George Soros (2)

George Soros, born in Hungary 87 years ago as György Schwartz, now an American citizen is a 24 carat cunt. He is the man who made a fortune back in 1992 betting against the pound and is filthy rich. No doubt Anna Soubry creams her knickers at the thought of the senile old cunt donating £700,000 towards anti-Brexit groups, £400,000 of which goes to Britain First the wankfest dreamt up by Gina Miller – who has even admitted this week that her organisation is anti-democratic. Exactly, and why is a coffin dodging old American motherfucker interfering in British politics?. Why doesn’t the government have the guts to tell him to mind his own fucking business.

Lady Mandelson, Dick Branson, Blair, Gina Miller – all the very rich men and women who feel that they have the right to patronise us and tell us what is good for us and they are not even hesitating in opening their wallets to buy their will.

I am not jealous of their wealth, if they didn’t have it, I wouldn’t either, but all those pansy lickspittles like Mandy and his bottom feeders in parliament and out of it ought to wonder why these individuals are prepared to be so profligate and what it is in it FOR THEM because that is all they are interested in.

Meantime Soros should spend his money on Viagra and a rubber woman and fuck himself to death an ugly toothless stinking poncy heap of shit.

Nominated by W.C Boggs.

59 thoughts on “George Soros (2)

  1. Worst of all he is an advocate of the Kalergi plan. To quote from the cunts own hand.
    Kalergi in his own words:

    “The (European) man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space (nations), time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals”

    In other words the annihilation of the white man to be replaced by the mud man – easily managed, manipulated and too fucking stupid to realise he is just a pair of hands.
    Thank fuck Soros is in Gods waiting room. For all his billions he cant buy an extra second on Earth. The fact that he, a Hungarian American, met with Barnier to “discuss” Brexit tells you that the EU has Soros at the centre of their Federal plan. He is a cunt of epic proportions and sadly he bred. His sons are equally as determined as the old cunt himself to pick up the baton when he shuffles off this mortal coil. With any luck it will be slow, debilitating and excruciatingly painful. Top cunting WC for a real top class cunt.

    • Unfortunately for you Cunto, a man with £billions at his fingertips will not have to endure an “…excruciatingly painful.” death unless he chooses to.

      And those £billions would also buy him quite a few more extra seconds on this Earth sadly…

    • It’s not just his sons who are prepared to “pick up the baton”,it goes far deeper than just Soros. I believe him to actually be a “junior partner” in their Great Conspiracy.

      • I believe that too Dick. One of many. If the youth of today cannot see their future, then they are fucked! Me.? I’ll be long gone.

          • Would that be a huge big tanker to take them all away in one go?

            What you can’t fit below in the hold can be paked into containers and sat on top. Just run it aground on autopilot somewhere around Benghazi and let them make the rest of the way under their own steam.

            In fact I have a better idea, but we need Elon Musk on board with his fleet of Falcon Heavy’s.

        • Waterboard? I’m a bit new to this apocalyptic war shit so not sure. Chopping board any cop?

  2. It is time some cunt on the Leave side called these cunts out for what they are.
    Soros, eloquently cunted above. The rest all have their own self interests at heart, whether it is money, power or the gravy train.
    Although not a Ukipper I think it is time Farage showed his face and started telling it like it is.

  3. If this guy is a kalergi advocate, then his brexit meddling would make sense.
    I’d not heard of this one before, and have spent a little while reading about it. The usual culprits pop up of course, rothschilds etc, but here is the bit that I thought would get contentious:

    Kalergi in his own words:
    “The (European) man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space (nations), time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals”

    This, Kalergi stated, should be a plan run for and by the racial and spiritual supremacy of ‘blood aristocracy and Jewry’. These are all his crude racialist words, not mine.


    • Soros is a Jew. So spineless that he denied his heritage, purchased forged documents claiming he was Christian to allegedly escape from the Nazi’s. However, it was many years later that he ” reverted” and admitted that he was NOT christain, and by that time had benefitted from English hospitality, and gained a degree in an English University. Now American, previously Hungarian, Soros is a chameleon who changes his race, religion, and ideals to suit his own ends.
      Kalergi, was nothing less than a monster, an evil cunt who mooted his own sick ideas which were taken up by his Corps d’ Elite!

      Dick Fiddler is quite right in his earlier post. Soros, Kalergi….the whole fucking lot are simply PART of a larger plan

      Merkel gained the Kalergi Prize a few years ago, for her contribution to the sick society,s import a raghead.

      Cunts every single one of them.

  4. James O’Shithead brought up this cunt the other day , oh so subtly suggesting that any criticism of the bastard smacked of antisemitism and Nazism. Well there’s a fucking surprise!
    Any friend of O’Shithead is an enemy of mine……that’s all the information you need.
    Oh, another friend of his is Lily Slagheap……”a woman I greatly admire.” 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    • So, O’ Bellend ‘greatly admires’ a media whore of a mong who thinks that innocent young girls asked to be raped by sandfilth grooming gangs?
      Little James should be tarred and feathered, the fucking cunt…

  5. On the cunt that is Gina Miller, her husband is a hedge fund manager. Their cunt mates are hedge fund managers and matey with the Ubercunt that is Tony Bliar.

