The British

The british people are cunts for letting things happen to them.

Top of the list of course is this cuntery referred to as Brexit. Of course we all voted, and we all talk about it, but let’s be honest – we are going to let them ignore a democratic vote and do what they want anyway. This is in our national character – hence the cunting. Let’s pose a number of examples:

Loads of us refuse to vote at elections. This allows the MPs to carry on swigging brandy, golf clubs and missing children to their hearts content. There is an established method for spoiling your ballot paper. We could ALL do it. Again and again if necessary.

We allow others to jump queues. We can all think of examples here. Yet again, we all whinge about it but do nothing. You never see people on a closing motorway lane unable to pull in.

We all let others rip us off. Whether it’s legal eagles not checking certificates, insurance companies paying out that 6 grand for the other guys new bumper or those who sell shit like PPI or endownment policies. Do we drag them through court? Do we fuck.

Then we let those who ripped us off before bombard us with inappropriate cold calling at the most inappropriate times in order to tout the solution. I’m constantly asking people “did you tell them to fuck off and die?”, and all I get is “oh, I don’t want to be rude”.

We let people convince us we need the latest, the newest, the most useless low quality everything in life. We let people lie about the shittiest triviality like smart fucking meters.

We let the tv and radio tell us who matters, that sport is the greatest, what piss stain excuse for music and film we should watch.

We get fat, lazy, unfit, and ill.
Then moan that scientists can’t cure the predictable cancer we’ve given ourselves.

We have forgotten how to speak to each other thanks to our obsessive trivial desire to do everything through our stupid mobile phones.

We long for comfort and a lack of mental stimuli. A country that has an established history for leading the world in science is watching strictly cum gargling and paul hollywank and letting ed sheercunt provide the soundtrack to the idyllic daydream.

It’s easy to ask “how did this happen?” and it’s easy to blame it on the faceless “them”, but this has happened because of the cumulative effect of every instance of laziness that we ourselves are guilty of.

Finally, thanks to our total lack of effort to put things into context we let a handful of goat herders make us believe that we are terrorized. For those too young to remember, read some history. The IRA were terrorists. They were fucking good at it too. Made ISIS look like a bunch of idiots playing twister. Or let’s try Hitler. Got a bit carried away, gassed a few million. A few million? Now that’s terrifying.

Grand total for ISIS 2017 in the UK? Erm, about 30.

We are not terrorized. We have our heads stuck in the distended depths of our own rotting bowels.

So, here’s to a 2018 where the British people wake up and start doing something, anything, that will amount to taking responsibility and changing their reality for the better.

Nominated by Cuntflap

90 thoughts on “The British

  1. Great cunting.

    I hope 2018 is the year the worm finally turns.

    I’ve made a New Year’s resolution to answer any question poised to me based on my point of view, no matter how unpopular that makes me at work or with extended cunt family members.

    Life’s too short and mine is getting shorter all the time so 2018 is the year of honesty – whether they want to hear it or not!

    You asked my opinion, I have given it. Now fuck off!

    • And a great NY resolution Rebel…they probably all hate me by now anyway (too British to admit it) so nothing much to lose. Be interesting to see how those entitled nephew and niece snowflakes handle it whilst humouring and buttering me up into leaving them a wad in my bulging baby-boomer will, ha-ha! Wot a cunt.

      • Just saw this on an old oppos Navy page – funny as fuck

        Dear Grim Reaper…….

        I know its only the first of January and you are probably worn out from your heavy celebrity hit list from last year……but could you please see what you can do for us this year……

        I appreciate that you have to take things like age, health, attitude, profession and popularity into account when you draw up your removal list for the year…..but could i possibly point you in the direction of just a few ‘Names’ that would improve the country’s morale immensely…….

        If you could take a gander at this lot theres a bottle of Pussers Gunpowder Proof in it……..

        You could start with that Celtic gobshite Geldof……i am sure just about everyone but Geldof himself has heard enough of the bollocks he spouts…..i certainly am…..Google him…you’ll see what i mean…

        Then that other streak of piss Russell Brand…..he would be a good catch….

