorney…one Cyrus Vance Jr…is a World Class cunt who is under investigation for not prosecuting celebs and then taking “campaign contributions” from them…most notably Harvey Weinstein.

      With that said Connor the Cunt cost some people a lot of money and they have influence too. He injured a couple of them and is almost certainly facing civil charges as well.

      Not sure how this will play out. You can commit crimes in the US and get away with them but don’t mess with our money!

      🇺🇸. 💰. 💲.

      By the way, there is a large community of these “traveller” cunts in the US.

      🍟. 🚐.

  21. I use the A40 near Shepherd’s Bush a lot when I’m going out and abaaaaaht and they have a Pikey settlement under a part of it, next time I’m driving past I’ll aim a nice phlegm filled spit out the window at the cunts. I can’t see why they still live like this in 2018, they must have multiple identities and claim benefits, otherwise why would you wanna live a a tiny Caravan?

    • I think the people under the flyover were more ur totter rag and bone man type.

      • If that’s what they are then I’ll chuck some Cat shit at them as well.

        • Different sort of people bwc like showmen are different. Its the irish tinkers that are really the scum on the cesspit. Being a farrier had lot of contacr with all varieties

    • fuck me, is that still there? I remember driving past it when I worked in North Acton 20 years ago!

    • The poor old fucker has had to go in hiding, and his house boarded up because there is a real fear of reprisals from the dead scum cunts family. What a fucked up country we live in, you would think it would be the scum cunt family that would have to go into hiding, not the victims.

  22. Remember that fuckwit roider Raul Moat? After that prick bought the farm, there were Facebook memorials to him, such as Raul Moat you Legend. There will probably be similar tributes to this maggot no doubt. So many layers of cunt.
    Wonder what facts Spivey has on the whole incident?

    • Raul Moat was the filthiest piece of fucking shit scum upon the earth who was a criminal thug with serious mental health issues ( ie he had no fucking brain ) I shit on his fucking memory. A pox on his retarded in bred family and I hope each and every fucking one of them suffers from an arsefull of haemorroids in constant motion.

  23. I am finally gobsmacked!

    Plod and the CPS have bowed to what would have been an onslaught of enraged taxpayers beying for their resignation and let the old boy go without charge.

    Sadly, the poor old fella has to have his house boarded up and CCTV installed outside because pikeys choose not to understand the law of the land and will come looking for vengeance that one of their walking pieces of shit got rightfully slotted by a decent human being defending himself, his wife and his property.

    Now all we need is a straffing run by an A10 tankbuster on all of the other pikies and its job done.

    Rest in pieces Henry Vincent. You worthless pikey cunt!

  24. Ha ha the old guy has been released without charge so OAP 1-thieving gypsy bastards nil,so that’s made my day…..pikeys family say said cunt didn’t deserve to die,in my opinion I think most pikeys can kiss the blarney Stone the cunts…poetic Justice for once,make a pleasant change only 100,000 pikey cunts to go…

  25. All I’ll say about this late and unlamented cunt is this:

    He got exactly what he deserved. Fuck him and I hope he rots in hell, the worthless pikey cunt.

  26. A mate of mine lives in Orpington, where the Star Lane pikeys ply their trade. One night, about 7/8 years ago he woke up in the middle of the night to find some cunt lurking around his bedroom. His wife was next to him and his five year old daughter was in the room next door. Before he could do or say anything the cunt legged it like fuck.
    The bloke couldn’t sleep after that and had several weeks off work. I must admit that, when he told me the story, I had a knot in my stomach and felt the sweat running down my forehead. Fuck knows what it must be like to go through that even though nobody was hurt.
    Anyway my mate is a PE teacher and he “borrowed “ a javelin from school and has kept it propped up next to his bed ever since.
    The next pikey scum who pays a visit had better run like shit or will be run through like a French grenadier at Waterloo.
    I wonder what our wonderful justice system would make of that?

    • If our POS justice system wasn’t so lenient with these pikey vermin there wouldn’t be a problem.

