Gary Lineker (9)

Gary ‘Ol’ Jug Ears’ Lineker deserves another cunting. Yesterday, Leave campaigners carried out a stunt to protest the outrageous stitch up that Theresa the Appeaser performed on our already beleaguered fisherman. A small trawler sailed up the Thames to Parliament, and Nigel Farage dumped a load of fish into the river. Cue Lineker, who took to Twatter and posted a photo of Nige, along with the boat’s skipper, Aaron Brown, each holding a fish over the side of the boat, with the comment; “Rarely have 2 such slimy, smelly, slippery creatures held on to some fish”.

People can, and frequently do, say what they want about Nigel. It goes with the territory. He doesn’t care and, frankly, neither do I. But to insult a hard working fisherman who, unlike Lineker, doesn’t scam £1.75 million per year from British TV licence payers, not to mention the obscene amount he gets from Walkers, that’s when you know you’re dealing with a nasty, arrogant, elitist, left wing, fuckwit of a cunt. Personally, I don’t think he’s worth a single penny of the obscene amount the BBC gives him.

It wouldn’t be so bad if this a one off. But it isn’t. Like most of his ilk, Lineker is a fanatical Remainer and has frequently taken to twatter to express his dislike of the 17.5 million people who voted to leave, often resorting to immature insults. And as we all know, Remainers are a bunch of childish cunts, who have spent nearly two years sulking over the referendum and insulting 17.5 million decent, hard working British voters who exercised their democratic right to decide for themselves whether they would to stay or leave, instead of voting the way that traitorous cunts like Lineker wanted us to vote. And it’s not just Brexit, he’s done it with people who have no interest in any of the many leftie causes that he supports, or those who simply disagree with his comments.

I used to like Lineker when he was playing football. Sure, he had a reputation for being a bit of goal hanger, but he seemed to be a pretty decent person. Then he retired and went to work for the BBC, and the REAL Gary Lineker emerged. A nasty, arrogant, opiniated twat. Now, the mask has well and truly slipped. Cunts like Lineker seem to think they’re better than the rest of us. That they’re more intelligent, more intellectual and, therefore superior. They seem to think that democracy is something that only they should have a right to, because the rest of us aren’t intelligent enough to understand complex issues such as the EU, and can’t be trusted to make what they consider to be the correct decision, i.e. to vote to stay in an organisation that steals billions of pounds from us every year, hates us, mocks and insults us regularly, is less democratic than the former Soviet Union and is run by “leaders” who nobody outside the EU parliament voted for and are nothing more than grossly overpaid, incompetent bureaucrats.

Remainers are childish cunts, especially those who are on the left of the political spectrum. Every day they dream up plots to reverse Brexit and hurl insults at 17.5 million people, simple because we exercised our right to decide for ourselves how we would vote in the referendum, rather than simply voting the was THEY wanted us to vote. I hate to break it to them, but that’s how democracy works. One person, one vote. Cunts like Lineker though, seem to think that the concept of democracy should be, “people who don’t share my opinion should not be allowed to vote, because they’re stupid and wrong”. That’s not democracy, that’s totalitarianism.

To my mind, if you’re against us leaving the EU, that’s up to you. Most Remainers, although still unhappy about it, have accepted that we will soon no longer be members of that malicious, insidious cesspit of dictators. Some, like Lineker, are incapable of accepting it, because their arrogance, their sense of superiority and their general disdain of Britain, her people and everything British won’t allow them to accept it. In my opinion, people like that are in the wrong country. They should be in one of the other member countries. So, Gary Lineker, mega cunt, off you fuck!

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Emergency cunting for ISAC staple and hall o’famer Gary Lineker.

After yesterday’s Thames protest against the governments continued fuck up over fishing in UK waters, which saw fisherman on behalf of the disgruntled fishing industry throw dead fish into the stretch of the river outside parliament, good old champagne cuntfuck Gary Lineker tweeted the above.