        How about that fucking blubberbutt James Corden…….so far i have smashed three tv’s after seeing his adverts on TV….
        He calls himself Mr Greenlight……well how about you put the Green light on for him, and remove his sorry arse from the face of the earth…..preferably before the end of the month…..and even more preferably extremely painfully……

        Then could you possibly do a trawl through the House Of Commons and the House of Lords……you might ask your oppo, old Bielzibub…….he would have a field day jobbing some of those scrounging doddery old bastards in the House of Lords…….i mean…they don’t really serve any purpose….and they fleece the country of funds that could be used on other more needy causes…..

        It would be a class move if you could whistle away David Cameron, George Osborne, Jeremy Corbyn and of course that pathetic excuse for a human, Diane Abbott……actually while you are sweeping your scythe in Westminster i am sure that there are plenty of others that need knocking off…..

        The four i have mentioned…maybe you could make them all suffer immense pain and suffering for a while before they depart this mortal coil…..maybe bankrupt them and have them live on the streets for a few months first perhaps…..then a big fuck off bolt of lightening hit them as they sit begging in the entrance of London Bridge tube station….I’m sure you have the ability to do something special for them all……

        Could you go heavy on the suffering and agony for Cameron…he did once say he was proud to serve his country….it would be absolutely fucking marvellous to see the bastard die for that country……..just like all those young men and women who gave their all for those politicians like Cameron who sent them to illegal conflicts…..

        I know you already collared that vile little shite McGuinness, how about his right hand man Adams……surely he needs a pull…..

        It would be remiss of me to not mention that Midget racist Gargoyle, the leader of the SNP……..absolutely no one would miss her bumping her fucking gums…….

        Even if you spread them all out over the year, i am sure the country would be proud of you……

        Yours faithfully, sincerely, greatfully and ever fucking hopefully……..

        The Cunning Stunt…..
        PS………..Can you simply hand Tony Blair and his vile wife Cherie directly to Lucifer…….and tell him to dish out some proper pain & torture on them both personally……..

        • Damn fine letter but I can’t believe he forgot Smegg and his spick lawyer eurowife.

    • Must be the truest cunting i have read in a long while. Wish i could have written it.

  2. Tremendous cunting Cuntflap!

    We let them profit by destroying our way of life, taking us into illegal wars, and crashing our economy with impunity. No bad deed goes punished. What the hell.

  3. Meanwhile, our froggy friends are reaping what they’ve sown…
    Happy New Year! The full program of enrichment on New Years Eve in Champigny-sur-Marne (near Paris)… Rioters and destruction of cars and urban property… In the end, a policewoman lying on the ground is brutally kicked by a large group of migrants!.. I would say that these human filth should be rounded up and gassed… But that would be racist, eh?..

    • In Snowflake World what you have said sounds like this:


  4. Blighty is as soft as shit now…

    Smoking ban? No fucker complains…

    Council Tax goes up (again)? A bit of mumbling…

    Bin gets emptied once a month (yet Council Tax still goes up!)? Ah well, could be worse…

    Sick or mentally ill people declared ‘fit for work’ either die or commit suicide? Doesn’t affect me! I’m alright, Jack! (unless they’re ‘vulnerable’ and ‘lovable’ migrants naturally!)…

    NHS overrun by Eurotrash, Peacefuls, and Bogo-Bogos? Mutter and moan privately…

    Feel like a foreigner in your own city centre? Hey, it’s diversity….

    BBC is left wing PC transbender licking peaceful fucking anti-white misandrist crap? But, but we have to pay the licence! Or we go to jail!

    Football taken away from the working class? Online petition (fuck off! M.U.S.T)….

    Sandfilth murder young girls at pop concert? Light a candle and on’t look back in fucking anger….

    Young girls groomed and raped by more sandmuck in Rochdale, Rotherham etc? Don’t say anything! ‘Cause that’s racist! There’s bound to be a few bad apples….

    Leave the EU snakepit? There must be 17 million pig ignorant racists and total oafs in the UK! How can Lineker and The Mong be wrong?

