Henry Vincent (2)

Henry Vincent’s cousin says that in her opinion the people who are ripping down their floral tributes are “scum”.

I wonder what she would call someone who broke into a pensioner’s home with an accomplice to rob the old chap and his invalid wife and threaten them with a screwdriver?

“A loving husband and father of three” perhaps?

Nominated by Allan

65 thoughts on “Henry Vincent (2)

  1. The arrogance or stupidity of these ‘Travellers’ is unbelievable, cunts are taking the piss and the Police seem to be on the Traveller’s side. The cunts.

  2. Henry Vincent’s cousin and the rest of the fucking tribe should do the general population a favour and commit mass suicide. We had some pikeys in the area a couple of days ago, I don’t care what website you went on you would not find bigger skanks than these fucking mobile STD distribution units. Vermin.
    Good cunting.

  3. How dare a 78 year old man defend his home and disabled wife from a filthy pikey cunt who broke in to burgle his house and possibly kill him!

    Vincent got exactly what he deserved, he and the rest of his worthless ilk robbed and scammed pensioners for years. Guess what? Karma is well and truly a bitch.

    As for the rozzers who threaten people who tear down that travesty known as a tribute to the late and unlamented pikey cunt….. they are cunts too, maybe if the whole fucking justice system dealt with these filthy pikey cunts in the proper manner this cunt wouldn’t be dead…….. scratch that, the proper manner would be deleting all pikey cunts.

    If boils my piss that the 78 year old now has to live in secrecy out of fear for his life because he had the temerity to defend his wife and home. Disgusting.

  4. I’d put a stop to all that shite. These “shrines” that spring up at the scene of every road fatality,suicide etc. are just tacky. Flowers from the Esso garage and some bedraggled teddy-bear surrounded by tea-lights,what a cheap display.
    Pikeys should all be rounded up and sent camping.

    • Camping? In happy camps? Where they get the appropriate accommodation and facilities?

      Meh, we should deal with our pikey problem the way the I-ties dealt with theirs.

        • Ordinarily I’d be against this sort of thing but pikeys……. they are nasty cunts who don’t serve any positive purpose in life.

          Just remember:

          There are gypsies
          There are gypos
          And then there are the pikeys

          The first 2 I couldn’t give a rat’s arse about…… but the third….. they are lower than scum.

      • And 21 years later that damned version of ‘Candle in the wind’ is still polluting the airwaves.

        I hated that song after it was played mercilessly on radio in 1997 and I still hate hearing it now. FFS, let it go people! Are they still going to do the whole grief-jacking with Di in another 20 years?!

  5. The rat faced cow in the pink dressing gown ( at 1pm ) was particularly nauseous. Dirty cunt.

    • They’re all nauseous and dirty cunts.

      What do you call a croaked pikey?

      An improvement.

  6. It’s a fucking disgrace those ‘grieving’ relatives were allowed anywhere near Mr Osborn-Brooks’s home in the first place.

    Apart from anything else the cunt died in hospital – nowhere near the house he chose to burgle!

    And to add insult to injury, the police put the Pikey’s right to Provoke & Intimidate above the residents’ right to Quiet Enjoyment of their street.

    This country is fucked beyond retrieval.

    • This country has been fucked into the dirt for quite some time now.

      What is it with this country that every cunt, scum, deviant, criminal, vermin, terrorist, traitor, 5th columnist and all those other types of bastards have more rights than the rest of us?

      Can someone please explain that one to me?

      • The Russians put something in the bottled water, circa 1997 if memory serves. That’s why I only drink from the tap.

          • Corporation pop my grandma called it – in the days when the water board was council owned 😉

  7. apparently one of the cards on the ‘tribute’ bouquets read ‘in memory of Grandma.’ .’.

  8. Pikeys apparently have a new shampoo:

    Go & Wash.

    I suggest a new shampoo, especially designed for cowardly, nasty maggots like this cunt:

    “Zyclon B: It really gets rid of the filth.”

  9. And where is the dirty pikey who abandoned his mate and left him to bleed to death in the gutter like the cowardly cunt that he is? Somewhere in Ireland hiding amongst the so called gyppo community.
    Why don’t the relatives of this dead scum go after him ? No, much easier to pick on a defenceless old man, with the assistance of Cressida Strapons mighty Met Police. Two bob fucking cowards the lot of them.
    Have I mentioned that before?