Farage can look after himself but the real cuntitude of Lineker’s tweeting twatcunt fucksploits is the layered attack on hard-working fishermen worried about their continued compromise thanks to our spineless fucking government. Focusing on easy targets like Farage and ignoring the reasons for the protest, Lineker the monumental cunt has thankfully received largely a backlash from many users on the above comments; many astutely pointing out how Lineker’s faux-outrage only ever appears on select socialist causes – nothing from this talking giblet for example on the Telford fucking shocker of a scandal.

I utterly fucking despise crisp-nicking Shitteker; a man in may eyes famous for being a cringe-worthy scrounger on the pitch, for shitting himself during Italia ’90 and for being the voice of liberal entitlement since the advent of social fucking media. The hatred for this bastard even exceeds that of Lily ‘Xenomong’ Allen. Everything about this man – the hypocrisy, the smug chipping in under the false veil of social justice, the greed, the risible gay art student beard – everything connected to him is utterly fucking contemptible.

An arch-cunt of modern times to be sure, Gary Lineker.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

51 thoughts on “Gary Lineker (9)

  1. 9 and counting. We’re going need a bigger wall at this rate.
    Looking at that Tweet the saying ‘It takes one to know one’ comes to mind.

    Lineker appears to be a typical remoaner with a football where his brain should be. The expression ‘Bend it like Beckham’ also comes to mind now!

    Here’s an idea : send him on a sponsored trip to Grimsby and let nature take its course

    • He’s not that far behind Bono now.

      Imagine being only 3 cuntings behind Bono……..

      • It is amazing – rarely have I witnessed such a strong early charge to win the Cunt of the Year accolade – it is not even Easter yet for fucks sake.

  2. Excellent and much needed cunting and you didnt even mention the way he fucked over his family , the people he is meant to love and protect the most. Ah but there you have it. The reason he is such a virtue signaling cunt. Like the charlatan Geldof, he has to distract from the fact his own tree is rotten to the core. Just another two bit charlatan masquerading as a wonderful human being.

  3. Well I like Fridays and today’s even better than normal due to these truly deserved HEAVYWEIGHT cuntings!
    Old jug ears epitomises the very worst traits of a remoaner, completely unable to see anything positive in brexit, he spends his time sulking like a petulant child who simply cannot accept he is not getting his own way.
    This pseudo intellectual would do far better concentrating on his dull show than making childish comments on issues he clearly doesn’t understand!, like the post says Nige is a big boy and its water off a ducks back but for an overpaid BBC wanker like Lineker to take a pop at fisherman who work long hard hours in an often dangerous environment for low wages is fuckin disgusting!! , the only threat to Linekers well being is pulling his back as he collects his bbc wages in a wheelbarrow!!
    With every childish tweet Lineker just diminishes himself and looks more of a cunt!! ( if that’s possible) ……

    Excellent cuntings lads!! 👍

    • Spooky… the same (^10) could apply, word for word, to James Shithead O’Brian!

      Aborted twins, separated by black bin bags, possibly?

  4. This is gonna be a big one. This stupid flappy eared wannabe the oldest swinger in town needs to fucking learn when to keep his rubber gob closed. Have YOU opened your house to any refugees Gary mate? No, thought not. Did they model Meddlesome Ratbag from the Viz on you? Sticking your sanctimonious nose in where it’s not required. I for one will not be tuning in to see your bemoaning cunt self tonight on the worn out shitfest of celeb sports relief twats like you telling us we don’t know how lucky we are and that we should shut up and do what you stars say. Well I think you should be a good boy and go and give some blood. ALL OF IT, you cunt.

  5. What I want to know is who the fuck made this smarmy, botoxed, pompous, philandering, unfunny, permatanned, arselicking ex-goalhanger the conscience of Great Britain?… Who was it that actually voted him in?! Oh yeah, I know… Himself…

    As for slimy and slippery? The words ‘super-injunction’ come to mind… Lineker is a mega massive thermonuclear cunt….

    • Agree Norman, a total jug eared tax avoiding, virtue signalling, arrogant, ignorant cunt.
      Can’t stand the sight of him. Crap presenter too, must piss him off mightily he can’t get a job with Sky.
      Love his snide jibes at Stoke all the time too as they ‘dared’ to fuck him off – like all egotistical little shits he likes to dish it out but can’t take it.