    Old ‘uns struggling to pay heating bills in Winter? Fuck that! Who won Strictly and X-Factor?

    Phone or I-Cunt doesn’t work? I’m going to have a nervous breakdown!

    Don’t agree with someone? You’ve trashed my safe space! Racist! Sexist! Vile! Hitler!

    Fuck what Britain has become!

    • Creat cunting Norman but to be fair I think there are folks who stand up against this utter fucking pish.

      The problem is as per a previous post of mine about Gramsci these bastards have by stealth taken over our public institutions and broadcasters and are able to create the illusion that we should all think like they and anyone who doesn’t is ‘raaaaaaacist’.

      However if we can pull ourselves away from the constant diet of anodyne self congratulatory agreeable safe champagne socialist broadcast diatribe and political thought I know I see many many people who think like I do, Christ the pages of ISAC are stuffed with them!

      I’m in a position where I’ve actively employed people and gone out of my way to make sure the person who got the job, thinks, eats, shits, swears and hates just like I do so it does cut both ways.

      keep the faith bro’

  5. Magnificent cunting C.F. and Norman.

    LBC were talking about the stab fest in London yesterday. Fucking 4 people dead. They compared it to Scotland where the number of people that died of knife wounds in the whole of 2017. None. The presenter didnt really want to go there but its a bit fucking obvious.

  6. Mostly true about us but nothing will change, odds are it gets worse. Maybe we should give up and apply to be German. The krauts know about discipline and I don’t mean Madge the Fladge either.
    They might go for it und together ve can rule der verld ,und kick der froggies in der scheisser., ja?

  7. Excellent cunting.

    However, I’m not British, I’m English. And any cunt that tries to tell me different will find out quite what an Englishman is capable of.

    • Top point Dave M.
      I was once asked on a beach by some Aussie cunt (being a blonde haired blue eyed 6+ footer) if I was a Brit. No I replied – he thought I was taking the piss. I said I was English – added quickly by would you mind me calling you an Antipodean? A smile beamed across his face – fair dinkum mate – get your point. Now I will probably have some cunters giving me grief but fuck it – 2018 is the year of honesty. I am NOT a paddy, I am NOT a jock and I definitely NOT a taff. Tracing my lineage back to the 1600’s via parish records and a trial on Ancestry UK tells me I am as English as Eton school. British by Birth – English by the grace of God. Its about time we English proclaimed just that – we are ENGLISH and not little Englanders. Don’t like my post? Send me you email address and I will pay 10p into your paypal account so you can phone someone who gives a fuck 😉

      • Spot on Cunto, I like your style.

        Let’s just hope a few more out there in cunt land adopt the same the approach in 2018.

        HNY Cunters!

    • Even though I was born in UK 51 years ago to a Polish father and English mother I can’t help feeling a sense of guilt that my father was the first of the trickle that has now become a flood, even to the point of being ashamed of being here?

      I suppose the saving grace is my father openly accepted UK law and way of life, and has never tried to change or force his views or religious ideals on indigenous population.

      As shit as UK has become in my lifetime, plus the fact I could have been born anywhere in the world, I still thank my lucky stars that I was born here, unlike the less appreciative members of the population.

      • You have absolutely nothing to feel guilty or ashamed of ARS. We all know who’s responsible for the recent flood of EU migration: the libtard Labour governments, followed by the spineless Tories and their lying manifesto pledge to reduce immigration to the 10s of 1000s.

        Libtard politicians: it is they who should feel guilty and ashamed. But they never will, cos they’re all a bunch of sociopathic CUNTS.

        Your father came here over 51 years ago? Good for him, good for you, good for us.

    • I’ve got a photo of Angela’s beaver, it’s quite a nice one. When it were pre-Kalergi.

  8. And the young and the students are the biggest disgrace of the lot… When I was younger the youth had ideas, guts, rebellion, anger and the Jam and the Pistols… Now it’s Twitter, i-Phones, emojis, safe spaces, and Ed ‘Ginger Gargoyle’ Sheeran and Olive Oyl Swift… And as for them thinking that Fenian fucking cunt, Corbyn, is Santa Claus? That shows what stupid and gullible cunts they are…

  9. Excellent counting gentlemen. I always male a point of stating English rather than British wherever necessary as did my late father.