      My brother once said there are three types of gypsies:

      The Gypsies
      The Gypos
      The Pikeys

      We should take a leaf out of Italy’s book with the pikey problem, it would great for the Ities after all……

      • Get a lot of trouble round here with them, most of em are house travellers now though. Id advise midwives not to wear rings or watches cos the fresh laid chavvies would nick them on their second breath

    • Assuming he’s white and middle aged, I’m sure they’d be very sympathetic and understanding, probably let him off with a full life sentence, or minimum of 35 years. He can relax.

  27. When Pikeys occupy someone’s land in Brighton, the council go round and ask if their are pregnant women that need help or if theirs anything else we can do. While this fucking PC bullshit is going on their robbing the local Sainsbury’s and all the houses near by. The final solution springs to mind when I think about this human cancer.

  28. Years ago there was a encampment on army land at Aldershot the military turned up with Scammell wreckers to drag the fucking redskins off, best way no bleeding heart social workers just treat the filth same way they treat us.

  29. Speaking of Pikeys, many moons ago when I was a young-un, we had a heavy swing rope on a massive old tree up the local hills. The tree was atop a bank with a 15ft drop to the mud below. The rope was tied to a high thick branch and had a massive knot at the end of it to sit on. We used to run with the rope along the bank and launch out over the drop. The swing of the rope would take us way out and around the tree, where you had to jump off to land, before it took you out over the drop again. After a few accidents and my mate breaking his wrist, we got it all just perfect. Anyway, one fine Summer day, two teenage Pikeys swaggered up to us and decided that they could better the local lads.
    The biggest, a chubby, Oirish, ginger headed cunt, pushed my mate aside, grabbed the rope and took a hefty run along the bank. He launched too early and didn’t twist himself around at the mid point, so instead of landing back up the bank on his feet, he hurtled, back first, into the unforgiving trunk. The thud was loud, a base drum kicked by a donkey. We all winced. Gravity took over and he pitched face first into the mud at the bottom of the bank. We nearly pissed our short trousers laughing, as he was now in no fit state to retaliate. His mate helped him up and they both fucked off and never showed up again.
    Don’t you just love Karma4Cunts?

  30. Just watching Sly News , showing footage of hoards of Palestinian Peacefuls charging Israelis border fences carrying screaming frightened children and the Sly News reporter is so angry and outraged when the Israelis shoot the the Cunts. Errr what the fuck do you expect ??? When i was in Israel even the Arabs considered Palestinians as thieving Pikeys.

  31. Re TTCE’s comment about Flabbott and lipstick…

    A good dollop of superglue...(Remainder removed by Admin)

    POSTING THE SAME COMMENT SEVERAL TIMES DOESN’T BYPASS MODERATION. You need to moderate your tone and until you satisfy us you can do that, you will continue to be moderated.

  32. OK, Admin, I won’t argue, but…

    Given previous general comments about DA, please, was mine REALLY that offensive ?

    No actual unsubstantiated accusations of illegal activity…

    You’re missing the point. Read the “Important Stuff” page :
    Threat or incitement to kill, injure, or maim anyone is open to criminal prosecution. Your comment will be reviewed and may be deleted. Continual behaviour in this vein could lead to you being blocked from the site.

    Others also please take note.

  33. Cannot believe this fucking cunt is now getting a 100k funeral. His pathatic body should be burnt in fire then the ashes thrown in a dumpster.

    Hope his worthless soul never reaches heaven.

  34. The manipulative English language media are heavily assisting those criminal groups by calling them “Gypsies”.

    No, they are not and never have been Gypsies, but this is the perfect umbrella under which to hide as fake “ethnic minority”.
    No, they do not originally stem from the so called Roma, Sinti, Manouche et al. They are not even interbred with those. Those stem from the Indian sub-continent while
    Gypsies stem from India.
    “Travellers” (being called pikies on the British Isles as well) stem from the British Isles, just like the Yeniche on the European continent do not stem from Gypsies but are of European stock.

    They cannot ever claim ethnic minority rights, even as they are trying hard to do so to camouflage their “traditional ethnic lifestyle” of existing on crime.

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