  6. Two excellent and worthy nominations for another one of these minted “do as I say, not as I do” faux liberalist virtue-signallers.

    Always quick to condemn ordinary folk not wanting to be ruled by a morally bankrupt and economically corrupt regime, and being bad for moaning when towns and cities are transformed into little Islamabads, Warsaws and Mogadishus virtually overnight.

    Gary, being moderately gifted at kicking a pig’s bladder around a field does not give you the world view or insight of the lot of the ordinary Joe – as votes for the left are imported en-mass – whose lot is degraded year on year and who is continually being made to feel more and more like an unwanted lodger in their own country.

    And woe betide if said ordinary Joe dare complain about any of this because that makes them bad, racist, xenophobes doesn’t it.

    With your cosmopolitan and inclusive views Gary, I’m surprised that you chose not have your many homes in Luton, Leeds, Boston, Bradford or Crewe just so you could feel a lot more comfortable with yourself.

    Homes in the likes of the Cotswolds, Swanage, etc., would have folk thinking that you’re trying to avoid the very cunts you say the rest of us should be embracing and accepting when their views on morality and behaviour differ slightly to our own (like blowing the fuck out of us, creating no-go ghetto zones and creating grooming rape gangs – you know, trivial things like that).

    So Gary Linikunt, please feel free to fuck off at your earliest convenience, you overrated lickspittle cunt!

  7. Why cant Linikunt fuck off to a European country and take his Simod Cup ears and botoxed, fat head with him?

    I tell you for why – its because he knows he wouldn’t enjoy tax-payer funded, overpaid Al Ja Beeba employment in any other country aside from the UK. This is a perfect example of how the Al Ja Beeba are a gaggle of champagne swilling socialist cunts.

    Would be nice to see that bastion of buggery dismantled sharpish. What would Linikunt then do for gainful employment? He could suck Peter Mandelson’s cock I suppose.

  8. Oh to see this loathsome little prick accidentally end up in a pub full of pissed up and pissed off trawlermen.
    They could keel haul him, or hang him from the yard arm.
    Or just give him a fucking good kicking….

      • And an old Navy trick, “Kissing the Gunner’s Daughter”

        Until he bleeds out.

        I could barely believe what this cunt Twatted…except, as we all know, it’s only too believable. I despise this prick utterly. May his very small knob rot and drop off.

        • My thoughts too Hubb.

          I despise the jug eared stupid gurning pointy bearded cunt with a passion only bettered by Bliar, Branson and Bonio.

    • No injury required. Just the press gang. A week on deck in winter, west of the Hebrides, would sort his ideas out nicely.

  9. Just like everybody else in this country, these hard working fishermen are strong armed into buying a TV license to fund this cunts privileged and lavish lifestyle….

  10. It’s the sheer arrogance that gets me. Lineker,Lily Allen,Bono,Stormy etc. They all have this holier-than-thou manner about them. They seem to believe that only they are clever enough to understand the Big Picture. The “common” people can’t possibly understand,so we’ll treat them like children…not as bright as us,so it’s our duty to teach them. The sneery,condescending way that they pronounce as if nobody can have a worthwhile opinion except them.
    I detest being spoken down to,particularly when it’s by some ephemeral “talent”. They have every right to their own opinion,and to voice it,but their opinion is no more important than anyone else’s,and a great deal less important than those who are directly effected,like the fishermen,by whatever cause into which the”twitteratti” have currently got their teeth .
    Perhaps we should look at ourselves for allowing these “celebrities” to act like some Font of Wisdom. They are,in the main,poorly educated and well…not the brightest. People shouldn’t hang on their every word and treat them as important voices. Most of them are vacuous blow-hards who are only interested in how many “likes” that they can accrue on Facebook. Their only true concern is their perception of themselves as superiors to the masses.

    Fuck them

  11. Linneker is the product of a fucked up country, that young black kid on QT last night summed up every positive aspect of Brexit, and put politicians and the remainers well into the box.
    The likes of Linneker are vacuum headed. Truly, in life what exactly has he done? Has worked as a fitter? Has he worked his nuts off in a factory? Has he managed to survive a full week on peanuts?