    Massive difference between the two.

    • The problem is, the Welsh, irish and Scotch people are proud to be so called, but it’s like, call yourself English and your looked on as some sort of racist.

          • Nope, sorry pal – my 3 best mates are Scottish, Welsh, and black, and I’ve served in the UK armed forces for 27 years. I believe in the UK but I’m English, not British.

          • Put it this way – if your death was reportable you’d be described as “Welsh” by the cunty BBC. If mine was, I’d be described as a “Briton”. Fuck that shit. As much as I believe the union should remain as is, my nationality is fucking English.

  10. Hopefully this year Corbyn will cop for a bullet in the head and there will be more Grenfell tower type hilarity.

  11. Sadly I agree with you, it is the snowflake generation where they so show so much how they care rather than how much they think>glad I don’t have have a daughter becaus she would hv to wear a burka, unless she was lesbian, then she would be thrown on off a roof. It is our acceptance that makes us weak

    • My daughter is certainly no snowflake. Votes Tory, brexit, atheist and despite being a diminutive 5 feet 0, takes no crap from anyone.

  12. ‘The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!’

    Viva Big Don!

    • Yeah, and that money funds their nukes. We give money to India who have a space programme ffs. I just don’t get it at all..

    • Big Don is trying to undo the work of Obama and Cliton over a 16 year period. If Americans would get on board with Trump, he would kick the fucking arse of all the liberal shitheads. If he were to do that, then perhaps we would them follow suit.

      Whilst here, may I say that ISIS are a bunch of fuckwit morons. Anyone with any sense would attack the politicians, all of whom are vulnerable and a soft target. The House of Commons would likely burn to cinders very easily, and taking out the top politicians would be a huge propaganda coup. It may even be enough to galvanize and inspire the indigenous population. just sayin.

      • And while I wouldn’t condone such actions…it would be a fucking good start!

        Like the “What do you call 2,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean…” joke.

        If we could rid ourselves of the perennial/career politicians who’ve only known OxBridge through toady Govt jobs straight into Government as an MP to cabinet to leader (Pig Fucker for example), we’d be much better off.

        In fact if MP’s were selected every term in the same manner as jury selection (which most cunts don’t want to do but are resigned to it) then this country could go back to being great again as most cunts – as with jury service – would rely on common sense rather than party bastard politics, there’d be far more consensus across benches and cunts like Mandlecunt and Campbellcunt would never exist as they would have no purpose (in a decent society).

        Ok you may get a few wildcard idiots in there but better that than the miasma of nothingness that we’ve had since 1991!

  13. Ever since Blair got into Downing Street, we’ve had an endless procession of far left traitors, and foreign shit bags, such as Yasmin Alibhai Brown, telling us, the British people, that we are racists and bigots for rightly raising concerns about the increasingly high levels of immigration that THEY have forced upon us, the deliberate changing of our towns and neighbourhoods into enclaves of various countries, most of them Muslim, the lack of integration from said immigrants, who insist on sticking to their “culture” whilst demanding that WE respect them, while simultaneously disrespecting us and OUR culture. We’re constantly being told that we MUST respect the cultures of others. Yet the same people are constantly trashing British culture, and telling us how evil our ancestors were. FUCK OFF!

    At no point during the 1997 election campaign did Blair mention that one of his policies would be to abolish our borders and allow millions of people to come and settle in the UK, claiming benefits and taking housing that they were not entitled to. That slimy cunt, Mandelson, even went on to brag that Blair’s Labour government even “sent out search parties” to get people to come and live in the UK, no questions asked. Now I’ll admit, a large number of them were decent, hard working, honest people. However, an equally large number were not. And because of Blair’s policy, the UK’s entire infrastructure is at breaking point. Especially the NHS and housing.