    What could any of them possibly hope to gain by delaying Brexit and manipulating markets?

    The soppy cunts on the remain side actually think she is sticking her oar in on their behalf.

    Jesus, they really are fucking stupid and naive.

  6. Great cunting there WCB. I agree, Soros is an evil, interfering old cunt. You’d think someone whose family escaped the Nazis because they were Jews, would be more wary of an insidious, undemocratic organisation like the EU. Personally, I think Soros is doing this simply because he thinks a UK independent of the EU would somehow result in him losing money. And I have to say, I hope he loses millions, because nothing would hurt the nasty fucker more than a hit to his bank balance.

    One of my biggest problems with Remainers, is the number who are not actually from the UK, like Soros, Miller and that fat kraut, Merkel. And the so called ‘Brits’, like Branson, a billionaire who refuses to live in the UK because he doesn’t want to pay tax. If I remember correctly, he moved his company HQ to Switzerland so it could pay as little tax as possible. It’s for this reason I don’t buy any Virgin products, or use their services.

    • Losing millions won’t do for this evil old fuck – losing his life would be more preferable.

          • I mean, his sons wouldn’t want him to lose any of his money, would they?…on the other hand, if the old lizard should just happen to lose his life… guess who’d be the beneficiaries?

            Not me and you, that’s for fucking sure.

  7. I understand this cunt also supports the decriminalisation of drugs and euthanasia.
    Well, of course. When the worker ants have finished their day’s slavery render them into a state of mindless stupor.
    When they can’t work anymore, kill the useless bastards !

    • As I mentioned before, people like Soros will not be content until the world resembles THX 1138.

      • Decriminalisation of drugs – tick!
        Assisted Dying – tick!
        Euthanasia – Only if I get to decide who lives and who dies.

  8. Soros is a gold-plated Cunt. He claims to be a friend of Britain after we took him in in 1947,along with other survivors of Hitler’s policies. He chose to repay this country for it’s kindness by treating the U.K with total contempt.He,and his like,seek to destroy democracy,and they are doing irreparable harm throughout the World.

    The Cunt is part of a larger conspiracy which has already been mentioned in earlier posts. I dearly hope that both him and his kind reap the reward that they so richly deserve. They are a cancer. I shall write nothing more for fear of offending.
    Fuck his conniving,grasping type.

  9. Now isn’t that a strange fucking anomaly!
    Soros can do what the fuck he likes because he’s rich and everyone thinks he’s a genius for betting on the right horse. QDM is right, he’s scared he’ll lose that lucky money if Ole Blighty leaves
    He can spend money to influence a vote or sway the ignorant peasants in a vote in the U.K.and nobody really gives a fuck,
    But when the Russians take out a few ads on facepuke to try and sway the overwhelmingly illiterate Yanks in their election?
    It’s a national security issue and they gotta be got! We can blame it on Trump as a bonus.
    How dare you try to influence our election when we’re busy trying to install friendly governments in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Grenada or wherever we choose?
    Then the stupid fucks issue indictments to Russian companies (wow that’ll hurt!) and a bunch of actual Russians who couldn’t give a helicopter sex act, ‘cos you can’t get near ’em.
    How much do those Russkies care? As one old friend used to say, make sure you get my name right on the summons ‘cos I hate it when it’s misspelled.

  10. We all laughed at David Icke who told us all the evil aliens were lizards hiding beneath the skin of humans.

    david Icke may not have been that far off mark.

  11. How this conniving old cunt never got the Maxwell treatment after what he pulled in 1992 is beyond me……

      • Would you say he’s the head lizard? You’ll have to forgive me Dick, but I’ve spent most of my life in a state of false consciousness.

        • Only the thought of the Mod. hovering keeps me from giving you the full unexpurgated answer that your question deserves. I’ve spent most of my life in a state of righteous indignation.

          • I call Soros the Grand Cuntmaster, do you think that’s an apt term for this evil old cunt Fiddler?

          • Spent most of my life in a state of ‘couldn’t give a fuck’. All that’s changed now. I’m getting semi-engaged. Though only from the safety of my Bath Chair of course… and the utterance of the occasional expletive in Sainsbury’s.

        • @ P.M.S…..I’ve actually got another name that I use for Soros,but using it here probably wouldn’t be my wisest move.
          Possibly Grand Cuntmaster is a safer bet.

          • Not just the Mods,I fear. Unpostable by the standards of just about any Cunt with a modicum of decency and a desire to avoid being accused of a certain type of racism.

          • Ah…. that what be troublesome to post them.

            Eh, let’s just settle for calling him the Grand CuntMaster then.

          • If this thread has taught me nothing else, it’s to stop worrying and learn to love the New World Order…or whatever you want to call it.

            So long cunters, and thanks for all the frozen mice!