    No. Linneker left school with little achievement, and spent his life kicking a fucking football and being paid a fortune. This , he believes gives him the right to preach and be a social commentator on all matters regardless of his limited knowledge.

    He is a fuckwit. The unpopped cherry of the spotty kid. The wing nut of derision.
    That fellow cunters is what he is.

    Good cunting boys.

    • To be fair, he is very good at promoting obesity inducing, processed, carcinogenic foodstuffs.

        • Golden Wonder Haggis flavoured are the bollox (well, I’m not 100 pc certain what goes into haggis…).

          Walker’s Crisps can fuck off until they stop paying this cunt, too.

          • Add em to the boycott list.

            Along with virgin
            Uni lever products
            SLY tv
            Anything by Lilly the musical Mong
            Bonio and U2
            The Beeb tele tax

            And any fucker in the celeb domain or business cunt that blames Brexit for something happening or does down/belittles the Uk.

            They want to insult me and my democratic vote? Fine then they clearly don’t need my hard earned cash do they…, fuck em I’ll go else where, will find an alternative product or go without. Cunts.

            If we all hit them in the profit margins they’d soon rethink.

  12. Why do people take footballers seriously? I genuinely don’t understand why the social/political opinions of someone who is good at kicking balls round a field ( or standing about at the end of it) matter more than yesterday’s bowel motion to anyone. Including, sad to say, esteemed cunters above.

    • Always thought he looked a prick hanging around with dolly birds half his age probably only way he could find someone of equal intelligence silly childish twat. Looks like a fecking tap with those lugs.

  13. ….And here are the latest results, just in:

    Gary Lineker 0. Gary Lineker 0
    Gary Lineker 0 Gary Lineker 0
    Gary Lineker 0 Gary Lineker 0
    and finally,
    Gary Lineker 0 Gary Lineker 0

    That’s NO place to tell people what to do, NO experience in real life, NO excuses for being the distasteful cunt he is, NO respect for the working man, NO atonement for those finger-wagging tweets, NO shame for the ghastly, perma-tanned appearance, NO cringes for those woeful, self-parodying-but-really-nore-egotistical-self-grandising advertisements, and NO refugees taken in despite your copious protestations at helping those poor “teenagers.”
    How many refugees?
    Nought. Nada. Zero. Zip. 0. None.

    Lineker should hang his hypocritical head in shame. What a disgrace of a man.

  14. In the words of Roger Mellie (from the time when Viz was still worth reading), I’ve had a brilliant idea for a game show.
    It’s called “I’m a Celebrity Pub Escape Knockout Challenge” and it’s a winner.
    A cheerful combination of The Running Man, The Crystal Maze and the 1980s action fim Turkey Shoot.
    All set in a pub full of pissed off large angry men who have just managed to scrape up enough spare change for a pint after grafting their nuts off in a dangerous dirty job all day.
    Selected celebrity contestants must attempt to reach the exit while loudly expressing their opinions on current social issues affecting the UK.
    Celebs can gain extra points for each pint they manage to spill. Points will be deducted for missing teeth, fractured limbs or broken pool cues rammed up the arse (sideways).
    Great television I reckon, though oddly I’ve not heard back from the BBC yet…

  15. When you live and exist away from any consequences of your right-on opinions it is easy to hold them. This is the position of the labour party at present with it’s Islington base as well as Lineker and many, many more oxygen thieves.
    They see no problem with tax dodging, advertising obesity products or luxury life styles with an adopted position of virtue.
    Have a go at Nige by all means but insulting a working fisherman who has real concerns about what the EU dragnet fleets will do to our waters is both typical and contemptible. But this would never occur to one so sainted.
    What a vile piece of shit.

  16. Two sterling, made in Britain cuntings. I doff my cap to you both. One day Line Dancer will get his comeuppance and I for one will celebrate. He”s the kind of fucking cunt that really gets my blood pressure up. CUNT !

  17. I had forgot Linikunt shat himself at Italia 90, no wonder he was scoring, no one wanted to man-mark the twat. And shave off the dead ferret it looks fucking ridiculous.