    They have constantly looked down on us and acted superior from their own, middle and upper class neighbourhoods, which have never had to deal with the consequences of mass immigration. No diversity or multiculturalism where they live. They have told us, ad infinitum, that multiculturalism is a wonderful thing. But like I said, they’ve never actually experienced it. They’ve never experienced whole areas of the town or city in which they live being turned into no-go zones for indigenous citizens. Instead, they sit in their million plus pound homes, castigating and condemning us for speaking out about the things that we HAVE experienced.

    The aforementioned cunt, Alibhai-Brown is one of the worst offenders. She’s always quick to accuse indigenous, working class White people of racism, but not quite so quick to condemn Muslims and other non-British people when they ACTUALLY commit acts of racially aggravated violence and make racist comments about White people. Then again, she herself is guilty of racism. She has stated more than once that she hates White people, especially White men, whom she has said she wishes would die out. If I publicly said even half the things about Muslims, especially Asian Muslims, that SHE has said about White people, I would be sitting in a jail cell right now. But because she is from a ‘minority’ group, she is allowed to get away with it because as we all know, only White people can be racist. You would think that a woman who had to flee the bigotry of Idi Amin’s Uganda would be grateful to the people of the nation that welcomed her and gave her family shelter when they needed it. But no, she despises us. That being the case, I can’t help but wonder why she doesn’t use the freedom she has enjoyed in this country, to fuck off to a country she DOES like.

    What really angers me though, is that after each atrocity carried out by a Muslim terrorist, be it Westminster Bridge, 7/7, outside Parliament or the Manchester bombing, the FIRST thing that our so called leaders have done, is climb right up the arse of the Muslim community, making pious, and blatantly false, statements about Islam being THE religion of peace, and the attacks being isolated incidents. If that were true, PC Keith Palmer and all the other poor souls in London and Manchester who were murdered by Muslims, would still be alive. My daughter, and other survivors, would not need therapy and sleeping pills to help them cope with witnessing sights that even I, a trained and experienced soldier and combat veteran, found difficult to cope with. Yet when some lone dick of a White man with mental health problems ploughed a van into a group of Muslims, they were all quick to condemn him as a far right terrorist. And not ONE of them even attempted to claim that not all White people were like him.

    They accuse groups like the EDL and Britain First of being far right terrorists, and constantly harass their leaders. The former leader of the EDL, Tommy Robinson, cannot go anywhere without having at least three police officers following him. In one case, they even ejected him and his family from a pub, without good reason. Yet they allow the likes of Omar Bakri, Anjem Choudhary and Abu Hamza to stand out in the street and spew the most vile hatred of non-Muslims, even inciting their followers to commit acts of terrorism, and for years the police not only left them alone, they actually provided security.

    In the past couple of years, the tide seems to have been changing. Especially since the Brexit referendum. I truly hope that 2018 is the year the British people begin standing up and start saying “enough is enough. We’re not taking anymore shit from you arrogant, self-righteous cunts”. It is NOT racist to express concerns about the unsustainable numbers of immigrants coming here. It is NOT racist to insist that something be done about it. We’re not concerned because we’re all racists. We’re concerned because, every day, we see the negative effect that unchecked immigration has had on the UK. Because unlike the left wing trash who are responsible for it, we have to deal with that negative effect. Multiculturalism is wonderful thing. If you’ve never experienced it. Most of US have. And we know it doesn’t work.

    Instead of throwing at us, those in their ivory towers, especially the arch-appeaser, Theresa “Sharia” May, need to open their eyes and ears, and start fucking doing something.

      • Once or twice. I’m pretty sure I’d make a few enemies in the political arena, but I wouldn’t care.

        • Doesn’t matter what kind of angelic do gooder you get to try his hand at being a politician, politics is inherently corrupt due to the rich bastards behind the curtain. Do gooders will eventually give in to bribery, if that doesn’t work they will be discredited and shamed in public for whatever deviant behaviour they posess, and then if they really are whiter than white they will succumb to the old ‘natural causes’ or car crash. Politicians by nature are some of the most sickening individuals in existence no doubt… but I do think it is a futile and impossible task to do much good in this world with such degenerate scumbags occupying the highest seats of power.