    • Freddie, I think you speak for every decent person in this country with that statement.

  10. The fucking coppers take the side of murdering pikeys and then wonder why so many cunts carry knives to protect themselves. It’s because you have abandoned us you wankers and we know we’re on our own.
    I’ve been carrying a Stanley Knife in my pocket for about 12 years now. I’ve never had to get it out of my pocket, let alone expose the blade. What I would do if it came to the crunch I don’t know and hope I never find out. But when i’m out on the street , on a bus or a train i’m on my own and no cunt is going to help me.
    Twenty years ago I would have never dreamed of being tooled up but those days are gone. It wasn’t me who changed the world but I still have to fucking live in it.

    • I carry things that are naughty in the eyes of our legal system, as you so rightly state we are on our own.

      • You’re wrong, we’re not on our own – it’s even worse, since the people who are supposed to protect us are actively AGAINST us. Law-abiding people have no place in this country now, they are just there to enable useless government arseholes to hit targets. After all, why bother with tracking down and arresting some lowlife stabby cunt when instead you can nab a motorist going at 32mph in a 30 zone, a crime’s a crime after all.

  11. Going way off topic. I would like to wish a warm welcome back for the Cold War.
    Also, Emily Maitlis is performing some spectacular gurning on Newsnight as I type. It’s time for bed

      • This time the Russians will put it up, to stop people getting IN to THEIR cuntry…

        And who would blame them ?

        A cuntry free from Macron, Merkel, Verminhofstadt, Juncker and (roll of drums, or bog-roll)…Treesa Might.

        • Don’t be a silly Belinda billy, the Russians love strong and stable leaders…

  12. Just the cunting I’ve been waiting for.
    Sums up this country now, fucking Pikey cunts protected by a useless, spineless, inept police ‘force’. Why should decent people worry about being harassed by pikeys? Take the fight to them, they are full of shit and utter cowards – turn up mob handed at their camp, watch them fuck off then, I know I’ve done it with a load of squaddies when I was in the army and they soon fucked off.
    It’s not the pikeys that boil my piss here – we all know they are cunts, it’s what the cops have become. Once you would have found no greater supporter of the police than me, but over the last 10 years even the lowest level of plod has become a thick, lazy, politically correct ‘commissar’ who hates the white law abiding majority.
    To think that I went to Iraq and Afghanistan for this shithole of a country, actually I try not to think about it.
    A stranger in a strange land – that’s how I feel.
    Fucking cunts.

    • We need a big group of vigilantes to sort the scum out, hit then hard and they’ll soon fuck off back to Ireland , I’m looking on line now to see if I can find a join up form.

    • About 30 years ago a pikey nest appeared on a piece of green belt next to a large council estate in our town. About 30 of those chrome shiny caravans that they all used to haul up in.
      After a couple of days of rest and relaxation a group of the nice travelling gentlemen went for a quiet drink and a friendly get together at the local community club. By 11pm the place was wrecked with them pissing all over the furniture and fighting with themselves and locals. Police cane and everyone went home.
      Now as we know , estates in those days still had a bit of the “look after each other “ spirit.
      By 3am the estate emptied like a fucking ants nest onto the pikeys encampment. All hilarity ensued and by sunrise there were at least 20 black charred flat trailers and a similar number of burnt cars smouldering on the site. I laughed every time I drove past and lapped up the grenfellesque scene before me.
      Funnily enough the thieving vermin never set up camp in that area ever again.
      Pikeys. Fuck them. Cunts , every last fucking one of them.

  13. These scum are protected by our laws against hate speech and discrimination. They know this and take full advantage – trespassing, fly-tipping, criminality, tax dodging. When the cops go to a pikey site they are intimidated and threatened. And have to put up with it because we have laws protecting these vermin. That’s how it is.

    • Yes he is a cunt but then the police invite the BBC around to film the raid, then named him and no case to answer. The BBC could of stood outside his house and called him a cunt…no problem but the police and the BBC were cunt sin this case. Soon jumped on the Cliff is a nonce bandwagon but the police and the BBC failed to mention that Jimmy was accused at various times over 5 decades, not once did I see the BBC report our Jimmy has been invited to have a chat with the police about his molestation of childrem the handicapped, the odd corpse.