    • Its good to know that all us Cunters and probably a high percentage of the Nation are In total agreement that Linicunt is a contemptible piece of shit. As many people as possible should know his contempt for fisherman and anyone else he considers below him. Hopefully this will be his downfall . What an utter fucking Cunt 😡😡😡

  18. Used to admire the bloke when he was younger.

    Can’t bear to watch him now, knowing the person he has turned into, a privileged sneering Remoaner.

  19. Lineker is a pro eu globalist, he likes the idea of londonstan, over the years he just gets more an more anti-british always moaning about those damn meddling brexiters hes like a scooby doo villain haha lol

    Stay away from his crisps its just shite anyway don’t know why you’d want to defile your body with that greasy crap to begin with and some of the best flavors have been discontinued I’d fancy a pack of sqaures right now tho don’t think they make them anymore wotsit wafflers were fucking ace too but those got axed as well

    • Spot on T/S. The man is a Cunt. Hope you’re keeping OK. you seem to have been quiet lately,

      • I’m fine Dick Cheers I dunno must be the on and off winter depression and politics, world issues have got me feeling perplexed.

        Guess I’m just not into speaking my mind lately but i’m always around tho. Springs around the corner hopefully my moods shifts more into a upbeat mood I have a bat attitude lately

  20. Whilst Lineker is indeed a rather annoying overpaid twassock , I find much more annoying those that have decided on our behalf’s that we all ‘love’ ‘our Gary’, that we all find those hideous fuckin Walkers bags of air adverts absolutely fuckin hilarious! Fuck off widya. I don’t eat crisps but if I did i’d Make a point of not eating Walkers crisps for as long as we are condescended to by whoever makes those piss poor ads.

  21. Filthy arrogant up his own arse cunt. I think it’s very likely this shitbag learned his politics at the BBC. He probably started out as just another money grabbing wanker. Mixing with luvvies and the various parasites at the BBC their natural sense of superiority began to rub off on him. He then adopted their self righteousness and simplistic view of the world. He really is just a little boy, out of his depth, trying to impress the big boys in the gang. Wanker.

  22. I didn’t hear one person question the fact that so much fish is thrown back into the sea because of quotas. All the media had to say was Farage the racist is throwing fish in the Thames, for no reason other than to get air time. Tiny Tim went further and reported Farage to the council for fly tipping. What a small dicked absolute baby cunt!
    As for Linecunt what a mega cunt he is constantly reminding us he is. Even if I was starving and was surrounded by packets of Walkers crisps I would rather eat my own liver than consume one. Not only are they shite crisps, I refuse to give anymore money to the Linecunt, unfortunately the BBC robs the licence fee from us to pay the cunt for his talent(ehemm) I think his snobbery is disgusting, the way he moralizes to anyone who will listen and still hasn’t taken a refugee in. Massive eared, massive ego, massive snob, massive CUNT.

  23. Linekunt is a cunt we all no that but my beef with the bbcunt is, what they decide is news.. whales getting stranded in Australia is bad for the whales and I do feel sorry for them but what of all those south African farmers getting attacked and killed with the backing of the south African government. Why no news of them. It pissed me right off. CUNTS

  24. Every time some progress, however small is made to bring us closer to the exit door of Junckers band of useless cunts, the more I enjoy seeing Lineker and his like squirming. Especially, I have to say the fuckwit trinity of Blair, his poof and his piss-artist (Mandelson and Campbell).

  25. I refuse to watch Match of the Day anymore as I cannot stand the sight or sound of that sanctimonious cunt Lineker. Also, the football is becoming boring shite. Man City, for instance, are like Barcelona when they were really into the tippy tappy stuff. That was worse than watching paint dry. It’s not coincidence, however, as that Catalonian cunt, Pep Guardiola, has brought his brand of non contact football with him. He’s an arrogant cunt who should have his testicles viced. I’m not a great fan of Paul Pogba either, as he was totally overpriced and contributes nothing to a very poor Man United side. They should quickly get rid of Jose Moanin’ ho’, a liability at any club. I dislike Chelsea too (Roman Abramovich) and Liverpool (too many camel jockeys) but I do like Jürgen Klopp. I quite like to see the North east teams win for a change, though. Did I say Lineker was a cunt? It’s been that long since I started.



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