    • Best post ever!

      We should mail it to No. 10.

      Oh, that’s right, in the words of Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men: “THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

      No because they’re all cunts!

    • Fucking word perfect mate.

      Just one thing I would say, for years now I’ve said the metro left have been saying ‘I mean what is British culture, the Queen, ha ha ha, there is no British culture’

      You see that’s how the cunts get away with it, in their own tiny minds of course, if you control the agenda you control the debate, if your agenda is to utterly deride a culture as being worthless they get away with it.

      Anyway I’m going down a YouTube wormhole to see if I can find a Peacefull rucksack.

      Fuck ’em

  14. I’ve always thought that any foreign aid should be in the form of capital projects awarded to British firms. A British firm could build a water cleaning plant where the sand people have no water, and irrigation facilities, and all sort of shit like that. I think that’s more palatable. Employ locals, it’s a win win.

    And the British firm will make profits that attracts corporation tax so we get some back.

    Am I missing something?

  15. If Bruce Springsteen does an album like ‘The Ghost of Tom Joad’ it’s seen as ‘Vintage Americana’ and celebrating American heritage…. But if an English artist did something similar they’d be seen as a bigot and a ‘Little Englander’… Artists like Ray Davies, Pete Townshend, The Jam and The Smiths would be burnt at the stake by today’s libmong snowflake media…

    • Exactly my point. Anything about England, English heritage, it’s fucking tainted.

      My next album is going to be called “Celebration of the Slave Trade” Cunts.

      • And I’ll do an album called ‘I’m English proud of it and if you don’t like it fuck off and die of some horrible disease you cunt.

        • Talking of Kilary loving libtard cunts, I noticed that Scarlett Johansson has done yett another bad and infantile piss take of Ivanka Trump on that pile of snowflake turd, Saturday Shite Live… With all the dodgy and corrupt fuckers in US politics, she (and they ) decides to pick on Big Don’s daughter?! Also taking a pop at Ivanka Trump while sucking up to Kilary Clinton is severe cuntitude… Saying that Kilary has ‘integrity’ and finding Ivanka Trump offensive is the hallmark of a cunt… Now, I know she is shagging one of those Saturday Shite Live snowflakes (she doesn’t half go through ’em), but somebody should tell the daft cow that Ivanka Trump is not the President of the United States, Ivanka does not make decisions, and Ivanka is not in charge… And as for implying that Ivanka is a mere ‘ornament’? That is rich: coming from someone who has gained major publicity over ‘hacked’ pics of her tits and who will have three husbands by the time she is 35…

  16. They used to say “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” But that’s not what immigrants do when they come here, and that’s what has diluted our ‘Britishness’ to the point where it’s almost non-existent, because these cunts do as they fucking please. The people who have ruined Britain are the traitorous bastards who have allowed our shores to be invaded by so many unemployable uneducated foreigners, not to mention murderers thieves and rapists. We’re not here to solve other countries’ problems by giving houses, benefits and health care to their rejects.
    First job for parliament in 2018 should be finding a way to stop the spongers coming in, and to repatriate those here who don’t contribute. Then we should locate the politicians and civil servants who created the situation and string them up.
    Make Britain British again!

    • What has been allowed to happen, has always been planned. It is meant to divide a united people, it has been planned to destroy social cohesion, and it has been planned to disempower a once powerful people. At a time when needed, a hero usually comes forward. I am waiting……

        • And so you should be. It’s later than you think.

          Libtards have a stranglehold on Government & social policy.
          The Government (taxpayer) is £2trillion pounds in debt.
          The Government (taxpayer) pisses £48billion down the shitter annually in debt interest payments alone.
          The stupid are outbreeding the sensible.
          Peacefuls are outbreeding the indigenous population.
          Comrade Catweasel and the most dangerous, incompetent shadow cabinet in the history of British politics, is biding his time, waiting to be swept into power on a tidal wave of ignorant millennialist snowflakery.
          Brexit means Remain.