      I hope Cunt Richard takes the police and the BBC to the fucking cleaners,

    • The cunt looks like Michael Jacksons Granddad – I don’t think there is a bit of unstretched skin on him. He also looks like Freddie Mercury before aids offed him. Just to think all that fancy cunt he has missed out on – never knowing he was a chutney locker devotee. It must have been the worst kept secret in popland ever. Surprised the Brussels Broadcasting Co went after him. Always thought they protected their own uphill gardeners – the beeb is full of the cunts

    • Fact 1. He’s not a Nancy.

      Fact 2. He received £400,000 plus costs from the Police in an out of court settlement and donated it to charity.

      Fact 3. He’s already said he’ll donate any damages from this case to charity.

      Fact 4. He’s genuinely been traumatized by all this as he was never charged and there was no case to answer.

      Fact 5. It cost him a packet in earnings from cancelled tour dates.

      He’s making nothing from it, has been genuinely traumatised and has never been charged. I say good luck to him.

      • Appreciate you putting the record straight PC, I apologise unreservedly. Unfortunately I’ve hated Cliff for over 50 years now, so for me he will always be a massive cunt, whichever way you slice him.

      • Have to agree Ped. This nomination was about the innocent protecting themselves, and their home being their castle. The second point of the nomination was the Police Farce protecting the perpetrator and failing the victim(s).

        Cliff Richard, who’s musical output is a pure diarrhoea shower of shit to me; is (presumably) an innocent man, or, is at least, an innocent man until proven guilty. Either way, the al-Beeba was utterly wrong in their action.

        PS al-Beeba got fined again… http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2018/04/12/delingpole-government-watchdog-reprimands-bbc-for-telling-truth-about-climate-change/

        Just like they did over the false claim that Polar Bears are dying out (proven not to be true) and Reindeer numbers are dropping dramatically in the Tundra (proven also to be false by satellite monitoring by Finland, Russia and Alaska). Al in the past four weeks. Quality, impartial broadcasting. NOT.

        • Mea culpa Clactonite – it’s sometimes hard to see straight when you hate.

          • Leaving aside the whole issue of “Historic Sex Abuse” , the big police related issue here is the way they allowed themselves to be held to ransom and basically turned into an information service on behalf of the libtard scum of the al-bbc. The police do have a duty to investigate. This, by the way, doesn’t include automatically believing the complaint.( This should be apparent as if they did it would sort of subvert the reason for any enquiry and we could go straight to sentencing. ) In this case the bbc threatened to blow the operation unless the polizei cooperated and provided open access. Needless to say, the police made a sort of whimpering noise and caved in. They should have:
            1. Grown a fucking spine
            2. Told the al bbc to eat shit and die.
            3. In the event of any hostile leak of operational intelligence by the said bunch of libtards, kick in their back doors and nick the lot.
            You still might not like the Polizei, but possibly might respect them.

  14. What’s happening here is intimidation by the victims family and friends. He didn’t die in that street so the only purpose of leaving flowers on the fence opposite the house where real justice was served upon him is to intimidate the residents and the general population. This kind of traveller relies on intimidation of the general population and when that doesn’t work they then pervert the laws designed to minorities from discrimination.

    Stop your intimidation, stop your thieving, stop your slavery, stop trashing every place you stop, stop teaching your children to be cunts.

    The Irish don’t have so much trouble with travellers, they beat the merry fuck out of the cunts if they cause issues. Shame we are to shit scared to stand up for out own communities over here, every cunt comes here and shits on our doorsteps. We need to start to revive community spirit, there were less cunts years ago because people were not scared to sort out cunts and put them in their place. Now the bigger cunt you are the more protection you receive,

    Travellers, never met one yet that did not arrive towing a caravan full of trouble,.

  15. Fucking scum, the lot of them. Inbred, thieving vermin, who all think they are tough bare knuckle fighters. Have you seen these cunts fight? I’ve seen pissed women go at it with more guts. I love watching that clip of Lenny McLean battering Gypsy George Bradfield, the dirty cunt didn’t know what hit him.
    I wonder what the current self proclaimed king of the gypsies, Tyson Fury thinks of this Vincent dreg. The cunt seems to have an opinion on everything else….