  12. In the late 1920’s and early 1930’s Kalergi was a prominent figure in Social and Political Science in Austria, and his views , and the publication of his “plan” had already been discussed and even published in Vienna.

    Adolf Hitler was aware of Kalergi, and his publications, and was obviously fiercely in opposition to his views. Hitler was not the only one who was mightily pissed off, and it is highly likely that the Nazi Party were anti semitic because of this.( but not entirely )

    The part of the Nuremberg Trials that would have presented the Kalergi Plan as evidence that Geo Political Forces and a sinister plot to destroy Europe, mysteriously disappeared whilst in the possession of the Americans.

    To this day the portfolio has not come to light, and Erhadt Muller, who would have presented it, has never been found. he is presumed dead.

    Kalergi died in 1972 in Austria, having founded an organization that still exists to this day, and which is dedicated to the destruction of Europe.

    • “…the publication of his “plan” had already been discussed and even published in Vienna.”

      Have all published copies been lost or destroyed?

  13. Elon Musk & The Clinton Foundation.

    Neither of which is “an accident ”

    just sayin…..

  14. The “seed of Soros” will be worse than this cunt…..They will live longer. ( aw shit )

  15. Emergency cunting for Amber Rudd;

    So, people are allowed to set up “anti brexit” groups and fundraise, campaign for more members, hold protest rally events spewing anti Democratic slurs in order to grow in numbers and try over turning the democratic vote of the people?

    So that’s OK for them to to this, but I wouldn’t be able to join certain organisation’s, attend their rally events, and encourage new members to join them by spreading awareness?

    Groups / organization’s that I might feel have better ideas for Britain’s future just as the remoaners think?

    Funny how it is they who pick & choose where the line gets drawn?

    Well Amber you fucking Dudd, its not on. Take a leaf out of your own book and sort this shit because I’m considering this protest and unrest at a decision following an election with a result that has been announced long time ago nothing less than “hate speech”.

    There, I’ve said it you cunt so its about time you did your job and sorted out this bunch of traitors and its donations of money that’s dirtier than that of the Presidents Club’s donation to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

    Or are we going to live up to the reputation of failure in duty once again?

  16. Why doesn’t Big Don get his boys in black to bump the old cunt Soros off?… He’s a bigger threat to western society than Osama was, and they went out of their way to bag him…

    • There were reasons Osama was killed. That’s a subject for an entire thread.

      Respectfully, I’m not so sure ScB is right about Trump. He was never part of the gang. He wanted to be but wasn’t. He is hated by all the groups normally cunted here and the fucking corrupt media unloads on him every waking minute of every waking day. Even the establishment members of his own party (RINOS) hate him.

      The powers that be in the Soros gang were shocked and caught off guard when he was elected and they use him as a bogey man and a call to arms in order to motivate their gang and reestablish the Obamunist/Clintonista agenda. (Which is why he was elected. i.e. he wasn’t perceived as one of them.)

      With all that said…I’m not so sure you’re wrong either.

      • Get your point, and no doubt at all that Trump was elected cos electorate had had enough of the vomit inducing corrupt alternative. But still a pawn if not genuinely running the show.

        Btw, General – just out of interest – how many guns do you own?

        • 😶

          I will say this…here on vacation I have 2 with me. A pistol for my person and a shotgun for my residence.

          Come on English cunters…sing along with me:

          “Happiness, is a warm gun (bang, bang, shoot shoot)
          Happy…ness…is a warm gun (bang, bang, shoot,shoot)
          When I hold you in my arms (oh yeah)
          And I feel my finger on your trigger (oh yeah)
          Then I know that nobody can do me no harm…

          WTF? Why am I the only one singing? 🤔


          • As an aside…I have been duly licensed to possess and carry a firearm.

            I have taken 2 courses from 2 different municipal police departments in civilian firearms qualifications.

            Truth in advertising…I’m probably the exception and not the rule.

          • I fucking LOVE that song General – a standout on the White Album and one of Lennon’s most inspired moments. Of course, no one ever plays it on the radio (which is good), it’s all Obla-di & Gently Weeps crap overkill.

            So many great songs have been ruined cos of overexposure. Piggies was a fun song, not surprised Charlie Manson picked up on it…

            Relieved to know you’re a responsible gun owner though. Still, you must be tempted to take out a few cunts every now and again. I would be.

            There was a cunt parked outside our house last night eating KFC with his engine running to keep the heater blasting away. I would have blasted his fucking block off if guns were as easily obtained here as in the U.S.

          • I was at a major retailer today returning a defective purchase. The darkly tanned, high school drop out behind the counter had a real attitude with me…probably due to my melatonin deficiency.

            You have nooooooooo idea how much self control it took….

          • One more thing…I often read the nominations and I read one by Cunstable that has relevance to this conversation. I hope it gets posted and I look forward to a more in depth conversation on this subject..

            Happiness is a warm gun (bang bang shoot shoot)

  17. Maybe the old cunt could expire by getting a ‘Banana Gob Special’?…
    Mind you, he’s probably already had several of those…

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