          Yes – I’m the modern day equivalent of the old cunt who used to trudge up and down the High Street in the 1960s wearing a sandwich board that read “The End Is Nigh”. Funny how things turn out.

  17. When my mate drove into Wales and saw a couple of their road signs he thought his dyslexia had miraculously disappeared….

  18. Was this about some scouser trying pulling a Grenfellian stunt?

    Apparently as he didn’t live in a tower block, he parked his car in one and got the BBQ going.

    I wonder if the unlicenced, untaxed, unmot’d and uninsured will get never ending rivers of compo from the magic money tree for losses and stress incurred.

    If it was the Grenfellians, they would be getting taken everywhere they wished by chauffeur driven limousine until the government gave them a brand new Mercedes Benz each, holding out for the suitable top of the range model of course.

    • Well the cost of the London Fireworks 2018 paid for by the (WHOLE OF THE) UK taxpayers is yet to be revealed.

      I’d estimate between £5 and £10 million of our hard-earned for the benefit of Lahhhhhdenaaarrrs.

      Oh sorry. It’s a big tourist pull isn’t it? Again which only benefits Lahhhhhdenaaarrrs.

      Anyway, still well shy of the £100 million (and rising) taken from (THE WHOLE OF THE) UK taxpayers to benefit the Lahhhhhdenaaarrrs in Kensington & Chelsea after their summer fireworks display!

      Any movement on the exact cause, the cunt responsible and the arrests for the 360-odd falsified & fraudulent claims yet?

      Want me to feel sorry, then answer the three questions above!

      Pretty reasonable seeing how I’m forking out for the cunts (as opposed to insurance companies, as per the home insurance policy which I fucking have and fork out for)!

      Until then it’s dry eyes from me!

      • Shame that terrorist apologist, Sad Dick Khan, didn’t get a lit rocket up his jacksy….

  19. Lahhhhndenaaarrrs? There are very few of us left who talk like that my friend. In London the average high street is like a meeting of the United Nations with a smattering of public school toff in the gentrified enclaves.
    It always amuses me that northerners refer to us as “Cockneys”. Cockneys live in Chelmsford, Colchester and Basildon…..a long way from London.

    • Don’t get me wrong I’ve had to work there for many a year in the past and the indigenous “savvern cant” was more than accepting of my “norven nonce” arse.

      I can see why you’ve all moved out. I had to go there last year for an interview in Central Laaaaahhhndaaahhn and if you’d drugged me and woke me up there I’d have guessed 4 other capitals before guessing correctly.

      Jesus, what a shithole it’s become!

    • On trips to Londonistn I rarely encounter a “Londener” . Every fucker I hear speaks ” Inglis ” very differently to me. Whites are not so white, and the stench of Camel turd around Paddington is quite awful.

  20. I think the thing with these lefty metro p fucking c arse wipes is that they love intermingling with all manner of divergent nationalities but I bet the cunts still consider themselves superior in a subconscious way. Which only goes to prove what duplicitous cunts they actually are. Give me a call a spade a spade cunt any day of the week. At least you fucking know where you stand.

  21. I know it’s only 2nd Jan, but I nominate Cuntflap’s superb rant for Cunting of the Year. This is ISAC at its finest.

  22. Sorry, can’t go along with this English bullshit. I was born and bred in London but I have Celtic roots like most people. The majority of Taffs, Jocks and Ulstermen are on our side not on the side of Gerry Adams, Wee Jimmy or that Plaid Cymru bitch whose name I can’t remember. When you are surrounded by scum from all over the world you suddenly remember who your friends are. You can be English if you like but i’m fucking British!🇬🇧

    • I also see myself as British… My granddad was in the British Army when he fought the Japs, and he formed lifelong friendships with the Scottish and Aussie lads he was imprisoned with in Changi.. It was also the British Forces that kicked Argie arses in 82… Those lads were English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish (and the Gurkhas)… Not forgetting all the lads who braved the onslaught of the Fenian filth during the Troubles… English? Sure, but also proud to be British (or at least what it used to stand for)…

      • Says BRITISH on my passport and will continue to say BRITISH on the new blue one. I will always feel English, but if Johnny Foreigner wants to know, I’m British and still proud to be, just…

      • I could almost feel the same. I’ve been part of the “British” establishment for 27 years as a marine, and have served with Scots, taffs, paddys from north and south, saffers, aussies, kiwis, fijians, africans, canadians and yanks. And have worked alongside dutchmen, some of whom have become very good friends. I even lived in Scotland for 5 years and went to war under a Scottish PM. And my maternal grandmother was Welsh.