    • The bastards never fight single handed they always got a “cousin ” with em to even things up in their favour , cowardly twats, i saw my old dad give 2 of em a laraping in pub once. To many gullible social workers and councils believe everything the scum tell them, these mugs need educating in the ways of our pikey brethren, starting with fact number 1, everything a diddy says is a lie, once they’ve got that in their silly liberal heads they can then start work

  16. Gyppo trash filth eulogising dead thieving piece of gyppo trash filth…

    And as long as that ugly spineless carpetmunching cunt is in charge of the Met, London will continue to be lawless…

  17. What the fuck is happening when The Police threaten decent people who have had enough with arrest if they take flowers down put up by confrontational cunts. I can see it now, just like any tacky Pikey / chav funeral they will have a white horse drawn carriage taking that thieving scum bag to his final resting place . Wheres that bloke who shot at and attempted to blow up an IRA funeral when you need him ?

  18. Linda Bellos is a raxe baiting ugly dyke.
    On LBC last night demanding reperations for slavery.
    Shut up and stick some new batteries in your vibrator.
    Black people invented slavery. Whities stopped it. Ignorant bitch.

  19. Interesting interpretation by senior polizei as to how the law should be applied… maybe the Met should be designating and providing ceremonial areas outside the gates of Parliament and by the Borough Market for relatives, sympathisers and fellow travellers of the terr-or-ist commmuuunitee to express their own “Tragic Loss”… what a strange inverted race we seem to have become. A casual observer from somewhere fucking sane might think we were inviting our own destruction.

  20. If/when Peter Sutcliffe casts off his mortal coil, if there were a parade of florists sticking up tributes to the cunt on Franklin prison, the whole nation would rightly decry that as disgusting.

    This is no different in my opinion.

    If the rest of the pikey scum want to privately grieve over their loss of illegal earnings from this coward cunt then that’s there beeswax but to force that on decent folk, sorry, fuck off!

    And then ask yourselves why you’re there in the first place! What hero eh, attacking an old man and his disabled wife in their own home.

    Maybe you should have bonfire tributes instead because if that God most pikeys believe in (gold crucifix chains and St. Christopher sovereign rings, etc.) then it’s to be sure this cunt will be feeling a bit toastie right about now!

    An oxygen thief who is no no more. Rest in abject terror and hell you cunt!

  21. The BBC cunts are surpassing themselves… I know they like to promote every peaceful, bogo-bogo, euromuck, transbender, pikey scrote, queer, lezza, femstapo misandrist, and spaz davros circus freak going in the name of political correctness and ‘diversity’… But now they are giving coverage to satanists! Fucking cunting satanists?!! There’s some vicar cunt on the Beeb news site, going on about how satanism became his whole life… Who the fuck are these BBC scum going to promote and endorse next?! Rapists? Kiddyfuckers? Oh, I forgot, they’ve already done that with Rochdale, Rotherham, Telford, and their very own Sir Jim’ll…

    Talking of Savile: I suppose it’s understandable, the BBC plugging satanism… When they sheltered the biggest deviant since Alastair Crowley for decades… Maybe they’re honouring Jimmy’s legacy? Fucking cunts…

    • Alastair Crowley not fit to lick the dog shit off Savile’s hallowed boot heels!

  22. As has been mentioned its the “police service” now “force” is to nasty and confrontational.
    Chap i know has taken early retirement from the ” runners” now, he said that they would rather police the interweb for hate crimes , he said it was an exciting job once , car chases, arrests and beat work now they are social workers with the power of arrest. We are without doubt 100% fucked now chaps.

    • Anyone who joins the Police now with the intent of “doing the right thing” is on some self destruct trip.. you will be identified as a “regressive element” and disciplined in a good old Stalinist manner. If you want to get on, you had best be a happy clappy type. Do not under any circumstances go near operational police work. Make weird noises like ” Behaviour breeds Behaviour. ” Be a generally bottleless weak Cunt. You.ll get on fine. Trust Me.

  23. These walking organ donars of cunts are as thick as pig shit. Fucking Travelers – you stupid cunts, you all live on caravan sites. You only travel to cause pain and misery to decent people. Bet the cunts stole the flowers of a recent grave. Bottom line is, if the cunt was not in a place he had no right to be he would not be dead. if he and his brave 12 fingered big foreheaded banjo playing cunt of a mate had killed the bloke, they would have ran off back to the shit hole they infest and never been caught. If the Police ever raid the site they will find all the stolen property hidden under the fucking soap, as none of the dirty cunts dare go near that, soap is Kryptonite to pikey cunts. The rest of the pikey cunts are only upset because now they got to find someone else to fuck his sister

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