        However…..England has been shafted since Bliar. No equivalent representation to the Scottish, Welsh and N Irish assemblies, taxation to the hilt, forced immigration to dilute our culture, and now attempts to thwart Brexit to appease the ginger cunt in Holyrood. So until England is treated with the same deference as the celtic nations and until politicians stop trying to erase my beloved country from the map I will continue to describe myself as English. It’s not our celtic neighbours I don’t like, it’s the self-hating anti English politicians.

  23. Here we go… Here we go… Here we goooo!

    Typical Femstapo trick and wimmin’s self importance and hypocrisy…
    I don’t recall the likes of Portman, Witherspoon, Blanchett etc being so upset, angry or up in arms when male actors like Corey Haim and Corey Feldman admitted that they – and other young boy actors – had been sexually abused… In true Esther Rancid style, they said and did nothing… Also, the wimmins celebricunt lynch mob for (the still not charged or proven guilty yet) Weinstein said nothing at the time about the alleged antics of P@edo Jacko… Like everything else, these feminazi cunts want the franchise on everything, even sexual abuse… And, as per, it only matters when if affects them… The likes of Haim and Feldman never got any such support or ‘movement’ from these slags…. I also don’t remember any of these daft slappers speaking out about Roman Polanski (didn’t that Portman tart work with him?)… Cunts, the lot of ’em….

  24. I have not read the posts on this one. However I say this:
    Great Britain needs to
    A) Control immigration ruthlessley
    B) assertivley deport undesireables
    C) arm the police
    D) Toughen up sentencing
    E) Do the same with prisons
    F) Ban diversity training
    G) Only English, Welsh, Scottish and Cornish to be spoken in all schools, colleges etc
    H) Compulsory work for able unemployed people
    I) All Mosques to be monitored
    J) All islamic faith schools:likewise
    M)Stop all this LGBTQWJVIBDKCDBVKNKCJGH nonsence: and I is a poof.
    N) Want to join ISIS? Government to pay your airfare one way.
    O) Death penalty for murder, rape and peadophiles as well as drug traffickers.
    P) Anti Britain demonstrators to be stripped of all state assistance
    Q) Burkhas to be banned
    R) National anthem to ve sang in all achools and colleges and government buildinfs daily and the union flag raised

      • Can’t go along with G. Imho, only English should be spoken in schools. Apart from during foreign language classes, obviously.

        And O might interfere with my supply if drug traffickers are to be executed. Legalise cannabis first, then I could be persuaded.

        Otherwise, not a bad fucking first draft…

  25. Amended: without the ‘w’ word (fuck’s sake)…

    Spot on, Kravdarth… Also this…

    Every Johnny cunt who hasn’t learned or speaks proper (not that Manuel ‘broken’ shite) English after 12 months should be deported…

    Same goes for all those Bogo-Bogos and Parking Stanleys/Peacefuls that do fuck all, refuse to work. adapt, or integrate, suck up benefits, and breed like rabbits on crack… And all the ‘Play dumb’ Bogo-Bogos with walking sticks for their ‘disability’… Fucking sack ’em…

    Any Eurocunts who claim off the state and send British taxpayers money over to their poncing relatives in some ex-Iron Curtain shithole should (a) be made to pay it back and (b) be kicked out for good…

    And any ‘specialist’ solicitors or legal firms who help these foreign cunts fill in forms and fiddle the British system should be struck off and/or imprisoned…

    • Agree – interpreters and solicitors, if required, should be paid for upfront by the mooching foreign cunt, and no UK taxpayer subsidy…or fuck off and use a free online translation service, like every fucker else. Or fuck off.

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